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  1. I don't know if this is the proper place to say this, but I want to report a bug on BandLab. I hope it is a bug. If not, someone tried (and succeded) to steal one of my songs. https://www.bandlab.com/revisions/fc0f9879-337b-ec11-94f6-0003ffcd3240?sharedKey=OU6-u0pXy0avc1UnN3mgaw This song was made by me and made public a while ago. And now is private and apparentely someone else is the author. I wrote to @bandlab about this and never had an answer. Besides, two of my songs have now a collab that I didn't invite. I wrote to that person and she never answered, either. What should I do? Has this happened before? Thanks in advance. Maria
  2. I have this weird hissing sound that plays when I put some VST plugins in to it. The hissing sound starts quiet, then keeps getting louder, the abruptly stops. I tried to ignore it, but it comes up in the MP3 Export. What is it and what do I do???
  3. Evan Thomas

    Extreme UI Latency

    I am completely new to the world of DAWs so apologies in advance for sounding clueless. I have just installed Cakewalk and I essentially cannot use it at all due to extreme lag with the UI. Anytime I click anything or even try to adjust the window, there is a 4-5 second delay before the action is registered. I am not sure how to fix this or even what settings I should begin to look into. To the best of my knowledge, all settings are at default, and my audio drivers are up to date. Does anyone have any idea what I might try to fix this issue? In case it is helpful, here are the relevant specs of my PC: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 RAM: 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz Like I said before, I am completely new to this stuff so please let me know if there is any other information I can provide to help diagnose the issue.
  4. Hi All, The title is a bit misleading after doing some work. Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to why I'm see this behavior . I just spent the last hour combing through the threads and reading the manual when I fixed my problem. Here is what I saw: I had "screenset" 1 set in a new project I started today. I was working with some samples using the "Media Browser". To make extra room, I had "removed" the "Help" module. This gave some room and left a module header bar that said "Help Module" and contained the ">>" marker (or button) that would allow me to collapse the "Media Browser. After working a bit I started to set up some screensets for my workflow and what I kept running into was a problem with screenset 1. I would collapse the "Media Browser", then switch to another screen, but when I came back to 1, the "Media Browser" would be open again. This started making me crazy as I knew that I was doing it correctly (or so I thought). What I discovered (just as starting this thread) was that IF you close (collapse) the "Help" module, the header remains on the screen to support the ">>" marker. If that condition exists and you collapse the "Media Browser" to the right side, then go to another screenset, when you come back the "Media Browser" is there again. It is almost like the screenset save is weirding out for 1. Well the "workaround" is to un-collapse the Help module (you can type "Y"), re-collapse the entire right side panel (including the Media Browser) using ">>", go to another screenset and "BOOM" it works now. How strange is that. The reason I went to this length to type this that I thing this my be a bug, but maybe not?? What do you think? I think it may be something that is not supposed to happen (i.e. a bug). I try messing with the workspace setting to fix it but that was not the problem. Syphus
  5. I've found this bug that whenever I have projects using Autotune, upon loading the project, the audio passing through Autotune always sound muffled and lofi. My workaround was to delete then undo every instance of Autotune. After troubleshooting a little more I realized this is caused by a mismatch in Default New Project Sample Rate (which i had set at 96khz) and that current project which is 48khz. I'm not sure if this is a Cakewalk problem or Antares' autotune (probably Antares ). But thought ill put it out there in case anyone else faces this problem.
  6. Hi all, I've been using the play engine in cakewalk for a month or so now and its been working great, but suddenly all of my interface windows for the VST are clipped and I'm missing the right hand section of the interface. Dragging the window to be larger just leaves that grey background region as shown in the screenshot I've attached. Its only a small section but it hides away information about currently loaded instruments and can block the browser menu. The standalone Play engine app opens just fine still. Anyone had this happen before and have suggestions on how to restore it?
  7. In one moment virtual controller became invisible. After opening it by hotkey i can play, record, change height, but not see. In workspace, pressing K should mute part of audio, instead virtual controller plays notes. How to fix it?
