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  1. I changed power scheme to 'High performance' and it solved a problem: the console view is usable, although it isn't the smoothest expierience. Why does this issuue occur? My graphic card is rather a decent one, it handles gaming, which I believe is more complex than console view in Cakewalk, pretty well. Never have I had to change power scheme on my card, and it has been working nicely. So, what is going on with Cakewalk?
  2. I updated my drivers, the problem remains
  3. Intel Core i5, 3,3 GHz, 8 GB RAM, NVidia GeForce GTX 960, 6GB video memeory, if I checked correclty
  4. tried rebooting, it also appears on other projects
  5. I'm editing my project, and when I open console view, cakewalk becomes unusable - it lags so much. Adding new VSTs takes forever, faders are not responding, it takes a while to even pause playback. I have around 10 tracks, each with 0 to 2 vsts loaded. Task manager shows that around 30% of CPU power is used, about half of RAM memory, so I guess it isn't problem with my hardware. Everything is fine and Cakewalk works great as long as I don't open console view. EDIT: I was then working on a project with just one track, everything was also fine EDIT#2: funny thing I noticed: during first ~30,40 seconds of using program everything was fine, so fluent that I thought the issue dissapeared, but after that time, the program started to slow down again.
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