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  1. Hello, if I select tracks and hold CTRL to change a value for selected tracks, it works in track view but not if tracks are in a closed folder (works if this folder is opened). Is it me or it's a bug ?
  2. Hi to all, I would like to report a bug. The bug is related to midi input routing save. As you know, this is a problem that has been present for years, I have noticed in fact that users over time have repeatedly highlighted the problem in different forms and conditions. I don't know why it is still present, I think that when you route some virtual synth it is important to not have to redone again the routing work everytime (...when you can...in many cases you have to delete and load again all the virtual synths because it is impossible to delete anymore the "wrong" midi inputs added) There have been several attempts to explain the problem (modification in connected midi devices of the active device type at the time of saving and later not connected at the time of reopening the project or connected to a different USB port) or to at least limit the bug. But in reality unfortunately the bug does not depend only on the connected peripherals or not...it seems most related with virtual synth input ports. I was hoping that with the last early update, since a change had been inserted in the management of the midi ports of virtual synths, had been fixed but unfortunately this was not the case. I tried through this short video to highlight the center of the bug by simplifying it. In fact, the situation is much worse. In fact, the more complex the midi routing, the more the problem arises, with the usual randomly modified midi inputs (double, triple, all active, none...). In several cases it is not even possible to correct the problem of inputs that always remain active and you have to delete all the uploaded virtual synths and start from scratch, thus doing all the configuration again! For some it simply shows up after saving and reopening the project. In my case if the file is saved and then reopened the input midi channel assignments "seem" to be correct. But I would say that it is only luck, because every now and then the bug also occurs to me as to many others even just reopening a previously saved project. Actually as this video highlights, the bug occurs regardless of the subsequent closure and reopening of CbB under different conditions. Instead if I save the input settings of the various synths such as track settings, delete the tracks and restore the track settings save (without obviously closing CbB) the bug instantly appears as you can see. Unfortunately, this bug has been and remains somewhat annoying. You waste a lot of time reopening or editing tracks to reconfigure everything! I would therefore kindly like to ask you whether you can check what the problem is and solve it once and for all. I am sure that would certainly make so many users happy as the bug has been present for years. From my point of view, routing and managing audio and midi tracks (in this case) is a major feature in a DAW. It is the basis from which to carry out any work. It has to work and certainly once a template is configured the routing (sometimes it can also be quite complex with the various VSTs) should stay. If every time the saves made are not kept and everything has to be redone it becomes... Many thanks for your work and time Ronny
  3. I'm using the last EA. I'm trying to assign the key "A" in Piano Roll View, to switch on/off the "Auto Lock" function: But it's not working. It's still activating "Bypass audio effects": However "A" is currently assigned to "Arranger Track": How can I use the key "A" for PRV?
  4. When I try to activate Preferences using the shortcut "P" while Start Screen is being shown, nothing happens.
  5. When I want to scroll up and down the synths in Synth Rack, mouse wheel is not working as it should. In a large list, mouse wheel will not scroll, but only jump to the beginning or to the end of the synth rack list:
  6. For some reason, cakewalk is extremely laggy and I can't even click on anything. When I am able to click on things, it is delayed by about 12 seconds. It also doesn't let me click on the tab sometimes. The strange thing, I'm on a good computer (Asus TUF FX705DY). What is this, and has anyone else experienced this problem?
  7. The baker's rapidly responded to my last bug and are including a fix in the next release. Booyah. So I figured I'd bring up the other biggest nuisance bug that's been plaguing me for months. I took a video again, since that seems to be the best way to show exactly what's happening. Plain and simple, when you're bouncing a bunch of clips together, pretty frequently Cakewalk decides to provide you the large single clip that it should, plus it add a whole bunch of other clips that don't belong, into a new take lane. This happens so frequently across all projects, that I'm sure this is reproducible by someone else. I also just tried it again with auto-xfades off and it still happened. Cheers bakers! ❤️ @Noel Borthwick @msmcleod
  8. I'm still trying to track this one down, but I've been able to reproduce it twice. I'm going to start a new project and see if I can always repro it. But I wanted to bring it up. The details around this: Problem After extensive multi-track editing in Melodyne 5 Studio, during an Audible bounce of the project, it stops half-way through playback with no errors and no drop outs. It just stops playing. The bounce file is written to disk and contains audio up to the point of where Cakewalk stops (as you'd expect if Cakewalk dropped out during a bounce). Upon this point, nothing looks problematic. All tracks still have clips that show the waveforms and the clips all show melodyne is on them (RFX menu). however, The audio no longer plays on all the tracks that had melodyne running. Details Upon saving the project file, the project file size is MUCH smaller than before. IE: The project went from 9 MB with melodyne edits to now 1 MB. ^^^ These are the first time and second time reproductions of the issue. I had to re do about 4 hours of work, unfortunately. I'm fully aware of how to backup projects and as you can see, I have pretty good structure in my process. I have enabled additional auto save iterations every 15 minutes in case this happens again, but what is done is done. I'm still working to reproduce this in a new project, but I'm pretty sure I have a good idea what is happening, since I reproduced the issue in the same project. I believe that Cakewalk is doing some kind