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  1. As PavlovsCat mentioned, both OTS and AS sound great; here's some additional info to consider when deciding which to go with: OTS libraries are Kontakt (Player, so you don't need to buy anything else) based; AS have their own plugin. AS are MIDI guitar compatible (e.g. channel 1 for string 1, channel 2 for string 2, etc); not sure if OTS are (I don't have any OTS guitar libraries) AS have recently released updates for some of their instruments, sometimes adding new articulations (e.g. a pick-sound library); they've released their updates for free The more you buy in one order with AS, the bigger a discount you'll get. Even during a sale, it's probably cheaper to go with OTS if you want an 'everything' bundle
  2. This was mentioned recently in another thread, but RipChord might be able to help you get towards one chord per key: https://trackbout.com/ripchord
  3. Not me - I've just written enough code to realise that waiting for merges can be bad for productivity and product improvement speed.
  4. If you need MIDI note mapping, be sure to check these out too - might not have such a slick interface, but free: https://www.codefn42.com/
  5. Maybe they became admins of the source code repository. It's possible they wanted to acquire it so that they can commit new code into it at a much faster rate, as they are able to approve the code merges themselves instead of waiting for someone else with less dedicated time to approve them.
  6. I'm sure that if they ever created a proprietary version, all that would happen is that someone would fork the last free version of the source on Git and continue it as an open source project. Also, there are plenty of companies that own and maintain open source software, e.g. Facebook and React; Microsoft and .NET Core/VS Code
  7. I think I remember reading somewhere that they give royalties back to the musicians who contributed towards their libraries - that might explain a slightly higher price.
  8. Thought I got there first, but you win by mentioning the additional discount code - should've known that the King would find the best deal 😁
  9. Sound Particles Indie - $239 4FX Bundle - $139 Panner Collection - $55 Brightness Panner - $39 Energy Panner - $39 Doppler + Air - $84 Air - $49 Doppler - $40 Discount available until May 17, 2021 https://soundparticles.com/
  10. Good spot Pluto. I don't know why I didn't see it earlier, but as it turns out, I checked Voxengo's website again and they are actually having their 15% Spring sale right now*. I'll just briefly say (so as to not hijack the thread) that if anyone's had their eye on any Voxengo plugins, now would be a good time. * Voxengo's got both a dynamic discount and a flash sale discount on top of the 15%
  11. Also, don't forget about Voxengo TEOTE (not on sale; just thought I'd mention it along with the other similar plugins)
  12. I don't think they will - I read somewhere that someone from iZotope has already said they won't do subscription exclusively. It's just another option, that probably makes more sense for studio owners. Look at the other companies with a subscription - PA, Presonus, Slate, Kush, Kilohearts (and others) - they still offer perpetual licenses. Even if they do, you probably have everything you need (e.g. mastering compressors, EQs, limters, stereo width processors, exciters) from PA, IK, Overloud, Voxengo, Melda, and lots of other companies too. Also don't forget that the point of a perpetual license is that you get to keep using what you already have.
  13. Thanks for the free upgrade, Arturia!
  14. Yes - and their instruments sound really good too! Thanks Ample Sound!
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