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  1. Max Arwood

    Importing Patches from MainStage

    You could also Download Cantabile 3 - The free version Or demo of Blue Cat's PatchWork - Both of these are great - My preference would be Blue Cat's PatchWork - Even though I play around with both. Then you could create your favorite patches with Keyscape / Omnisphere - or any stack of virtual instruments that you already own. You can also get pads from "That worship sounds" https://thatworshipsound.com Worship Essentials for Omnisphere 1,2,3 - These are close to some of the mainstage patches/pads. Max Arwood
  2. Max Arwood

    First Few m/s never render cleanly on Export

    Thanks for BounceBufSizeMsec. Got to check this SD3 seems to cause it or could be just the extra tracks. I get them in the middle sometimes when the project is loaded with fx. Hope this helps.
  3. Max Arwood

    Importing Patches from MainStage

    I’d like to know too!
  4. Max Arwood

    Removing Waves VI samples

    Yea waves central would probably just put all that stuff back if you needed it. I know what you about needing some space. Don’t know where it all goes lol. Going going gone!
  5. Max Arwood

    Garritan Orchestral

    Sweetwater is the best current price, not too bad for a nice orchestra plugin It works well with Cakewalk. Instruments samples are nice and load rather quickly. Max Arwood
  6. Max Arwood

    Scheps Omni Channel - amazing problem solver

    It's funny - The most powerful new feature and I didn't even know about it either! - I guess I'll spend the weekend looking for the Scheps Omni Channel's second De-Esser LOL! And Q3 can show EQ' and FFT graphs of several tracks to help find frequency overloads. Haven't gotten to that either! Wish I had time to learn everything about a bunch of plugins! Max Arwood
  7. Max Arwood

    Removing Waves VI samples

    Delete the waves folder or better copy it to a flash drive in case you might use them one day. The software part does not take up much room. Max Arwood
  8. Max Arwood

    Scheps Omni Channel - amazing problem solver

    Fabfilter Q3 Is phenomenal for catching weird stuff like that too. For many months I just thought it was a really nice EQ. I watched a video the other day and found the built In Compressor. It is a tiny ring behind the frequency. De-ess / compress any frequency with Q control and watch the graph to see the frequency and amount of reduction. You can set up as many de-essers as you want! You can also Eq that same frequency. Can’t believe I missed this. Now I got to go find the second de-esser you mentioned in Omni-channel lol! I love all the waves stuff! Great prices.
  9. Max Arwood

    Gullfoss EQ: what do you think?

    Gullfoss 1.4 just released. Gotta go look to see what this version has to offer. Max Arwood
  10. Max Arwood

    I had it with Wave Plug-ins.

    IMHO - iLok or flash drive or cloud are the only way to use waves - and Backup. Licenses - Wait till they all expire. They can all be updated for a fixed Max price $240.00 If you have a bunch of waves plugins its not too bad. You don't have to upgrade anyway. I'm a waves guy lol! Great plugins for a good price (only buy during sales)
  11. General form - So not sure where the product support is? Thanks to Everyone - All good now.
  12. Never got a number. Just a form to fill out. May be he will find the emails. Thanks MaxArwood
  13. I guess they fixed it while I was at work today. Just kidding - Not sure what happened. It is working now. Still - They never contacted me. 2 emails. Thanks, Max Arwood
  14. Max Arwood

    Midi track controls

    Thanks haven’t needed it in a long time. Guess it got moved since I last used it. Thanks!
  15. Max Arwood

    Midi track controls

    Did old versions on sonar have pitch plus & -minus On midi tracks? Do we still have it. Also did we have Timing plus and minus ticks on midi tracks. Do we still have this? Thanks