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  1. OK, sorry to have bothered you so.
  2. @scook So what you are saying, or not saying really, is that those other plug ins that used to come with Cakewalk no longer do? Hard to tell since you so enjoy speaking in links and images. I'm not an idiot, I found that.
  3. Thanks, so the optional plug ins are not installed by default, but the text says "Note: The core Cakewalk installer does not include all available plug-ins. If the plug-ins listed in this section are not available in Cakewalk, please download and install the optional plug-ins via BandLab Assistant (see BandLab Assistant)." But where in BandLab Assistant do you go to install the optional plug ins? I'm not seeing it anywhere.
  4. This is probably a dumb question. I recently installed CbB on my new machine. Everything is fine, but a bunch of the free instruments didn't install. The only one I'm seeing is the SI stuff, but no True Pianos, for example. What did I do wrong, and how do I get those on there now?
  5. jkoseattle

    Surface Pro latency

    I'm trying to move my whole DAW system to a new Surface Pro 7. I've attached my piano via USB to the Surface Dock, and immediately got big time recordingh latency. I thought maybe it was because the piano is plugged into a Surface Dock thing, but when unplugging from the dock, playback is very latent too playing General Midi. So thankfully the Dock is not related. I know this is an old support chestnut, but latency is so tricky, and once it's working I forget all about how to fix it because I don't need to look at it again for like years. So... what do I need to look at again here? I did change the audio driver mode to ASIO just because I remember that before. No improvement. Help!
  6. jkoseattle

    Simple midi player

    I recently switched from a Yamaha electronic piano to a simpler midi controller because the key action is better and I wanted pitch wheels. However, this keyboard doesn't have on-board synths like the Yamaha did, so the only way I can play it is to have CbB open with a piano patch loaded. Which would be fine, except I'm also working with a memory-intensive animation application and sometimes a photo editor... so if CbB s open, I'm running into RAM collisions and thing like that. Does anyone know of a simple low RAM freebie app I can run in the background all the time just so I can play the keyboard and actually hear a piano? It doesn't need to be a DAW, I just want to be able to make sound without having to fire up CbB every time.
  7. Because so much of my CbB work is being used in animations I'm also building, I'm finding more and more of my work would now more efficiently done on a tablet such as a Surface Pro with a pen. Image manipulation and animation specifically. However, I've stuck to my Desktop Tower PCs over the years because I can get a lot of processing power for cheaper than a laptop, plus my Midi and audio interface cards work in them. However, I'm wondering if maybe I'm behind the times, and a Surface Pro IS able to run CbB with 20 EastWest Composer Cloud instruments and Sonitus plug-ins using its onboard CPU and audio engine. I've always opted for the tower because it's cheaper for the horsepower I get, but now the infiltration of other stylus and touchscreen-based applications is maybe tipping the scales and it would be worth a little extra. All my document storage is cloud-based, though EastWest Composer Cloud instruments all need to be installed locally (ironic, huh) and are very big. Should I be thinking about switching to a Surface Pro so I can run CbC AND drawing tools and animation tools all on the same system?
  8. jkoseattle

    Mac equivalent

    It does not need to be cross-platform, but ideally it should be free or very inexpensive, and it should behave, in most regards, like Cakewalk. Because that's what I know. I don't know GarageBand, but let's tackle it the other way. What kinds of important functionality can I do with CbB that I can't do with Garage Band?
  9. jkoseattle

    Mac equivalent

    I'm proposing teaching a class in digital music production at a local school, and CbB is the obvious platform of choice for students because it's both full-featured and free. However, the school is balking because they are all Mac and are having a lot of trouble emulating Windows on VMWare, and therefore might decide to switch to all Mac instruction (most of what they teach is Adobe stuff). So to keep this ball rolling I'd like to offer some Mac alternative to CbB that I could use for teaching. I would need it also to be both full-featured and free, and just as importantly, it would need to be something I could use my Cakewalk chops to get up to speed on quickly (meaning it can't be a totally different workflow). Suggestions?
  10. Yeah, well that was it. How weird. I also checked to see if any keyboard shortcut mapped to anything like that and came up short. One of those thing, somehow all these track markers were selected in that Meter Options submenu. Thanks!
  11. OK then, here's Scene 2: https://youtu.be/nLBo5ssBVRs
  12. Been working on this a while, thought I'd put some of it out there finally. Feedback hoped for. https://youtu.be/o6YWWcVdSno
  13. I'm just now noticing these little flags that sprout up on top of clips during playback, with numbers in them that look like they indicate output levels or something. I've never seen those before. What's up with them? Why do only certain tracks have them and not others? Why do I need this information, whatever it is? What action am I supposed to take? And is there some configuration I can do with them? This is the thing with applications like CbB, there are so very many little widgets and features everywhere that you don't know what they're for, and so you don't even know what they might be called and so you don't know how to even look them up. I'm sure these little flags have some clever name like "Clip Fadoodles" or something, but I can't even hazard a guess and would just waste time hunting around the documentation for it. Which is why I go on here to ask "What's with those little flag thingies?" (I'm not knocking CbB at all, rather merely justifying why this forum is my go-to rather than RTFM.)
  14. I'm so confused. My Track Inspector (The leftmost pane for the selected track, contains volume at the bottom and ProChannel near the top, right?) Double-clicking the graph does nothing, and there's no double arrow to be seen
  15. Why is it that the Tempo functionality has remained pretty much unchanged in all these years? It's simply awful. I could start a list of things I hate about dealing with Tempos in CbB but it would be a long list, and I don't have any time left because I've spent the last half hour trying to get my tempos right. I just needed to vent.
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