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  1. Try here https://www.izotope.com/en/products/downloads/legacy-products.html
  2. antler

    New PA Loyalty Program

    It's a code you can use up to three times, only with a subset of their plugins though
  3. I can't get anything like it with a static EQ. I confess I've not tried to recreate it with dynamic EQs. I'd imagine it'd be fairly difficult though. I understand it to behave like a Dolby NR reversal process, so if there are any specs available, they might be a good insight into what it does - either that, or using something like Plugin Doctor😁 I usually put it on the main bus, followed by the Ozone EQ with a very gentle scoop, and then an IK tape machine (one instance is all my computer can handle😁) - Dopamine will give it some colour, but I'll still add a tiny bit of EQ after. Sometimes I think it sounds great after a mixing session. I'll load it up the next day and wonder if I actually saved my work because it sounds so bad 😁
  4. They sound great, but don't those need huge amounts of CPU?
  5. It depends on what you've already got, and what you write. Personally, I put Dopamine on the main bus of pretty much every mix before final mixdown. Best to use sparingly and to check your mix the next day to make sure you haven't overcooked it. It's one of those reverse Dolby NR plugins that do something magical to the high end. Comp76FET is great for adding some crunch to drums and doing Parallel Compression. Some options in there for different sonic colours too.
  6. They do, even to Punish Lite owners. There's a coupon in your account when you log in. It's for an additional 20% off.
  7. https://heavyocity.com/product/fury/ Scroll down a little; there's a section headed TAKE A TEST DRIVE
  8. https://www.anwida.com/ No idea how long the sale lasts
  9. Sorry, my bad - I used the words Update and Upgrade interchangeably; they have specific meanings for Studio One (and Komplete, and maybe some other titles)
  10. I've only ever seen Komplete discounted 50% once for new users. Usually, it's only upgrades that are discounted. Some United Plugins plugins have the deepest discount at their intro price, e.g. Voxessor
  11. It should work if you do the steps that Jeff and Yan mentioned. Register new products is for registering brand new products, rather than upgrading - or at least in the case of Studio One.
  12. And also a pain that some plugin installers install ProTools formats to clutter up my drive.
  13. Possibly it means it needs an iLok account, but not necessarily a dongle?
  14. Corel's a bit tricky with their marketing. I get emails (and desktop popups ) all the time with discounts ranging from 10% to 30%. About once a year (at a random time), they used to do a 50% sale - it'd also be there if you buy from within the Painter app, rather than the website.
  15. I like the sound of 8Dio's strings - I think my biggest gripe might be loading time.
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