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  1. If you're still using the stock Avitar drum kit ( I agree the kics are flabby) you need to look into some expansions. I bought the Music City expansion kit and have been using the Chuck Ainley kits. They are better. FWIW, I bought my Music City kit used off EBay for half retail from a responsible seller that transferred the licence to me. Process worked fine and you don't even need to have the disks shipped to you.
  2. Hey Bob, This is my first time with Kontakt so I set it up as an Instrument Track just like Superior Drummer, Trilian, etc. Their MIDI port descriptions are a bit different than what I've seen before. I'll keep messing around with it. Thanks for the reply.
  3. OK, finally found the problem. Within the instrument GUI under the Jazz Guitar heading there's a MIDI channel selection. This was set to Port A. I set it to Omni, works now. Such details these German's like to do. :>) Thanks for the reply Reginald.
  4. I've got the freebe version of Kontakt 6 installed. I've loaded it as an instrument track, can see the interface and the instrument (guitar) loaded, I have the keyboard visible and can click the keys and hear the instrument sound. I have MIDI data on the track. But I get no sound from the track, no meter bounce, nothing. As the project plays I can hit the keyboard and hear the instrument. Is there something special with NI that I need to do? TIA....
  5. Seems to work fine. Yeah, thanks for this!!!!
  6. I found Additive Drums to be way more complicated than I was willing to deal with. I've stayed with Superior Drummer 2, it just works. Never done the electronic drum thing with SD2 but 99.9 % of the MIDI files I've used (downloaded from the net) map perfectly to SD2. SD2 is still available on EBay. FWIW I've purchased "used" Toontrack software off EBay and done the license transfer thing. It works fine. YMMV.......
  7. This topic got me looking for the Studio Instruments as well. I can see the .BMP files for each instrument but don't have a Studio Instruments folder. I've searched for the .dll files as well, nada. I'm running 2019.09. I also checked Bandlab assistant for an install/reinstall. Nothing there either. Any way to reinstall the Studio Instruments? Anything else I can do?
  8. Greg, Yeah SD 2 & 3 have similar mixers. I started doing the fan out method with Session Drummer because it didn't have effects in the mixer. This method carried over to Superior.
  9. Ever since Session Drummer and now Superior Drummer 2 I've always used the channel "fan out" method when creating a drum synth. My drums have always sounded a bit off using this method. So, over the last few days I created a song session using Superior Drummer and left all the drum channels in the SD mixer at 1/2, then used the SD mixer to set levels/ effects /pan etc where I want them. The drums seem to set/sound better using the stereo method. Just wonder if others have done drums both ways, have any thoughts about it. TIA
  10. Chuck. I'll look into the track focus thing. I was very careful to use Paste Special and select the proper track, measure etc. Thanks for the reply. DaveT
  11. As Scook said the vertical line (in a MIDI track in my project) is a result of Enhanced Editing switched on. I was able to replicate that behavior. Copy/Paste might be affected by Enhanced Editing. I'll be aware of this next time the issue pops up.
  12. Just went through some serious frustration over the Cut/Paste thing as well. Project work is going along just fine then off in the weeds it goes. Copy MIDI from track 13, paste it to the end of 13, it lands on audio track 12, or on MIDI track 14. WTF! Events like this have happened to me a lot. As Astral says restarting CW clears this up but I'd like to know what I did to create this. Scook say enhanced edit might do this. How can I tell if it's switched on? TIA,
  13. Tried upgrading to the free Win 10 on an older HP laptop. Worked fine for a few months, then a major Win 10 update came along and hosed the laptop to a point where it wouldn't work. So, beware upgrading older hardware to Win 10. I bought a new HP Zbook to replace the old laptop. Runs Sonar & Bandlab on Win 10 perfectly. I don't see the bloat you mention probably because the new laptop has a lot more power, memory, etc.
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