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  1. By notification I meant an email stating someone replied to a post I have participated...ordinarily I do get one (I got one a few minutes ago to another thread I participated in) but nothing from this thread for some reason ("Notify me of replies" is checked below )
  2. What a wealth of Cakewalk knowledge you are Steve...thanks, works great!
  3. When drawing controllers in PRV (ie modulation) I go from the smart tool to the draw tool and have to select draw line. My question is, is there a way to set the smart tool to draw line instead of having to change tools as the default? Thanks, Randy
  4. I don't recall if this is the correct term for what my issue is but it along with "polyphonic velocity audition " are checked. When I'm placing or dragging a note in PRV I sometimes get sound and other times not. Is velocity audition what I need (or is it another adjustment) and if so I wonder why it sometimes doesn't work at all. Thanks, Randy
  5. I had forgotten what a great forum this is...a simple one click solution! Wish you guys were on my video forum! Thanks, Randy
  6. I haven't been active for a while but I'm trying to get a piece together for a memorial video for a family member and I hit something that made me lose my layout. I need the transport bar and tools bar to show consitently...as it is now I have the control bar showing and I have to click on transport or tools repetively and it's really messing with the flow. Thanks in advance, Randy
  7. As usual you are right Steve, I started a new cwp and CW had no problem sticking with 24/48. I guess my next task will be to find out what kept switching it back to 44.1...but it's good to know it's not due to CW. Thanks again, Randy
  8. I'll do that Steve even tho I don't feel it's actually "solved"...not sure why I can no longer run 24/48.
  9. I closed my video production company a couple years ago and don't take on any serious work nowadays but I feel sure I used to always run Vegas and Sonar in 24/48 and like you only used 44.1 when having to do things like CDs (thank god those days are gone 😄)
  10. Hmm I could have sworn that I used to always run 24/48 even in CW (to be consistant with all of my video work) but it appears you are right and your suggestions have resolved my issue. I hit the ASIO Panel button under drivers and my Presonus Studio 2/4 was set to 44.1. I changed it to 48 and within a couple of seconds it switched back. I set CW to 44.1 and all is well so thanks very much!
  11. Wow, well hopefully support is working on it...it must have broken with an update because I've never seen this in the 19 years I've been using CW.
  12. ohhh, so it's actually still running...thanks for the tip! BTW, support is aware of the issue?
  13. It's been a while since I've used CbB but I've recently noticed CbB won't release the drivers after I close the project. I have to reset the audio or restart the PC to get back to normal. As I recall CbB didn't want to share drivers when in use but would always release them when closed. I've gone thru prefs and dont see an issue...any suggestions as to what I should do?
  14. I opened 2 tickets with them and they responded very quickly and both were resolved. That said, I never mentioned Cakewalk and they never asked 🙂
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