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  1. OK - I am no expert with this, but have run into this in the past. If your USB devices switch which ports they are connected to the computer in, then that confuses Cakewalk. I suggest you try going into Cakewalk Preferences, and explicitly removing the A300 midi controller as a MIDI Input device and as a MIDI Output device. Then click Apply. I would then exit Cakewalk, and relaunch it. Then, add the A300 back in again - and that should hopefully restablish its connection to Cakewalk. Bob Bone
  2. Did you, by chance, happen to change what is plugged into your various USB ports, of your computer, meaning one or more USB devices being plugged into different USB ports than they were in the past? Bob Bone
  3. I own the Nektar LX61+, but I only use it for triggering sounds from soft synths, and never to control parameters in CbB. In my live keyboard rig, which is where I use this controller, I use 2 other midi controllers to change patches and such, because those 2 controllers have numeric keypads, so I can punch in preset numbers that way, and those both work perfectly. For recording, I usually use my Roland A800-Pro, but even with that, I never do anything but trigger notes in soft synths, with the exception of pitch bend and/or mod data. Next time I get everything set up, I will see if I have any of the issues you folks reported above. Bob Bone
  4. In addition to the things noted above - I would like to add that sample libraries for drums can produce these kinds of differences, between one playback and the next, of the exact same midi data. In this case, it can be because of the round-robin samples using different sample files every time, some of which will be at different volumes. I found this with several different libraries, including those that play as Kontakt instruments, as well as those from soft synths, such as Steven Slate Drums. For drum sample libraries in particular, this is often simply how it is. It is of no particular consequense, to have those fluctuations, as they still fit in the mix just fine. Much better than having that machine gun effect from years prior, before round-robin sample playback became available. Many of the currently available premium drum sample libraries have quite a few different samples of each drum kit piece, which is a good thing - it just means there will be, and deliberately so, slight variations in volume between them, to best represent what happens when a real drummer plays. Anyways, the above is common, and I do not view it as an issue, for me. Bob Bone
  5. I actually work in Step Sequencer, for drum data, and it is quite easy to manipulate. Piano Roll also works well, for this - I just happen to prefer Step Sequencer. Bob Bone
  6. Hi, Larry - hope you are well. You are AMAZING at digging up and posting all the deals you do - just incredible. I got an email from Eventide today, and it shows up to 70% off, for their vintage plugins, here is the link for that: Eventide Sale - up to 70% off on Vintage plugins I am on my way to look through those - ALWAYS wanted one or more of their plugins - this sale may have snagged me into going for it. Bob Bone
  7. Howdy - I get emails from Plugin Alliance, and there are a couple days left on a pretty sizable sale they have going on right now, where I got 3 voucher codes to apply to almost all of their plugins (the small number of excluded ones are listed), and you can use one of the three voucher codes on a single order. The 1st voucher is for $29.99 for any non-excluded plugin, the 2nd voucher is for $39.99 for any non-excluded plugin, and the 3rd voucher is for $49,99 for any non-excluded plugin. I just bought one of the plugins with the $29.99 voucher code - an emulation of the Elysia Apha Compressor, for mastering, which would have been regularly priced at $249.00, and am super happy with that. (I will look through their other offerings too, to see if any would add something sweet and tasty to my effects plugins). I want to add that when I was using their installation manager to install the Elysia Alpha Compressor, they also presented several other plugins for free download and installation, so I REALLY got a good deal with buying the one plugin at that reduced price to start with. Also, when you go to the web site, at Plugin-Alliance they offer 6 free plugins just for subscribing to their newsletters/emails, and that is WAY kewl. Here is a screen shot of the offer for the 6 free plugins for creating a free account with them and subscribing to their newsletters/emails: And, here is a screenshot with the 3 Voucher Codes - they exlicitly indicated ANYONE can use these codes during the sale, so they are happy to see them shared and used by whoever is interested:
  8. Hi - just curious, why are you wishing to do this? For whatever the worth, I always add a Marker at measure 3 (I usually have 2 measures of count in using drum stick hits). I also made it easy to move left or right through my projects, by binding the Left and Right arrow keys on my computer keyboard, to the functions: Previous Marker, and Next Marker, so if I rewind to the beginning of the song, I don't even need to use the mouse to move to measure 3 - I just hit the Right arrow, and it puts me right there instantly. So, anyways, if there is some other reason for wanting to have measure 3 be shown as 1:01:000, please explain. Thanks Here is a screen shot of the two shortcut key bindings I set up for moving to Previous Marker and Next Marker in my projects - I find it quite helpful. Also, if you want to do this, you can quickly get to where you need to in the bindings, by first hitting the Locate Key button, then hitting the Left arrow, whic will automatically highlight the Left key. Then - in the Search text box, under Global Bindings, start typing the word 'Marker' and it will take you to where you can see both Previous Marker and Next Marker in the listed functions. Then, highlight the Previous Marker function, and click on the Bind button, to create that binding (for the Left arrow). Since you are already right above the Right key, click on that to highlight it, then also highlight the Next Marker function, then click on the Bind button to create that binding :
  9. Sure - I just wanted to explain it from the default perspective.
  10. Ctrl+Home yes, quite correct - is the Go To Start function. Whether the Time displays as 00:00:00:00 or displays as 1:01:000 depends on which Now Time display format is chosen. The default display for Now Time will be in Measure: Beat: Tick, which would show as 1:01:000
  11. There are also 2 little arrows in the Transport Module (this has the Play button, Record button, Now Time display, etc...). The two little arrows are underneath the Transport buttons, to the right and left of the Now Slider. The arrow pointing to the left, performs the Go To Start function, and the arrow pointing to the right, performs the Go To End function. Those two functions can also be performed by hitting CTRL+Home or CTRL+End
  12. That's my class picture 1977 - even polished the bolts that day, and even slicked down the non-burnt parts of my hair, ya know, for Da Ladies!
  13. Well, it is just a day/night of fun - nothing more, nothing less. When I went to the costume shop to look for a costume, that LITERALLY, was the only one they had that would fit me. I am nearly 7 feet tall (2 meters 5 cm). With size 17 shoes (53.5). I also happened to own a pair of green gym shoes, (given to me for working out with the Boston Celtics), so it all worked. I had a blast that evening, as well.
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