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  1. jkoseattle

    Midi export empty

    I kept messing around with it, and at some point managed to get a file with data in it. Not sure what I did, but the urgency is off for me. If you'd like to reply, it may help someone else in the future, or me even, next time I have to do this. But for now, not sure what I did, but I'm moving on.
  2. jkoseattle

    Midi export empty

    I am trying to export a cwp project as Midi to work on in another DAW. I am getting an empty .mid file every time. I have tried manually selecting clips I want included, as well as trying selecting no clips at all, but no matter what I've tried, I get an empty file. The tracks themselves are listed correctly, but there is no midi content in those tracks. What am I doing wrong?
  3. It does nothing at all. No screen appears. It indicates in the taskbar that the program is running. That's all
  4. Thanks, I was able to download it, but it doesn't do anything, just sits there open.
  5. I have some CW projects that I will be exporting to another DAW. I would like to get some detailed info on the instruments and FX I have on the tracks in this song so that I can mimic it in the new DAW as best as possible, but I'm having trouble. I don't know what I did, but for some reason the project barely opens in CW anymore, and usually crashes. I opened it in safe mode so that I could at least export as Midi, but I need to know what instruments and FXs I'm using. When I try to open an instrument on a track (using Opus), the Opus player opens but does not go to the instrument being used by the track. Somehow it's forgotten that connection, don't know why. Is there any other way to learn what instruments I'm using on tracks in CW?
  6. Hey everyone, so sorry I ghosted you all! As for Studio One, the Sphere subscription does include their notation software, called Notion, which is super easy to learn. After a couple videos, I transcribed a string quartet of ten pages, and added all the articulations and dynamics no problem. And printing hasn't been a problem either. It even allows for a handwriting input if you have a touch screen with a stylus, as I do. Sort of amazing. Studio One also has this Project feature which is designed for entire albums, mastering, overall effects, track order, normalizing, all at the album level, and you can drill into any song in the project and edit it like normal, and the project just integrates it. Also amazing. @markno999 I don't want to use multiple DAWs no way no how. I have to get in the zone which is easier if you don't have to think about which DAW you're using. God knows I have enough applications I already have to know... That said, I'm going to still be using Cakewalk regularly as well as Studio One, as my next album is almost entirely trunk songs for which I have Cakewalk projects. I'm going to try migrating them into SO, I'll see how that goes @Starship Krupa I heard from EastWest that THEY are not supporting Cakewalk, not the other way around. EastWest tech support is where I got this information.
  7. Goodness me! Why would anyone have 6 DAW's! Yours is a good question though, here's why I'm switching: 1. Most of my sounds come from EastWest's Composer Cloud library, which is not cheap. Recently they came out with a new engine called Opus, which is a major improvement over their previous one. Game-changer. And does not run on Cakewalk. That was really the dealbreaker. 2. While I've developed a muscle memory over the years with Cakewalk, there are just far too many obvious things never fixed or improved that cause me to question what's been going on over there all these years. I've sort of lost trust in their dev team. My muscle memory, I came to realize, consists of too many workarounds that I've long since forgotten were workarounds. As a former software dev myself, the fact that so many obvious things have never been fixed over the years points me to one dreaded conclusion: Spaghetti code whose authors are no longer available. 3. The nagging refrain of "you get what you pay for" kept coming back to me, and Bandlab's unique business model makes me nervous as to Cakewalk's future. I have no evidence to support this, but I have a history of hitching my wagon to bum stars (as my attempt as a Windows Phone developer bears out, among many other examples). 4. I was interested in a creative shot in the arm which a forced new workflow would provide. -------------------- So now it's been over a month. I am reluctant to rag on Cakewalk here of course, but I must say, my Studio One learning has presented me with nearly constant moments of "Oh wow, that's so much easier than how Cakewalk does it". I've also learned that the dreaded DAW learning curve really isn't so bad. Most of my most common functions were programmed into my fancy gaming mouse buttons anyway, so all I had to do was program those same things into a new mouse configuration. Also, Studio One has a keyboard shortcut importer which supports Cakewalk, so yay. So far, the one major thing I'm missing from Cakewalk and which SO does not feature, and it's HUUGE for me, is Cakewalks ability to scrub through PRV at the speed at which you move your mouse. SO only lets you scrub at playback speed. Grrrr. Oh there are two, actually. The other one is the