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  1. Ok you know 1 - I use it! been burning CDs and Mastering in it since it was Red Roaster!
  2. Has anyone bought in a a second time? Or is that even possible? I thought I might buy in at a lower "plugin" level for a second shot at some more plugins? Is it possible to buy in twice?
  3. If I bought 100 custom shop credits would I get that amount times the promo number. (Like 1500) or is it only 1 fx get 15?
  4. Can the mems mic be purchased separately?
  5. Any one else frozen a Trillian track with high bounce buffer settings? Look at this crazy graphic of the bounce top of this page.
  6. Weird freeze with trillion - new buffer setting. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V1XGc4PaTPHDhqP2ZHSW4RazSNShMlEG/view?usp=sharing added - Bounce Buffer 140 ASIO = 1024
  7. Is the qualifying products list the same as the free list? If I had to get a duplicate produce could I sell them with a IK selling license? Anyone else have info on the this promo and the custom shop?
  8. I have never done one of these group buys before. So....If I buy Modo Drums I could get Mix Box, ARC System 3, some AmpliTube Collections and more for the price of only one product? Where can I find out what is in promo and what is out? How could I add some processors to Amplitube? I saw someone say that they were buying custom shop stuff please explain or send links. Thanks
  9. If I buy 100 gear credits I end up with 1000? How do I be sure it is on the group buy? Thnaks
  10. mibby - I have a bad habit of allowing plugins to up the volume. Most companies do this. They know it makes them sound better - But, it makes me mad when I have a plugin that has no output gain reduction. That's cheating LOL!
  11. Thanks John Vere - That sure opens up some ideas how this can be used. Mix Recall - I tried it a little when it first came out, but it seemed slow on larger projects, but it is nice to know that it is there if you are having trouble deciding about a couple of mixes. Tom - Wow I'm getting a bunch of ideas. I could make a bus with a limiter set to export @ 14 LUFS add another Limiter on a 2nd bus and pump it to 12 LUFS and a 3rd bus from either of these set for MP3 export. All in one pass. I do wish we could archive plugins and bus effect bins. I guess that should be another thread. Thanks for all the help from simple to as elaborate as you like (or have the horsepower to do)
  12. I bought this yeas ago. I will say that it is still my favorite reverb. And I will say I have a bunch of newer ones - LX480, Seventh heaven, Lustrous plates, all Vahalla VSTs, all Abbey Roads, Fabfilter Pro-R and many more. I think Lexicon just has reverb's sounding the way they should be. Also I would like to say I still have iLok problems with PCM Native Effect Bundle (not the reverbs). Don't know what it is and Lexicon support is not that great. Edit - one more thing - I wish I would have gotten them for this price!!!
  13. It is a great plugin. I only wish it was optimized better for quicker responses. The last update did help quite a bit. It is the best thing you can get to help you get in the habit of proper gain staging. You'll find out whether that plugin actually sounds better of is just a tad louder. You'll be surprised.
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