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  1. Anyone ever heard of Plogue Bidule? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF342666D1151B62C Max Arwood
  2. Just curious....... Did you find it? Max Arwood
  3. Wow even more post! Great I am going to look at all these Thanks! Been digging around in some old plugins and found - PSP MixSaturator Warmifier (Voxengo) VariSaturator (Voxengo) Domimion v1.2 (Very old! sounds nice) TL-64 Tube Leveler TesslaPro (very old) Tal Tube Ruby Tube CRTV Tape Bus (Voxengo) Wow so many! And all seen to be a different flavor! Anyone else - Got some? Max Arwood
  4. Just got coupon for these @$187. Does anyone know about these? I have Garritan 5 and Miroslov Philharmonic . Didn't know if Hunter stuff would be just a little better or way better. I have also been looking at some of the Palette stuff like - SYMPHONIC SKETCHPAD. Any comments on it? Thanks for any advice , Max Arwood
  5. Not sure exactly what you are trying to do. You could put the clips in a folder. This makes is easy to adjust all the lengths start and stop times. Also you can click on the folder bar to select all clips. Starting time can be trimmed to all the exact time simultaneity. Fade in and fade outs all at the same time. Each of these actions will effect all selected clips.
  6. My favorite Native Instruments B4 II
  7. Jonathan - Not what I wanted to here, but thanks for letting me know. At least I know I'm not clicking something weird. Thanks for looking into it, there is so much potential in Aux Track / Track Template combination! Promidi - Thanks for trying to help. I'm on the latest version. Max Arwood
  8. Is there something I should know about using Aux tracks in track templates? I made a Snare Aux for the 3 snare outs of Superior 3. I also made a kick aux with the 3 kick outs from SD3 put in a few plugins etc. I saved this as a track template. Everything comes back as expected - except the aux's don't talk to the tracks any more. I tried to reconnect them. Nothing seems to work to make them recognize their connections. Anything I should know about trying to do this? Thanks for any help, Max Arwood
  9. Nice to check back here in songs. Glad yours was on the top of the list. Great sounding stuff Kenny! Ive missed listening for a while. I had fun listening to your song tonight. I’ll bet you had fun putting all this together too. Good stuff!! Max Arwood
  10. Thanks for all the great suggestions. Trying them out a few at a time. Someone in another newsgroup mentioned U-He Presswerk. I down loaded the demo and it is a great sounding compressor with saturation. If you think of more please share you favorites.
  11. Saturation plugin- I have several I like, but always looking for something different. I like Kramer HLS modeled after Helios console channels - I wish I could control the saturation. It sounds great, but sometimes it is too strong. I like the LA3A VSTs - but again I wish I just had the saturation from this. Slightly controllable by varying the drive. My USR does not work any more - when I went 64 bit it was not compatible. I have fabfilter Saturn - Its not that good for light saturation. I use Kramer Pie from drums mostly - very strong saturation. Slightly controllable by varying the drive. Modeled after the Pye Telecom Compressor I use PSP vintage warmer - mostly on drums. You can adjust this by drive and fat mode switch. I also have Fairchild compressor VSTs 660 670 and some Pultec Vsts, SSL vsts - never used these much. So..... What are some of you favorite vintage or other Saturation VSts? What do you like to use them on?
  12. Wow that does look nice. I did something like this. I added a little noise, mixed bugs, cars passing by etc. Then clean quiet and close response inside. The small church one looked good, but any room response would be fine. Just pick a few middle to small ones and ear test them.
  13. KVRaudio.com Just look for the free instrument tab on top. You have to get an account before you can download files. The account is free too. There are 63 pages and 20 free synths per page! That should keep you busy for a couple of days 🙂 Look at the ratings - that should save you a few days!
  14. Ok what does SIRI know about music stuff! Lost parameter is what she Meant to type. At least it was it anything rude or ridiculous Lol!!
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