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  1. antler

    IK Mixbox

    On the subject of plugin racks, I think Kilohearts have a nice concept too: the Snap Heap host/rack is free, and allows for serial/parallel processing. It comes with six basic plugins, and you can buy the others individually/in bundles as you need them. Each of the plugins can be used on their own, or in Snap Heap, or in (their paid-for synth) Phase Plant.
  2. Zero-G has a chart to describe the difference between the various Ethera titles https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1890/5447/files/Ethera-Collection-Chart-2.01.pdf?v=1590154162
  3. antler

    JRR Shop

    At least there's a placeholder site though... even if it does just say temporarily unavailable
  4. From Q Up Arts: https://www.quparts.com/California-Keys-Kontakt-Player-vintage-keyboards-p/calikntkt01dl.htm
  5. antler

    IK VI Group Buy

    This may sound sarcastic, but I really don't mean for it to be: they do have left handed guitars, e.g. a Yamaha Pacifica 112JL Wind controllers are cool too though
  6. https://www.magix.com/gb/music/sound-forge/sound-forge-pro/ Included as part of this offer Convology XT Complete (£399 value) MAGIX Analogue Modelling Suite Plus (£129.99 value)
  7. Is Convology XT any good? I'm seeing an upgrade to the latest Sound Forge Pro that has Convology XT Complete and MAGIX Analogue Modelling Suite Plus thrown into the bundle, and just wondering if that actually adds good value.
  8. They're mechanical disks and even though they're USB3, I think you'll feel a little regret if you use it as your samples drive. Might be good as an extra backup drive though.
  9. Anyone got this? I generally prefer non-Kontakt synths, but this one looks quite cool.
  10. Yeah... I did notice the spacing and capitalisation, but I also thought that a sword might have a greater chance of winning combat in either situation 😁
  11. Four features I personally have liked from updates since the first Windows 10 release are: Dark mode for Windows Explorer (though it would have been nice had they kept the 1 pixel accent-colour border around the window) An updated version of Calculator, with a few new features Updates to the UI to allow transparency on some of the windows Ability to link your Windows license (if it's a full license, rather than an OEM) to a Microsoft account, meaning that it's possible to transfer your license across to a new computer Of course, this is my list of features that I like; YMMV/others may feel differently/etc..
  12. It shouldn't be doing that; maybe on first log-in, but definitely not after that. Have a look in Task Manager - there's a Start-up tab that lists some of the things that start up.
  13. Generally... except in actual combat, in which case the sword wielder is usually victorious
  14. Doesn't seem like that much of a good deal - if I were to buy into a subscription (not particularly interested in this one), I'd at least want Melodyne Editor (though I realise iZotope probably don't have the rights to offer Celemony's highest tier software), rather than the lowest tier Essentials. Still, good for beginners I guess. Don't really care if iZotope enter a subscription model as long as they still offer perpetual licenses.
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