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  1. While working on your list I found the answer. Somewhere in Lexicon PCM Effects. Registry entries are hard coded for "their" default location. Installing at other locations will some how throw off the code that looks for pace. I have been trying to keep the ectra VST installation folder to a minimum. Common files -VST32 VST2(for 64 bit) and VST3 . I guess I reinstalled ten in another directory. BNut still....???.... Why was Cakewalk the only one that triggered that error?? Thanks for all the info. I had already done most of it but just going back through your list of possibilities helped me to figure it out. If the others would have error-ed out I think I would have found it sooner.
  2. What if I told you it works in Samplitude, Reaper, Vegas video, FL Studio 20.7, Cantabile 3, Blue Cat patchwork’s, Finale25.5, And BIAB 2020 but errors out in BL cakewalk? I could test more but I have always thought it might be in cakewalk. What do you think now?
  3. I have run fl studio as vstij since V4. I just updated to version 20.7 I think. It has always worked fair inside sonar. I have not had much Time in Bandlab cakewalk. I’ll let you know.
  4. PCM Effects works in Samplitude. Haven't tried Reaper yet. I think it is a Cakewalk error some how. Why would it work in Samplitude? I did reinstall the software. I will try to activate and deactivate my license to see if that helps. Edit -> I tried to opening the iLok software and logging in again. Then I tried to log in and just leave the ilok software open. Neither worked.
  5. PCM Effects opens up in Samplitude just fine but errors out saying iLok software is not running. Everything on my iLok works except the PCM Effects. It not iLok because it works on Samplitude. Please help, Thanks , Max Arwood
  6. I searched and could not find it. I select all tracks and all buses. Slide 1 measure . The tracks and envelopes slide just fine. The buses did not even though they were selected. I have a ton of bus automation. Very hard to rebuild. I tried to select All the buses again and use cut special . Then I tried to use paste special. When I did nothing was pasted. Then when I did the undo from the cut automation nothing ever came back from it. Please help - Thanks, Max Arwood
  7. After I installed 2020.08 I had to reauthorize Stylus RMX
  8. After I installed 2020.08 I lost the ability to authorize PSP Mix Pack 2 series. Don't know if it is related or not. Edit-> I tried with JBridge and BitBridge, No different. Sent email to PSP.
  9. Volume Envelope does not freeze. Clip Volume does. Track Gain is also frozen.
  10. Yes, thanks. The track has been frozen and unfrozen dozens of times. I thought is was a frozen track or something like that. I just inserted another SD then routed all the midi tracks to it and took the old audio"synth" tracks and reassigned them to the new SD. Then deleted the old SD. It worked fine, But why gray I still don't know?? I will check the connect in it later. Didn't even know about that connected arrow hidden menu! Thanks
  11. I have many tracks with multiple "jumps" in them. Is there any way to fix them other than to do them one at a time? Is there an automatic way to rebuild the Envelope?
  12. Superior and other soft synths Freeze button Gray? I have seen this a few times. I have a project I NEED to freeze SD3. Its killing my CPU! The only thing is - the freeze button is grayed out. It is not frozen, but will not allow me to freeze it. I have seen this before when I archived Ambient mike channel, but in this project there are no tracks associated with SD to cause this. Any Ideas?
  13. if your computer has a fast enough cpu you could set high quality on un-bounced clips. The setting for this is under audio and playback-stretch methods. Set all to pro or percussion. Just listen and see which you like best.
  14. It does not have to be a synth to freeze. You can freeze any audio track even one with no effects on it. EDIT: I hardly ever bounce clips till close to the end of finishing a project. There is little need to do this. I only do this to clean up the projectand export the audio before backing it up. I also save projects as song-01, song 02, song 03, so I can pull up any older parts and copy them back to the original song. This might help too. I would leave them un-bounced till you are finished, then bounce them. I don't understand why you want to bounce them (audio quality I guess). You could also make 2 tracks. One bounced and one not. That way you could listen to the higher quality stretch and edit the cross faded one. Just edit the crossfade clip, clean the bounced track, then CTRL-Drag crossfade clip to the bounce track. Mute and un mute of tracks can be set up in a group to make one click to swap from cross fade clip tracks to bounced tracks. Max Arwood
  15. Freeze it instead of bouncing it. freeze in freeze = undo available bounce = no undo later in on the project
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