  8. I didn't know this feedback loop thingy existed. Or else I wouldn't have made a video pointing out the most obvious problems I have been facing in Cakewalk. I was waiting for the comments to accumulate to see the opinion (and other suggestions) of others before reaching out to the social handles of Bandlab. And it is from the comments I came across this feedback loop. These are the points I stated in that video. These are the issues that were mentioned in it. No MIDI Clip isolation Automation Issues Exporting issue with track outs MIDI Clip isolation Cakewalk must be the only DAW that I have used, that doesn't let us isolate or MIDI data inside a MIDI clip. From the comments, I figured many users actually prefer having to see the entire MIDI data in a track, even though it might be even above 10 minutes. So, I hope it can be brought in like an option that can be turned ON and OFF like the Clip outlines I showed in the video. Automation Issues There are too many automation issues that it can be a post of its own. I strongly suggest watching the video to see the obvious issues like unresponsive automation, delay in automation timing, and weird sound output. Apart from it is hard to carry out simple copy and paste with automation data. Exporting issue with track outs When we export track outs, the bus effects does not get applied to the tracks. I talked to someone who had used Cakewalk from 1998 and he said it wasn't like that. Back when Cakewalk was Sonar, the bus FX did get applied to individual track outs. This is necessary when we are working with other people. Hope you look into these as soon as possible, at least the second and third issues. -AdK
  9. Hello. The wet level automation of REVERB 2 don't works on exported file, but in the program it works. I have checked "Track Automation"and "Bus Automation" in export options. Please for help.
  10. how to fix it?? video record 👇 2021-02-19 14-26-10.mkv i need this function, idk why2021-02-19 14-26-10.mkv dosnt work...... i have new updated bandlab
  11. I switched from USB interface to Dante network and Dante Via only allows sampling rates of 48kHz. Since I've worked in Sonar at 44kHz so far, I now have to change all of my projects. With an audio converter I converted over 1000 wave files from 44kHz to 48kHz in a patch process. In Sonar Preferences for New Projects I have also changed the sampling rate to 48000Hz. If I now load an existing project with the converted wave files, all waves are cut off at the end or set to silence. The file length is retained. If I replace the same file manually via Import audio, the track is displayed and played correctly. So it's not because of the wave file, it is displayed and played correctly in every other player. I need your help because I don't want to manually replace all files in over 200 projects. Thank you, Georg. In the picture I have manually imported the same file in track 11 as in track 10.
  12. Hi, I found the bug in latency compensation which cause desync between tracks. Here is what I tried: [Working Corrently 1 - In Sync] TrackA : Instrument (no latency) + FX (has latency) TrackB : Instrument (no latency) + FX (no latency) [Working Correctly 2 - In Sync] TrackA : Instrument (has lntency) + FX (no latency) TrackB : Instrument (no latency) + FX (no latency) [Not Working - Desync between A and B] TrackA : Instrument (has latency) + FX (has latency) TrackB : Instrument (no latency) + FX (no latecy) It looks like issue happens only when both Instrument and Inserted FX plugins have latency. Probably, FX latency is ignored in calculation when Instrument has latency. I hope this information is enough to reproduce. Using latest version of Cakewalk. Tested on several computers, several plugins by different dev, several audio interfaces with ASIO. I think this didn't happen in the old version of Cakewalk (or SONAR) but I'm not really sure.
  13. I have some custom shortcuts to forward and backward a measure, for example: PgDn and PgUp: They always work in Track View and Piano Roll View simultaneously. However, after this last update, these shortcuts have stopped working in PRV. Also, I can't dock PRV window in MultiDock anymore. What is wrong?
  14. I updated to 2021.21 a few days ago. When I bounce clips to a clip or to a track, the gain on the bounced clip or track is easily 12 db higher than the original material. Manipulating volume and gain in the source track doesn't seem to help--the bounce just maxes out the headroom anyway. This is brand new behavior, and it makes it pretty much impossible to work in Cakewalk, so I'd appreciate it if A) you could tell me how to roll this update back, or B) you could supply a fix or workaround.
  15. Hi guys. I've seen another topic with the same issue but there was no solution. The trouble is that in some projects the sidechain function is not working. I send my signal to some compressor(Any plugin, not just Sonitus) and theres no input. I open a new project and the sidechain works fine. But right now I'm working on a project which is almost finished so it would be a disgrace to start a new project. Any ideas about how could I fix this? Edit: I use a Scarlett 18i20 (Third gen) and Windows 10. The drivers are up to date. Thanks in advance! Edit: this behaviour was solved in the last update
  16. Okey, this is driving me absolutely nuts and I stil can't figure out what the absolute hell is going on !!! Every thing I do seems to make changes to my project. I hit play and then pause and some changes are made to my project. I open up cakewalks settings and make changes to the setting and when I close the setting some changes are made to my project. I absolutely cant figure out what the hell is going on. Can anyone help me out? I just upgraded my pc a few days ago and I was hoping that this issue would go away but it got even crazier. It got to the point where I could hardly even open up a project, because something was just constantly making changes and cakewalk was continuously auto-saving. I had to fully disable auto-save to be able to even open up a project. I though it was something with my vsts but it's happening even when I make a new project with just one audio track in it.
