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  1. That would be super frustrating. One thing! Technically changes u make inside your vst plugins don't count as actions right? only adding and removing vst plugins and fxs and recording something or writing midi counts as an action taken right? I feel like though there was a setting somewhere that made changes you make inside a vst plugin itself count as actions too and I feel like I might have turned that on, but I cant find such an option anymore. Does cakewalk have such an option?
  2. Yes disabling the auto-save and setting the count value to zero or setting the count value stupendously high fixes it so something is definitely triggering changes that count but I just can't figure out what. It's happening with my old projects too and I am not using any new plug-ins in them. Do you have any clue how I could figure out what vst is doing this without having to remove every vst and fx out of the project one by one? Like is there a console or something for changes ?
  3. Okey this is literally starting to drive me absolutely insane. All of a sudden from a few days ago my cakewalk just keeps continuously auto-saving every few seconds even though I am absolutely making no changes to my project. my setting are set to auto-save every 20 minutes or every 100 actions taken and they have always been set to that and I have had no problems before this. but this is driving me absolutely insane. Can anyone tell me what the hell might have happened ? or how I could fix this?
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