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  1. Which VSTi are you using? The sound stopping is probably a setting in the VSTi. Read about ADSR. The “S” sustain and “R” release settings control how long the note plays after you release the keys.
  2. Thanks. I was trying to find workspaces. I never thought about the fact that they evolved from lenses. I appreciate you!
  3. With clip gain in the filter menu it does. As many clips as you want. Click highlight all the nodes you want to move.
  4. I'm wanting to share some with a friend, but I don't know where they are open the hard drive? Or if they are on the hard drive?
  5. Wow that looks great! I love midi EQ version 1. I would l not want to over write it with V2 but I could see version 2 with curves would be usable for people. It would need a wide gui. Great work on all your plug-ins!
  6. Sorry, I'm just getting started with articulation maps, so I don't have a clue yet.
  7. Thanks for the articulation editor. 😀
  8. I don’t know that much about articulation maps but did you look to see if it is a text type file? You could try opening it with Notepad++ or a code editor styled app.
  9. I want to make staccato 1,2,3,4 etc each with a slightly different ADSR. In Opus or EWPlay, If I made some custom ADSR for strings to fine tune attack and release, could I make a map of this or add these to an EW articulation I already have.? What would you do this?
  10. Happy Birthday!! and, thanks again for all the time you put into keeping this forum at the top of the game!
  11. No, but you could speed things up with any of the many speech to text programs. Then, all you have to do is copy, paste and hyphenate to syllables. Another free notation program is Notepad by MakeMusic, the company that owns Finale, Garritan Virtual Instruments and SmartMusic. https://www.finalemusic.com/products/notepad/
  12. Very nice. I’ll check it out. I know it will be good!!
  13. **Mark MoreThan-Shaw and Milton Sica Right-click on the freeze icon. Click freeze options. This is where remove silence is set. Uncheck if you don't want it.
  14. A couple of times I have lost control of the smart tool I get a blue square, and it acts like CTRL key is pressed or something like that. When this blue square is seen, none of the smart tool functions work. All other tools work as intended. This happens after several hours of midi editing in the track view.
  15. I have done thousands and thousands of staff view and piano roll view MIDI edits dating back to Cake Pro Audio days. I have never seen this. Could someone post a .cwp we could download to check? Also, an numbered step by step formula to reproduce this would be helpful. I would be interested in looking at it. The only errors I have ever seen is envelopes getting disconnected from their source.
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