  17. So I was doing stuff in Cakewalk just a moment ago, and for no reason a drum sampler I had frozen (it's Shorcircuit 2) started playing back audio from my microphone on my laptop, as in, when you set up a track to record and you hear what is being recorded through the track. I now can't unfreeze the drum track, can't open the "Takes" lane, and when I unplug my headphones the audio gets fed back into the microphone making an awful ringing noise. Turning "Record" on and off on the track does nothing. What could be causing this issue?
  18. I am encountering this error for the second time where Cakewalk thinks a project (that I've linked below) is way longer than it actually is. The song itself is 45 seconds long, yet Cakewalk thinks it goes on for over 2 minutes, therefore rendering over a minute of mere silence. Last time I could actually apply a fix from a previous thread about the same issue (http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3205742) where I would open the Event List view and delete all events after the end of my song, but I can't find it anymore in the places it once was. Looking at the cakewalk manual https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=4&help=EditingMIDI.45.html , the Event List view should be in one of those drop-down menus, but it isn't: So how can I get rid of the silence at the end of my tracks, or am I doomed to always select my track before rendering it? super long silence at the end.cwp super long silence at the end.mp3
  19. Hello! I am using the Japanese version. After updating to the latest version, there are projects that can be opened and projects that cannot be opened, which is a problem. Is this a bug? Or is there something wrong? I can't even see the commonality of projects that can't be opened. what should I do... ※At the moment I was able to roll back. However, I would like to leave the post because the current rollback may not be possible with the next version upgrade. ↓Movie https://youtu.be/gqtPhpwnN_Y P.S. ↓The remains of the video posted directly will not disappear... sonar_report.mp4 sonar_report.mp4
  20. Hi¡ I'd like to submit what seems like a bug in my opinion in the latest update of Cakewalk by Bandlab. I have a track effects bin with multiple eq plugins of the same brand (fabfilter). All of them have some automation info embedded into their respective automation lanes. The thing is that whenever I delete one of these plugins, the automation info on the other plugins of the same kind and brand gets deleted as well. If it were only the automation info pertaining to that specific plugin, there would be no problem; this would be normal behaviour. However, the issue is that it deletes the automation info pertaining to the other plugins as well, the ones which are not being deleted. I have found a workaround this problem by copying the automation info of all the track to another track and then pasting it back again to the original, but it would be great to have this bug fixed as it's probably not to hard to do so. Thank you.
  21. Hi all, Hope you're well. I've started encountering a bug whereby if I try and save track templates, Cakewalk will crash. If I then try and import these track templates it will give an error message about truncation. It doesn't seem to make any difference whether i'm saving a single track or several - it will just take varying lengths of time before it closes. The project template itself has a fair few buses and is approximately 250 tracks in total, but I don't think there's anything ridiculously complicated in it. On an older version of my project I was able to save track templates of various sizes - so this appears to be a new bug or there is some sort of inherent corruption in the project file. Any idea how I can troubleshoot this further or should I just raise a support case directly with Bandlab? Many thanks for your time. Matthew
  22. I just started a new project and am experimenting with Arranger. All was going well, it's pretty rudimentary at this point, but now I'm in a place where I try to Duplicate a section and Cakewalk crashes. It's pretty reliable. I'm a software developer, so I know how important it is to be able to reproduce a bug! If you can't do that, you can't find and fix it. So I have a ZIP file of my project if anyone at Bandlab wants to look at it. Right now it's super simple - a drum track and a rhythm guitar track. I wanted to attach it but it's larger than the forum will permit. I've been looking in vain for any place where I can report a bug; if anyone knows where I could do that, please forward this to them. Thanks!
  23. Hello there. When I use "Cut Special" tool, even if the "Delete Hole" option is unselected, the hole is removed regardless. Am I doing something wrong or it is a bug? Thank you.
  24. Hi guys, There was a bug a while back where projects would remap the midi inputs to another controller when you reopened the project, this was fixed, but now appears to be back again. The fix last time wasn't 100% fix either, it only fixed new projects, old projects would continue to map to a different midi controller. It's not the end of the world, but it is super annoying. What is worse though, is that sometimes the outputs map to a different soft synth, so if you've got a projects with 10 or so synths and suddenly all the midi tracks are randomly pointing elsewhere, it's a little tiresome to fix Cheers
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