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  1. @Noel Borthwick So, I experimented a little bit with the new update. The automation seems to be working fine. But, when I use a lot of audio clips, they seem to drift out of keeping the right time. Some samples tend to start a bit late. Once, they start playing, they don't slow down. This problem already did exist, but now it has become more evident and recurring. Could it because of the increased CPU usage with increased automation precision?
  2. I too have faced this. And had to do the exact same thing... However, since I started exporting only in WAV I wasn't noticing it. Glad you brought it up
  3. Now, when we add more than one audio file into Cakewalk, lets say for mixing, Cakewalk adds "(i)" as a suffix indicating the number of track. Also, when we Export tracks or stems it is mandatory to enter a name which ends up as the prefix, preceding a "-". And the output will also have a suffix of "-i". It all started with the File names "File 1, File 2, File 3". It would be a good thing to not have these additional characters added while adding or exporting the project. Please make the addition of the name aka prefix optional (incase anyone wants it). Let me know if a change in setting would get what I requested.
  4. @Kevin Perry Lets say, we are making a trailer music and there is one bus to sidechain. We have a lot of percussion, and we're sending a number of them to the plugin that is performing sidechan compression. By the end of the production, if we want to check which tracks are being taken as input for sidechaining, we will have to go through all the tracks and check the send knobs. Also, that will not be the only send knob in a track. There will be atleast one more for the reverb bus. If this feature is implemented, we can see all of them at a single place.
  5. @Will_Kaydo I already said what you are trying to show us. But, Cakewalk might be the only "professional DAW" in which the producer has to do that much to get there. We can't control how much of a curve it should be. Adding nodes does not necessarily make the curves smooth. Also, with this method, if we wanna change the degree of the curve after a while, we will have to deal with all the additional nodes that we added for the "perfect curve" The goal of the suggestions is to improve Cakewalk, not find workarounds. Anyway, thank you...
  6. Sorry, but that wasn't what I was trying to say. My terminology must have been confusing. My apologies. Right now, we are limited to 4 types of curves in automation. One of them is jump and another is linear, leaving only two actual curves, available between two nodes (fast or slow). They can't be edited too, unless we add more nodes in between the two nodes. The following is what I meant by automation curve point. My terminology might not have been right. Curve.webm Linear should be able to do the S curves with that point. Other curves that can be considered to be revealed on a right click are S Curve and Bezier curve; These are not actually necessities. Just wanted to put it out there. And it will also be great to have this "curve points" on the fades of audio clips.
  7. I didn't check that. But, I'm pretty sure thats taken care of with this fix. I was actually holding back on the automation because of this issue. Since, its been solved, I'll try making an extremely automation influenced genre soon. After all, that is the best method of testing. This does not always happen. Its a 1/2 probability case. I have been keeping the sharp jumps a bit early than required, to compensate that. From now on, I don't have to. Will let you know how it goes after a while. I had problems while trying to Copy Special. Will note them during my testing. I have also be making notes on the things that I notice that can be improved. As of now, these are the first three suggestions I have written down: Automation Curve Point to control the curve. Right now, we have to right click and can only choose between Jump, Linear, Fast and Slow. (Can also be considered for audio clip fades. Duplicate the selected automation by CTRL + D (Like any clip) Copy the selected automation by holding down CTRL and mouse drag. Wrote those down just in case if they will be considered soon. There will be a separate post in this forum focused on automation improvement suggestions soon. I already have around 11 videos showing music production on 10 subgenres of EDM. Here is the playlist. Here is the entire playlist with production of other genres. The early ones might look beginner-ish, 'cus I was a beginner back then. I haven't mentioned the problems I have been going through to get to the final result in those videos. That is one of the reasons I had to make the last video. To stay true to my viewers. And also as a desperate attempt to keep using CbB, by getting the attention of Bandlab. I was wondering if I should make a video showing the fix that you shared. But decided to just share it as a youtube post, since you said the following. Oh, I would like to mention something I noticed. In that video, I had asked the viewers to comment down their problems with Cakewalk. One of the issues that popped up repeatedly was the absence of a sampler. Even though not deal breakers, I'll be posting a few suggestions that I think Cakewalk needs, to be "up-to-date". If and when those features get implemented, I might do a video stating Cakewalk as THE best free DAW. Cheers -AdK
  8. Yes this worked. Thank you so much. I'm still hoping for the MIDI clip outlines of adjacent clips to be seen. But, its not a deal breaker. Since the main issue that I had with Cakewalk is fixed now, I have changed the video to unlisted (only a person with the link can view), in case the developers want to check it for any reference. This might be something very much necessary, as I found another producer who switched away from Cakewalk because of the automation issue. The video is in hindi. At 2:10 he is talking about the slow response of automation. (The first issue he mentioned, was happening because he probably had MIDI output enabled on instrument tracks which was being picked up by other instrument tracks.) Thanks again, for fixing the issue, that might have made me switch the DAW.
