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  1. Their company name is Orchestral Tools, so another orchestral library would be too obvious - maybe they'll announce a diversification in their product line and release, I dunno... a Trap library 😝
  2. Undoubtedly some great deals from PA this month. Personally, I would have preferred their previous voucher usage scheme though. A quick heads-up: I got an email saying vouchers expire May 28, 2022; there might be some kind of sale coming.
  3. In addition to the under $20 section, be sure to check the others too, e.g. there are some Serum presets that you could pick up with this voucher.
  4. Are these actually cleared for use copyright-wise? Fine if you're just making your own music, but just thinking it might be painful if someone makes a great track and decides to sell it.
  5. Isn't that Steinberg's approach with Cubase?
  6. I switched from Soundforge to Acoustica and feel like I've saved a couple of years by not having to wait for Soundforge's plugin scan on start up 😜
  7. Hopefully it means that some new snap-ins are on their way
  8. It's probably a rarer occurrence, but what happens if your actual iLok dongle stops responding?
  9. Shame you can't read this on a Kindle; I prefer printed-ink screens over computer/phone screens for reading
  10. The best way to know for sure is to send an email to support. Even if the samples are in an open format, it doesn't mean that they are licenced to be used in other ways.
  11. antler

    Audio Plugin Deals

    That's quite a big difference and certainly worth buying direct from AudioModern - the APD purchase probably would have given you a 100%-off coupon code, meaning that you 'buy' from AudioModern anyway. Also worth noting that AudioModern now have a bundle of Atom, Opacity, and Opacity II if budget allows. The deal is over now, but Atom was recently on sale at VST Buzz
  12. I was tempted, but put off by the thought that these seem to be verging on legacy products (compared to the SINE versions) now. I think I read that someone found some bugs in Ark 3 (Kontakt) related to tempo matching that haven't been fixed - if they haven't fixed bugs in the SINE versions that I've also read about, it's very unlikely they'll fix something in the Kontakt versions. The demos do sound really good though.
  13. I wonder if Industry Brass will be a Musio exclusive, or whether it will eventually become a Kontakt instrument too?
  14. I'm guessing these are the Kontakt versions - are they effectively discontinued given OT's decision to use its own SINE player?
  15. Try Modartt Pianoteq 😜
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