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  1. Maybe, but you'd still need to understand how the instrument works and is played in order to recreate a convincing lead/solo. Also, sometimes it's just easier to record a live part if you've mastered an instrument, rather than drag in notes and tweak velocities/lots of CC parameters all day long.
  2. If you're considering alternatives, don't forget about HitFilm either. Don't know how it compares against the competition, but I quite like it.
  3. In case I come off sounding a bit negative, I should probably say this just to be clear. I have no problem with companies wanting to be paid; I have no problem with companies diversifying their payment methods: perpetual licences, subscriptions, rent-to-own - they all have their own advantages/disadvantages. Personally I prefer perpetual licences over the others (and hope they don't remove this option in future, like certain design-software companies decided to go with), but I can see how they can be beneficial in certain circumstances.
  4. Actually I forgot: there's Elements too; up to five different versions of plugins.
  5. So now there are Standard, Advanced, Plus (for Nectar), and Pro versions of their plugins? Sounds like too many versions to me, especially as they don't even make clear what the differences are for Nectar Plus.
  6. Ironically, you can already do this with iZotope (and many other companies') plugins on Splice. As far I know, this method of purchase has been available for quite some time now with iZotope plugins. https://splice.com/plugins/search?q=izotope
  7. Thanks for chiming in Simeon! As the guy who seems to have reviewed every single piano library out there (and then some), it's great to hear your perspective on things.
  8. Yeah... but they pretty much own Ferrari, and they're still pretty sought/dreamt after
  9. Their decision to remove CorelDRAW upgrade pricing made me say "Hello Affinity!"
  10. Hey Fleer, how would you rate Lounge Lizard vs Pianoteq's electric pianos? I've already got the former, and was wondering whether to put the latter on my wishlist should they have another instrument pack sale this year.
  11. Just had a listen to the sound demos - it sounds versatile and quite gorgeous. I'll grab a demo and try it out.
  12. As mibby mentioned, you need to buy the Gallien Krueger 800RB (you can bring the price down to $39.99 with the code GK-INTRO-3999). From the product description (and Larry's post): https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/gallien_krueger_800rb.html
  13. I know guitar tone is subjective, but can anyone recommend any good PA amps? I was thinking the Fuchs ones sound quite nice.
  14. Personally, I love their GEM plugins. I would recommend waiting for a sale. There was a time a few years ago when they put a different GEM on sale every week, but more recently their sales coincide with the 'main' sales (e.g. Black Friday, etc). If you already have a GEM, you can further discount the discount price with a code that's available when you log in (I'm pretty sure it's the same for everyone, but I'm not going to post it).
  15. IIRC the green one can be got with one of their any-plugin-for-29.99 vouchers that they sometimes/used-to give away; the red one is newer and $49.99 is the lowest price I've seen for it so far.
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