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  1. Just a thought for you - (glad scook's typical brilliance fixed you up, by the way). I have a small number of 32-bit plugins that I choose to continue to use, as they provide unique sounds/functionality for certain projects. Other than those, I do NOT generally use any plugin that isn't 64-bit. I have a VST32 folder in my Program Files (x86) folder, with a number of 32-bit plugins, but since I haven't tried most of those in my current 64-bit environment, I do not even want these to show up as potential plugins to be loaded into any projects - until I test them. SOOOO - I created an additional folder, that lives in the VST32 folder. In Cakewalk's Plugin Manager's VST Scan Paths dialog, I do NOT include the VST32 bit folder, but instead I have added the Bridged sub-folder only, (for 32-bit plugins I have tested and determined they still work in a 64-bit environment). Before loading any untested 32-bit plugin into any projects, I place potential 32-bit plugins, one at a time, into the Bridged folder, and then test out that plugin in a separate new project. If all goes well, I leave it in the Bridged folder, and if not, then I just delete it, as I will never use a 32-bit plugin that causes any problems in any projects. Since I pretty much have entirely quit using 32-bit plugins, other than the super small number of ones that are so unique and helpful that I would use them in certain situations, AND that have been tested and found to work OK in 64-bit Cakewalk, my system has been SUPER stable, and I just do not have any weird issues in Cakewalk - I am LOVING the stability of Cakewalk. So - perhaps the above info might help you with 32-bit plugins in Cakewalk. Bob Bone
  2. You might also consider doing a 'Refresh' of Windows, where Microsoft essentially replaces your current Windows installation, with a shiny new copy of Windows, and it is my understanding that this preserves your current installed programs and settings and such. I have not performed this refresh of Windows, but I DID replace a bad motherboard with a completely different one from another manufacturer, and unbelievably, Windows dealt with that MASSIVE change internally, as they use what they call an 'Abstraction Layer', where the hardware and the software are fairly independent of each other, making things like swapping out a motherboard possible. If you cannot locate information on doing this refresh - just post back here on that, and I will spend a little time digging up the info for you. (I will also cruise through the info, to make sure what I am suggesting you look into doing would actually be helpful for you). Bob Bone
  3. Robert Bone

    cakewalk by bandlab new features

    If you own Sonar and have it installed, all the stuff that came with it will work in Cakewalk. Bob Bone
  4. Robert Bone

    Periodic Audio Dropouts / Static

    I have never heard of an ASIO Buffer Size of 96 samples - could that be the sample rate at 96k? Also, unless you use pretty much no effects - certainly not any convolution reverb or those that use linear phase processing, you will never have a single buffer size setting that works for mixing and recording - just does not work that way. Bob Bone
  5. If needed, I just edit the instrument and alter the key switch assigned note values down an extra octave or two to get them out of the way if I am playing low notes. Bob Bone
  6. No probs - was just suggesting adding exclusions to whatever involved with your Cakewalk sessions that was having issues with the antivirus, rather than disabling the antivirus software altogether. When I have had issues in the past with antivirus software and music apps in the past, adding exclusions for the music app software and data folders made MY issues go away, and allowed me to keep the antivirus software running, while no longer interfering, additionally benefiting performance of the music software. Bob Bone
  7. Robert Bone

    MIDI Tracks "Maxxed" Out

    I used to get random pitch bend data generated from a midi controller, and until I replaced the controller, I turned the pitch bend wheel off on the controller, and my random data issue was instantly resolved. Maybe you can figure out which knob/button/ghost is causing your errant data and either filter it out or find a way to disable whatever is causing it. Bob Bone
  8. Robert Bone

    Problem with MIDI since last update

    I do not have any such problems - that sounds like a nightmare. Can you please elaborate on the nature of your issues with this? Bob Bone
  9. Rather than turning off Avast (I use it too), but the same issue can exist with other antivirus programs, try adding Exclusions or Exceptions (terminology may differ), for the following: Cakewalk Projects folder, Sample libraries, program folders for synths and apps used in Cakewalk (including Cakewalk), basically, telling the antivirus software to skip scanning of those folders, so they don't bog the performance or cause any other issues by accessing/scanning files and programs used in a Cakewalk session. Think about it - your sample libraries - these are static files, thousands and thousands of them for just one piano patch - once written to your hard drive on their installation, these files are not updated, so there is no need to have them get scanned while trying to stream them while working on your piano track. Setting up folder exclusions allows you to leave your antivirus software active, without bogging down your performance during your Cakewalk session. Do this once, and you don't have to worry about it again, and don't have to remember to temporarily shut down or disable the antivirus processing on the whole system. There is the other school of looking at it, which is that you shouldn't access the internet while working in Cakewalk, and that is fine, but a bit of overkill, and I may want to look something up in the middle of working in a project, or respond to a text or FB message, or whatever, so I prefer to leave using the internet as an option during sessions, so this is why I just set up the exclusions, so that I can both record and browse safely and not sacrifice performance in the process. Just a thought. Bob Bone
  10. Robert Bone

