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  1. Not out yet - premiering next week range of Emvoice free extended range C3-G3 and major updates. Soon with MIDI listening. Max Arwood
  2. Added a midi track tonight. Tried to choose the instrument. Midi instrument definitions all gone. Can not add them back grayed out. Names of my MOTU channnels all gone. please help - Where is the file location for these? I could restore them from a backup, Thanksn Max Arwood
  3. Not having this problem. Working smoothly. I should have said Melodyne Studio. Which one are you using? Max Arwood
  4. I just noticed - I can not select None for midi input. Don't know when this started. Am I doing something wrong? Max Arwood
  5. I can not believe how well my system is running with EA2! Noel did some magic programming on this version. I have not run without glitched and crashes since I upgraded to windows 10. I was also having an issue with Lexicon PCM reverbs, All that is gone now. All the rough playback - smooth now. I will have to say that these projects were loaded! Ball park of 55+ tracks with 64 plugins on the busses , 100 on tracks -all active and another 45 frozen VSTs. 5 soft synths - B4 II, CFX Grand, Superior 3, Kontakt 5 and Omnishpere (Some frozen) Unbelievable! Noel - I don't know how you sorted through all that code so fast and fixed all this - GREAT JOB!! Many Thanks To a Great Team!!!!! Max Arwood
  6. I have not seen this. Max Arwood Did you update to -> Melodyne.
  7. Nigel is right! It is just past the master in his photo. My question is - did that fix it? Max Arwood
  8. Sorry Didn't see that one. Max Arwood
  9. https://valhalladsp.com/shop/reverb/valhalla-supermassive/ Max Arwood
  10. Current release now! Try Plugin load balancing off and/or on the see which is best for your projects/machine. Its in preferences / playback and Recording. Max Arwood
  11. Is your antivirus off? That’s what I do. Also turn off the internet in large projects. Which drum sampler? Max Arwood
  12. It is a tiny triangle right past the red dot record button on the track. Max Arwood
  13. I signed up, but still don't know what to do? It said something about filling 14 days after you completed your application. What Application? Max Arwood
  14. The only thing I noticed is that your record to track it set to mono. It is the little button just past the record button. It you click it, it will change shape to look like 2 wave forms instead of one. Let us know if that helps. Max Arwood
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