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  1. I didn't actually notice anything wrong with it - it felt quite natural that as the tempo slowed down a bit, that the instruments thinned out a little also to indicate a winding down of the song. It is different from the pace of the rest of the song, but not in a bad way.
  2. Love it Mark. You've got some great playing there.
  3. antler

    Blue guitar

    Great playing Makke - you've got a really cool, laid back tone - really nice.
  4. Great song! Really like the intricate guitar playing, and the contrast it makes with the relatively sparse verses.
  5. antler


    You've done it again Bjorn! Really atmospheric. I agree too that the guitar actually sounds good in there; it seems quite normal that clean(ish) guitar tones are used cinematically to convey a sense of emptiness, and so that's why I think it actually sounds 'spacy' in this context. Well done!
  6. I could be wrong, but I don't think I've seen them elsewhere. In any case though, I think you'd get the best deal buying direct - OTS usually has a group buy sale once a year. If you create an account, they'll (probably) offer you a survey that you can do to get some orange slices (discount points). If you combine the slices with the group buy price, you can get a really good deal, especially if you pick up a bundle.
  7. antler

    OMD Remix

    This is an amazing song Gary - both the music and the message is beautiful. I think the limiter might be a bit hot in the remix. For this type of music, I personally prefer the extra dynamic range and cleaner sound of the original, though I thought the vocal stood out a bit from the piano/strings in that mix. It might be an idea to gently compress the piano/strings, and also the vocals as two separate groups, and then gently compress them again in the final stage; please ignore if I'm telling you something you already know - no malice intended.
  8. Let us know how it responds please (e.g. load times, playing experience, CPU/memory usage)
  9. I think I've found their greatest weakness to be long loading times - hopefully soundpaint can load a bit more quickly
  10. USB and SD cards are actually viable though; almost no-one has a floppy drive anymore, and the data limit is 1.4mb - some hyper compression needed there 😁
  11. Love the fact that you can answer Floppy Disc to On which media do you release your music/tracks?
  12. It's nice - sparse but effective arrangement. The lead guitar might benefit from a tiny bit of humanisation/randomisation, and the note attacks sound quite rigid on the faster phrase openings. I enjoyed the listen though - well done!
  13. Nice blues shuffle, with a good story. Great playing too!
  14. Comet's my current go-to for lush and long tail reverbs. I get the idea that Eventide's reverbs may be more versatile, but I don't want an iLok.
  15. You've got a great sound there - tight timing with lots coming through the mix well. I like the contrast between the almost retro/atmospheric sound of the intro/outro, and the rocking main part. Great tune!
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