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  1. jkoseattle

    PRV Snap toggle

    I had assigned a keystroke to PRV snap resolution toggle, but when I started messing around with my shortcuts, I accidentally lost that, and now I can't find it again. I KNOW there's a way because it's been working for a very long time, but now that it's lost, I don't see anything in keyboard shortcuts to toggle that PRV Snap Resolution. Also, my keystroke simultaneously toggled the Track View snap resolution, which I AM finding as Ctrl-Alt-0. Any idea how I can get this back? While I'm asking, why is it that when I change a keystroke, CW decides to remember what it used to be bound to, sometimes, but not all the time, and I can't make out when or why. And yes, I know that there are global bindings and view-specific bindings and I need to be careful when changing shortcuts so that I don't have conflicts. I get all that (though the shortcuts UI certainly doesn't try and make it easy!). But even when I'm careful and make sure my shortcut is set up properly and isn't conflicting with some previous binding, I will save preferences, and then try to use the shortcut and SOMETIMES it works, sometimes not. Or it will work a few times and then later use its old binding, or sometimes it won't ever work and I just give up. Buggy AF. Any help there?
  2. Yes, well that's the only place I can find the feature at all. Where do I set the ratios, and can you get it to actually work?
  3. Does this feature still exist? I haven't seen it in years, but it used to be quite useful. I was looking for a keyboard shortcut to quickly change tempo, but I realized that what I really want is the Tempo Ratio thing, because when I change it it's usually a tempo-rary (ha) change so that I can cleanly record a swift passage, then go back to normal tempo.
  4. @John Vere Thanks for all the detail, and thanks for the gentle RTFU nudge :-). The "D" key was the solution in my case, didn't know about that. Occasionally I am using just the laptop with no external monitors, so that first scenario is going to come in handy. When at my studio I have two external monitors side by side. When working on a piece I like to have the Multi Dock spread across those two monitors so there's lots of horizontal space, and then have Track View down on the laptop screen for track switching, soloing etc. When it comes time to mess with the Arranger or otherwise work on the piece at a more macro level, then I like it the other way around, so that Track View is above spanning two monitors and the Multi Dock below. I always drag them manually (I don't have to do this very often), though I know there is a sexier solution with workspaces. Thanks again, super helpful.
  5. jkoseattle

    Multi dock disappeared

    Somehow, I've managed to make it so I can't bring up any views at all. I have track view open, but trying to get to PRV or Console view etc nothing happens. I've long ago learned that when that happens, to look for a tiny window in the bottom corner which I have to maximize, but no tiny window now, trying to open any view does nothing at all. This seems to be project-based. Exiting out of CW entirely does not fix it for this project, but other projects work fine. How can I resolve this? (Years and years of wrestling with that stupid Multi Dock. In attempting to make things easy, Cakewalk has managed to make switching among different views exquisitely confusing at every turn. I really, really hate the multi-dock system. I've never understood it, it never seems to behave how I expect, and there are so many different configuration options that there's no way to keep them straight. There are "workspaces", and there are "views", and there is "docking", but it's proprietary docking of some kind which is different from regular Windows docking. And if you have multiple monitors, all bets are off. Cakewalk, it's too frickin' COMPLICATED. Can't I just have tabs along the top of the screen like every other application does? Honestly, the multi-dock is the #1 reason I am tempted to switch to a different DAW entirely.)
  6. jkoseattle

    Quarter-tone piano

    That's not the effect I'm going for. This is a quarter tone piece. It's part of a whole album for two pianos, so the patches are fixed because a bunch of other pieces use them too, but this particular track is the only quarter tone one. Because the VST does not allow for tuning, I'm bouncing the track to audio, de-tuning in Adobe Audition and re-importing. Ugh.
  7. jkoseattle

