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  1. Also don't forget that Cinesamples do other sales throughout the year, so you can pick up the Pro packages (i.e. expansion packs) to get even more articulations, etc.
  2. If you like orchestral percussion, CinePerc is very comprehensive; and CineBrass also sounds really good.
  3. I think this was an example under their Bundle Maker promotion https://8dio.com/2020/03/25/custom-bundle-maker/ i.e. each is ~$500, and purchases over $999 with the code CREA50 gets a 50% discount. (50% is for >= $999; there are other tiers each with their own discount codes)
  4. Don't forget though that you get a 'discount' when you start buying the larger packs of Gear Credits: 150 GC for 134.99 Euros, up to 1500 GC for 749.99 Euros (even more if you factor in Jam Points). You can then get the sounds you need through the Custom Shop. (Beware though that buying all the parts of a MAX library doesn't give you the same status as having a MAX product, from the point of view of upgrade schemes)
  5. If you can't disable it at BIOS level, you could always disable it in Device Manager in Windows.
  6. I've not heard about this before. Just out of interest, where did you learn about this?
  7. For some reason, I'm thinking two years, but I could be wrong. In any case if you have some about to expire, you could always buy some Gear Credits: don't think they expire.
  8. Maybe in the registry, maybe in a temp/config file somewhere. Here's a thought though: if your install-tracker tracks absolutely every change made to your computer and undoing them still doesn't work, maybe it's not the installer that sets the flag. It might be the program itself that does it on first run, basing the start-date on when it was installed.
  9. antler

    Boz Digital Pan Knob

    It's probably because it's a relatively old plugin, written and marketed long before what's happening now; I can see how it could be interpreted as being insensitive though.
  10. Just a note: it appears from the forum on that site that this is a 'lite' version
  11. I quite like their Ethera series, and also their Designers (Impact/Whoosh/Rise)
  12. For basic raw MIDI mapping, this might be useful: https://www.codefn42.com/notemapper/index.html
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