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  1. @DeeringAmps: AmpliTube 3 is not registered as VST3, but as VST (implies 2?). Purchasing AmpliTube 4 is no option... @JonD: the interrupt idea sounds reasonable, but the frequency is strongly influenced by the selected buffer size (about 1 Hz at maximum / 10 Hz at minimum buffer size). Nevertheless, I checked latencymon, but again with negative result: Generally, I decided not to pursue this issue any more. The strategic decision is to switch from AmpliTube to TH3 Cakewalk Edition, and my efforts just aimed at a smooth transition where I could optimize the new TH3 sounds bit by bit whenever I like and play with the old sounds in the meantime. Now, the optimization of the new sounds was a bit more urgent and is now 70% done, and I will finish it next weekend the latest.
  2. I tried it and got rid off several Steinberg related entries in the file. @chuckebaby : right, it's only this plugin, everything else is fine. So I think I will either follow your advice to post it over at IK or accelerate the phase out AmpliTube 3 and replace it with TH3 sounds. 2. is my long term plan anyway, but this would be much easier if I had the chance to easily toggle between the new sounds and the undisturbed reference sounds. Thank you very much for help anyway!
  3. Good hint - when installing the Steinberg driver, I discovered an even older VOX Tonelab driver 😞 Both are removed now, the Focusrite driver is reinstalled (now only USB, no Thunderbolt), but unfortunately no change so far.
  4. Thank you very much for your hint! I just reduced the set up to the minimum: ASIO driver only used by Cakewalk Only one track with only one plugin AmpliTube 3 Unfortunately this did not change anything. The strange thing is that the dropouts / crackles are exactly periodic. The period is a bit too fast to serve as a metronome 😉
  5. Hi, some days ago, I replaced my Steinberg UR12 audio interface with Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen (Windows 10 64 bit system). Since that, the AmpliTube 3 plugin produces dropouts in constant frequency. About one per second at maximum buffer setting 1024, constantly accelerating when reducing the buffer. The Overloud TH3 plugin works fine, same with AmpliTube 3 standalone. Anyone can help me? Thanks a lot in advance Mark
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