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  1. I've had CW crash occasionally while working in the notation editor too. It happens seldom or rarely. I haven't used expression content, so though it may be crashing for you in that situation, for me it's usually when I drag and drop to either multiple staves, or some other closely-related task related to drag-and-drop. Sometimes in order to avoid that I use copy and paste, because that has never caused a crash. Jerry
  2. The new virus, RSV, is certainly something to avoid. It's particularly dangerous to contract if you have to urinate. Because then you'll have to RSVP. I woke up this morning with the sudden desire to own both the North pole and Antarctica. My doctor told me I had bi-polar disease. My friend Weiner is a hot dog. He didn't like his name and decided to change it. He gathered his friends together and told them "I'll be Frank with you". Jerry
  3. Thanks for listening Nigel!
  4. Thanks for commenting and listening, much appreciated.
  5. Jerry Gerber

    Oboe Concerto

    Genre/Style: Modern Classical/Virtual Concerto Creative Vision for the Track: To write a 3 movement concerto featuring a virtual oboe (I’ve written 3 other concertos using a live soloist but the pandemic made that difficult so I wrote this one without a live player) Composition Details (Tempo, Key, Main Chords etc): Score included, you can analyze it if you want Main Instruments used: Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestral Cube and softsynths Zebra & Dune PLAY
  6. When I try to install the latest version of Cakewalk, I get a message saying I must have version 2022.06 installed. I do have this version installed. I tried refreshing activation. Anyone know what's up? Thanks! Jerry www.jerrygerber.com Never Mind. Problem resolved. There was a 49MB file that did not recognize my previous version. But when I downloaded the "full" new version (over 500MB) it worked. I have no idea why there are two different downloads of the latest, 2022-11 installation file, but there seems to be...
  7. Thank you Nigel, and for listening!
  8. Hi Wookie. Actually I have never listened to or studied Tomita's music. Perhaps he and I have had similar influences, or similar ideals about music! Thank you for listening! Jerry
  9. A hot dog decided he wanted to change his name. He gathered together his closest friends and said: "I'll be Frank with you".
  10. I suppose. When in production, I write about 3-4 hours a day six days a week. This symphonic movement took a few months to complete. Thanks for listening! Jerry
  11. Just finished this morning. This completes the 12th symphony. Scored for Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestral Cube + software synthesizers Dune and Zebra Score included. PLAY
  12. Hi Nigel! I can't tell you how much I would enjoy a better word builder. The East West Hollywood Choirs (the one on this movement) is adequate, actually better than adequate, but since it's only a 2nd generation software program, I know there's a lot that can be improved. There may be a few artifacts here and there, I got most of them out through careful programming, but it's not perfect. There is nothing on the market yet to compete with this word builder and East West, I am pretty sure, has abandoned this VST software and is not upgrading it in any way. The choir itself is recorded beautifully and the singers are wonderful. I have grown more fond of the word builder and it really is ingenious. It does take study however, it's not an "out-of-the-box" tool that is going to create perfect results. The Word builder uses a specialized language so to get the words to sound reasonably natural is not always intuitive. For example the phrase "you and I love each other" might have to be programmed YoO and I luv eac! uT!er", or something like that. The manual is good so all of this is explained in detail. Remember, when hearing a live choir in a reverberant hall or church it's not easy to understand the words being sung unless you know them by heart or you have them written down so you can read while listening. That's why I included the words on this recording. Jerry
  13. This is a slow, brooding movement. Scored for VSL orchestral strings, winds and brass. The Yamaha MODX is playing the synth pad, the choir is East West Hollywood Choirs. Here's what the choir is singing (choir doesn't enter until 3:27): Antilogies* abound On your world of joy and pain. Of light and life, of darkness and death-- You make or destroy your soul by love or fear, and govern your fate with every choice you make. Be the witness of living truth, or you may become like a black hole-- where light and life cannot escape, and who you once had been is never more. * antilogies: a contradiction in terms or ideas PLAY Jerry
  14. I'll check it out, thanks Larry..
  15. Thanks everyone for listening and commenting! Much appreciated, Jerry
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