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  1. Double check your connections (Probably best to disconnect everything and start over). Follow this video guide on connecting a MIDI keyboard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwEVtBbNdak
  2. I'm using TC Electronic FW interfaces (Impact Twin and Konnekt 6 - both DICE II)... No problems here under Win 10 build 1903. I've seen it generically advised for Win 10 that you HAVE to use the legacy FW driver -- but I've just stuck with the latest TCE driver package (last updated Nov 2016) and have had zero problems.
  3. IMO, the key to that sound is the band/orchestra needs to sound like it's in one space. Overdubbing was rare/nonexistent, one or two mics was common (allow lots of mic bleed), and no crazy panning (Try putting everything in the middle third or so). And, of course, it needs to sound like analog.
  4. Thanks! Here's the link: https://audioplugin.deals/quadravox-the-4-voice-pitch-shifting-harmonizer-plugin-by-eventide-free-download/ref/11/?campaign=EventideQuadravoxFree
  5. If you're mostly an audio guy then it doesn't make much difference - stick with 8.5.... But if you're heavily into virtual instruments and FX, then you owe it to yourself to make the move to CbB. The main reason should be obvious: plugin expansion. Any plugin you have trouble with in 8.5 will be stuck that way since development has stopped, and no plugin dev will be anxious to track down a bug with an obsolete, 10 year old host.
  6. If you purchased the full version, then you should be registered at the Truepianos website. It appears to still be operational... so for lost registration codes go here: https://truepianos.com/support.php
  7. All evidence does seem to point to the nVidia card/drivers as the culprit... Do you have another video card or onboard graphics you can switch to and test? Have you gone through all of the settings in the nVidia Control panel - disabling everything non-essential? How about disabling the nVidia control panel itself? Have you run dpc latency monitor lately? Try switching to a different USB port (pref on a different internal hub).
  8. Hi, I just tested the plug-in (both VST2 and VST3) on my system, and didn't experience any problems. My system is 7 years old (specs are in my sig). I didn't have the plugin, so started from scratch, downloading and installing it - but only the 64 bit versions. Try downloading it again - in case you got a corrupt download - then after the install do the required reboot. Also, try the VST2 version if you haven't already (Though, as I mentioned, both worked fine for me).
  9. Those are the UVI soundbanks, not the VST instrument, which is a DLL file. (The DLL file should be in the same folder and scanned with your other VSTs). Download the latest UVI workstation installer from here: https://www.uvi.net/en/instruments/uvi-workstation.html#download
  10. For a cheap interface bundled with a mic, I'd look at starter bundles for podcasting. Here's one for under $100 (USD): https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/PodcastStuUSB--behringer-podcastudio-bundle-usb-recording-bundle
  11. Have you connected with a different DAW/audio app? How about just in Windows (Does the Quad-Capture work as a general sound card)?
  12. Did you try with more than one project? That project could have gotten corrupt.
  13. Also, if you haven't done so, do a rescan of your VSTs.
  14. Try this: Start CbB with "Run as Administrator". If still not visible, do a Reset of VSTs.
  15. I'm sorry this happened to you, and we've all been there... But when was the last backup you made of the project? If you went more than an hour without backing up the project (and you made a ton of edits in that time) that's a hard lesson to learn. If you NEVER backed it up after having "spent the whole day" on the project, well, that's a much worse, but necessary, lesson to have to learn...
  16. Take a look at the Windows event viewer (Under "System") and see if it logs an error at that precise moment. https://www.howtogeek.com/123646/htg-explains-what-the-windows-event-viewer-is-and-how-you-can-use-it/ The only other thing I can think of is software running in the background (anti-virus, for example) that is interrupting one of your DAW processes. You might try disabling all BG apps one at a time and see if that ID's the culprit.
  17. Well, since Sonitus plugins as VST were never bundled with Sonar/CbB, either what you have are not VST, or you acquired the VST version at some point and just don't remember. In the early 2000s, I purchased the Sonitus VST bundle from a 3rd party company called Ultrafunk for $300... only to see them acquired by Cakewalk a year later and the FX freely bundled (in DX format ) with Sonar shortly afterward. I ended up using the DX version (and removing the VSTs off my system forever). I still mourn that $300 to this day...
  18. If it's only crashing with bigger projects, that would suggest problems with certain plugins rather than system files (in which case you'd likely have crashes on every project). Try a RESET and RESCAN of your VSTs. (Make sure you do BOTH. Many users inexplicably bypass the RESET and only do a RESCAN when it's just as often the former that fixes the issue).
  19. Sorry, I would, but don't have the TH-U/TH3 plugin. And just to be clear, you did try starting Sonar with "Run as Administrator"? (It's not the same thing as "Administrator privileges" or belonging to the Administrators group, which actually has restricted access).
  20. Are you running on Windows 10? Try starting CbB with "Run as Administrator" and see what happens.
  21. I have ESET on my main PC, but not on my DAW. I don't recommend having a real-time antivirus on your DAW. Pause the real-time protection and see if you're still getting the dropouts. If so, try running the free utility DPC Latency Checker to identify the culprit: https://www.thesycon.de/eng/latency_check.shtml
  22. That utility is likely in your startup folder. Unless you need constant access to your display settings, best to just disable it in startup, then it won't conflict with Cakewalk. If you need occasional access to the utility, then just find the application and create a shortcut on your taskbar or desktop.
  23. Bottom line, if you need to record 4 channels simultaneously and be able to mix them as discrete channels, you'll need an interface with 4+ ins/outs. Alternatively, you can buy a small mixer (with at least 4 inputs) and feed the stereo outs into your interface, but of course you won't be able to mix the separate channels.
  24. We're in the same club. I've been very happy with my two FW interfaces (TC Electronic and Steinberg)... In fact I've never even owned a USB interface, having moved from PCI (my last was an Echo Gina 3G) to Firewire. Once I got the right PCIe FW add-on card, it truly has been plug and play -- no jumping through hoops or any tweaks necessary for rock solid performance. My next upgrade will be to Thunderbolt, probably in 2-3 years... Until then, I'll be chugging along worry-free with my "outdated" Firewire units!
  25. Trying to embrace the new on an "old Win 7" PC is perhaps pushing your luck a bit too far.... I think it's fair to say that most users are seeing better performance and stability with CWbB over Sonar Plat when running on Win 10 (or even Win 8.1).
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