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  1. @msmcleod Thank you so much. Thanks to you and all the developers...!
  2. Definitely felt the need for this. I have had to make folders several times just to move around tracks together.
  3. The OP is suggesting it as an option. If you only want folders for organisation, don't use folders as bus (if it gets impletemnted). That is how its in Studio One. We can use folder as strictly for organisation, and if we want, we can use it as a bus too. Using folder as a bus probably can't be done in CbB, but directing track outs with folder seems great. This is useful, provided we don't add tracks to the same folder. With OPs request, we only need to direct the bus output once, and every track that gets added to the folder will follow that setting.
  4. That is exactly why it is an option. But its not usable. May I ask, why would a MIDI track be relevant during mixing? For me, audio tracks, instrument tracks & synth audio tracks are the only strips I would want to see in the console while I sit to Mix (strictly mixing, & nothing else).
  5. This is hilariously frustrating, or frustratingly hilarious ! LOL In that case, why should there be two options saying 'MIDI' and 'Instrument'.! I just wish they fix this before I start doing 'The Console View' video.
  6. In the first image, 1 = Audio Track 2 = 3 = Instrument track 4 = MIDI track. Only track 4 does not give audio out. So, we don't need to see it in the console view. But on unchecking MIDI from the strips, the instrument tracks also disappear. It actually looks like MIDI and instrument tracks are treated as the same thing. Please fix this.
  7. Definitely try it if you are into Chill/Ambient music
  8. By the way, Melodyne addon needs to be installed for the first part of the video to work.
  9. This video shows how I made a short Kawaii Future Bass (Intro > BuildUp > Drop) in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Also, I've only used freeware 😉
  10. @Noel Borthwick So, I experimented a little bit with the new update. The automation seems to be working fine. But, when I use a lot of audio clips, they seem to drift out of keeping the right time. Some samples tend to start a bit late. Once, they start playing, they don't slow down. This problem already did exist, but now it has become more evident and recurring. Could it because of the increased CPU usage with increased automation precision?
  11. I too have faced this. And had to do the exact same thing... However, since I started exporting only in WAV I wasn't noticing it. Glad you brought it up
  12. Now, when we add more than one audio file into Cakewalk, lets say for mixing, Cakewalk adds "(i)" as a suffix indicating the number of track. Also, when we Export tracks or stems it is mandatory to enter a name which ends up as the prefix, preceding a "-". And the output will also have a suffix of "-i". It all started with the File names "File 1, File 2, File 3". It would be a good thing to not have these additional characters added while adding or exporting the project. Please make the addition of the name aka prefix optional (incase anyone wants it). Let me know if a change in setting would get what I requested.
  13. @Kevin Perry Lets say, we are making a trailer music and there is one bus to sidechain. We have a lot of percussion, and we're sending a number of them to the plugin that is performing sidechan compression. By the end of the production, if we want to check which tracks are being taken as input for sidechaining, we will have to go through all the tracks and check the send knobs. Also, that will not be the only send knob in a track. There will be atleast one more for the reverb bus. If this feature is implemented, we can see all of them at a single place.
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