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  1. Debating whether or not to go for this; I already have Audio Modern's Riffer. Riff Generation seems really cool, but is it locked to its own instrument/effects? Also, can each instrument be routed to its own output? (all of which is moot if the sale doesn't get extended)
  2. antler

    Native Instruments Flame Orange MASCHINE Mk3

    I'm not sure they are exactly the same; this page https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/maschine/production-systems/maschine/compare/ describes the mikro as having 'highly-sensitive' pads, whereas the full Maschine has 'ultra-sensitive' pads. Also the guy from https://questforgroove.com/ did a video comparing different pad controllers, and found that while very similar, the full Maschine had a better experience.
  3. antler

    Native Instruments Flame Orange MASCHINE Mk3

    I think I'd be more excited if they released a new Machine Mikro, but with exactly the same pads as the full sized Machine.
  4. antler

    Humble Bundle Magix software!

    If it's anything like the downloader 'installers' that I've used before, they may or may not work in future. Usually, I run them and let the full setup program download. When the full installer starts, you can use Task Manager to find the file location (usually in a temp folder), and archive that file.
  5. antler

    A fun quiz

    And now I'm imagining the voice of Kiefer Sutherland saying 'the following did not take place between October 10th, 1582; and October 11th, 1582', like at the beginning of an episode of 24.
  6. antler

    A fun quiz

    Someone had lunch. Someone went to the toilet (or whatever the 1582 equivalent is).
  7. antler

    Get rid of your studio

    I'm really, really terrified... edit: because I've never seen anyone play a flute with such enthusiasm
  8. I think it was one of the apocalypse percussion libs, but I had a version that had a scripting bug in it so every fourth note would be silent (or something like that - very annoying for a drum kit). Got a fairly prompt response from their support team with a fix; it was a few years ago so don't know if anything's changed since then.
  9. antler

    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    64bit VST3 in Studio One 4 works for me
  10. antler

    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    That, and application code signing (so we can be sure that what we've downloaded hasn't been tampered with). In any case, there isn't actually that much else in the install folder, so (while not ideal) installing it onto your samples drive wouldn't be too terrible an idea.
  11. antler

    IK Multimedia Introduces MODO DRUM - Modeled Drums

    Don't think there was an option explicitly for samples location. I saw that it wanted to put 10gb into my program files directory, and pointed it to another drive with more space.
  12. Soundiron are a great company with some really good libraries. I remember a while back I bought a bundle consisting of loads of libraries for an almost unbelievably low price on a NI promotion. If I had any cash to spare, I'd give this current offer some serious thought.
  13. antler

    Boz Digital Flash Sale - Sasquatch

    Does anyone have any opinions on this one? Looks like a parallel compression effect, albeit with a friendly/simple-to-use UI.
  14. antler

    Paypal policy update : to read seriously !!!

    You can still use PayPal to pay, but back it with your credit card and choose to pay in a foreign currency. That way, the seller only knows about your PayPal account, but your credit card company does the currency conversion (which for me is slightly cheaper than PayPal's).
  15. antler

    Impact Soundworks Summer Sale

    Thanks for letting us know that such an order is possible Bryan: the majority of sites only allow a maximum of one coupon code per order, which I find to be annoying. It's good to hear that ISW allows more than one; they had great customer support on the previous occasions where I've needed help as well.