    Quarter-tone piano

    I am writing pieces for two pianos, and am using two specific EW Play sounds. I would like to be able to de-tune one or both of them, and I can't figure it out, either on the Play side or the Cakewalk side. How is this done? Using TruePianos by Cakewalk, deep in the advanced properties one can find a way to do this, but I don't want to use that sound, and much prefer the EastWest pianoes I've chosen.
  8. I am transferring old VHS tapes to .mp4 files. It sounds fine in the app when ripping, but I'm getting strange results when opening in CW. Also, during playback the audio is heard twice, about a second apart, creating an echo effect. Does anyone recognize what's going on here? FWIW I also tried importing the video into Camtasia, and while the audio sounds fine (not doubled), I am not seeing any waveform information. Exporting audio out of Camtasia and then opening the resulting audio file in Adobe Audition shows the same strange waveforms but this time no sound at all.
  9. at's how I've been doing it, but what invariably happens of course is that halfway through a project I'll realize some effects or levels or whatever need to change across the board for that instrument, meaning going back through every tracks I thought I had finished. Not to mention the reality that I will make tweaks to tracks in individual songs that I will neglect to "globalize". Maybe the middle ground is to do that just at the end when all the individual songs are essentially finished.
  10. Hey, with the new Arranger feature, I'm wondering if there's any reason I can't just build my entire frickin' album in a single CW file. This way, it's trivial to adjust levels and effects etc for an instrument that propagates through every track. I'm thinking I'll just put each track in its own arranger section, and also put a few minutes of space between each one. Is there any penalty to doing this? Most of the album is only two instruments (with a few more dummy tracks, so maybe 5-6 tracks in total). Is there any reason I can't open a single CW file and use arranger sections they way I normally have separate projects? I would have a project over an hour in length, I'm wondering if that's ok.
  11. Aha!!!!!!! THAT'S how I was doing it! THANK YOU!!
  12. Am I crazy or didn't CW have this feature a while ago? Coulda sworn.... I thought it was possible to change the Now time when paused or during playback by clicking inside the bar representing a section in the Arranger. For example, when building an arrangement out of a bunch of sections, I often want to test the transition between one section and another. I THOUGHT I used to be able to click somewhere near the right end of one section bar, and playback would start there, but it seems like I can only start playback from the very beginning of a section, meaning to hear the transition without going through the entire section requires working within PRV or TV. Am I crazy or wasn't there a time when that was possible?
  13. Oh all right. One step above "Google it", but point taken.
  14. I have a project which is ten minutes long and is split up into a couple dozen arranger sections. I've composed a new section. Taking advantage of the Arranger, I put my new section way off past the end of the piece while I was deciding if I wanted it, and just used an arrangement to audition how it fits in with what's already there. (Wow, what an improvement that feature is!!! Thanks, CW!!) So... now I'm happy with the new arrangement. I've used the Commit Arrangement to Project feature before, and it works very nicely. However, this was for re-arranging an entire piece. In this instance, I am just replacing one section with another, and the rest of the work, another 15-20 sections going 8 more minutes, is as yet untouched. My arrangement only has the few sections I was working through and not the whole enchilada. If I Commit to Arrangement, will I lose all the subsequent sections? Should I just drag all the subsequent untouched sections onto the end of this new arrangement just to keep things after the change the same? I don't want to lose stuff. What is the best practice in this case? Example: Original version: Sections 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 in that order New version: New Section 13 created, placed way past the end of section 12 in the timeline. And I've decided 13 needs to go between 3 and 4. And arrangement I've been listening to bears this out. That arrangement consists of only 1,2,3,13, and 4 New desired version: 1,2,3,13,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
  15. jkoseattle

    Unplugging the Surface

    This may get asked frequently. Apologies. I run CW on a Surface Pro. Normally when it's plugged into my dock I use ASIO driver mode and it goes into my mixer etc and it's great. If I want to go mobile I switch CW to Wasapi Shared mode and then can use my airpods. It's not the smoothest experience, but it seems reliable enough. However, when I go back to my studio and plug the thing into the dock again, I switch the driver mode back to ASIO and audio works. HOWEVER, now my Midi keyboard will not play. I check under Midi Devices and there it is, just like it's supposed to be, checked and everything. But no input. So I unplug and re-plug the keyboard. If it hasn't already, CW notices a new Midi device and I tell it that yes, I want to re-route to it. But it won't play. I also set Midi input to None in the track and then choose the Midi keyboard again. No go. I have to exit CW entirely. So frustrating. Any help?
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