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  1. I've noticed something else with my installation of both Cakewalk and Sonar. It's like a case of the creeping crud. Now, not only will the Transport buttons not work, but now I can't activate the Smart tool, and I can activate the others only by maneuvering the cursor to a certain position where I can see the tool's background change from black to gray; then I know that I can click on the tool. Also, now certain other clickable features are no longer responding, such as controls for the Console and Inspector. Actually, it's not just the Console, but also the Staff view and Piano Roll view. None of them will activate when I click on their tabs. So, frustrated, I uninstalled Cakewalk. I left Sonar alone. After uninstalling CW, I went to Bandlab and made sure that I was downloading the latest version. Installed it -- everything went smoothly. Fired it up, and the same exact problem persists. Well, I'm stumped. I'm glad I don't really need to run CW or Sonar on my laptop, cuz I'm totally out of ideas.
  2. Yes, that's an interesting take, and I can see how this would work with a reasonably full-featured synth. Unfortunately, the only synth I'm using in this project is TTS-1 and I don't think it has this level of down-on-the-bare-metal programming that one would need. That is a really good idea, though. Actually, it's worth checking out the various soft synths I have available that might have this ability and see if they have any decent instrument presets that might work for what I need. Guess I get to do some exploring. On the other hand, the way I'm doing it now -- just carving out "U" shaped dips in the volume profile for the "vibrato" effect -- is working well enough. I'm getting the sound effect I'm after and, while CC7 may be occupied with this task momentarily, as soon as the vibrato sections are finished, it's back to its original task. Original, in that I use CC7 in almost all of my soft synth work. A musician who plays a non-electronic instrument rarely plays at a steady volume, so it really helps with the realism to add volume tweaks to the track throughout.
  3. I'm working on a piece that has clarinets and flutes, and I would like to reproduce the type of "vibrato" that wind instrument players produce, namely a sort of pulsation of breath that causes changes in volume, rather than pitch. What I'm doing right now is I'm going into the Piano Roll, specifying a volume controller and then creating volume changes by drawing in "U" shaped dips in volume. This actually works pretty well, but I'm wondering if there might be an easier way to go about this. I don't know of any. How would you go about producing this effect?
  4. Just a quick follow-up. Promidi, you spotted my oversight. I had Cakewalk set to the Select mode. Duh. Oh well, now I know, eh?
  5. Well, a couple weeks have gone by since my last post on this problem. I've been doing all my CW work on my DAW but I just happened to be at my laptop and read through this thread. One thing I hadn't thought to try was Noel's suggestion about using the spacebar. So I tried it just now. It works. When I press the spacebar, a file I've chosen plays and the Play transport buttons highlights in the orange color. But when I try to control the transport with the mousepad, I still don't get a reaction. I did check that the Playback Timing Master was selected -- it is. And I tried setting up a new piece -- same problem. So, it's still a problem on the laptop. Wish I knew what was causing this.
  6. Colin, I don't think I've ever done "snap" anything, so I'll need to study up on what you're doing. Promidi, I'm away from my DAW right now, but I'll bet you've hit on it. I think you're right. I probably had the Select tool enabled. When I get back down to my DAW, I'll check it out and report back. Thanks.
  7. I make frequent use of the Controllers in the Piano Roll, so that I can fine tune my MIDI instruments, and one of the controllers I often use is Volume. I also use Velocity, but they're different, or at least they behave differently the way I see it, which is why I make the distinction. So earlier today, I set up the Piano Roll so that I can edit the volume for one track and I do this for a couple of short segments, about 4 bars each. So I'm listening to the playback and I realize I made an error. With my first segment, after it concluded, I brought the volume down to zero for a quick fade, but I left it there. The second segment, I also established a volume for it, and it plays fine. But the area between these two segments now has no volume -- because I brought it down to zero after the first one. So, no problem, I thought, I'll just go back and raise the volume back up after the first segment and then everything will be fine. But nope. Now, when I try to change the volume, nothing happens. I'm trying to "paint" a line and it won't paint it, the way I'm used to seeing it do this. Instead as I drag my mouse, it generates a green rectangle, which does nothing --- or at least nothing I care about. As far as I can figure out, I didn't change anything. The only thing that changed between when I used the Piano Roll this morning and now is time. Time has passed, and that's it. So, got any ideas what happened? I've tried everything I know to do, which I'll admit isn't all that much. Let's see if I can anticipate a few of your questions: Yes, I made sure that I indicated the correct channel when I set up the Controller. Yes, I made sure this is a problem with the Volume and not Velocity. Velocity is different. Near as I can figure, Velocity controls the volume at the mixing console whereas Volume controls the volume of the instrument itself. As a matter of fact, I checked with the other instruments for which I've configured the Volume controller and they're all doing the same thing -- no control, that is. I also tried setting up a new Controller for a track that hasn't had one yet, and it set up just fine, but like the others, it won't let me control the Volume. I suspect I've forgotten a rather obvious point to the way Cakewalk handles Controllers, but it must be a point I've never been aware of, because I have no idea what I'm doing wrong if indeed I've done something wrong to cause this. Help! I'm stuck until I can solve this.
