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  1. Hi there I have multiple issues with Copy Paste. It was noted first at the end of Sonar age and persists with all new updates. Often it resolves with restarting computer, but today I can't fix one of the forms of this problem. Usually, when I Copy something, it would not Paste. Yes, I have right track selected, I click Paste and nothing happens. Sometime, if I use Paste Special, I can't get it back to regular Paste- it just keeps the same parameters from Paste Special, even when I use Paste (regular). Also in Paste Special- if I want to copy something 4 times with 4 measures in between- how do I tell it to? That setting in the middle, I set it to 4 measures, but it pastes wrong. If my clip is 8 bard, do I put 4 bars for interval or 12 bard as 8+4 to make 4 measures between clips? Now today the problem is totally new. Cant paste MIDI track. If I am looking at this track, it looks normal, I colored it in Blue, so it is blue. But when I expand "Takes" view, it has 2 takes, both contain clips but both appear gray, as if they were muted. But I can still Mute it and then it stops playing, Unmute and it playing. The notes show up in Piano Roll. But takes tracks gray (not blue) and I can't Copy it. Initially, I had only one clip (made with 2 takes). I copied it and with great difficulties Pasted it like 8 times. I could not set it to paste with certain interval, so I manually Pasted it like 10 times. Then I kept first clip (original) and in Piano Roll was working with 2nd copied clip which had notes in Piano roll, so I deleted some and entered new notes. Now Take tracks are gray and would not copy. I select. It is very difficult to select just one track. I make this track Active, and select in Piano roll. I expect only notes in that track get highlighted, but ALL TRACKS frequently get highlighted as if I wanted to copy all tracks. So eventually I am able to highlight just clips in Take. Everything is white- selected. Click Copy. Then want to click Paste, but Paste is grayed out as if nothing was copied. Also I found some notes in another track, not sure if this was new part or old attempts to paste from previous session. Another issue: What is it fat white vertical line on the track? Looks like Split, but not Split. This is on another track. How did I created it and what is it for? Looks like track was playing up to that point and then becomes silent. I fixed it somehow, but the line is still there. Thanks. Frustrated. It almost not usable!
  2. Astral

    Need Computer SubForum

    Hey there I wanted to ask a question about computer functionality and there is no computer subforum! Please, create! We had great discussions about the studio set ups!
  3. Astral

    BandLab Assistant can't update

    Ok, thank you very much.
  4. Astral

    BandLab Assistant can't update

    That's the same link that on their web site front page, right?
  5. Astral

    BandLab Assistant can't update

    The link on bandLab site says 45MB- that must be only BlA? Do I need to uninstall first? Thanks.
  6. Astral

    BandLab Assistant can't update

    Wait a minute! What am I downloading and installing? is it just BandLab Assistant or is it full installation of Cakewalk? Thanks.
  7. Astral

    BandLab Assistant can't update

    Thank you for reply. Do I have an error or did everybody had to reinstall? Do I have to uninstall first or will it install over existing? Thank you.
  8. Hey there When I start my computer, BandLab Assistance always loads on startup, and it has update. When I click on Update, it says "Something went wrong. Please, try again", and don\t matter how many times I click- it just stays on the same message. I close and reopen it and oit reopens right back to the same message. How do I fix this? Thank you.