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  1. Bend range was the solution. The GR-33 has three settings: 24, 12, and 7. It was set to 24, so I dropped it down to 12. Interestingly, it wrote the change to the patch I had selected, apparently. Just that patch? I dunno yet. So that problem seems to be licked. Now, the part is cutting in and out on me for some strange reason. If it isn't one thing . . .
  2. The file has a track that I recorded using my Roland GR-33 guitar synth. I recorded this file back in my Pro Audio 9 days, 2001. This is just one of several dating from this time frame that exhibit this problem. When I bend a string using the GR-33, it lays the bent values (and vibrato too) as wheel events. I've determined by going into the event list and editing the wheel values that the existing values are exactly double what they need to be with CbB, and probably Sonar too, far as that goes. Honestly, I don't know if I should be posting this message here or in a forum from which I usually get support answers regarding my GR-33. That is, I dunno if there's something I've inadvertently changed with it such that it interprets these wheel values differently compared to the way it lays them down now. The GR-33 has to be active so I can hear its track at all, which is why I wonder if there might be a setting I've inadvertently changed. But to the point of editing the event lists -- is there a quicker way to change event list values besides changing each number one at a time? One file can have hundreds of wheel values that need to be adjusted, especially if I was playing with a lot of string bends and vibrato. So far, I've edited one file by hand and I'm about 10% through another with probably a couple hours at least of editing to do before I'll call this one finished.
  3. I've been using the BT Brickwall as well -- extensively in fact. I've found that sometimes I still get clipping when I use it, so I end up turning down parts of the mix. I guess I should give the IK Brickwall a try. I have a bunch of IK stuff installed, guess I need to search through what I have. I agree with you about the saturation plug-ins and the console emulators. I have no use for the emulators, I've found. And after trying out the saturation plug-ins, I've deleted most instances of them. Seems mostly all they do is add distortion to an increased signal, which I have no use for.
  4. I can recommend that above YouTube video. I came across it several months ago and it was a real eye-opener for me.
  5. Thanks for your perspective, John. I think that perhaps the only reason why burnaware has worked as well as it has is because of the amount of mastering I'd already put into my songs. So it didn't have much to do. I've been using a plugin called TRacks CS Metering that provides me with a perceived loudness index as well as RMS, plus it has a couple of VU meters that are more detailed than what I get with the standard Cakewalk tracks. It also shows a readout of the file's actual frequency output. There's even a visual representation of left to right balance. I find it helpful, all in all. It gives me a decent glimpse of what's going on. So, I've been using this to monitor my Cakewalk files before I convert them to WAV for burning, which allows for me to make any last minute adjustments to the mix. Thanks for the tip on the YouLearn Loudness Meter. I'll certainly take a look at it. This whole process is still pretty much a learning experience for me, although I do feel I've come a long way.
  6. I've been using burnaware recently instead of my old standby, CDBXP. Mostly because burnaware has one feature that CDBXP lacks. It allows the user to specify the volume balance between tracks. This is a feature that has ended up saving me a lot of time and aggravation. Previously I spent a lot of time with my mixes getting them to play at the same (or at least close) relative volumes. But burnaware takes care of this automatically. Because of this, I've used it to burn several CDs and it's worked well.
  7. I checked a little further. According to this site, v9 was the last free version of Nero: https://nero-9-free.en.lo4d.com/windows So, no stolen software. You should double-check before you make such assumptions. Turns out it's v9.4.12.3.
  8. I found a free version of Nero that I d/l'd but haven't yet installed. It's v9. Hrm, I wonder if that version number is bogus.
  9. I bought a copy of Nero back in my Win 98 days. I still have the CD around here somewhere, but I have my doubts it would still work, or even be worth pursuing. I might look up the new version, though. Heinz, thanks for the link. I'll give burnaware a try. I'm mostly after inputting data about the stuff that's on my CDs. CDBXP is light in this regard -- composer's name, name of the album and name of the track, that's it.
