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  1. Hidden within the foam in the bridge is the SM57...... It should come out okay.....good luck!
  2. I'm by no means a sound engineer, but I know my instruments. My upright bass has a good sound but I'm still not happy with the sound capture. I've recorded using a Realist Pickup for Acoustic Upright Bass....no likey. Then I tried a Micro-Gooseneck by Myers Pickups.....still no likey. I thought to myself, why don't it sound like an upright? Those P/U's make my upright sound like I'm playing an EUB. Then I googled recording upright bass and found this video: https://youtu.be/EhdkYCDiB9Q Definitely helped me out, (especially the foam around the mic in the bridge), but I could not afford to buy a high end condenser mic like the one in the video, (luckily the budget SM-57 I do own). After doing some more googling I was convinced even a budget cheapy condenser mic will do the trick. Tried my MXL-V57M condenser with the Sure SM57 onto two separate tracks and BAM! I got close enough to be happy now! Recording and capturing the live upright sound is solved. But here's where I'm not so happy anymore.....I liked it so much, that I want to be able to duplicate that sound live with just the two mics and a duel mic pre-amp so that I can patch it into my amp. Here's my gear: An upright, (obviously), the Sure SM57, the MXL condenser mic, an M-Audio DMP3 Dual Mic PreAmplifier, and a GK MB-112 Combo bass amp. I'll be using a mono splitter cable which haven't gotten yet to patch into my amp. I'm I in the right direction? Bass Clip.mp3
  3. I see what the problem is. That dialog is available only on my 64 bit machine with Bandlab. But not on my 32 bit machine that does not have Bandlab, (this machine is my main axe which never has a problemo. It uses Sonar 8.5). That's why I was asking for the download.
  4. Thanks that was quick. I tried that, it only gives me the learn more option...no Add-ons...
  5. Cant find it. I know its discontinued, but it was available for free couple years back. Anybody have a copy they can upload? Thanks!
  6. Its a sample. What vst can import an .sxt file? A Grand Piano.sxt
  7. Yes it still introduces hiss, I had tried that already. I've also exported the track to my Cool Edit Pro wave editor to inspect it and it is thoroughly clean, no hiss at all. It's the plugin. If I play with the plugins parameters the hiss level reduces.
  8. I would of mentioned MIDI if that were the case. This is audio. Its a vocal track. Without effects or EQ going out to the bus the signal peaks at about -22dB. Coming out from the bus to the Master bus the signal peaks at about -27dB so my gain staging is progressively subtle. And I repeat this is without effects, EQ or plugins. By itself this is a very clean track with no hiss. I put the plugins in the bus. I've got other plugins in there too but they do not introduce hiss at all like Cakewalk FxEq, and to a lessor degree Antares Mic Modeler.
  9. Yeah still hiss if I bounce. If I mute the track the project is clean, so I know it's the track. I turn off the plugins and the track is clean. Turn the plugins back on and I get hiss. I tried creating a new project with just that track with the same plugins and I get the same result....hiss. And these are my favorite plugins too, (Cakewalk FxEq and Antares Microphone Modeler).
  10. How do I get around this? My favorite: Cakewalk FxEq, main culprit. If I bounced the track with the plugin effect will it still hiss?
  11. Naw, cant move that drive its the "C" drive, (it's got the OPS in it). Win10 is a pain. Like any other OPS it's a learning curve. Getting it to run as the user likes is the first hump. Too many restrictions built upon "security" crap. I have my own network and I'm pretty savy with my stuff. Besides nobody touches it but me. I hate it with the permissions crap between computers in the same network. There's no on/off switch its just procedures and processes. That's how WIN 10 seems clunky. But I guess once you set it up past these problems it works just as well as WIN 7.
  12. Hey thanks guys. Tried the external drive and still got issues with not being able to open any projects transferred just as before. But aparantly Win 10 gives you a prompt to open the project in "Safe Mode" by holding the shift key down when opening the project. This works! But one has to save the project again if you want to avoid the "Cant open this file...may be corrupted...old version...blah, blah, blah..issues. I know the per project save is a work-around but I've got 110 GB worth of projects on my old computer and that would take up too much time. That's why I wanted to do a one shot transfer of the entire project folder. Thanks again fellas...Someday I'll get around to BandLab, but I've owned too many Cakewalk programs since the early days and I'm tired of killing time re-learning stuff. I'd rather spend that time making music. It's installed in one of my Desktops and it looked frightening. Just like every other Cakewalk DAW I've ever opened the first time...LOL!
  13. OK...so were is this Global Audio Folder located?
  14. Tried that and got many errors. I'm going to try the external drive method. I wont remove the drive on the old set up because it is still a fine tuned excellent set up. Its just that my new 64bit system did not include the option for Win 7 or 32 bits, (the MOBO was strictly a Win 10 64 bit bit system). In addition to a lot of the software and plugins I use are no longer supported past Win 7.
  15. Hello everyone! I'm still using Sonar 8.5, (although installed, I still haven't had time to figure out the new Bandlab yet). Anyway, I've built a new computer with Win 10, (my older one is Win 7). I've installed Sonar into both with no issues. My older Computer has 110 GB worth of projects contained in the project folder. Some are per project, most are random. I want to transfer that entire project folder into the new computer, or at the very least everything I've ever done in Sonar from my old computer to the new one. Short cuts? Ideas? Thanks guys....
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