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  1. Yes but more specifically I want to be able to do what that guy is doing... drag across select clips in the timeline and them automatically open in PRV while removing whatever is already in the PRV. What I do now is have all MIDI tracks in PRV and selecting/highlighting whatever track(s) I'm working with...if you know of a better way I'd like to hear any suggestion...thanks!
  2. I've been using CW since the late 90s and still love it but for editing MIDI I would very much like to be able to use something like this program at 00:02:36 Does anyone know what it is or if CWbB is planning on implementing something like that? Thanks, Randy
  3. Sorry Raul, I just now ran across this...no, I never got it resolved, I switched interfaces back to the Presonus.
  4. Sorry, I just stumbled on this (I didnt get an email stating someone had replied for some reason). Yes, I know how to change it and what you describe is what I've been doing... I was just hoping there's ma way to change the default. Thanks, Randy
  5. I've looked thru preferences but can't find things like draw/line instead of the default draw/freehand...is there such a thing? Thanks, Randy
  6. Hi all, I just updated to the latest version and suddenly have an issue I've never run across before. In a 21 track piano/orchestral piece I reopened the piano track and some of the strings tracks now have random notes that are shortened to what looks like milliseconds (I have to zoom in all the way to grab the tails to stretch them back out). Any idea what could have happened? I updated this morning, worked on the piece, closed it and reopened it several times with no issues but this last time it changed 1-2 second notes into fractions of a second long. Thanks, Randy
  7. Hi all, After having issues with not getting sound from Kontakt I went to prefs and under devices/input drivers, Studio USB ASIO Driver input 1 (as opposed to 1 and 2) is checked. My other choices are Studio USB ASIO Driver Virtual in 1 and greyed out (and uncheckable) is Magix low latency 2016 HD audio... Please find screen grabs for devices and driver settings attached. Do you see anything abnormal here or have suggestions I can try? Thanks, Randy
  8. Craig, I don't use Windows drivers, I've always used whatever ASIO drivers the interfaces wanted to install. Steve, yes I know Universal Control is not the drivers...I was just saying back when I had audiobox I had it installed and then uninstalled when using a Focusrite. I installed it this morning to see if there were settings I may have used before that gave me volume control with my PC keyboard.
  9. BTW, do you or anyone know why I don't get notifications when someone replies to my posts (with "notify me of replies" checked)? EDIT, actually it does show notifications on this site but doesn't send me an email like the old forum did...is there a button that needs to be flipped I didn't see?
  10. I guess what I find so strange is I'm using the same software (Universal Control by Presonus) as I did with another Presonus interface (Audiobox) and was able to adjust volume thru windows but Sonar Platinum showed it was using their ASIO drivers...it's not a huge deal but a bit of a PITA. Oh well thanks Steve.
  11. Has that always been the case Steve? I ask because I've used several interfaces that use ASIO over the years (15 +) and never had this issue. So do I have no choice other than using the volume on the interface or CbB master volume?
  12. I just bought one and wondering why win 10 can control volume on everything except CbB. It shows I'm using the drivers everywhere and my sampling rate is set the same but whenever I use my PC keyboard volume control there is no change. Is there a setting in prefs I'm overlooking? Thanks, Randy
  13. I thought I should follow up and let you know it has nothing to do with CbB. When I install the drivers I get no sound period...Focusrite support opened a ticket on it so hopefully I'll get this resolved. I'll try to add solved in the initial post. Thanks, Randy
  14. ahh, I think you're onto something...it seems I use 48K in CbB because the music almost always winds up in a video. I'll try to set CbB to 44K and see if that makes a difference. Thanks very much, Randy
  15. Sorry for the delay, I'm not getting notification emails even with "Notify me of replies" checked. Anyway, yes Scarlett 2i2 shows up in Sound Settings regardless of whether the drivers are installed or not. After uninstalling I downloaded the drivers again (thinking maybe the last download got corrupted somehow) and installed. I open CW and it acts like everything is normal and recognizes the drivers...I hit play and there's no sound from an existing project. I close out and try to play a wav file with VLC media player and get no sound. I uninstall the drivers, restart and CW reports no drivers. I open VLC, play a wav file and it plays fine and Sound Settings (right click speaker icon in lower right and left click on Open sound settings) and it shows the device. I'm biting at the bit because I have a subscription to Composer Cloud and they recently added "Hollywood Background Singers" I would just buy a new interface but I just maxed out my credit card on camera equipment : ( Thanks very much for trying to help! Randy
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