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  1. Yuka

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    @ひび 最新のものにアップデートしても問題なくプロジェクトを開くことができました! 本当にありがとうございます!
  2. Yuka

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    @HIBI ロールバックで一度解決しました! 動画も一度youtubeで投稿して対応しようと思います。 教えて頂きありがとうございます! @reginaldStjohn @Starship Krupa I will post the video on youtube once and support it. Thank you for telling me!
  3. Yuka

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    sorry No matter what I do, the video is not displayed... You can ignore this topic. It's weird...
  4. Hello! I am using the Japanese version. After updating to the latest version, there are projects that can be opened and projects that cannot be opened, which is a problem. Is this a bug? Or is there something wrong? I can't even see the commonality of projects that can't be opened. what should I do... ※At the moment I was able to roll back. However, I would like to leave the post because the current rollback may not be possible with the next version upgrade. ↓Movie https://youtu.be/gqtPhpwnN_Y P.S. ↓The remains of the video posted directly will not disappear... sonar_report.mp4 sonar_report.mp4
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