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  1. Oh ok, both good things to remember. I'm also surprised that I can't move around sections and have the track contents move with them. I can drag the section itself, but the content doesn't also move. I notice that I can click on a section and the content is also highlighted, though I can click on it a second time and just the section is highlighted and not the contents, but I find that in either case, I can't seem to move around a section and its contents together. Is that right?
  2. That was it! not tricky at all, but I'm sure not surprised I couldn't remember it. Thanks!
  3. I thought that there was a way to make Arranger Tracks automatically based on existing Markers, but I can't find that feature now. Wasn't that a thing or was I just wishing it?
  4. I know there is a way to permanently enable Auto Focus in PRV. I've done it before. Now I have to manually turn it on every time. Does anyone know how to make it sticky?
  5. Thanks. I installed BandLab Assistant, but still can't see where to install SI. It looks like SI does not come with CbB because if it did I assume I would see it.
  6. OK, well I went to look at the Studio Instruments Drum thing, and it said I needed to buy SI, but there's no way to do that. So I'm confused and starting to get a little worried. How do I make drummy sounds come out of my computer now?
  7. So there is no drum plugin with CWB at all? Do I have to go buy something?
  8. I am opening up some projects that are multiple years old, and I have since completely re-installed windows 11 on this machine, and therefore CW and everything else. This old project had a Session Drummer synth in it, but not only can I not find SD, I find very little about it on the web. It's like it's gone completely. Searching my machine finds a few straggler files but no install or VST or anything. More broadly, this particular project has a dozen or so synth tracks in it, and although they are mostly Opus, and I still have Opus, Cakewalk doesn't recognize them so I am having to rebuild them with new synths based on the track names and the original mp3. Is there a better way? And what happened to Session Drummer?
  9. Well, I remembered the first one of these. Since no one answered I'm thinking people don't know about this feature, and it's extremely useful! Normally, when working on an arrangement, you can only start at the beginning of a section by highlighting that section and clicking the arrangement's play button. But if you want to play the arrangement starting at someplace in the middle of a section, set the Now time to wherever you want to start, then Ctrl-Click the arrangement's Play button. Playback will start at Now and continue in the current arrangement.
  10. Oh wow, I've never known about that. It WAS the controllers! I have pedal and velocity panes up, and simply hiding them made all the difference! Wow, has it always been that way? Weird, and I've been using CW since 1989.
  11. Oh I was so happy to see so many responses. I do have an Apple phone and for all its shortcomings, 1) It's what the rest of the family uses, and 2) I had an Android phone and truth be told, is was too configurable, and I couldn't stop messing with it. I found I prefer the Soviet Russia that is the Apple ecosystem. I don't want to configure anything. Apple, just make it the way you think it should be and I'll do it your way. I've got other things to think about... Anyway, I'm glad I asked because I hadn't heard of those apps and that sounds like just what I need. Thanks everybody!
  12. If you're like me, your projects take a lot of iteration. Laying down a draft, listening to it a while, making changes, rinse, repeat. What I've always wanted to do efficiently is export audio for my in-progress piece, then listen to it on my phone for a day or two, then go back to the studio and make changes, export, listen on phone, etc. I know HOW to do this, but in the past what I've done is pull my exported audio into iTunes and then sync my phone and listen that way. Painintheass. I'm wondering what other people do? Ideally, I'd love to just export my project to an audio file, then go right to the phone and be able to listen that audio somehow. I'm sure this is something people do. What's YOUR method? If you don't find a need to do this, don't bother making up how you would do it IF you needed to. I'm interested in what people actually are doing that works for them.
  13. So are take lanes something I can disable somewhere? I will but I didn't know I could.
  14. I prefer the Space key to return Now to where playback started, and Ctrl-Space to move the Now marker to wherever I stop. That's how I've always had it. But for some reason those keys have swapped, and Ctrl-Space rewinds while regular Space moves Now to the stop point. What did I did to did that?
  15. Yes, it turns out it was about Take Lanes. Things were pasting on top of an existing take. As soon as I highlight a take with empty room for the paste, it will accept it and not erase anything. I still don't know what's causing this, but at least I see what's going on. Ideas?
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