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  1. Komplete Start is a good (free) option to begin with. It's quite expensive, but I would recommend saving up for Komplete. The standard edition has quite a few different instruments as well as the full version of Kontakt; Kontakt libraries can be quite expensive though so from a starting point it may not make that much difference. Native Instruments generally have two sales a year: their Summer of Sound, and their Black Friday sales; they usually discount their upgrades, not sure if they discount prices for the full versions. Alternatively, if you're after synths have a look at Rob Papen Explorer. Again it's a little pricey, but you get lots in the bundle.
  2. antler

    PA Days 5 + 6

    Hold on... I thought we couldn't blame the sunshine, moonlight, or good times; only the boogie? 😜
  3. antler

    PA Days 5 + 6

    I've previously bought a few cheapish plugins from them, but I'm not sure I want to buy more from PA - even their flagship ones. I was partially tempted by the Shadow Hills one the other day, but then I thought as good as it is, I've already got stock compressors, the Overloud ones, Boz's Manic Compressor, a few IK ones, the ones from Ozone; they sound good enough to me right now.
  4. Not sure, but it looks like the piano deal was for yesterday; Epic Percussion Bundle is today's freebie (but is also cut in price)
  5. Not to sound like marketing material, but Congratulations - you've now opened doors to some really great libraries! Only problem is, it'll exacerbate GAS, but in a good way 🙂
  6. Already bought this last month as part of their end of year sale... for a higher price 🙁 You win some, you lose some I guess...
  7. Pro Tools is just a DAW; any other DAW can pretty much do the same thing, give or take a few features/workflow approaches. Kontakt opens the door to sooooo many different/new libraries.
  8. To be honest, I've not tried that; I strongly suspect it won't work/will open full Kontakt in trial mode
  9. It won't work at all. There are two types of Kontakt libraries: The ones that will appear as a library both in Native Access and in Kontakt on the left The ones that are effectively 'just' a bunch of files. These need to be open in Kontakt within its file browser. Ceres is an example of the latter; with Kontakt Player, there is no way to open/load the library*. The former type of library is more universally accessible, but it requires the lib developer to pay a license. I understand it's fairly expensive, it may be cost prohibitive for smaller developers. * Strictly speaking, you could load it in the trial version of full Kontakt, meaning you could run it in demo mode 15/20 min period.
  10. antler

    Zero G 73% Off Epica

    From the T+S site: https://www.timespace.com/blogs/offers/ends-3rd-dec-the-2019-zero-g-black-friday-sale-starts-now-save-up-to-65
  11. What's actually in this pack? Is it worth signing up for?
  12. antler

    Keepforest BF Sale

    They sound good, but... what are they soooooo expensive?
  13. As I understand it, EZ is mix-ready and slightly cut down; SD is effectively a more comprehensive raw sample set for you to mix yourself. One version isn't 'better' than another: it depends on one's mixing skills/whether the mix-ready version matches what your putting it in to.
  14. Unfortunately, there may be a problem with that description: kids of today might not know what a CD is.
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