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  1. BX-TOWN-4999 https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/bx_townhouse_buss_compressor.html
  2. 'exclusive mode' - When adding node - All "selected tracks" will have nodes added. If you select from the timeline this will happen. Sometime I select from the timeline between markers, then I click the track to de-select all other tracks to add nodes only on that track.
  3. Many times I have to freeze tracks (need more CPU) and unfreeze them to edit and refreeze them. It's a pain, but it works.
  4. Nice song Kevin. Yes I agree - your vocals have a nice pop-rock sound to them. Great song too. I think the lead vocal could use a tiny more lows. I hope someone else will chime in. Not sure where, and not very much. And just to say - It sounds nice the way it is. I know what you mean about years! Some people just pop songs out left and right. I'm worse than you. I'm embarrassed to say how long I have been working on several songs!
  5. Very nice. Vocals sit in the mix just right. Less reverb on the guitar and bring it out a tiny bit. Words are really good too!! Mix and performance is very good.
  6. There is so much stuff going on I can't believe it! Amazing! I like the intro/buildup - each new sound one step to the goal - full sound section. If that it you on guitar, I'm amazed. Great sound nice playing. The percussion is super crisp. You got to tell us how you did the percussion tracks. Nice ending too.
  7. Did you find the button to send keystrokes to the plugin? It is a little keyboard icon in the top right of window next to the pin icon. I have a few plugins I have to use this on.
  8. I have Poise and Sitala too. I can't believe they are both still free. Glad you like them. Haven't seen the video - thanks for posting it. I'll look at it after while.
  9. Sorry to not get back with you any sooner. My wife has been sick - dealing with that. I can not find the track. I think it has something to do with having one track soloed while freezing another track pointed to an aux. Or freezing at a time where cakewalk is in an unstable conditon (midi tools lose function) I have been trying to duplicate - but unable to (Except the midi tools This song has to be reopened every once in a while when editing midi. After a period of time working on the song, the midi editing tools are unable to select notes. It s a large project - I think that is part of the problem too. The track could have been frozen when cakewalk was in this unstable state - when the midi tools quit functioning. I could send it to you to see if you can figure anything out with it. (ADDED - This is the same project that the AUX was silent) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-NP5wSVf8LhsmxgmuV--voafkSUXPSPo/view?usp=sharing Thanks, Max Arwood
  10. I do projects on this size range all the time. I have seen one time that this happened to me about a year ago. I ended up creating a clean project and copying them a few at a time to the new project. Never seen this since then. I don't think it is a limit thing, I think it is possible a glitched/damaged file. Not sure other than you should have named the folder #14 not #13 LOL!!!
  11. The track that was silent was a frozen VSTi pointed to an AUX track. I simply unfroze and refroze it and all was well. Still don't know how or when it happened.
  12. Just wondering why?? Has it always been this way? I don't remember having them on before.
  13. Ok I’ll. Get it too you as soon as I can. Thanks.
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