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  1. I've found that Audio Deluxe are quite generous with their Deluxe Bucks
  2. Just had a look - didn't realise it requires a dongle
  3. Great words of wisdom. I've already aborted some potential purchases and redirected towards a few others. Also, don't forget to factor in drive space to the cost.
  4. I'm such a console noob - I'd seen and been using the S-Type/N-Type/A-Type Console Emulation buttons, and E-Type/G-Type EQ buttons for ages, but hadn't made the connection 🤣 Thanks for the advice - I'll still need to properly try out the PA modules (as suggested), but at least I have a better idea of what I'm looking at now.
  5. I picked this one up with one of their $29.99-for-any-plugin vouchers previously, and am thinking about maybe picking up some of the other consoles at some point in the future. Sorry for the naïve question, but is there a general rule of thumb for when it's best to use the Neve (bx_console N), SSL 4000 E, SSL 4000 G, or even the newer SSL 9000 J? Are any of them better suited to any particular genre?
  6. I agree - how would anyone know whether or not a product is suitable without an audio demo? Putting quality aside, it's difficult to know whether an instrument will even 'fit' with a song without being able to hear it.
  7. Hold on to the questionable files for a month or two, and then scan again - the fool will either have been shown to be right (the others will also indicate the same result), or will have changed its mind. It doesn't even look like those three engines in the screenshot agree it's the same malware.
  8. Love how it doesn't even provide audio samples on its own website...
  9. I might be tempted to pick something up in this (depending on what other sales tug on my wallet). Would an existing Melda customer be kind enough to share their referral/discount code? (If there are many, I'll pick one at random)
  10. antler

    AAS Chromaphone 3

    Sorry for the slightly dumb question: I have AAS Player installed, and have a fairly large NKS folder inside it. If I don't use the NKS features on my hardware, am I free to just delete the NKS folder?
  11. I had a listen to the demos and they do sound really impressive. However, I can't help but think that Lucy reminds me of GLaDOS from Portal
  12. They got bought by Google: the company that said 'we are not building a browser', and then said 'here's something we come up with' to Chrome; the company that said 'we are not building an OS' and then showed off the Chrombook...
  13. Just to mention: if you buy three products, you get an additional 10% off
  14. Far pricier, but have you checked out the SWAM flutes? https://audiomodeling.com/swam-engine/solo-woodwinds/swam-flutes/
  15. Has anyone used NeoVerb? Would be interested to know how it compares with the Exponential Audio ones.
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