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  1. Thanks Bjorn! Advances in camera sensor technology and astronomical telescope mounts have been astounding in the past decade, which allows amateurs like me to take images as good or better than a large observatory could in the 1960s. Similar to the way music and recording technology has evolved. Jerry
  2. Thanks Nigel, Larry & KSband for watching, glad you enjoyed it! Jerry
  3. https://www.jerrygerber.com/video/The Speed of Light.mp4 The images were taken in my backyard and at various dark sky sites in Northern California. The soundtrack is the 2nd movement from my 12th symphony.
  4. I've posted these a few months ago but now I've used .wav audio and .tiff images rather than .mp3 and .jpg. Th images look a bit better and the audio is a lot better. Enjoy! CREATION DEEP SPACE When I'm outside at night at 2am imaging deep space objects I realize how small and insignificant we humans are and if our species doesn't learn to live in peace with one another and take proper care of our planet, the universe is just going to say "F***k you, get lost", and we'll become extinct as so many millions of other species have.. We need nature, nature doesn't need us. The music for Creation is the slow movement from my oboe concerto, from the album From Cosmic Dust (2022) https://www.jerrygerber.com/fromcosmicdust.htm The music for Deep Space is a track called The Galaxies from my album Number Eleven: The Path (2011) https://www.jerrygerber.com/thepath.htm The astrophotographs were taken in my backyard in San Francisco, and in various dark sky locations around northern California. If I listed all the equipment I used to do this it would be ridiculously long, so I'll just say it's a lot of stuff! But if you're curious, ask me and I will tell you. Jerry
  5. While visiting Scotland a few weeks ago I went to the Scottish National Museum and saw the guillotine that was used to behead Queen Mary. A lot of Scots didn't like Queen Mary. On the day of her beheading, she was given her last meal and when she requested coffee, they served her a a large decapiccino. I went to the doctor's last week and he said I should get the new RSV shot. But he warned me not to get it right before I have to urinate, otherwise I'll have to RSVP. I've been having recurring dreams that I purchased both Antarctica and the Arctic. My doctor doesn't know what's wrong with me but when I told my stockbroker he knew right away that I suffer from bi-polar. Jerry www.jerrygerber.com 😁
  6. Thanks Nigel for listening, much appreciated! Jerry
  7. This is one of my personal favorites, composed and produced during the pandemic when I wasn't leaving the house... Jerry PLAY
  8. Sibelius is the notation software I've been using for decades...
  9. Thanks all for listening! Jerry
  10. I completed this four movement work today and am posting the entire composition. Composed in Cakewalk with and for the VSL solo string collection PLAY
  11. I've posted various movements from this composition so I thought I'd post the entire symphony for those that might be interested. It's a a big ask, I know, it's not a short piece and will take time to listen to. I believe it's worth your while if you enjoy complex and accessible music. PLAY Jerry
  12. The lead instrument is a Vienna Symphonic Library oboe. Thanks noynekker, glad you enjoyed the video.. Jerry
  13. Thanks Peter, I'm glad you enjoyed reading the article..
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