  9. I understand. May be someone might make a CAL function to do that. I might try it if and when I can code a CAL script I'm actually disappointed to know that Cakewalk needs an audio interface to produce basic automated output with accuracy. The other 5 DAWs in the same system (without an audio interface) automated without any issue. Hope you found those outputs in the project that I submitted. For the record, I did test out the other Audio Driver Modes { WDM/KS, WASAPI Exclusive, WASAPI Shared, MME (32bit) } with Cakewalk. Let me share a personal view. A lot of newbies will try out Cakewalk just because its free. I tried if for the same reason when I was a newbie. They necessarily won't be able to get an audio interface just so that Cakewalk can automate properly. This might turn them away from Cakewalk, making them look into the other free options. I have been making videos involving production of different genres of music with Cakewalk. I had to limit my automation because Cakewalk couldn't handle it. I usually don't show the troubles I go through to get to the final result. But, when I share those videos, these are some of the responses I get That Pro Channel looks interesting I have tried Cakewalk, but found the MIDI editing to be clunky I have tried Cakewalk, but the automation is bad (not the actual output) Cakewalk is pretty good for recording and mixing, not for production I just wanted to share what I was hearing as a Cakewalk "Youtuber". Thanks anyway, for taking your time to look into these issues. Have a great day, sir. -AdK
  10. Thanks for the tip. I already use it extensively. I said the number of Buffers from the 'Record' menu in 'Playback & Recording'. It was my mistake. Sorry I make beats for leasing. And there won't be any direct contact between me and the client. Since, I want to give the clients full control over the mixing, I prefer to give them track outs instead of stems. At the same time I want the tracks to be at the best mixed state (including the levels) so that they don't have to work on it again, or possibly ruin the vision. I work with a friend, who uses Cubase, and that too does not have the feature that I asked for (bus FX on track outs during export). However, there is a feature by which the producer can write bus processing onto the incoming tracks, printing them into new individual tracks, in one go. I was kinda glad when I saw Cakewalk had that bus FX option in export window. Thought it might be a bug when it didn't work. Also, after you informed how it works, I looked at bouncing the tracks together inside the clips pane itself to see if anything like the "Cubase method" can be achieved in Cakewalk. But no...., bus processing can't be printed onto individual tracks in one go.
  11. I understood that from the comments in the video. Therefore, if I may ask, will it be possible to just represent something to differentiate between the individual MIDI clips. Don't want the other MIDI clips to disappear. Just a means to understand the boundaries of each MIDI clip. It will be great for drum programming, or anything that has a "loop" nature. My Cakewalk buffer size is 512 Samples (10.7msec). It does change from that value <Under driver settings> Number of Buffers 64 <Under playback and recording> Driver Mode = ASIO I'm attaching a project that can demonstrate my automation issue in Cakewalk. It also has rendered output tracks from some other DAWs too for reference. More detail on it will be in the 'notes' in Cakewalk itself. Thanks for clearing that up. But, the solution is quite not a practical one when we have upwards of 100 tracks. Guess I'll have to find the work around for that myself. My apologies. Automation issue.zip
  12. The automation problem still exists even after the updation. FYI, I tried different audio driver modes and varied buffer size (not sure that will actually help). Is there anything more I should try? Am I the only one who is experiencing this issue with automation? Clip Outlines has improved. But, still we can't differentiate between adjacent MIDI clips.
  13. You can actually bounce the track from the top menu in the clip pane. Select the clip you want to bounce (extend it a bit to keep any reverb that you might have) and select track , under which we have bounce to tracks. And we can literally bounce the clip into an audio track in a new audio track.
  14. I didn't know this feedback loop thingy existed. Or else I wouldn't have made a video pointing out the most obvious problems I have been facing in Cakewalk. I was waiting for the comments to accumulate to see the opinion (and other suggestions) of others before reaching out to the social handles of Bandlab. And it is from the comments I came across this feedback loop. These are the points I stated in that video. These are the issues that were mentioned in it. No MIDI Clip isolation Automation Issues Exporting issue with track outs MIDI Clip isolation Cakewalk must be the only DAW that I have used, that doesn't let us isolate or MIDI data inside a MIDI clip. From the comments, I figured many users actually prefer having to see the entire MIDI data in a track, even though it might be even above 10 minutes. So, I hope it can be brought in like an option that can be turned ON and OFF like the Clip outlines I showed in the video. Automation Issues There are too many automation issues that it can be a post of its own. I strongly suggest watching the video to see the obvious issues like unresponsive automation, delay in automation timing, and weird sound output. Apart from it is hard to carry out simple copy and paste with automation data. Exporting issue with track outs When we export track outs, the bus effects does not get applied to the tracks. I talked to someone who had used Cakewalk from 1998 and he said it wasn't like that. Back when Cakewalk was Sonar, the bus FX did get applied to individual track outs. This is necessary when we are working with other people. Hope you look into these as soon as possible, at least the second and third issues. -AdK
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