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  1. I seem to remember Scott Garrigus mentioning a 10% discount on all Blue Cat plug-ins; don't know if it's still valid http://www.digifreq.com/digifreq/deals.asp#BlueCatAudio
  2. Ok... How many track is that, and how long did it take?
  3. You should also post how it sounds
  4. I've not used it, but the behaviour you're describing is how keyswitches in the other instruments I've used (Kontakt instruments, GPO) work. From the instruments I've used, it's quite rare that articulations only last for the duration of the keypress.
  5. Quick note for those interested: if it's a cut down version of MODO DRUM, there's no option to play the kits with brushes (as is the case with the 'full' version); just mentioning as one of the kits is Jazzy. Both MODO DRUM and MODO BASS sound great though.
  6. Try to contact them again, tell them the date is wrong, and that you have an email receipt to prove it? If they can fix the purchase date, you might be able to use the button on MY PreSonus? You could also try their forum (though I'm not sure their staff use that forum), and/or twitter?
  7. Not directly guitar amp related, but any opinions on their Pro Series Compressor/EQ?
  8. I'm hoping K13 will be good too - depending on what's there, I might even be tempted to upgrade to Ultimate. I'm worried they'll just put the good stuff into Collector and/or use it as a dangling carrot for the subscription service they hinted at last year.
  9. 4GB of world-class uniquely creative rhythm loops, instruments & samples produced by multi award winning sound designers Ian Boddy, Cuckooland, and others. Conceived as a soundtrack composer's dream library, it's the product of thousands of hours of extremely organic, unique, ultra-creative, and virtuoso sound design. OFFER ENDS MONDAY 13TH JULY 11:59 (BST) https://zero-g.co.uk/products/altered-states
  10. Full Kontakt may be required (depending on instrument)
  11. Makers of finely-crafted Sample libraries created by composers, for composers From acoustic instruments to synthetic sounds, always deep-sampled: exhaustive articulations, dynamic layers, round robin variations, and 'sweet-spot' recordings. Instruments designed for maximum ease-of-use and a great sound out of the box. https://impactsoundworks.com/
  12. I'm running Windows 10 on a local account (i.e. not a Microsoft Account), and I use a password rather than Windows Hello (face recognition, etc) - you don't have to use a password if you don't want to though. One good thing about Windows Hello is it can allow you to log in with a PIN (which might be simpler than a password).
  13. Love your EZKeys? Right now, you can expand your collection with any other EZkeys piano for a lot less! Choose from a traditional grand piano or upright, some classic electric models or why not opt for the more unusual Dream Machine or Cinematic Grand? There's 14 to choose from! Please note: You must already have a registered copy of an EZkeys product to use this item. https://www.timespace.com/products/toontrack-ezkeys-sound-expansion
  14. https://karanyisounds.com/promo-terms/
  15. If this effectively Cinematrix, but with orchestral phrases instead of synthy/cinematic ones? PS. Look forward to your video, Simeon
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