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  1. Or send to aux track - same as bus on fades Max Arwood
  2. Cause - Sometimes the Selected Track is deselected when the editor is invoked. You can click to track clip to see the notes or like you did reopend the editor. Max Arwood
  3. What did it show - What did you fix? Did you fix EQ Masking your self? I'm thinking about Neutron - is it too much trouble to learn and use in a project, and when I get 40 tracks with neuton is them - will it suck my ancient processor dry? (Playing with Demos now) I use Q3 a bunch!! Thank, Max Arwood
  4. Thanks guys, Which Ozone version do you have Standard? Advanced? Do you use any neutron mixing stuff? Do you use it for mixing or mastering? Max Arwood
  5. I've been looking at these. Rated pretty good on Gear Sluts. Master the Mix Levels Reference Bassroom Also looking at Ozone 9 If you have used any of these let me know what you think about them. Thanks, Max Arwood
  6. I haven't decided which way is best for me yet but - Thanks for the suggestions. Looking at - Melda -MCompare (Don't know why but the website is not loading this file in the V13 Demo Install - It's not even listed.) Reference by - Mastering the mix (Found BassRoom and Levels -Checking them too) Track lanes Don't have a preference yet. Thanks Guys! Max Arwood
  7. I have a folder in almost every song titled "Test Tracks" This folder has 8 audio tracks in it. I put 8 of my favorite commercial songs in these tracks. When each audio file is imported the check box for copy audio to project folder is clicked off to save disk space (I use almost the same ones all the time from the same hard disk folder) I set up each track with a linked group mute and solo buttons. like - Test Track one - Group A - Solo on Mute off Test Track Two - Group B - Solo on Mute off (If the project is loaded to the Max I can also click archive on the folder when I am not using them, to instantly free some horsepower) All test Tracks are also set up with FX Voxengo - Span To look at the Audio Spectrum. Don't use this much - mostly use ears LOL! All Tracks are left in the muted position. Now any time while I'm playing my song - I can click on the solo button for the first test track - It solos the test track and my Song is silenced. When I click solo again my song is playing and the test track is silenced. I click a few test tracks to compare to depending on the song and back and forth a few times. It's easy to start a new song with this as a Project Template. So far so good right? Now if I could save all that work as a template to import into a older song that doesn't have this folder - I could save a TON of work setting up the groups and importing all those tracks. I only had one Idea so far - Just open up another project simultaneously, then I could change windows. The problem with this is the time delay moving from one project to the other is just enough time to loose you "ear" about what you just heard. Sometimes I like to click back and forth a few times to decide what EQ, compression etc. needs to be tweaked. The instantaneous change from my song to the test tracks is always an immediate wake up to what needs to be done. This is why it needs to be in the same project. Any Ideas on a simple way to do this in one project? *Just a note - Each track goes to a Test Track bus with the volume down 6-8db. So I don't get my song too loud. I know Superior will open all the tracks associated with it. I'd like something like that. I was hoping to do it with just Cakewalk, but I do use AutoHotKey for a few things. It would take me forever (I think) to program this in AutoHotKey, because track positions will change from one project to another. Thanks for any help! Max Arwood
  8. I always have a folder with 5 to. 10 tracks in it. These test tracks are always at the top of my songs. I try to pick 5-10 songs I really like the way they sound. Each song has a key binding on the mute /solo buttons. Press solo - my song stops playing and the test song starts press mute - the track unsolos and mutes - my song is playing again. I always send the test tracks to a bus. This bus is turned down about 10 Db on rotary bus input volume knob. This help to not match my song to a pro mastered song. It keeps my volume normal. A quick Klick back and forth from the commercial songs and my song puts my ears in perspective! The longer I go with out checking. The further my song drifts from commercial balanced tonalities. Also since the commercial songs are in a folder I can archive them all with one click. Giving me all my CPU horsepower back. Max Arwood
  9. I usually Layer Kick2 with SD3 Avatar. I just the thump-bottom - I use the slap/beater sound from SD3 https://www.sonicacademy.com/products/kick-2 I love the TR808 01 preset - then I tweak it a little Shorten the length a little and turn of all three beater attacks. I mix it so it is barely there, but just enough to pump up the bass guitar low end. You could still add a little extra to the beater with Cakewalk FX2 Tape Sim, SDRR2, Kramer Tape, True Iron. My Favorites are - U-HE Presswork and PSP Vintage Warmer, SSLComp. These could be parallel or straight thru - each way sounds different. Watch out for straight through - Sometimes you can loose that low bottom that TR808 has. Max Arwood
  10. https://audioplugin.deals/quadravox-the-4-voice-pitch-shifting-harmonizer-plugin-by-eventide-free-download/ref/11/?campaign=EventideQuadravoxFree Max Arwood
  11. Anyone ever heard of Plogue Bidule? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF342666D1151B62C Max Arwood
  12. Just curious....... Did you find it? Max Arwood
  13. Wow even more post! Great I am going to look at all these Thanks! Been digging around in some old plugins and found - PSP MixSaturator Warmifier (Voxengo) VariSaturator (Voxengo) Domimion v1.2 (Very old! sounds nice) TL-64 Tube Leveler TesslaPro (very old) Tal Tube Ruby Tube CRTV Tape Bus (Voxengo) Wow so many! And all seen to be a different flavor! Anyone else - Got some? Max Arwood
  14. Just got coupon for these @$187. Does anyone know about these? I have Garritan 5 and Miroslov Philharmonic . Didn't know if Hunter stuff would be just a little better or way better. I have also been looking at some of the Palette stuff like - SYMPHONIC SKETCHPAD. Any comments on it? Thanks for any advice , Max Arwood
  15. Not sure exactly what you are trying to do. You could put the clips in a folder. This makes is easy to adjust all the lengths start and stop times. Also you can click on the folder bar to select all clips. Starting time can be trimmed to all the exact time simultaneity. Fade in and fade outs all at the same time. Each of these actions will effect all selected clips.
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