  8. I'm not at my laptop right now, but when I get back to it, I'll try your suggestions. As for your last question, I haven't tried loading a new project. But I did try loading several old ones that used to work just fine with both Cakewalk and Splat and where now neither of them will play these old projects. I'll try loading a new project, but I'll lay a wager right now that the same thing will happen with a new one.
  9. A video? Okay, picture this: I move my mouse cursor over the Play Transport Icon. It doesn't turn white. I try clicking on it anyway. Nothing happens. I mean no disrespect, but this has become quite frustrating. The only thing left I can think of is to uninstall and reinstall Cakewalk. I just had a thought -- I don't believe I mentioned that I'm still running Win7. Are any of you still running Win7? I'm just wondering now if it is at all likely that a recent update to the OS may have broken both Cakewalk and SPlat. I know, not very likely, but I've run out of everything else.
  10. I've tried both of those and all the others, including ASIO. I've also hooked up an audio interface and configured it for Cakewalk. Sadly, it didn't make a difference.
  11. I'll give it a try next time I'm up there, but I know for a fact that sticky keys are not enabled on that machine. I do CTLs and ALTs a lot on that machine, and I'm very used to having to hold those keys down as I type other keys. I'll also take an interface up there and give it a try, just in case.
  12. I'm just using the sound chip on my laptop's motherboard. According to the laptop's Device Manager, the sound chip is a NVidia GeForce 9800M GTS. It's been doing a decent job handling both Cakewalk (and Sonar previously) and PG Music's Band in a Box. Oh, and I tried a few things since my last update. First, I tried Sonar Platinum. I was surprised to encounter the same problem. I tried a couple of different files. Same difference, just the Transport is frozen; nothing else. Same situation as CW with the Transport buttons staying a light gray color and not turning white as I pass the cursor over them. It has the same audio ins and outs as CWbBL listed in the Preferences. I don't have any other audio ins and outs to select. With this onboard chip, I'm given a choice of the built-in speakers or the headphone jack. I do have a couple of audio interfaces. I suppose I could try one, see if it makes a difference. I doubt it will, but I guess I should, just for the sake of completeness. They're downstairs and I'm upstairs on my laptop at the moment. So next time I plan on doing a round trip, I'll try to remember to bring along an interface. So now, because SPlat isn't working, I decided to try Band in a Box. It's still working just fine. I also gave MuseScore 3 a try, since I haven't used it on the laptop in a while. It works fine too. So getting back to both CWbBL and SPlat, I just don't understand what it is that is now affecting both pieces of software. Could I have inadvertently set something in CWbBL that would somehow get carried over to SPlat when I booted it? When I booted it just now -- that's the first time I've done so in months. I'm really glad I haven't had the occasion to use CWbBL much recently on my laptop, else this would be a really big deal. The way things sit now, it's an inconvenience. But I'd still like to get to the bottom of it.
  13. Well, no, I was using the pad. I've never used a mouse on this machine. I don't think I even own one that would work -- a USB mouse, I presume, since none of the other ports on this laptop would work for other types of mice. So, to validate your point, this means I'll have to buy a USB mouse. Really, why should I have to do this when previous versions of Sonar and CWBBL have worked just fine? Reminds me -- I still have Sonar installed on that machine. I haven't tried it yet. Guess I should. How much you wanna bet it will work. I'm downstairs right now (the laptop is upstairs) but when I get back up there, I'll give it a try.
  14. The only other piece of software I have loaded with Cakewalk is TTS-1. I've used it successfully on my laptop with Cakewalk before. Kinda obviously. No the transport buttons aren't grayed out. They're just non-responsive. I'd have noticed right off if they were grayed out. I just noticed something, though -- one of those things you see all the time but don't really think about. Down here on my desktop machine, when I pass the mouse cursor over the transport buttons, they turn from a light gray to white. Then of course, once the button is pressed, it turns to a light orange color as the track is played (citing the Play button here obviously). None of these color changes happen with my laptop.
  15. A few days ago, I installed the latest version of CWBBL on my laptop -- which had been running the previous version without issues. I didn't use CW right away, instead I waited until last night. I loaded up a new tune I've been working on with my desktop, which also has the latest version installed, and it came up just fine, but the transport was locked. Everything else about the tune, I could adjust. But none of the transport buttons or the slider would work. I tried loading older tunes I've been working with on this computer, wondering if it might have been something funny with this particular tune I was working on, but nope, all the earlier tunes I tried showed the same symptoms. Frozen transport while everything else was not. I tried changing the audio driver -- no luck. Tried changing the Hz and bit rate. Nope. Tried changing the audio format. Nope again. I don't think the latest version of CWBBL is causing this problem, mostly since it's working just fine on my desktop. Rather, I suspect that I inadvertently did something I shouldn't have to cause this problem. Nonetheless, I'm just about out of things I know to try. Got any ideas how I can unlock things?
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