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  1. Focusrite interfaces are probably the #1 best-selling unit in he world -- certainly in North America. It's extremely unlikely the problem is an incompatibility with CbB and Focusrite HW or drivers, unless there's something wrong with your particular unit. You should be using ASIO and the latest drivers with your Focusrite - forget the other protocols. My guess is the problem lies with your USB port. Most modern PC boards come only with USB3 ports... Your 18i20 is a USB2 unit. While USB3 ports are supposed to be backwards-compatible, this is often hit and miss. Things to try: - Use a USB2 port if available. Try all of the USB2 ports if you are still having issues. USB ports are grouped on different controllers, and so can exhibit different behaviors. - Try a different USB cable. - If you must use a USB3 port, again, try different ones -- for the reasons explained earlier. - If all of the above fails, Byron's suggestion to optimize your system is your next step (or do it first if you like). Good luck, and let us know if you resolve your problems.
  2. No, I'm aware of the differences. Admittedly I'm mostly going by early user reviews from YouTube (and the screenshots from them). They did not look like the Sonar I'm used to. One user even referred to the new look as flat or two dimensional compared to the current version. The comments here make it sounds like there's hardly any differences, so I apologize if I'm coming off as someone completely misinformed, but all I'm hearing are opinions that frankly, are all over the place. I haven't downloaded the early access version, so I can only go by third-party reviews and screenshots -- and the ones I've seen do not look like the Sonar of the past decade. To add to the confusion, the website dedicated to the new versions is not yet live, and still show screenshots of what looks like the current CbB. I'm going to check out the thread recommended by billp, and maybe that will answer some of my questions.
  3. This might be what I was looking for. Thanks, Bill.
  4. Um, what page is that?
  5. I've always loved the GUI of Sonar Xx and CbB, and I have to admit it's one of the main factors that's kept me loyal. My understanding of Sonar's next incarnation (No pun intended) is that not only has the look been altered dramatically, but I haven't seen where we have the option to switch back to the GUI we have been accustomed to since basically Sonar X1. Can someone please verify yay or nay: Is the "classic" GUI an option in the new version? Or, if I've missed the forum thread that has already hashed this out, I'd appreciate a link...
  6. That's good news, Jesse. You can't go wrong with Sweetwater. Let us know how you like the mic!
  7. I'd check it out thoroughly and return it sooner than later (In the details, it implies that for electronics, it's 14 days, not 30). Also, be aware you will have to return to "The Shure Store", not Walmart. Best of luck to you.
  8. Again, I hope you got a legit deal.... But here's the info about the "Shure Store": Business Name: House of Savoy (501) 551-5465 2745 W Logan Blvd Suite G Chicago, IL 60647, US Nothing there suggests they're a proper rep of the Shure Company. (Oddly, the 501 area code is in Arkansas). Also, I guess we're supposed to ignore the two customer reviews claiming they got fakes from that individual....
  9. Hopefully it was spelled Shure, not Sure. 😉 And who knows? Maybe Shure is selling refurbs through Walmart... but of course, one would hope that they are advertising them that way (as refurbished or Open Box items, and not "Brand New").
  10. I would be VERY wary of any Shure or Sennheiser mics being sold at a "too good to be true" price. A quick search at Amazon and Ebay shows DOZENS of popular mics being sold for a third to half of their normal street price. It seems obvious that there is at least one Chinese factory that has dedicated itself to making Shure and Sennheiser (There may be other makers, but these are the names I see most often) quality knockoffs that are so good cosmetically, it's often difficult to tell from the real thing. Consequently, there are now many resellers in the states (and I would imagine elsewhere) helping to pawn these off to buyers thinking they got the deal of a lifetime. Walmart uses resellers too. So, just because these mics are being sold by Walmart, doesn't mean Shure has made them an authorized dealer (In fact, I'm pretty sure they haven't). Bottom line, the sheer number of "brand new" or "mint condition" mics of popular makes/models being sold by resellers for half the normal street price makes it pretty clear what is going on. More than one customer review left on the ad you listed pretty much make the same claim. I really hope that in this case I'm wrong about this -- but with the marketplace being flooded with these knockoffs, I wouldn't count on this sale being the exception...
  11. I didn't see this posted, so sorry if it has been... This listing is for NI Kontakt 7 (Which I was waiting for), but the sale might be for other NI products as well. https://www.native-instruments.com/en/pricing/kontakt-7/?sscid=b1k7_hnc41
  12. Maybe at one time it was free.... but now the license for one year is $25 (and $69 for a lifetime license).
  13. Sold together and listed as "New Old Stock". Boxes appear to be in sealed plastic. Seller is asking just over $50 (incl shipping) for the pair. BTW, I'm not the seller. I just happened to be browsing the site, and it showed up in my Recommended section. As always, Buyer Beware and Do Your Research beforehand (Translated: Don't blame me for any problems).! 😉
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