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  1. Readers will probably want to know what soundcard you are talking about. Even more info would probably be very helpful. Clicking on ASIO panel where? Sonar, Cakewalk, windows control panel??? Other tools?
  2. Does that mean 8 is almost here? Did they ever get all the bugs out of 7?
  3. It seems like Sonar copied my chains and templates or sonething to a new folder from cakewalk. Everytime I used to update cakewalk. It would write over my templates if I put them in its predetermined folders. I had to move mine elsewhere to keep them from getting overwritten and deleted. It dosent seem like I have all of my templates and FX chains now? Im not sure. I have quite a few. I’ll have to go compare the 2 sets it verify the differences if any. Thanks,
  4. I guess I’m just having some computer glitches.
  5. Are cakewalk by band lab chains compatible with the new sonar? I seem to be having problems with them.
  6. My favorite way is to use the audio out in the daw. You can do each channel separately and automate a bus or aux track to control the entire volume.
  7. Next thing - group instruments and do bus volume automation!
  8. John - Yes! They get back with me. 1st with an automated computerized email which is basically worthless. Sometimes I think even a second computer generated email is sent. By the time all of this is done I’ve almost forgotten what the problem was to begin with. I guess they are working as fast as they can.
  9. Ok, I read the learn.Microsoft.com doc on this. I am pretty geeky, but I don’t think I an that geeky 🤔. Which functions would you recommend I study more in windbg? What could this do for me?
  10. Be sure there are no other track numbers selected. Click on the track number 1st, then select the tracks.
  11. For me, I never know when they are going to happen and can’t think of the exact thing that caused them. One funny one I get is - I leave the project open, go to bed, wake up turn on the screen pow. It happened in my sleep. I am guessing it may have to do with auto save. This has happened a few times. I sent in a couple of current ones for bandlab. I also sent in 6 for Sonar. Most of my projects are on the larger size. That is where things get crazy. I try to bounce soft synths to keep the project viable., but near complication things start getting odd.
  12. I have several .dmp crash files I haven't sent in yet. Should I just forget about them or send them in anyway? I know much of the code is the same in both.
  13. Thanks for jogging my memory. I forgot that regular kick can be tuned too. That could add a little something to a mix. I wish there was a plug-in that could track the bass and add a little sub in the pitch of the bass when it hits. 🙂
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