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  1. I wish I could just start project and go straight to work. But no. I have to spend time figuring out why it doing something it was not issue before. So I recoded few midi notes and now would like to record modulation wheel movement on the same midi track. I have done it many many many times. But this time- it mutes recorded notes. If I can't here the notes- I dont know when to move the mod wheel. Why is it now muting the takes? I need to hear the notes! This is very common thing to do- to record melody and then record faders/ knobs/wheel movement on the same track. I never had issue with it. How do I make it play the track when I record on it? Thank you.
  2. Actually I dont remember any dialog boxes when imported. Why I dont understand anybody? Sorry. I imported files. I assume it is 24 bit...
  3. Thank you for your reply. It does not say, but when looking in properties, it says Audio 2304kbps. Does it means 24bit? Thank you.
  4. Jumping on a wagon late. You all so smart- I can't comprehend what you saying- maybe because somebody talking on a phone next to me while I am trying to read. In simple terms- where are these settings to save/create workspaces? My issue is that I have 3 monitors, 3rd is mostly not active- it is my TV- it stays on another HDMI for cable TV. And occasionally, some windows open on 3rd monitor, and I dont see them. Also my 2nd monitor is sometime turned off to save power and soon as I turn it off, all my opened plugins and software synths jump on 1st monitor. I try to turn off monitors simultaneously, but everything still jumps on 1st monitor and when I turn on my 2nd monitor- it does not go back. My older computer that had AMD graphic card did not do it. This is nVidia graphics and I use Display Port connection for 1st and 2nd monitor and HDMI for TV. I think- maybe DP detects when 1 monitor is turned off and gives everything signal? My other computer keeps all windows dont matter what I do with monitors, but this one repositions everything to monitor 1. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  5. Hey there Getting ready to do a remix on short deadline. What is the best way to import many single instruments wav files on multiple tracks? Dont want to do it one at a time- would like to select them all and drop in Cakewalk, but afraid- they will all land on one track. Thank you.
  6. The vocalist says- he sorted it out after talking to someone. Will have to see what that means. Thank you, if it still looking stereo, will try your suggestions.
  7. Thank you for reply. My understanding that if you convert anything to mono, you still have both signals, each going tp left and right, so it will duplicate the signal. Can somebody help me express what I feel/hear, please? Thank you.
  8. Thank you for recommendation. Still trying to figure out what that is and how it happens. When I click on Mono/Stereo Icon on my track and it changes from Stereo to Mono- there is a difference in sound. Very small. When on stereo, I dont hear duplication (it does not sound tense like if you copy mono vocal track and play 2 at the same time). But when I change from Stereo to Mono, something disappears- it sounds like there was some very small effect on the track. It is barely audible. I am afraid- if I just split his track, I will be missing something that went to another half of the track- like if there was some kind of stereo effect and the tracks not identical.
  9. What is Bounce to Split? Is it in Sonar? Thank you.
  10. Delete one track? What do you mean by this? The vocal was recorded on stereo track- what do you mean? So- is it duplicated signal? How would anyone record MONO signal on STEREO track, unless you have 2 signals? Like if there were 2 microphones connected, then you would have 2 inputs. Like I said- if in Sonar I select stereo input "Motu 1 + Motu 2, I would get one flat line, because I only have Mic connected to Motu 1. But he works on his studio so I dont know what he got connected. Definitely not 2 Mics. So how can you even record Mono to Stereo track? Thank you.
  11. Hey there I got the files from a vocalist with the vocal track. His vocal track has 2 lines as if it was stereo. He bounced it from Logic on Mac. When I record my vocals, they are always single line! He says- this is how his vocals always come out and it is mono track. I am concerned that he sets it up some kind of wrong way and that he has duplicated L+R mono signals on one track. Otherwise- how do you explain stereo-looking track? (also lines identical). When I set up my Mic, I have options: Motu 1, Motu 2 or Motu 1+2. If I select stereo track, I would have wavy looking drawing on one side and straight line on another side of this track. If I select Motu 1, I get one wavy line in the middle- never 2 lines. I can make them to be 2 lines if I apply some kind of Mono to Stereo effect. But he says- there is no effects. Why 2 lines on one track? Thank you.
  12. Thank you for this good information. Last night I accidentally terminated the process. Because my partner opened "More Info" view and I never seen it before, so the green bar turned in to graph. I wanted to close it, so I hit the X and- bam- terminated. It copied something like 150GB. Waited 3 days. I am ignorant, so I did not know if there was a way to resume from where it stopped, so I just deleted all files that were copied... The hard part of restoring it from back up is that I am not sure what backup I have. It may be image file, may be incremental back up... I have the same drive on another computer, but I dont have any free SATA to connect new drive, and would have to open case, disconnect some drive, connect this drive, format it, then copy files, then reconnect everything. Or- I can copy over network, but I will have to drag that computer from another house... Or- see how much space I have on my portable... Seagate makes me really angry right now.
  13. Thank you for your replies. I started copying from failing drive, now after 3 days I am at 36%, I dont want to stop it. It stumbled few times on Sonar .ASSET files and some files from Obsynth- probably audio. Anybody knows what are the ASSET files? Thanks.
  14. Yes, but if sectors are bed, how come it plays normally from another disk after it was copied from bed disk? A day later, it sits at 26% for my Sonar projects folder. I dont need it, I dont trust it. It gave error message on one of files, this is why it waisted a lot of time trying.
  15. I copied the folder that contained masters of last album in 16 and 24 bit from E to D drive- it was about 4GB folder and it took like 10 hours to copy. On E drive, these files were playing like scratched CD- they were skipping. On D drive now they play normally. Trying to understand. If it CAN play audio files normally on another drive, this means the files are not corrupted, so why it can't play them when they on E drive? I get it- HDD is a disk, almost like CD, so it can have issues. But if CD is scratched- there is no getting your music to play- it is physical damage. These songs skip when on E drive but normal when on D, and computer was able to read it to Copy but very slow. What does it means? Can it be SATA cable? It uses 3Gb/Sec SATA cable, I could try to change it? Now I am copying Sonar projects folder- I started night before- it been all night and all day and at 1am next day, it is at 11%. I dont know if it froze. I dont see it moving since I been typing this post... I do have older back up that will be missing few latest projects. Seagate never replaced my external 8TB drive- they had excuses, I was too slow to reply to messages, because testing it was taking forever... And yes, in 2008, Dell sold me lap top with 120Gb SSD for $600 just for SSD.
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