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  1. Are you loading a VST 3 version of Falcon in your project? Maybe, try loading VST 2, and see if that makes a difference. Also, I am aware of some display issues if the Windows Scaling is set large enough, like when using a 4k screen resolution, folks may bump the Scaling up by as much as 200%. Bob Bone
  2. Best wishes for success to you, regardless of the platform.
  3. I was only asking you to temporarily bypass your currently loaded effects, only long enough to see if bypassing them made a difference with the dropouts. So - I again ask you - please click the FX button, to temporarily bypass your effects, then hit Play, let it run for a minutes, then go ahead and hit the FX button again to engage all the loaded plugins again, and report here with whether or not your project played back properly when the effects were bypassed. It is a test that you could complete in less time than it has taken me to type this post. I am not asking you to not use effects - I am only asking that you bypass them, to determine whether or not something with one or more of your effects is causing your issues. The FX button is just to the right of the metronome button, just right of the Transport Module at the top center of the screen. Bob Bone
  4. Is it that you don't find AD as a VST synth in the Browser Pane? Perhaps it is under the Uncategorized category? I have both Addictive Drums and Addictive Drums 2 (64-bit for both) running happily in Cakewalk by Bandlab, and Sonar Platinum. Bob Bone
  5. Please detail exactly what you have plugged into what, what buttons are pushed, etc., so we can help you figure this out. Here is the Quick-Start Guide for it - I don't see any sort of actual complete user manual, on the Behringer site, so this looks like it: https://media63.music-group.com/media/sys_master/ha3/hb8/8849665064990.pdf By the way - the above link is where the link to the guide on Behringer's site took me, so it is actually their guide - don't know what this 'media63.music-group.com' site is, but it is where their link took me. Bob Bone
  6. I also think this whole thread is instructive - at least for me - as I will start asking about any tweaks or modifications folks may have made, to either Windows, or to Cakewalk parameters, a lot earlier in the diagnosing of weird issues like this thread presented. One of those 'note to self' moments. Bob Bone
  7. I changed mine, a while ago, from the default 1, to its current 2 - that works wonderfully, and my system is quite stable (haven't crashed in almost 2 years), so I am quite happy to wait for the go-ahead from Noel, before attempting to use the new value of 3 they added. My desktop uses an AMD Ryzen 1950x Threadripper, so has boatloads of cores, and it is quite happy cranking away on the setting of 2. Bob Bone
  8. Well, there are other reasons for dropouts, as well. Why don't you fire up a separate thread so we can work through it without repurposing this thread? Kewl? I will keep an eye out for it, and try to assist you. I suspect there are some other things more likely to be causing frequent dropouts for you, so go ahead and post that and we can get to work fixing you up. Bob Bone
  9. I concur - you can install Cakewalk by Bandlab right alongside your existing Sonar install, without issue - most of us that have Sonar keep it, because that allows any of the bundled plugins that came with Platinum to also work in Cakewalk by Bandlab. You just create a Bandlab account, download and install the Bandlab Assistant, launch it, click on Apps, then install Cakewalk from there, and in a 2nd install, add in the Studio Instruments, if they weren't already present by your having Sonar installed. Bob Bone
  10. Glad you are sorted out, and I was happy to help. We are all family. Bob Bone
  11. The ThreadSchedulingModel is handled and managed by Sonar/Cakewalk, and they had added an 'aggressive model', that is represented by the number '3' for that parameter - where it used to have possible values of 0, 1, or 2, with 1 being the default. The release notes for Cakewalk's 2020.01 release notes introduce the new 'Aggressive' parameter value of '3', and also quite clearly indicate that this new scheduling model is experimental, and that some folks might experience issues if using it: From the release notes: "Optimizations Experimental aggressive task scheduling model We continue to work on improving our multi-threaded engine performance and have added a new "aggressive" task scheduling model. The aggressive task scheduler utilizes more efficient task management that can result in better multi-processing and fewer thread context switches. This feature is still experimental so report back if you notice any improvements or problems when using it." Bob Bone
  12. The ThreadSchedulingModel parameter has to do with workload distribution of CPU core threads, and is described in the online documentation under the Aud.ini online help. The new parameter value of '3' sets the distribution model to 'aggressive', and was indicated somewhere to potentially yield unpredictable results. Please note that the online documentation covering modification of the Aud.ini file quite clearly indicates that making some configuration changes can sometimes cause issues, and it recommends not modifying the file unless directed to, so from my perspective, anyone who DOES decide to modify the Aud.ini file - be prepared to undo changes, if adverse issues arise. The ThreadSchedulingModel parameter defaults to '1', and possible values are 0-1-2-3. Here is the online help blurb on this paramater: "This variable goes in the [Wave] section and controls the interaction of the main audio thread and worker threads on multiprocessor systems when the Use Multiprocessing Engine option is enabled. Depending on the system, a particular model may result in less glitching and better overall performance. The values are as follows: 0 = Same as previous versions of Cakewalk. 1 = (default) Better thread balance. Model is more efficient and can provide cycles for other tasks. 2 = Additional worker thread is created. This may result in improvement with Quad processor systems or higher. Not recommended for Dual processor systems. 3 = Agressive" Bob Bone
  13. Please edit your initial post, to show 'Solved'. Bob Bone
  14. Thanks - nothing out of whack with those settings. It seems odd that were it to be something with CbB itself, we would see more reports of similar issues, but there just aren't, so I am temporarily stymied. What do you have plugged into your audio interface? (Mic? guitar? external keyboard's audio output?) Is Windows maintenance completely up to date (not missing any cumulative maintenancve that might not have gotten automatically installed)? Please go into System Information and provide you Windows Version and Build. What happens if you just play some imported CD track? Does it crackle every so often, or only when you have something plugged into your interface? Here is a thread where someone had increasing latency - might be worth a read: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/10708-201912-major-latency-problem/ I will try to think of some other things to look at. Thanks, Bob Bone
  15. Is your Windows Update maintenance all completely current? Bob Bone
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