    Periodic Audio Dropouts / Static

    What is your current ASIO Buffer Size? Also, does the issue go away if you temporarily bypass all effects? To check, hit the letter 'E' on your computer keyboard, and then start and stop your playback as you had been doing, to cause the issue to pop up. (The letter 'E' is a keyboard binding shortcut in Sonar/Cakewalk that toggles On/Off the Bypass of all Effects). If your issue goes away when all the effects are bypassed, then you likely have plugins loaded - effects - that require a large ASIO Buffer Size to properly process. Typically, Convolution Reverb and Linear Phase types of effects are meant to used during mixing, and not during recording, due to their need for large buffers. For the rest of time, if you are recording, you will need to make sure your ASIO Buffer Size is small enough to keep latency lower then can be detected by human ears. I suggest 128 samples as a reasonable starting point, and if your system can go lower and still process properly then you could go down to 64 or possibly 32, but 128 is a good place to start. On the other hand, once you move on to mixing, you will need to make sure your ASIO Buffer Size is HUGE - to give the more robust effects room to do their thing - I suggest either 1024 or 2048 samples. Once your ASIO Buffer is set this large, your playback will be fine, however there will be too much latency to record while using that large a buffer, due to the lag between hitting a note and hearing it play, and you won't be able to properly sync with what you are trying to record to. SO - Recording = Small ASIO Buffer Size, and Mixing = Giant ASIO Buffer Size - forever. All of the above is possibly what is happening, or as others have noted, you may have one or more unauthorized plugins, etc... Either way, the above guidance is valid, and I hope it helps you.... Bob Bone
  11. Robert Bone

    vst scan runtime error

    The location name is the name of your computer, and is not a folder name. Your computer has a name of Jon-PC. When you Deactivate a license, it returns to your account as available. At the top of the iLOK Manager software, there is a tab called View, and you can view all available licenses - meaning ones that are available for Activation. As users, we are not supposed to physically do anything with the actual license, so wherever they actually store something is not something we have to deal with. It all comes down to using the iLOK manager app to control Activation and Deactivation using the software. Choosing the right items to view is a little strange until you get the hang of it. Bob Bone
  12. Robert Bone

    vst scan runtime error

    I go through the Deactivation of: Composer Cloud Plus, UVI Synth Legacy, Eventide Blackhole, and EW SSL FX Global Pack - MULTIPLE times in any given month, and that makes those licenses available to be associated with other computers I have - usually my laptop. Once the license(s) are Deactivated on my desktop computer, I then launch the iLOK Manager software on the laptop, and then Activate those licenses on the laptop. This process can be repeated as many times as I want, and over the past year I have done this DOZENS of times, back and forth, from desktop to cloud to laptop, and then from laptop back to cloud and back to desktop. The only time this process pisses me off, is when I have forgotten to deactivate the licenses on the desktop, then drive off into the sunset with my laptop, for a remote recording session, because unless those licenses are in the cloud, (from being deactivated on the desktop), the iLOK software will not allow me to Activate the licenses to associate them with the laptop. It just means my driving back to the house and making sure to do the Deactivation, and then I have no issues with doing the Activation on the laptop. Bob Bone
  13. Robert Bone

    vst scan runtime error

    I did that to myself, too - moved to a different computer without deactivating my licenses on the old computer. I ended up sending an email to support, though I do not recall if it was to Pace ILOK support or EastWest - (might have sent Help Me messages to both - it has been 3 years since I did that). Anyways, for software using the ILOK licensing unless it has changed, some licenses were required to live on a dongle, which sucked royally, while newer licenses were more likely to be activated using ILOK software in an installed app on the computer it was licensed to, and if you wanted to use the software on another different computer, that was permitted, however you would have to deactivate the licenses on the first computer, which then returned the licensing back to your account in the 'cloud', and then you could activate that license from the 2nd computer, which would then assign the license to that specific computer. You could go back and forth however many times you wanted - and I ran like that for several years, with my EastWest Composer Cloud and Composer Cloud Plus subscriptions - so that I could move from my main recording desktop, to a mobile laptop, and have access to all of the Composer Cloud libraries on whichever computer I was using for a given session. Bob Bone
  14. Robert Bone

    Need help finding a Dim Pro patch

    I concur, ABACAB - that was why I took a stab at asking if it was that sort of wah wah sound that seemed layered with the discernible piano chords I seemed to be hearing at those specified times. Without confirmation from the OP, I am not sure how much time and effort I will put in on the task of helping to locate a MAYBE sound. Hopefully, the OP will confirm or further explain the target sound. I am certainly happy to help, but without additional engagement from the OP on nailing down which sound is the target of the search, well.....I am following this post, so if the OP responds again, I will see it and hopefully be able to better assist. Bob Bone