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  1. If anyone is interested - This is from google translate so you know it might not be exactly correct. Greetings to the developers! I am aware that the main developer is SONOR Russian and I am very proud because I myself am a shcoder. I am writing for you guys - while there was a sonor - it was possible to route audio through the reac control panel and asio forcibly setting the inputs and outputs that you really need. The roland company sent me their m480 remote control and 2 multicores 6 years ago - the remote is a wonderful workhorse - simple and thought out to the smallest detail like your sonor program - a product of amazing quality. By installing drivers for it, I didn’t suffer - it immediately appeared in the sonor, I set the outputs and inputs that were necessary for me and directly controlled the remote control from the sonor, respectively, received 40 channels of sound from the remote control via reac and monitoring without bothering, outputting to the built-in sound and several others personal monitoring devices (usb-connected external sound cards and remote control). Since the update on cwbl, problems have begun. The first - not terrible cwbl flatly refused to somehow interact with the m480 - that is, I lost the ability to move the fader and all sorts of small things like the equalizer of the compressor and other things. The remote control is always at hand and all that is needed. I am doing it on it without duplicating the same thing in the program, although earlier this possibility was and it was implemented wonderfully. The second and main problem is that cwbl does not give me routing capabilities - and everything would be fine - (because the route settings for some unknown reason did not go wrong and lasted at least a couple of years before today's update) the audio engine fell off or crashed when recordings, or for some unknown reason, ate all the memory, the Russian language ceased to perceive, the plug-in settings got lost, the MIDI fell off, it was impossible to assign an exit to the master - but it was somehow bearable - they would blow a new one, add it, exclude it they still add, etc. - I was looking for excuses and tried to endure - because The sonor product was made by my compatriot and was extremely excellent - I believed in our developers. Now I understand clearly (maybe I'm wrong) the cwbl project is clearly far from the product under the name sonor and this project is not led by a Russian developer, because functions are limited, opportunities are limited, support is canceled, and the most unpleasant thing - the attitude towards the user - forces you to upgrade Windows to 8k or 10k - this is the strategy of planned obsolescence - pure water capitalism based on endless absorption and the need to absorb further in order to absorb and enrich. Today I’ve updated - I lost my route and cwbl refuses to assign different devices to the inputs and outputs. Moreover, after updating, he suggested updating again and said that for the next update you need to put 8 ku or 10tku windows. Yes, I had the opportunity to upgrade to another version of Windows for free earlier - but why do I need such problems - update the OS on a perfectly working solution in a recording studio? - I didn’t update - why do I need a raw unfinished sorry for floating in a faience friend, constantly asking for some updates - an absolutely uncontrolled inhibitory something as an operating system? - I, as an absolutely adequate rational person - still do not see the real need to update Windows - only forced. The reason why cwbl was updated today is simple - the master bus muted error got out again since he does not have an output device. I need to record and I have such a hat. the reac panel was also not called from the button inside the program settings. it was not possible to do anything. Needless to say that my experience: administering systems, databases, servers, platforms for up to 500 machines, writing all kinds of client-server applications, crutches for programs, modules, functions, and completely adapting 1ski to the specific needs of the company I worked for did not help me . Like today I just did not dance with a tambourine. What I just did not do on the unlocked Windows in the developer environment - cwbl did not see the devices. To be honest, I'm tired of all the problems that I have had since the update. I really want a stable system - just this one - it is thought out, an intuitive and convenient interface, adequacy and flexibility in management - and just a huge force of habit. Please allow further switching between different interfaces and input / output devices. Today I don’t need an external audio card - I have two 1608 digital multicores and a remote control - so even I can’t connect them as separate devices and patch the ports as I need. although earlier in sonar this possibility was also connected to 3 input devices (2 multicore and remote control by turn), 2 of them were also connected to the output (twisted through the switch) and in parallel the master went to the built-in and on-line USB6 card. I don’t ask much - after all, there was functionality.
  2. I use Superior to do this. There are other ways. None of this works very well unless the drums were tracked individually. Max Arwood
  3. I’m glad this is fixed. Just last week I decided to get organized and move plugins to- common....... vst2 vst3 and vst32. Fortunately I hadn’t started moving any plug-ins the VST32 yet lol. Squashed the bug before I even got there! I LOVE all the bug squashing that has been going on! Cakewalk user base WILL grow because of this dedication. Thanks for pre-squashing the bug!
  4. Menu Magic is cool for backing up VST registry stuff. Don't know if it will continue to work, but it is easy. It saved me when I installed a new hard drive. I think it was some copy protected VSTs that just would not work from backup. Menu Magic fixed it! Don't know how or why that worked. Glad HIBI found this! Max Arwood
  5. Hi Jerry haven't seen you in a while! Yes - You should move to Bandlab Cakewalk. Bandlab took up the ball on Sonar. It is now several years ahead of Sonar. Oh yes - its free. You download the bandlab app then you can down and install Cakewalk from there. https://www.bandlab.com/download/assistant/windows Good to see you checking in! Max Arwood
  6. Wow the Fhorn sounds great! Nice low brass too. Trumpets are great too. You can keep the clusters - I would rather play my own LOL. Nice Demo!! Might be the best brass I have ever heard!! Put dynamics CC on a pedal. Thanks for the demo Max Arwood
  7. Thanks for Emvoice-one. I wish the price wasn’t so high! I guess I could get a few more notes with some pitch software. I it is weird about the internet connection/cloud based stuff. I will say it sounds really good. Thanks for a great thread.
  8. Thanks, I saw another one last year called - Springs. It looked cool in the ad, but I never had the time to look at it either. I guess I should have. Thanks, Max Arwood
  9. Not sure just guessing - 3,500MB/s and 2,500MB/s, VS 500 It should make quite a difference if you got an extra 600 laying around! Will that Samsung 970 EVO SSD 2TB - M.2 NVMe plug into a sata III connection on an older computer? Max Arwood
  10. Thanks for the suggestions guys! A lot of great choices here. Got some more reading to do. Looking at warranty stuff too. Thanks, Max Arwood
  11. You did a great job tweaking it! Max Arwood
  12. I'm setting up a second drive to run win10 on. I'm going to do a dual boot for a while. Looking at Seagate https://www.amazon.com/Seagate-BarraCuda-Internal-Solid-State/dp/B07T87W4CP/ref=sr_1_4?crid=15J0WOKG5T0PF&keywords=seagate+ssd+2tb+internal&qid=1579497906&sprefix=seagate+ssd+2tb+%2Caps%2C188&sr=8-4 and Samsung https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Inch-Internal-MZ-76E2T0B-AM/dp/B0786QNSBD/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3D9W8T5EH36A2&keywords=ssd+2tb+internal+samsung&qid=1579497957&sprefix=ssd+2tb+internal%2Caps%2C187&sr=8-3 Can't seem to find any data in read / write speed for these. My Barracudas will sustain 185-201 read/write combinations depending on the file size. Or is there another 2TB you would recommend? ( Putting this drive in an older i7 Studio Cat DAW) Thanks, Max Arwood
  13. Max Arwood

    I Wanna Be Free

    Very nice. Sounds like you are in the near finished state. Sometime I set a song down - 2-3 weeks. One listen after that - I catch the final tweeks. Max Arwood
  14. Tell Reece - Max Arwood said hi. He did a great job with the reading - Nice Voice. Great message. Kick seemed a little loud. I hope you guys do more songs! Max Arwood
  15. Very nice. I enjoyed listening to this piece. Very relaxing. Nice tension and release - Good flow and phrasing. Max Arwood
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