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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WOgnMcyQmnBetPfVO9JAEo7XEbRZ8wEz/view?usp=sharing
  2. When I unfreeze the snare track, (the KeyRepeat sampler) the synth track (the Shortcircuit sampler) seems to get it's "icon" unfrozen, the icon u click to open the instrument, but I click it and nothing happens. The midi track also appears, instead of the frozen audio, even tho the frozen audio plays back and when I move the midi notes around nothing changes. I open the piano roll and I see the numbers on the side as opposed to the piano keys so it's for sure still frozen.
  3. Yeah I'm aware, I'm not sure it would cause such issues tho. If it's the problem I'll have to look for something else. So now I got a new problem. I managed to solve the issue of "recording" coming through this drum track but now I can't unfreeze another track (also Shortcircuit 2) where I got a synth sample, and when I solo it it also solos an unrelated Snare track that I got going on another sampler called KeyRepeat. I'm so confused.
  4. So I was doing stuff in Cakewalk just a moment ago, and for no reason a drum sampler I had frozen (it's Shorcircuit 2) started playing back audio from my microphone on my laptop, as in, when you set up a track to record and you hear what is being recorded through the track. I now can't unfreeze the drum track, can't open the "Takes" lane, and when I unplug my headphones the audio gets fed back into the microphone making an awful ringing noise. Turning "Record" on and off on the track does nothing. What could be causing this issue?
  5. id LOVE to be able to set BPMs like 120.002 or 98.231. it seems like an easy feature to implement but correct me if im wrong.
  6. As in, have one midi channel with two (or more) outputs that go into different instruments and synths. Is this possible? A feature I haven´t found? Or is there just no way to do this and I should just copy and paste the MIDI clip on two channels.
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