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  1. @Will : No, no TTS-1 in here . @bitflipper : It`s not a live instrument, if you mean that by instrument. It`s a crash . In is routed from NI Battery 4 to this track, out is like i said routed to master bus. The Fader of the battery 4 track is (always) turned down all the way. All drum elements have their own track, everything routed from battery to several tracks.
  2. Hey, in my resent project, when i listen to a track in solo ( doesn`t matter wich one), one specific other track is always audible (audio out set on Master bus) , even when i mute it. Any ideas?
  3. Hey, i tried to reproduce the method from the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdBR0upbmCg&ab_channel=CreativeSauce But when i try to notch tracks with the shortcut 3 and 6 on the numpad (after i selected the track, of course), it does not work. I looked in the preference menu at "keyboard shortcuts" , and 3 and 6 on the numpad are listed with the exact functions as shown in this video , to notch tracks . So i really can`t tell what the problem is. Any ideas ?
  4. No, the interface appears in midi devices and is checked, as i wrote in my post. The Interface is also set as midi in and out to the track. i don`t use any othr daws but cakewalk.
  5. Hey guys, I own a Minilogue XD and a Monologue. I have a Steinberg UR 22 Interface. Both Synthies don`t send midi in to cakewalk , neither via usb or when connected via a midi cable with the interface, so i thought this would be a Korg (driver) problem. 2 Days ago i got a Roland alpha juno 1 - and the same problem appeares. No midi signal received by cakewalk. it works the other way around though with all of my modules/rack mount synth ( Prophet 08, Kawai K1+K4 , Roland U220, Korg M3R) ; i can send midi to them via cakewalk (but with some anoying latency issues). Try to find an answer online ,but did not find anything. Any ideas ? I know i have to enable/check them in "midi devices", but when connected via interface, it`s the interface that needs to be checked, and of course it is.
  6. ok thanks, but this method seems quite complicated. Will Bandlab fix this issue in an update ? Are you working for bandlab ?
  7. "open a command windows as administrator in the location where the plug-in is installed" I could not find how to do that in Win7 64bit, at a specific location. Sure i can open it via the explorer, but how do i do it in a folder, where the plugin is located ?
  8. how do i do it? I istalled midi fx in both midi fx and vst folders, but cakewalk does not find them.
  9. Well, if you , a cakewalk "nerd" , doesn`t know one, how would i find one. I`m happy when i can use the basic features of Cakewalk on my own , without asking a question in the forum every two minutes , and on top of it also not in my mother tongue, wich doesn`t make things easier... thanks for your patience ,time and effort anyway, scook .
  10. So , actually there is no way around it ?
  11. clear so far, but i can only check one fx at the track output, not several fx as i want to.
  12. So, i have cloned the midi clip, 2 midi clips in 1 track now. Chose bounce again. Still can only send it to 1 fx at a time.
  13. I marked the Clip i want to copy/paste, but when i go to paste special it is not "activated" , the letters are not black but grey and i can`t use it. EDIT: Nevermind, i forgot to copy the clip first... I`M CONFUSED !!! 😕
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