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  1. Ah yes... forgot about the voucher minimum spend 'to combat voucher swapping'
  2. Looks like $49.99 is the new flash-sale price
  3. But full Massive X required... just in case anybody can't be bothered to fire up Native Access
  4. I really like the Ample Sound acoustics. For electrics, I think that ISW Shreddage 3 is pretty good too. PS. I love AAS's stuff. GS-2 is good, but to my ears it isn't the most realistic sounding guitar. As Reid suggested, the best thing might be to give it a demo.
  5. For all the physicists out there: Two kittens are sitting on a roof. Which one slides off first? The one with the smallest mu
  6. I was quite surprised by the range of the glockenspiel: it's quite low; almost like a bass-glockenspiel is such a thing exists
  7. To me, a composer is someone who writes musical phrases for one or more instruments and puts them together to form a piece of music. A producer is someone who takes a composed piece of music and targets it for the application: maybe suggest some additional percussion if it's for an action piece; maybe strip it back a little for something emotional; maybe add some special reverb in places for epicness.
  8. You're right; it's not, but it may or may not include it.
  9. Kinda reminds me of the control rooms in classic cartoons... in a good way 😀
  10. Link above got truncated and doesn't work; full link below https://github.com/hisschemoller/music-pattern-generator
  11. What type of material benefits best from spring reverbs? I've used the classic algorithms (hall, room, etc.) and occasionally plates, but I've never really used springs before.
  12. Isn't Valhalla Shimmer similar to Blackhole?
  13. Wouldn't seem as fancy if it just said that. Think of it like this: if you were trying to sell a volume knob, you'd probably market it as a beautifully and minimalisticly designed easy-to-use single-band full-spectrum EQ. 😛
  14. Seems interesting... can this do crazy reverb effects like Eventide Blackhole/Valhalla Shimmer?
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