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  1. Thank you for your reply. There is a little bar that makes events 9vocal parts) taller and shorter- vertical zoom. But I need to make them longer (wider)- horizontal zoom. Everything is on a top of each other. I want each measure to become wider so I can see events with more details to see where they start and end. Like horizontal zoom in Sonar.
  2. Hi there I need to widen measures in Melodyne. The horizontal. Like in Sonar, it has magnifying tool at the corner of the screen and you can make each measure wider- I need them wider in Melodyne. Every audio clip of vocal track is on a top of each other because each bar is about 1cm wide (I am on 4K)- I can make clips taller or shorter but not measures. Thank you.
  3. The video card is about $250 range nVidia gaming card. I did not have this problem before. I did have problem of Play not working completely when certain Kontakt instruments that have its own Play function were opened, but that is all different story. This feels like Click is too fast and hits Play twice or something, so it goes to the Pause instead of playing. The Timeline issue is because something changed with Timeline- it has new functions now- what are those arrows? Would be nice to read what they did to the timeline.
  4. What are sticky keys and how do I check? Thank you. No, it is Thunderbolt. Thanks.
  5. Every time I click on something (Like Start, Stop, Timeline), it starts and stops or give me quick glitch and does not play- it feels like I have issue with the mouse. So I changed the mouse to new, and it doing the same thing. Initially I noted that Timeline feels smaller- like it got more complicated. It doing all different things, the pointer takes different shapes and it is hard to simply click on certain measure and select or do what ever. I don't get this feeling. But Play function constantly turns to Pause. I have to click more than once to start the song. I am not shortcut type of person and use mouse for everything. And it has strange behavior. I dont have the latest update. I already changed mouse but still doing weird things. Thanks.
  6. Thank you for your replies. I drag the audio to timeline and it turned red, not blue (the track was red)- is it normal? But then it created a map with different tempos, like 120.1, 119.7, 120.6... This is EDM track I got steams for to remix. I seriously doubt the original track was fluctuating in tempo so much, unless it was some loop they used... The track is actually not that great- dont understand why Armada Records would sign this. But what do I know... Any way- I just set it to 120 and it works, so thank you. It says- mixing audio to tempo- what was it doing? Just analyzing?
  7. Can Cakewalk Detect Tempo? Thank you.
  8. Thank you for your replies. I have to sit down and try all your suggestions- I am working on urgent project due tomorrow, so can't test it right this second, but thank you- great ideas. As I pointed out earlier- the Keyboard, mouse and NI Kontrol keyboard are all working, so it is not likely USB going out (also I remember- when USB turns off, it leaves keyboard and mouse on, right?) My audio interface is Thunderbolt 2 MOTU 1248 and 16A. The Thunderbolt connected by add on internal card to USB-C connected to Thunderbolt 3 to 2 converter. I dont know if any of these sleep. However, when Cakewalk hangs up, I can play audio files, which means- the soundcard is active. And yes, I do have power button on monitors. The thing is- I have to turn them off and turn them on exactly at the same time, otherwise, all my Cakewalk software synths windows jump on one screen, and then I have to drag them to the right screen one by one. They connected by Display Ports and if one goes off, everything moves to one that stays on- it is frustrating. When I come back I have everything on the wrong screens depending on what I turned on first. I had Cakewalk idle for couple of hours and it working. So it hangs when left overnight. Yes, there are many synths opened and installed, something may try to verify license but it should not disable cakewalk, you would think? Thank you.
  9. Thank you for your replies. This is a desktop, nothing should time out. I will double check, but I had all power settings on Never, this computer glows in the dark all night- I have 2 43" displays and they never turn off because in the past I had experience when graphic card would not wake up and restarting it by power off failed C drive (another computer). So I keep everything on. I did have WD Green in the past, that thing would fall asleep and would take almost a minute to wake up when needed, but not on this computer. I have M.2 SSD for C drive, 3 other SSDs, Western Digital Black and 2 Seagate HDDs. None supposed to sleep. I do have Norton Antivirus that likes to run processes while computer is inactive. But I did not know it may disconnect other running software. I dont remember this happening in the past- this is new issue with BandLab version of Cakewalk. Not sure how I would disable it- worth to look in to it. Where can I check Schedules other than Norton? There are running services, but I would not mass with that- had once service stopping- was not able to run backups- I am not that smart to fix it. USB power management? How would it affect Cakewalk? The mouth and keyboard are working, so as USB keyboard. Thank you.
  10. Hey there Cakewalk hangs every time I leave it unattended. I usually leave Cakewalk and the project I am working on opened in the evening if I plan to work on it the next day. Well- the next day- I press play and it hanging and hanging and wheel is spinning, and if I click anywhere, everything turns gray and freezes. If this sounds familiar- few months ago I posted about the similar problem that was happening with my older computer. The older computer was not able to start song at all. It would just hang, hang and then freeze. Kind of like this new computer, actually. The difference is that with the old computer, restarting it was not solving it. With this new computer, if I restart, it works normally. I can work for hours. No freezing, until I leave it sit for few hours. So with the old computer, I replaced my Seagate E drive (the recording drive) and it solved the issue. So with my newer (2017) computer, I am thinking- maybe the drives fall asleep and Cakewalk is not able to wake it up? So I am trying to play wav files with wav player and everything is responding. (The old computer had difficulties playing .wav files). What is the chance that I have another HDD failure ready to happen? 2 different computers have the same problem in a few months? I would not be surprised of Seagate failing, but could it be something else? Like right now I typed this entire message and ate a snack and it still frozen. The main Cakewalk Window does not even come from background- only cursor is visible. Any thoughts? I am off to restart... Thank you.
  11. Thank you for being my computer angel and look out for me! This is actually the Ivy Bridge computer that we built in 2013. I have similar set up with Kaby at my house, and use it mostly with software synths and Kontakt. The Ivy is in my other house next door that I bought to play in. Yep, the guy from Motifator said the same thing- "dont ask me why". It would be good to know. Must be driver hang or something. I guess it is a thing. Thanks again. Vlada.
  12. It working! All I did was open Yamaha USB driver Device window, there was option to send Note On and Note Off. It worked. And now it works in Sonar! Thank you very much to everyone that helped me to solve it!
  13. Interesting- I am now on my Kaby Lake in another studio and I dont see Motif driver under devices. It must have to be connected to see it? I know it is installed here and was in use before move...
  14. Somebody with experience posted this on Motifator forum- will check when I get to that studio. With the XS8 powered up and set for USB MIDI operation, you can check for driver installation by opening the Windows Control Panel and double-clicking on “Yamaha USB-MIDI Driver”. A Window should open, and “Device” should indicate “Motif XS8”. You should see the OUT and IN ports connected with a one-to-one correspondence - that is, “OUT 1” to “1”, “OUT 2” to “2”, etc., and the same for “IN 1”, and so on. Try sending “All Note ON” and “All Note OFF” - the XS8 should respond. 3) If the USB-MIDI driver isn’t found, or there’s any other concern about its operation, just reinstall it. Be sure to use the correct 32- or 64-bit version. There shouldn’t be any risk if you follow the steps in the Installation Guide PDF that comes with the download
  15. I have Motif XS, not XF, but the same steps in Utility. Not sure how I would rename driver.
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