  10. After I posted that note, I did some poking around on the web, and found a lot of sites that were offering free copies of v5.2 that had been cracked. I d/l'd a few of these cracks and none of them worked. Heh. I suspect that's an old page on Amazon and they haven't gotten around to 86ing it yet. Well, as it turns out, I have a bit of good news, at least. I went to the CDBXP website and d/l'd their latest version, installed it, and now its recognizing my CD/DVD drive again. That's a relief. It might not be the greatest, but it gets the job done.
  11. Well, apparently CD Architect lives on -- and is being marketed by Sony, no less. A bit too pricey for my tastes. Here's a link to v5.2 at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Sony-CD-Architect-5-2-Download/dp/B00DQG89XU
  12. I've been using CDBurnerXP for years -- until it decided to screw around with my computer's new CD/DVD drive. When I insert a new blank CD into the drive, CDBurnerXP sez the drive is empty. I've tried reinserting the disk, going though its settings menu, whatever limited means it has to offer, but it still sees my CDs as blank (I've tried 2 disks so far). So, I decided to try something else. I started with the Windows Media Player, but I couldn't figure out how to get it set up to burn what I wanted. Then I tried my iTunes player. Same sort of thing with it. I'm having lots of trouble just getting my tunes recognized and organized. At least they both saw the empty CD drive though, so I know there's nothing wrong with the drive -- I hope. -- Oh, full disclosure -- the music I'm trying to record is a group of my own compositions which I've already converted to .wav format using the 44.1/16 redbook standard. I know Cakewalk has the capability to burn CDs, but I heard from a user here, probably a few years back now, that Cakewalk's CD burning ability was rudimentary, so I've never tried it. One thing I like about CDBurnerXP is I can input my name as the composer and the album's name for each song. I dunno yet if I can do this with iTunes or WMP -- or Cakewalk, far as that goes. Whatever I end up with, assuming I can't get CDBXP to work again, I still want this ability. So, what do you use, and why do you like it? Is it a free application you found or does it cost money, and if so, how much? Or do you find that Cakewalk does what you need? I'm in the process of building a set of filenames for a burn in Cakewalk, so I'll know shortly.
  13. That's pretty much my attitude as well. I mix for the best stuff I got, which right now are my reference monitors and some good phones. Oh, and I have a update for y'all. My new AKG K240 Studio phones arrived today. So far, I've had the opportunity to listen to two of my compositions, to which I ended up making some fairly substantial changes in the mix. I was hearing rather glaring things with these phones that my old closed-backs had missed entirely. This is good news and bad news. I'm glad I can hear so clearly now, but I was just about to put to bed three albums worth of material, but now it looks like I'm going to have to make at least one more pass through every piece of music before I'll be 100% satisfied -- if that's ever even a possibility. You know, if I had to describe what these phones feel like -- because of their open back design -- it's like I don't have any phones on at all, but that I'm just leaning in real close to my speakers to catch all the subtle nuances. In other words, they sound very natural with no coloration that I can detect -- so far. They're also very light and comfortable, and I think my wife will appreciate the open back designs, cuz now when she calls out my name from across the house, I can hear her. Used to be with my old phones, she'd have to poke me for me to know she wanted something.
  14. Years ago, a recording engineer told me that he mixed his music down for the 6x9 speaker found in the dash of most cars (this was the early 70s). I can recall being somewhat horrified at this, but you know what, he was being realistic. Fortunately, I won't be doing any live mixing. Just me and my gear in my man cave. Heh, I found this out with an old set of AKGs I have. The pleather coating flaked off years ago, leaving behind comfortable foam padding. Surprisingly, the foam hasn't rotted yet, and I bought those phones -- must be 18 years ago now.
  15. Thanks for the responses,guys! Rsinger, I try to split my time between my ears and my phones when I'm mixing. I like the overall level my monitors provide, but there are situations where the finer points are best listened to with phones. I mean I could crank my monitors, no problem, to hear the finer details, but best to keep peace in the house and all, so I use phones too. My existing phones, being closed back, almost totally seal me off from the outside environment, so I will continue to use them, but they'll be restricted to recording mostly, I suspect. John and Old Joad, thanks very much for that tip. I went over to Amazon and read up on the AKG K240 Studio cans and decided that this was definitely the way to go. So I bought 'em. Should be here in a couple days. I'll let y'all know what I think of 'em and just how much remixing I'm gonna have to do.
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