of plugin data size check and once it sees X amount of data for a plugin, it's assuming there was a problem and it's deleting all the data. This is purely a guess. But I think it's very coincidental that this point seems to be about 8 MB. How I got melodyne data so large: Melodyne studio 5 is an incredible piece of software. With the latest version, you have manual controls over de-essing, per note / syllable gain adjustments and so forth, in additional to pitch correction (so yeah, no shnarky comments about how you wouldn't need this with a good singer). In multitrack mode, you can also manually adjust stretching and timing of each word. It's a dream come true for adjusting vocals. And yes, there are things like vocal sync, but manually doing this in melodyne yields amazing results. And more importantly, this is what melo 5 studio was designed to do. So it's not like I'm demanding an odd use-case on this one. After talking to a bunch of people, they kept saying things like "you're supposed to bounce melodyne on each track or it does weird things". This is an unacceptable response. Again, the point of melodyne "studio" is multi-track editing in context. But I believe that maybe this is why they bounce each track. They may also be hitting this unknown limitation (assuming I'm correct about the cause. ) I'll be providing better repro steps for this. But I wanted to get this feedback started. If anyone else wants to do a repro, that'd be great too. I had about 7 tracks. On my last reproduction, I just started nudging and making random adjustments, saving and adding more until I saw the project size grow by about 8 MB. Then I did an audible bounce and hit this issue a second time. ❤️ bakers. Looking forward to resolving this. It was a rough weekend and I missed a deadline 😕 @msmcleod @Noel Borthwick
  9. It's been doing this for a couple releases now and it's driving me insane. I uploaded a video since that's a lot easier to show the issue. This happens in multiple projects. I'd go as far as to say, probably all of them. When slip editing on Crossfades (shift edge clip over a xfade) - to move the edge + keep the xfade area, it moves random surrounding clip edges. And what's worse is "Undo" only undoes the change I made to the clip I'm slip editing. it LEAVES the horked surrounding clips. And it's not always obvious when Cakewalk has decided to betray me. I had troubles reproducing the issue again, at first, but I uploaded the full video just to show extra At 1:49 I thought I'd reproduced it, but it was just a temporary visual glitch that fixes itself when you let go of the mouse button. The audio is fine. At2:50 you can see where it highlights the clip to the left of the clip I'm working on (even though the audio isn't moved.... yet. But I have a feeling this is related somehow) At 3:40 is the first ACTUAL reproduction of the bug. And then there's many more later. So if you want to skip directly to the issue, go to 3:40 and beyond. I hit this so often, I simple just can't use the shift slip editing at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_0xG92NZJE Enjoy and thanks bakers! Can't wait for this one to be fixed. ;)
  10. Hi, just a heads up - it's not a big deal and the workaround is obvious and easy, but when changing the buffer size on the RME drivers (v 4.29) to small buffers, (64, 32) Windows gets a BSOD if Cakewalk is open. No problems in changing it without the DAW open, so the obvious workaround is to close CW before changing the ASIO buffer. It also doesn't seem to be an issue if the buffers are large (from 256 up I seem to remember). It's probably as much an issue with the RME driver as with CW but I haven't noticed happening with other applications open, so just thought of mentioning it.
  11. Hello. The wet level automation of REVERB 2 don't works on exported file, but in the program it works. I have checked "Track Automation"and "Bus Automation" in export options. Please for help.
  12. I cant figure out what's wrong with it, I can go into older projects where I used the piano roll and switch the piano roll grid from lets say 1/4 to 1/32 and it actually change the length of the note spaces available but now when I do it, it doesn't change I have tried going into view, grid resolution, and then follow snap settings but that didnt change anything. I figured out what the problem was, I opened a new project whilst still having another open and somehow the bugged it and wouldn't change it even after restarting. To fix it I went into an older project with a non bugged piano roll, made a copy of it, then opened a new project from there, and that fixed it for some reason.
  13. I installed the free u-he plugins yesterday and the one in the title causes CbB to stop responding and crash with no error or apparent issue showing. You don't even have to load the plugin. Simply having it in your browser and interacting with the browser causes Cakewalk to hang. The other plugins don't have that issue and Triple Cheese works normally in REAPER and Cubase LE 10.5.
  14. So, there was an issue with my UI at first. I figured it was because my version of Cakewalk was out of date, so I decided to update it. When I went to Bandlab Assistant and tried to update it, however, it was stuck at "installing." I did some searching, and decided that the best course of action would be to uninstall and reinstall Cakewalk. I backed up my vsts, and uninstalled cakewalk, making sure not to delete shared files. Once I tried to reinstall, however, I ran into the same problem as before, with it being stuck at "installing." At this point I am frustrated and confused, and I am desperate. I see on some forums that you can install it manually by finding the exe file in the system folder. I check there, and sure enough, I find a file called "Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Setup_27.01.0.098_r1.exe" which gives me a sense of relief. I try to open it, and it says "the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable." Under it is another exe file, "Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Update_Setup_26.09.0.006.exe", and I try that one despite being out of date. The wizard fires up, and I select my language, but I am then met with another message saying "This installer requires Cakewalk by Bandlab version 2020.08." My computer is up to date and my drivers are good. I'm confused and nervous, as I have sunk a year and a half on this program and I do not think I would realistically be able to learn another one any time soon. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this?
