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  1. Thank you for your reply. I started to copy one of the audio files from E to D. It had about 4Gb of audio files and it been over hour, it slowly copying about 30%. When attempt to play these audio files, it sounds intermittent- like it plays-stops-plays-stops. Want to see if it copies normally. I already received new drive that will be E. I do not have back up for couple of songs we were working on, but that's ok- nothing special. Will see if these files play normally. The E drive is over 5 years, so no warranty. But it was barely used, not sure why it would go bad. Back in the day I build $4000 Dell because it had SCSI drives- 15,000 RPM. Seagate Cheetahs. Each drive was like 900$, I had 3. 1st died on arrival, had to reinstall Windows- Dell sent me new drive, then 2nd one die- so 2 out of 3 died in 5 years. I bought brand new 8TB external drive from Seagate and that thing had the same problem as my current E- tests would not run, back up would freeze... Seagate is not as reliable as everybody thinks. Be aware.
  2. Installed Disk Info. I dont know where it installed- not seeing icon, so to open it using exe file, which is probably not ideal. Takes it a minute to open. So all disks healthy, E disk shows Yellow, Caution. Realocated sector count- 99, Current Pending Sector Count- 46, Uncorrected Sector Count 46- those are yellow, everything else is blue. What can I do with this information? Can it be fixed? Thank you.
  3. Another issue is that I am trying to play .wav files by double clicking on them. The Groove music app opens and says, "Nothing to show here- try another file". Was able to play short file from C drive, but long files from E drive start and stop and start and stop- sound like buffering. Maybe because I have 2 testing utilities running now. Also trying to test E- drive with Seagate Tools and it runs scan on one of disks but not able to run on another (not identified by letter).
  4. I am trying to run Disk Check by Windows. I just started but so far I see no progress. I did not want to install CrystalDisk as I could not figure what download link is healthy. Right now Cakewalk does not open- main window opens and then it just spinning, saying it is Not Responding. Now it says, "Windows was not able to scan this drive. Try the scan again. If problem persists, Scan and repair drive. Ok- this is E drive where I store projects. Not C drive. E drive is only for recording. Gotta try again.
  5. Yep- the newer project also has audio dropout and hangs for almost a minute before play starts and then stops with audio dropout. What do I do? Uninstall and reinstall Cake? Thank you.
  6. Thank you for the reply. I would not think the hard drive would be going out, but I have to look at it. First of all 2013 custom built computer is not that old. It had top of the line for the time 3770K processor and good motherboard. There is maybe 15% increase in functionality in hardware from that time. This is dedicated music only computer and was used very lightly- couple of times a week. With that said- when I built newer computer, Kaby Lake, I am not sure if I replaced that drive or put new drive in to new computer. I have like 6 or more drives in that computer. E drive is dedicated recording drive- Seagate, 72rpm. Yes, Seagates do go bad- I had it happened. The project that has issue was made on my newer computer and then file was copied- I dont remember if I transported it as package file or if I just copied all folders from one E drive to another. These 2 computers have similar configuration. But aside all of that- the file used to work a month ago. I was able to play 7 minutes song- it was near completion. So I do not understand why it talks about external audio and why it has audio dropout. Yes, it has like 50 tracks, but it normally able to handle it. I was able to open newer small project last night and it was playing, but I have to look at it more. Thank you.
  7. Hi Not sure when and how it started- was it right after the latest update or little after- we used to be able to use software and now we cant do anything. When opening the program, it spinning and spinning just to open project selection window (recent projects). Then if it does opens it- I click on the project that used to work and now it spinning and spinning and then it says- program is not responding. If I wait long enough with this project, it hangs on "Loading audio regions". and after like 10 minutes, it says, "Some external audio files could not be found and were replaced with silence". Or- it opens the project but when I click Play, it spinning and spinning and can't play. Any thoughts? What do I do? This is Ivy Bridge 3770K processor, 2013 computer with many soft synths and effects on it. Thank you. When the project finally opens, I hit Play, it waits at least a minute, starts playing and then has audio dropout. I currently use M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R. The buffer is set to 256. I wanted to increase buffer size, but it grayed out. The clock of audio interface set to Internal. I cant change it- it also grayed out. It says, "Because driver is streaming, many settings may not be adjusted. Because Sync source is internal, the sample rate may be adjusted and external digital signal will be ignored". What in the world it means? I can adjust sample rate in Cakewalk, but buffer size is not adjustable.
