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  1. Ok, so I am having this really weird issue with Cakewalk where the app just instantly crashes sometimes when I try to connect my VPN. It is happening with ProtonVPN and Express VPN. Does anyone have any clue what could be causing this weird issue?
  2. So if you undock the piano roll or the console or any other element by default they are not treated as separate windows and when you minimize them they minimize at the bottom of the screen which makes them overlap the scroll bar and if you have many projects open and don't minimize them and just keep them on your other monitor it becomes quite a mess. Is there any way to make them be treated as separate windows, so you could minimize them like any other Windows app.
  3. I figured out what's causing this issue for me but the reason is quite a bummer. It was due to enabling Cakewalk's MIDI ACT feature for me. Whenever I enable the MIDI ACT Function and set my MIDI keyboard as the ACT device the next time that I open up any project in Cakewalk this happens. Those of you who are still having this issue if you happen to use ACT disable it and remove your MIDI keyboard from the list of ACT devices in the "Control Surface" settings of cakewalk and see if it fixes this issue. (Be aware doing this though! I am guessing this should remove all your MIDI binding in ACT! I don't know for sure.) If this is the source of the issue this literally means that I have to give up the ACT feature for my keystrokes to show up!! (By the way, I am on the 2020.11 Version, Build 099)
  4. The most pathetic thing happened today and I seriously can't figure out why? Keystrokes on my midi keyboard are no longer showing up on the piano in the piano roll view. How the hell can I fix this ? Here's a picture to display where I am talking about. Before this happened, when I pressed a key on my midi keyboard the corresponding key on the piano in the piano roll view would get pressed, but now it doesn't!
  5. It seems that the piano roll and console view in Cakewalk can only be docked below or above the track view. I wanted to see if there is a way to dock either of these panes to the left or right side of the track view like the effects, inspector and help module? I know that I could undock them from the whole interface and dock them next to the interface with windows multi view but that's pretty inconvenient and annoying.
  6. Okay so this is pretty much the 3rd time I am making a post for this issue. But it seems just today I found what the heck was going on. Now I can't figure out how to fix it! So for quite a few months now I have had this issue that my cakewalk just kept auto-saving too frequently. Something was just constantly making changes to my tracks. The moment I saved a tracked it instantly was stared as edited again. Every time I simply played a track and then stopped it, it would get edited and I just recently noticed when opening up some old tracks that NI'S The Giant was sounding very quiet in my old tracks. Then it finally came to my attention that every time I stop playback the color of the tone reset all the way down to soft! It even happens when I make a change to sonars options !! And now the problem is I can't figure out just what the heck is causing it to do so. I have to say that this is happening even though I have unchecked the "Zero controller when play stops" feature in the options. Can anyone help me solve this issue? It's messing up all my tracks and driving me crazy.
  7. Okey, so I attached two videos to this reply. As you can see in the videos I have a Komplete Kontrol S61 hooked up to my system and my audio interface is a sinn7 Status 24l96 and I am also not using any automation programs as far as I know. Unfortunately, I also don't have any other audio interfaces to test but here's a thing: So I started adding in my frequently used VSTs one by one into an empty track and it seems that my Komplete Kontrol VST is the one that makes changes to the project even when I just simply play and pause the project (as you can see in the second video I have attached). As you can see the track isn't even armed for recording nor is automation write turned on. In the video I also went through all the setting both in the VST in cakewalk and in the stand-alone version so you could check if I have set something wrong maybe. I also went through my all my cakewalk settings in the first video so let me know if you spot anything wrong there too. Another thing that's on my nerves though is do you see how the project gets edited even when I make changes to cakewalks own setting (First video)? I'm starting to doubt my memory but should changes be made to a project when you change cakewalks own settings? or when you enable and disable input echo on a track? I also noticed that turning the knobs on my s61 controller when the track isn't even playing makes changes to the project too ... https://youtu.be/inWNREJkCho https://youtu.be/Z8bnWAMaxT0
  8. Okey, this is driving me absolutely nuts and I stil can't figure out what the absolute hell is going on !!! Every thing I do seems to make changes to my project. I hit play and then pause and some changes are made to my project. I open up cakewalks settings and make changes to the setting and when I close the setting some changes are made to my project. I absolutely cant figure out what the hell is going on. Can anyone help me out? I just upgraded my pc a few days ago and I was hoping that this issue would go away but it got even crazier. It got to the point where I could hardly even open up a project, because something was just constantly making changes and cakewalk was continuously auto-saving. I had to fully disable auto-save to be able to even open up a project. I though it was something with my vsts but it's happening even when I make a new project with just one audio track in it.
  9. That would be super frustrating. One thing! Technically changes u make inside your vst plugins don't count as actions right? only adding and removing vst plugins and fxs and recording something or writing midi counts as an action taken right? I feel like though there was a setting somewhere that made changes you make inside a vst plugin itself count as actions too and I feel like I might have turned that on, but I cant find such an option anymore. Does cakewalk have such an option?
  10. Yes disabling the auto-save and setting the count value to zero or setting the count value stupendously high fixes it so something is definitely triggering changes that count but I just can't figure out what. It's happening with my old projects too and I am not using any new plug-ins in them. Do you have any clue how I could figure out what vst is doing this without having to remove every vst and fx out of the project one by one? Like is there a console or something for changes ?
  11. Okey this is literally starting to drive me absolutely insane. All of a sudden from a few days ago my cakewalk just keeps continuously auto-saving every few seconds even though I am absolutely making no changes to my project. my setting are set to auto-save every 20 minutes or every 100 actions taken and they have always been set to that and I have had no problems before this. but this is driving me absolutely insane. Can anyone tell me what the hell might have happened ? or how I could fix this?
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