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  1. If you still have ASIO4ALL installed - You might want to try uninstalling it, and then check your driver settings in Cakewalk, to make sure everything is set correctly for your other audio interface, and see if that helps any. Also - after trying the above - you might consider seeing if your issues go away when you bypass any effects that are loaded into your project - you can do this by simply hitting the letter 'E' in your project, and that will toggle on/off any effects loaded into the project. If your issues go away with the effects bypassed, then you will want to see which one or more of your loaded effects (in the project - not all the ones installed on your computer), are causing your issues. After testing with the effects bypassed, if you hit 'E' again, the effects will once again be available in the project. Bob Bone
  2. This plugin seems to have 32-bit and 64-bit versions with its download. Is it possible you are running the 32-bit version? If so, perhaps it doesn't play well in a 64-bit host.... Just curious Bob Bone
  3. Gotcha - I just wanted to make sure I understood which sound you are looking for. I will circle back and take a listen and look, sometime in the early afternoon. I am knee-deep in getting a bunch of remote-recorded drum tracks merged into the master versions of their projects. In addition, it looks like I am at least 2 quarts low on motor oil, by which I mean coffee. (having a slow-motion morning) Bob Bone
  4. I have not checked it out - I have a bunch of really nice pianos, and any one of them is better than anything anyone recorded on since the 60's, so I kind of slacked off on trying to get the next best piano library - I actually just recently canceled my EastWest Composer Cloud X or Plus or whatever their super-sized one was called - it was 5 mic positions and 48k x 24-bit - I just pretty much use the ones in Kontakt, that came with Komplete 12 Ultimate. Those sound great. I might go check the Embertone one out though, to hear what 32 velocity layers brings to the table - Bob Bone
  5. Are you talking about that weird little chirpy lead sound, or the pad sounds underneath everything else? There are about a dozen additional people credited on that track, playing all kinds of different instruments and some backing vocals... In the video, I see a Prophet, and a Kronos - and I guess the guy plays that weird lead sound on the Kronos. It is a bit hard to figure out because they aren't really playing what we are hearing.
  6. YUP - fingers and brain are still kind of working, so I have THAT going for me.
  7. AHA AHA AHA AHA! NOW I get it - (I have understood all along - I just mean I figured out why I had nothing happen when I would press the bound key). SOOOOO - I had used an out of the way key in my original binding to the View the Plugins shortcut. The key I used was the '~' key. But, as luck would have it, I am blind as a bat these days, and even though I correctly bound that very same '~' key to the shortcut, well, it turns out that my grizzled gaze couldn't tell that I needed to use the $(*@$(*)*&& SHIFT key to actually click the '~' key - I couldn't see that it was some other stupidly small character I haven't seen in probably a good 30 years...... I found this because just for grins, I used a different key combo CTRL+J to be the bound to View the Plugins, and then it started working - dutifully pulling up or collapsing the Synth Rack's loaded plugins. So, I then went back to my original key the elusive '~' key. THIS time, I literally put the computer keyboard up close enough to where I could make out that I would need to hit the Shift key to actually click on the '~' key, so it had been working all along, and I apparently just went ahead and aged a bit, and well, that's what happened..... After lamenting my turning 60 recently, I can indeed say I am no longer in the Dunno camp, regarding View the Plugins. Of course, all of this typing has worn me out, so I think I shall curl up with the cats, and surrender to a nap. Bob Bone
  8. Sure - except I do not see any such result - I see absolutely nothing happen when I press the bound key - and I triple-checked that I am pressing the key I bound to the View the Plugins shortcut. So - I remain Dunno - perhaps even Double Dunno. Bob Bone
  9. Well, I still am in the Dunno camp - as I still have no idea what the View the Plugins keyboard shortcut does - so please tell me how to get it to do something when I click on the keyboard key I bound to it. I was also aware of the plug-in manager being external these days, I just was trying anything I could think of to see if I could see if View the Plugins did anything. I was flailing - Thanks, I will sleep better tonight, knowing the answer to this. Bob Bone
  10. I was intrigued by this post, and spent some time this morning trying to figure it out. I came up empty. I bound a key to View the Plugins, and applied the change, and even cycled CbB, and launched a project with some plugins, and even tried it from within the Cakewalk Plug-in Manager. I could find no circumstance where that shortcut key I bound to View the Plugins visually or objectively did anything. I also searched both the documentation and did a Google search on: Cakewalk "View the Plugins" and got zero results. So - my answer to your post is currently : "Dunno" That's going to bug me - because I don't like to be in a state of "Dunno". (hopefully, someone smarter than me will explain View the Plugins) Bob Bone
  11. Gotcha - Check out their demo, in the meantime, just to figure out if is something to go after, someday. Bob Bone
  12. Check this one out - Simon Grove, from Plini's band, uses this plugin, and it sounds great - WAY more to it than the demo examples sound: This also has a 14-day trial. https://neuraldsp.com/products/darkglass-ultra-plugins/ Bob Bone
  13. Oops - I missed seeing that. OK then - I dunno I looked to see if they offered a demo version, but there does not seem to be one available, yet. Bob Bone
  14. You could also temporarily move the VST 3 version off to a different folder outside the scan path used by CbB, or just temporarily rename it within its current location in C://Program Files/Common Files/VST3 etc... (not sure if it would be in a sub-folder to that, or not, so once in the VST3 sub-folder, you might have to look for it). You could rename it back to its original name, following the test of the VST2 version, or move it back into its sub-folder in the Common File/VST3 original location (wherever you had found it). Bob Bone
  15. Try using the VST 2 version, not the VST 3 one that CbB uses by default. You might have to remove the check from the parameter in Preferences that, by default, is set to hide VST 2 plugins when there is also a VST 3 version of the same plugin available. Sometimes, VST 3 plugins act a bit unstable, but the VST 2 version works fine - that may be the case here. Certainly worth a quick test. Bob Bone
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