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  1. Yeah, well that was it. How weird. I also checked to see if any keyboard shortcut mapped to anything like that and came up short. One of those thing, somehow all these track markers were selected in that Meter Options submenu. Thanks!
  2. OK then, here's Scene 2: https://youtu.be/nLBo5ssBVRs
  3. Been working on this a while, thought I'd put some of it out there finally. Feedback hoped for. https://youtu.be/o6YWWcVdSno
  4. I'm just now noticing these little flags that sprout up on top of clips during playback, with numbers in them that look like they indicate output levels or something. I've never seen those before. What's up with them? Why do only certain tracks have them and not others? Why do I need this information, whatever it is? What action am I supposed to take? And is there some configuration I can do with them? This is the thing with applications like CbB, there are so very many little widgets and features everywhere that you don't know what they're for, and so you don't even know what they might be called and so you don't know how to even look them up. I'm sure these little flags have some clever name like "Clip Fadoodles" or something, but I can't even hazard a guess and would just waste time hunting around the documentation for it. Which is why I go on here to ask "What's with those little flag thingies?" (I'm not knocking CbB at all, rather merely justifying why this forum is my go-to rather than RTFM.)
  5. I'm so confused. My Track Inspector (The leftmost pane for the selected track, contains volume at the bottom and ProChannel near the top, right?) Double-clicking the graph does nothing, and there's no double arrow to be seen
  6. Why is it that the Tempo functionality has remained pretty much unchanged in all these years? It's simply awful. I could start a list of things I hate about dealing with Tempos in CbB but it would be a long list, and I don't have any time left because I've spent the last half hour trying to get my tempos right. I just needed to vent.
  7. Yes, this is in Console View. I'm talking about Track View.
  8. jkoseattle

    Hide empty tracks

    Funny, I also keep track folder names in all caps. I also put a bunch of spaces before the name so that track folder names are indented. But no more, since they're gone now. OK, so Bob, you've given me a great compromise idea here. I'm going to keep the track colors for sections, which is handy, but I'm going to put every track I haven't used yet into a big empty Tracks folder. Then when I decide I want to use a certain instruments, I'll just take it out. So.... this is what I have now in my "Jim Anything" template: DUMMY folder - a couple piano tracks, a couple organ tracks, for instrumental and vocal line scratch pads. These instruments are the quick loading TruePianos and DimensionLE. all other instruments are unloaded, so that should an idea strike I can open a new project quickly (important!). VOCAL folder - contains a dozen or so audio tracks for leads, BGV, etc., with the buses and everything already set up. I usually don't record vocals until later on down the line, so this is ok UNUSED folder - contains about 40 tracks, colored by section, all ready to go except their instruments are unloaded. When I want to bring an instrument into the fray, I will drag it out of the UNUSED track folder. It son't be in a folder at all in fact. DRUM OUTPUT folder - contains all the audio outputs for my drums, only used at mixdown time. In fact, I should just hide this folder. This is gonna be great!
  9. jkoseattle

    Hide empty tracks

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. Muchof this stuff i'm already aware of, but not all, so I picked up a few tips! We are actually doing things very similarly. I have one track folder for all my vocals, which I'm keeping. I also have a track folder called "Dummy" that has half a dozen scratch tracks. Everything else is instrument tracks, of which there about about 40. Used to be that sections each had their own folder. Now sections are distinguished by track colors (which reflect the output bus). Where I used to have track folders for "Band", "Strings", "Percussion", "Brass" etc., now I'm relying on the colors. The big problem I have with track folders, which your post doesn't address, is that it shows clips representing the aggregate of all the clips in that folder's tracks. I don't want this. Say for example I have a piece with a violin, bass gtr, flute and xylophone. In my previous setup each of these instruments resided in a different track folder, so in addition to the clips for the four instruments, there are these useless "folder clips" as well, so my TV screen looks like there are eight tracks with data in them, only that four of them are fake news as they are these track folder aggregate things. Once things start to get thick, and different instruments come in and out over the course of the piece, and you can see how this would get unnecessarily cluttered. I do use the H shortcut all the time, but what I was hoping for would be another button in the Track Manager labeled "Empty" that would allow me to toggle empty tracks.
  10. jkoseattle

    Hide empty tracks

    Simple question: Is there any way to hide empty tracks? I'm trying to reduce clutter in TV so I've done away with track folders completely because I can't remove those "ghost clips" which look exactly like real clips but serve little purpose, and now I'd like to be able to quickly hide empty tracks so I'm just looking at the piece I'm working on and not a bunch of instruments I'm not using.
  11. I have been trying to use the ProChannel EQ on my latest projects because I like the UI and I like how it's bundled in and easy to see in Console. However, it's kind of inconvenient to use. In TV or PRV for example it seems I only have access to that unusable tiny rendition of the plug-in, in he strip on the left, and it I want to open it up for more detailed editing I need to go to Console and then I need to click those obscure little buttons to get it to open up. Am I missing something? I'm tending to go back to Sonitus EQ just for this reason.
  12. Oh, ok, I'm talking about doing this in PRV
  13. Interesting. That works. I have channel input set to None all the time anyway, but Event Inspector will work. I'm used to using keyswitches most of the time, but in this case the patches I'm using cross multiple instruments. Also, I think I wasn't clear on my other need. I know about holding down shift to move notes in time, but what I would want (in a situation where I'm displaying multiple tracks in PRV) is to select some notes in one track, then simply move them to another track without changing their place in time. The only way I know of to accomplish this is to ensure the Now time is set to the beginning of your selection, which can be tricky. Maybe there is a shortcut for moving the Now time to the start of the selection? IOW the start of the green bar?
  14. Ah ok, I was afraid of that. EastWest Play has a lot of real estate devoted to adding in multiple instruments on different channels, it seems disappointing that CbB can't take a little more advantage of that. I often edit multiple tracks in PRV and can see how that method could work, but what would make it much more usable would be two things, which I've mentioned in previous posts as potentially great features: 1) A Randomize color feature. Usually I don't care what color my tracks are. What I care about is that the colors are different enough that I can tell them apart in PRV. I want to be able to tell CbB "make the colors of all the tracks I'm looking at in PRV different enough that I can tell them apart" 2) The ability to select notes and move them to a different track right in place. Currently I have to cut and paste, which would even be ok except for the fact that the Now time has to be exaaactly at the start of the selection or else CbB pastes it to wherever the now time is. So annoying.
  15. Thanks for all the ideas. The XLN thing looks pretty nice, I'll see what I can get from the comments here though. also installed Izotope Vinyl, which I think might have come with an old version of Sonar because it looks familiar. It's a little too basic I think, but will certainly be helpful.
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