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  1. @Starship Krupa I felt like I was going in with too much basic stuff. Thats why I mentioned that, it was "only" for beginners. After reading your reply, I changed the text. & yea, console view can be a bit too intimidating if the flow of signal is not understood. So, I laid it down as clearly as I could 🥸
  2. This is mainly recommended for beginners. But who knows, you might end up finding some new stuff even of you are not a beginner.
  3. @Will_Kaydo That is a clip level option. Not a track level. With that, if we move a clip from one track to another, it won't follow the track color. Correct me, if I'm missing something . And for every new clip, won't we have to set it manually?
  4. Honestly, if this gets implemented everything will look really colorful & easily distinguishable. Especially the MIDI clips. +1
  5. I guess. I have looked up the manual before doing this video. Drum Map can be made using step sequencer, but its not exclusive to it. Step recording will be covered in a future video
  6. @Glenn Stanton Thank you so much! This does help a lot.!
  7. This is me trying to take track outs. Everything is set. Except it won't export until I give a files name. So I entered a single letter "z" and clicked Export. This is what I got. <The text I entered>-<Track Name> - <Track number> When all I wanted was this <Just the track Name> This is the second time I'm requesting this. Its an unnecessary step to rename every track when we need to exchange stems with other producers. I have to always rename in order to keep it clean, while my co-producer doesn't (Cubase). Pleeease fix this !
  8. Why isn't this addressed yet? Also, its unnecessary to create a new MIDI track to be added with the next audio out while appending. We need only the next audio out.
  9. A lot of the Cakewalk EDM producers would be happy if this gets implemented. Adding to the request, it would be cool to route MIDI from instrument tracks too... Not just MIDI. For instance, we have a sampler with a kick sample. If we can direct that same MIDI to LFO Tool, or Kickstart, or Flux Mini, or something like that, we could get the tightest sidechain (better than sidechain compression). Right now, we would have to make a MIDI track, & copy the Kick MIDI to do the same. PS - Linked MIDI clips are a workaround which I personally find 'not so flawless' with the way CbB treats MIDI clips. If I remember correctly, adding a MIDI note that is a bit later in time, might end up in a different MIDI clip which is not part of the linked clip.
  10. Yes please. I have been using CbB for a while. I'm getting almost everything needed through intuition. But when I research something to make a tutorial video, I end up getting so many new info. A lot of them are from the documentation. If a link to them is in CbB, it would be great. I would even say, right clicking something would include an option "what's this?" or "refer guide", of something like that would take us directly to its page.
  11. It only happens with CbB. The other DAWs seems to be working fine with my on board audio. & its not about recording. Thats why I think it can be fixed with some tweaking in the preferences.
  12. I think it can probably be fixed by changing some parameter in preferences, which I don't know. & thanks for the support...!
  13. You are not the only one. I too experience it often. It happens especially when I have stretched audio clip. So I bounce the clip. Then the problem reduces, but never goes away
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