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  1. Aha!!!!!!! THAT'S how I was doing it! THANK YOU!!
  2. Am I crazy or didn't CW have this feature a while ago? Coulda sworn.... I thought it was possible to change the Now time when paused or during playback by clicking inside the bar representing a section in the Arranger. For example, when building an arrangement out of a bunch of sections, I often want to test the transition between one section and another. I THOUGHT I used to be able to click somewhere near the right end of one section bar, and playback would start there, but it seems like I can only start playback from the very beginning of a section, meaning to hear the transition without going through the entire section requires working within PRV or TV. Am I crazy or wasn't there a time when that was possible?
  3. Oh all right. One step above "Google it", but point taken.
  4. I have a project which is ten minutes long and is split up into a couple dozen arranger sections. I've composed a new section. Taking advantage of the Arranger, I put my new section way off past the end of the piece while I was deciding if I wanted it, and just used an arrangement to audition how it fits in with what's already there. (Wow, what an improvement that feature is!!! Thanks, CW!!) So... now I'm happy with the new arrangement. I've used the Commit Arrangement to Project feature before, and it works very nicely. However, this was for re-arranging an entire piece. In this instance, I am just replacing one section with another, and the rest of the work, another 15-20 sections going 8 more minutes, is as yet untouched. My arrangement only has the few sections I was working through and not the whole enchilada. If I Commit to Arrangement, will I lose all the subsequent sections? Should I just drag all the subsequent untouched sections onto the end of this new arrangement just to keep things after the change the same? I don't want to lose stuff. What is the best practice in this case? Example: Original version: Sections 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 in that order New version: New Section 13 created, placed way past the end of section 12 in the timeline. And I've decided 13 needs to go between 3 and 4. And arrangement I've been listening to bears this out. That arrangement consists of only 1,2,3,13, and 4 New desired version: 1,2,3,13,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
  5. jkoseattle

    Unplugging the Surface

    This may get asked frequently. Apologies. I run CW on a Surface Pro. Normally when it's plugged into my dock I use ASIO driver mode and it goes into my mixer etc and it's great. If I want to go mobile I switch CW to Wasapi Shared mode and then can use my airpods. It's not the smoothest experience, but it seems reliable enough. However, when I go back to my studio and plug the thing into the dock again, I switch the driver mode back to ASIO and audio works. HOWEVER, now my Midi keyboard will not play. I check under Midi Devices and there it is, just like it's supposed to be, checked and everything. But no input. So I unplug and re-plug the keyboard. If it hasn't already, CW notices a new Midi device and I tell it that yes, I want to re-route to it. But it won't play. I also set Midi input to None in the track and then choose the Midi keyboard again. No go. I have to exit CW entirely. So frustrating. Any help?
  6. I'm so glad other people are experiencing this. It's annoying but not critical or anything. As I said though, Windows still show CW as having focus the next morning.
  7. This isn't a biggie, but I'm curious. I leave my computer on most of the time. I'll simply save and get up and walk away from my CW project come bedtime. When I come back to it next time, CW is NEVER the application with focus. I always mistakenly sit down, don the headphones, and hit the Spacebar, only then realizing I have to focus CW before I can do that. What's really weird is that in the Windows toolbar, CW shows as the currently active application. I'm just wondering if anyone knows why this is. Why does Windows think CW has focus, but CW does not?
  8. jkoseattle

    Selection weirdness

    More data: Cut/Paste is the example above (simple drag). Copy/paste (ctrl-drag) does not exhibit this problem. Recorded a brand new third track. Tried cutting and pasting from the new track. Same problem. So apparently not corrupted clips
  9. jkoseattle

    Selection weirdness

    Here is a second simplified experiment. It is not a PRV issue, turns out. https://360.articulate.com/review/content/d3d824e9-e56b-4c88-b127-84681ae36c90/review
  10. jkoseattle

    Selection weirdness

    I tried the same procedure after Bouncing to single clips and no improvement.
  11. jkoseattle

    Selection weirdness

    Never! At least not reliably like this, if ever.
  12. jkoseattle

    Selection weirdness

    Thanks. I forgot to mention that I don't want to do that because it breaks my flow, as I write in PRV almost exclusively. Plus, I'm doing a hundred other edits, often creating a hundred tiny little clips which every once in a while I have to merge together.
  13. jkoseattle

    Selection weirdness

    I'm wondering if this is unique to my situation somehow or is a bug, or what. Screencast of the problem, (with narration) https://360.articulate.com/review/content/9da08074-44b5-42d0-abe9-1e3ece158e73/review I have two tracks in PRV. I want to move a selection of notes from one track to the other. I select the notes I want to move out of one track. These are somewhere in the middle of the piece, let's say bars 14-17 of a 100 bar piece. I then go to the destination track and paste. I see that the selection bar with the green triangles starts and ends at the correct place, starting at the beginning of the first selected note and ending at the end of the last. I also ensure that the Now time is at the beginning of the selection, so that when I paste, the notes will stay in the same place in the timeline. I then go to the destination track and paste. But all of a sudden, what was once a 4-bar selection area turns into an arbitrarily long one, maybe 19 bars, and the paste wipes out everything in those 19 bars. I don't want ANYTHING in the destination track to be deleted, much less a whole bunch more afterward, I just want to add the selected notes to the track. I double-checked that "Blend Old and New" is checked in preferences, so nothing should be getting deleted at all, and for all these years, it wasn't. (Possibly related: when I use the Tab key to jump between markers, I am getting jumps BETWEEN markers sometimes. Is there something corrupted in the project?)
  14. I can never keep those track types straight, but it's the one with the little square keyboard icon. If I right click on one of them I have the option to "Split Instrument Track", so I guess they are.... Instrument Tracks?
  15. I've been doing this exact thing for years. I have a piece consisting of three Midi tracks. Each track is reduced to one clip. STEPS: 1. Select the three tracks, making sure the clips contained in them are selected 2. Export Audio 3. Select the preset I've used for all audio exports for years 4. Give it a file name and hit OK EXPECTED: Audio exported. Fast bounce is unchecked. If Audible Bounce is checked, I hear music. ACTUAL: Clips disappear entirely from track view (!), and while the progress bar at the top inches along like normal, the shuttle does not move. The resulting audio file is silent. When the "export" is complete, which takes the normal, expected amount of time, the clips reappear as before. What's going on?
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