ability to playback all takes in a track simultaneously. And while Cakewalk gets way too clever with gradients and color schemes, SO doesn't get clever enough. It's super clean and simple UI is sometimes TOO clean and simple. But overall, SO has so many features that reflect a deep understanding of how people like me really compose music, and is chock full of features you didn't know you needed until you learn them. Lots of "oh yes, of COURSE!" moments. Hate to say so here, but, well..... it's better. However, I would not recommend switching unless you are a real power user of through-composed non-repetitive music, as at the basic level, they are mostly interchangeable, and it's hard to beat 'free'. What is better about SO is primarily the weedsy advanced stuff. OK, no seems like one can play my Spotify link, so after many hundreds of CW projects here's the 3rd to last one I ever did. 100% Cakewalk: https://spintunes.bandcamp.com/track/snorkeling-snorkeling
  8. Hello again. So far Studio One is proving to be pretty wonderful, only 1-2 things I really miss from Cakewalk. #1 being the ability to scrub in the PRV timeline at the speed of my mouse rather than at the song's actual tempo. That one is a big loss. HOWEVER... I realize that I've got all these years of unfinished projects in .cwp format that I need to go through. Starting a new thread here for that mammoth project.
  9. Farewell Cakewalk! I bought my first PC in 1989, and Cakewalk 3.0 for DOS: was the very first software I installed on it. So exciting! I got married, bought two houses, raised a dughter, and went through too many different jobs, and Cakewalk was one constant all those years. Using only Cakewalk and then Sonar and then again Cakewalk I have produced: Songs for Disney * half a dozen musicals * 1 opera * 4 albums * countless miscellaneous projects * hours of as-yet unreleased music * much more. Cakewalk was my first introduction to digital music production, and up until this weekend, has been my one and only DAW for 32 years!! I finally decided it's time to move on, however, and am switching to Presonus Studio One as of this weekend. I have a month of downtime, (well not really, but only low-stakes projects to work on) and holiday break coming up, so now's the time. So I thought I'd write this little note into the the ether so just say an enormous THANK YOU to all the devs, support people and helpful forum chatters for all the great work and help. It's going to be really hard losing my decades-old workflow patterns, custom keystrokes, and general way of looking at music that Cakewalk has afforded me. But it's an exciting time as I acquire new ways of working, custom keystrokes, and hopefully will get new inspiration from it. Thanks, Cakewalk, I'm forever grateful, and I bid you a fond farewell (sniff)! I will leave you all with a link to one of the most enormous and complicated pieces I ever created using this terrific software. What you hear was entirely produced in Cakewalk. https://open.spotify.com/track/0Q3dd8ydsw2HK3n2Xi4LD4?si=38c375181ced4ff8
  10. BECAUSE YOU KNEW WHERE TO LOOK. I went to Cakewalk.com, Technical Support. Seems pretty logical. Also, Cakewalk was crashing, not going to go in there to find help.. Nothing better when someone is frustrated to tell them why they are dumb to be frustrated.
  11. I just installed the amazing Opus plug in from EastWest. I'm building a Cakewalk template using mostly Opus instances. Cakewalk crashes without warning or error messages consistently and seemingly at random. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  12. Cakewalk is crashing regularly due to a recently added plugin. I wanted to ask support about this, so rather than post here first, I went to the support page > Contact > Email Support. I was then presented with several options. I needed technical support, so I went to the drop down for the product. Cakewalk by Bandlab is not listed at all. A bunch of versions of Sonar are though, so I picked one, and am given a link to articles relating to the product. There is nowhere I can see to contact technical support with my question. Bandlab people: Try and remember that when people go to technical support, they are already stressed out. Make it easy on us. If you don't offer support for CbB, just tell us so. If you do, then make it MUCH easier to access. As it is, I'm posting my question here.
  13. jkoseattle

    White noise squirts

    When my orchestra really gets going, CW will respond with little short spurts of white noise. Because it only happens when the full orchestra is playing, I suspect it's some sort of overload of some sort. I have narrowed it down to the Piccolo playing high and the double basses, playing very low. What do I do to correct this?
  14. Oh excellent! I haven't finished a project to export since my last update, guess I would have seen that eventually. (Tomorrow by 6pm eek)
  15. @John Vere Wow wow wow!!! HUGE time saver! THANK YOU!! @57Gregy Wow wow wow!!! HUGE time saver! THANK YOU!! See, there's always a good reason to post here! My god, two huge time savers in the space of a few moments! You'd think when there are so many different ways of doing things in CW, that I'd have stumbled across one of them at some point. But no. Thanks again.
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