  8. This morning they all were there, on screen one. So in some way- they were opening off screen (Thank you, Mr. Obvious.) In my defense- I have 3 screens connected. 3rd screen is never in use and most of time stays off, so windows dont usually go there, so I did not check. The reason I closed all windows was because I suspected it opens somewhere behind and I wanted to have clear 1st and 2nd screen. Interesting femonina is that they all returned to 1st screen because I turned screen 1 and 2 off for the night and turned only one screen on the morning. If they were on screen 3, I am not sure what made them to come back. My observation is that if you want all your windows to migrate to powered on screen all the time- buy nVidea graphics. If you want them to stay where they were placed- buy AMD graphics. I do not remember my windows jumping to powered on screen when I had computer with AMD graphics. This build has nVidea and it detects screens and forces everything to move. This is irritating because I like to turn off one screen when I dont need it (if I am just checking e-mail or go on internet) and I dont need all my opened projects and instruments jump on it because I turn off 2nd screen. But this is likely above the scope of Cakewalk. Bob, I never saw that icon- thanks- it is cute little icon!
  9. Hi there I have this project. I can't open any instrument windows from Synth Rack. Usually I would double click on a keyboard icon in Instrument Rack and window would open. Last thing I did was inserting Kontakt instrument. It must be Kontakt 6 because it just says Kontakt (not Kontakt 5). The things I was doing before- were- deleting few audio tracks, some instrument tracks that had no data on it. Before that- I was trying to rename instrument, so I was typing instrument name, hit space bar, song started playing and my control bar disappeared. So I reopened it. But those are barely related. I already restarted computer 3 times. Other projects I can open instrument window fine. This project- after I inserter this Kontakt, it did not open window. I decided to close all windows (I had 6 instrument windows open) so I can see where this Kontakt window opens- nowhere! And now all other 6 windows would not reopen. If I insert new instrument- it opens window fine and if I close it- I can reopen it with double click in Synth Rack. But not existing instruments that were there before I inserted Kontakt (Including several instances of Kontakt and Ujam). Thank you.
  10. Hi there I have multiple issues with Copy Paste. It was noted first at the end of Sonar age and persists with all new updates. Often it resolves with restarting computer, but today I can't fix one of the forms of this problem. Usually, when I Copy something, it would not Paste. Yes, I have right track selected, I click Paste and nothing happens. Sometime, if I use Paste Special, I can't get it back to regular Paste- it just keeps the same parameters from Paste Special, even when I use Paste (regular). Also in Paste Special- if I want to copy something 4 times with 4 measures in between- how do I tell it to? That setting in the middle, I set it to 4 measures, but it pastes wrong. If my clip is 8 bard, do I put 4 bars for interval or 12 bard as 8+4 to make 4 measures between clips? Now today the problem is totally new. Cant paste MIDI track. If I am looking at this track, it looks normal, I colored it in Blue, so it is blue. But when I expand "Takes" view, it has 2 takes, both contain clips but both appear gray, as if they were muted. But I can still Mute it and then it stops playing, Unmute and it playing. The notes show up in Piano Roll. But takes tracks gray (not blue) and I can't Copy it. Initially, I had only one clip (made with 2 takes). I copied it and with great difficulties Pasted it like 8 times. I could not set it to paste with certain interval, so I manually Pasted it like 10 times. Then I kept first clip (original) and in Piano Roll was working with 2nd copied clip which had notes in Piano roll, so I deleted some and entered new notes. Now Take tracks are gray and would not copy. I select. It is very difficult to select just one track. I make this track Active, and select in Piano roll. I expect only notes in that track get highlighted, but ALL TRACKS frequently get highlighted as if I wanted to copy all tracks. So eventually I am able to highlight just clips in Take. Everything is white- selected. Click Copy. Then want to click Paste, but Paste is grayed out as if nothing was copied. Also I found some notes in another track, not sure if this was new part or old attempts to paste from previous session. Another issue: What is it fat white vertical line on the track? Looks like Split, but not Split. This is on another track. How did I created it and what is it for? Looks like track was playing up to that point and then becomes silent. I fixed it somehow, but the line is still there. Thanks. Frustrated. It almost not usable!
  11. Hey there I wanted to ask a question about computer functionality and there is no computer subforum! Please, create! We had great discussions about the studio set ups!
  12. That's the same link that on their web site front page, right?
  13. The link on bandLab site says 45MB- that must be only BlA? Do I need to uninstall first? Thanks.
  14. Wait a minute! What am I downloading and installing? is it just BandLab Assistant or is it full installation of Cakewalk? Thanks.
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