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  1. Who was the bass player? Wiki said it was Victor Wooten. But this is a white guy??
  2. I have been using WLM+ for years. I have auto save enabled and I do not have the problem you are talking about. I use it on every project. That is strange to me. I’m pretty sure it is the VST3 version. Which waves version do you have 12? 13?
  3. I would also recommend Jim. He is the best audio computer guy around!!
  4. I’ve been looking for a used daw controller. The VS-700C. Is a descent price now. Would you recommend it at $400 to be a descent controller?
  5. Windows update service has a bad habit of turning itself back on lol.
  6. If the volume goes down and the software does not stop - it is a volume / velocity problem. It could even be the actual midi velocity could have been dropped at that point. Post it on google drive, box or drop box. And we could research this better.
  7. Set tempo of a song to 120. That equals 2 seconds per measure. Please take a track and add a long reverb on a send 2.3 sec. Set the track send to post and send level to 0db. Add something to the track. Vocals would work. Add a volume envelope on the vocals. Ramp the volume up and down with the envelope. Does the reverb go up and down to match the track volume after the 2.3 sec? Or does it kinda stay the same and only the track volume changes? Take the same clip. At the end, roll back 6 measures of that clip. Then do 4 measures of clip fade. 6 measures is 12 seconds - plenty of time for the reverb to stop right? When does your reverb stop?
  8. I just moved to 10 some months back. Personally, I would let other people work out the bugs and jump in later. I barely have time for the music I want to do, much less time to get things working after a big upgrade. What advantage would 11 bring? Do you have better audio drivers or something in 11?
  9. I have a track with a B3 synth on it. A have a ton of reverb on this track post fader. I am fading the track out with clip fade, but is seems the reverb is still going long after the track has been faded to 0. What's up with this? This can't be a normal way this should work. I have noticed this with vocal tracks that have heavy reverb. As I lower the volume envelope of the vocals the reverb stays the same. What do I need to do? I might have 5 effects sends - I hope you are not going to tell me I must fade all of these on at a time??? I thought the sends should be proportional to the clip volume.
  10. Thanks for posting this I really liked it. I’m usually only good for about 3min listening but this thing kept changing and changing. It kept my interest all the way thru!
  11. Don’t know if you figured it out or not. One other thing I thought of is to set you latency higher. Try 1024 and 2048 to see if this helps. Does the audio volume go down or does the computer stop playing Let us know what you have tried.
  12. Glad to see you dropping by. Hope your editing goes well.
  13. The first suggestion would be to download a newer version of cakewalk. The version you are using is 13 years old. 2009 2022 version free -> https://www.bandlab.com/#download It could be several things. -> You might have your latency set too low. Wrong ASIO drivers Too many plugins/virtual instruments There are several volume controls on a virtual instrument like TTS1. There is a volume slider on the audio track. There is a gain slider on the audio track. There are per chanel volumes inside TTS1 and I think there is a master volume on it as well. You also have two more volume controls on the midi track volume and velocity. There’s is also a bus volume and a sound card volume. I hope this helps.
  14. Paul's stretch / Paul's X Stretch https://sonosaurus.com/paulxstretch/
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