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  1. I got burned way back at v3. I was hoping this would not happen again. I would like to be positive so, I am glad I have the waves plugins I have. They are perpetual license. You can’t get these any more. I only hope they don’t sabotage the plug-ins I have paid for perpetual licenses. Only time will tell. I still think is is a great set of plugins even though the company has some unscrupulous ideas about selling plugins. This ploy is not for pros!!! This is about the home hobbyist. No Pro is looking for a bunch of AI plug-in chains that don’t fit any particular situation that they are working on. You can only get close with ai chains. It just doesn’t work that way. Most pros already have their go to start up settings for chains. There are probably 500:1 amateur recordist to pros, or more. If you were selling plugins which group would you target? google-> USA 21,631 Pro studios I could not find home studio information so these are just my guess. google->27.98 million musicians in the USA in 2014.
  2. I have personally experienced a full breakdown caused by waves. Somewhere around V3. It was a disaster. A few years later, I went back. It has been good for years till now! I will not pay yearly. I have no subscriptions of any kind. (Excluding the water and electric lol) is
  3. Have you ever had this happen? I was trying to do some editing and could not figure out why I couldn't unfreeze some tracks. When I finally figured it out - I found all my VSTi's outputs had been shifted by one row up. What could have caused this?
  4. Where did you find that great chart??
  5. I thought about doing my own. You probably did too. The convenience of this thing is amazing. 2 clappers 4 snappers what ever you need right at your fingertips! I think this is an amazing buy at this price. I hope he adds other sounds. It would be super to add your own. Don’t know how he could double it without artifacts. Software it super powerful now.
  6. Great price for this software.
  7. After listening to the Tungsten demo, I was hoping the chorus could mess mess with sound the way Tungsten dose!!
  8. The instrument definition file is just basically a list of names. On custom banks you just have to type them. I do not exactly understand. This-> “it would be the timbres of the user expansion part” or the part about “images”. Please explain.
  9. I wouldn’t buy it for my main EQ. But when you need it, it is extremely handy.
  10. I do have a ti FW card. Just no money for even a used controller at the moment. Lots of doctor bills and inflation. Thanks for the info.
  11. Wow, I wish I had a FW1884! I have always wanted one to mix more than 1 track at a time. I looked on ebay, but funds are little low now. Food prices have jumped out of sight where we live. Glad you get this going. Hope I can save up some money. Thanks for everything you do here! Max
  12. I thought an aux could be used like a bus but then frozen. Then you could just archive the tracks/folders that are associated with those auxes. I would miss the console view. Wow what if structurely the buses could be replaced with auxes.
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