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  1. BECAUSE YOU KNEW WHERE TO LOOK. I went to Cakewalk.com, Technical Support. Seems pretty logical. Also, Cakewalk was crashing, not going to go in there to find help.. Nothing better when someone is frustrated to tell them why they are dumb to be frustrated.
  2. I just installed the amazing Opus plug in from EastWest. I'm building a Cakewalk template using mostly Opus instances. Cakewalk crashes without warning or error messages consistently and seemingly at random. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  3. Cakewalk is crashing regularly due to a recently added plugin. I wanted to ask support about this, so rather than post here first, I went to the support page > Contact > Email Support. I was then presented with several options. I needed technical support, so I went to the drop down for the product. Cakewalk by Bandlab is not listed at all. A bunch of versions of Sonar are though, so I picked one, and am given a link to articles relating to the product. There is nowhere I can see to contact technical support with my question. Bandlab people: Try and remember that when people go to technical support, they are already stressed out. Make it easy on us. If you don't offer support for CbB, just tell us so. If you do, then make it MUCH easier to access. As it is, I'm posting my question here.
  4. jkoseattle

    White noise squirts

    When my orchestra really gets going, CW will respond with little short spurts of white noise. Because it only happens when the full orchestra is playing, I suspect it's some sort of overload of some sort. I have narrowed it down to the Piccolo playing high and the double basses, playing very low. What do I do to correct this?
  5. Oh excellent! I haven't finished a project to export since my last update, guess I would have seen that eventually. (Tomorrow by 6pm eek)
  6. @John Vere Wow wow wow!!! HUGE time saver! THANK YOU!! @57Gregy Wow wow wow!!! HUGE time saver! THANK YOU!! See, there's always a good reason to post here! My god, two huge time savers in the space of a few moments! You'd think when there are so many different ways of doing things in CW, that I'd have stumbled across one of them at some point. But no. Thanks again.
  7. jkoseattle

    Arrangement disabled

    Plugging along with this complicated piece. I've got arranger sections all over the place. Why can't I drag and drop to an arrangement? Why can't a re-sort sections in an arrangement? Why can't I play the arrangement? All that is disabled. WHY??? Also, why can't I save an arrangement as a new project anymore? EDIT: Figured it out. Hover over the disabled Arranger play button and it tells you exactly why it's disabled. Region FX in my case. How arbitrary, but I get that there's some software developer-y reason for it down in the depth somewhere, so I totally get it. Sorry to bother everyone, maybe someone else will find this useful. I guess when a deadline looms and CW isn't playing ball, one can get into something of a panic, and it feels good to just post here in hopes someone will happen to be online and just know the answer. :-)
  8. jkoseattle

    Grayed out stuff

    Seems to me that a pretty frequent cause of frustration in CW has to do with something being grayed out that is normally available, and we have no clue as to why. A grayed out option is like a locked door with no sign on it saying why it's locked. Terrible user experience. How about instead of graying out options, put them in parentheses to let the user know the option is not available, but they can still click on it, and when they do, they get an error message telling them WHY that option is unavailable. Tall ask I know, but throwing that out there.
  9. No I've never used Ripple Edit much.
  10. Well, question half answered. The remainder of the 83 minute piece WAS in fact successfully deleted, eliminating the sluggishness from the software, so victory there. However, hitting Ctrl-End still takes me to bar 4455, so it's still irritating but not quite so bad. How many people have been frustrated with this in the past I wonder. I just have to remember not to just Select All and then export to audio!
  11. This project is super sluggish. So frustrating. On a whim I hit Ctrl-End, and I was taken to measure 4455, One hour and 23 minutes in. Went to the REAL end of the piece, at about 12 minutes. Hit Ctrl-A to select all Selected From=Now, so supposedly everything after the 12 minute mark should be selected. Hit Delete. CW still thinks it's a 4000 measure piece. Repeated the above steps, but instead of hitting delete, chose Cut Special, and checked every box that was checkable in the dialog. Hit OK No improvement. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Please help
  12. Yikes, I have a ton of pitch correction ahead of me today. Dozens of audio clips. All day long. First one.... My practice has always been to apply Melodyne (5) to a clip, then when done hit Ctrl-Shift-A to Apply Audio Effect, so that I don't end up with a whole bunch of Melodyne effects all over the place. (Once the pitch correction is done, I don't need/want the Melodyne effect sitting in there taking up CPU.) But this morning, Apply Audio Effect is disabled. Why????? (btw, I tried using Region FX but am getting unreliable results, so I'm going back to this way, my old method.) Help!!!
  13. @msmcleod Thank you so much for that explanation. I know that took a significant chunk out of your day to type up. This is pretty close to my understanding, but my experience has not mirrored that exactly. If I insert a new soft synth, my options are for Cakewalk to either create One Track to Rule Them All, or else a separate track for every potential output. If I choose the latter, then I get a shovelful of tracks, most of which I won't be needing. Yet. So I hide them, not knowing how many of those tracks I might need later if I add instruments to the soft synth. Once I have done this, however, Append Instrument Track is grayed out because CW has already made all the tracks so there's no more room. But if those tracks were hidden, you might forget they are there and try to Append. But wait... THIS one I'm looking at right now has Append Instrument track grayed out, yet Track Manager doesn't show all these supposed other tracks, so it's clearly NOT filled up. I have to then manually add another track. PITA. Also, it's cute how CW wants to help out by creating all these tracks, but it's actually more of a time suck than just Appending tracks as needed, because YOU CAN'T RENAME THE SOFT SYNTH FROM THE DIALOG. So all these lovely tracks CW makes for you ALL have to be renamed eventually. Not to mention you can't assign the audio output to a bus until after you've created the track, which means manually setting every one even though they are all coming through the same soft synth.... ??? Oh, and even Appending Instrument Track does not respect the output routing of the track you are appending from, so no matter how you slice it, you have to set the output bus one by one by one by one.... You said "the clips view shows the MIDI part, and the track view shows the Audio part". This confuses me. I'm using instrument tracks almost exclusively, and in Track View I have never seen the audio, only the Midi clips. It sounds like you're telling me there's a way to see the audio on these tracks? Lastly, while we're on the topic of soft synths, what's the diff between VST2 and VST3. My plugin has both versions but I don't perceive any difference.
  14. Oh, THAT thing. An old friend for years. Yeah, I couldn't live without that.
  15. I don't know where you are talking about. Sounds worth looking at, could you explain in more detail? Where do I drag it?
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