  15. There seems to be a bug with the MIDI program change message in Bandlab. I have a MIDI .cwp file that works correctly with my old copy of SONAR 7 but it doesn't work with Bandlab. Both use the same default general midi .ins file. I checked the MIDI being sent to my external synth using MIDI-OX. Bandlab sends an extra PC message, C0 00. This causes the program change to be overridden and always changed to the first patch. SONAR sends the message correctly.
  16. I can only assume this is a bug, as ive tested it in every way possible, an no-one else seems to have a solution. Automation lanes sending MIDI CC to external gear are delayed ONLY when recording a sequence to an audio track. So, for example, I have a midi sequence sequencing a MODX, in addition to this, I have an automation lane controlling filter cutoff. If I monitor the audio track the MODX outputs to and hit play, everything is in time, the filter opens when i want it to, HOWEVER, if I then proceed to arm the audio track to record, then hit 'R' to start playback recording, the automation is late, delayed by about 1 or 2 bars (at 128 bpm). I have also included an image for reference to explain what I mean: using the image as reference, the red lane is the filter cutoff for the midi sequence (green notes). If the audio track for the external synth is monitored, and simply 'play' in cakewalk is hit, the gear is sequenced perfectly, that curve is at that exact point, HOWEVER, should the audio track then be armed for recording, and recording started using the midi sequence, the automation is sent late, approximately where I have marked. Ill include an example of the 'late' automation: late_automation.mp3 Combined with this image, you should be able to hear the difference between when the automation is sending, and when it should actually be sent. the filter should open up BEFORE the lead starts playing, as sequenced (and which it does do if you simply hit play and monitor the audio), however, it doesn't, as can be heard, it opens AFTER the lead starts, which is later than it is sequenced. This ONLY happens when recording the audio from the external synth when sequencing it from cakewalk. I have checked everything, timing offsets, buffer sizes, nothing is wrong, I even looked at the midi events cakewalk is sending, and the times for the start and end of curves etc... for envelopes are sent at exactly the right time (though, I was using the cakewalk event viewer). This is also not exclusive to just my MODX, every synth I have ever sequenced with cakewalk has experienced this. I have tried multiple different audio drivers, including those for the interface in the MODX, with no change. EDIT: So after some digging around, it turns out this happens ONLY when a count in for recording is set, this suggests to me its unintentional, and certainly a bug, but should also be a quick and easy fix.
  17. I was wondering if I should make this post or not, but it has run its course. There are some issues with the notification system that make it unusable and getting more in your way than anything: - When you click on the bell to see which notifications you have, clicking on any of them automatically marks all the others as read. That makes notifications semi useless, as now you have to remember which notifications are new and which are not simply because you chose to see one. - If you click on the bottom toast to see a notification you just received, it's not marked as read on the bell. While that might be a desirable feature, it may lead to user annoyance after they either went away for a while or weren't paying attention, see a notification on the bell and it's from a message they've already looked at or responded to.
  18. Not a huge deal, but while the Bakers are being so attentive to us, I figured I'd ask. I fat finger the automation lanes button all the time. I mean to open up the comp lanes. And when I do this and quickly click it again to un-show the automation lanes that I never wanted to see in the first place, Cakewalk creates a volume automation envelop and leaves it in track view. I really don't need to see volume envelopes until I get to the mixing phase and I want to create fader automation. And I don't really want to see unnecessary automation lines on the track view. It'd be nice, if you open the automation lanes and close it without actually having any fader envelope nodes defined (leaving it in automation "jump" mode for the entire project), the track view continued to not keep the fader automation visible. I know, I'm being pedantic. But I do this all the time. Never hurts to ask. On a side note, if the take lanes and automation lanes icons were more visually distinct, like they were different colors, I'd probably discern between them more easily. But ever since their inception, I click the wrong ones constantly. So I don't think my brain is going to stop. Cheers. 3E476386-5DE6-4558-A557-126280C87FED.MP4
  19. Since no one answers me about my previous question (https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/25244-some-keyboard-shortcuts-stopped-working-in-prv-not-docking/), I am obliged to open a new topic. Please, could anyone tell me how to roll back to a previous version? I just want a version that works,,,
  20. Running 09.2020 for now. Have a project with about 13 instances of Dimension Pro. Tried adding an instance of Chromaphone 3. Appears to add ok, but as soon as I go to play the project I get a crash. Dimension Pro 64 is showing as the source of the crash. You can see the crash occurring here as it occurred during a live stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/813105494 After that I tested something else. I opened an essentially blank test project with no instruments loaded and then added Chromaphone 3. The project played fine. I then closed the test project and went back into my main project and tried to play it, I got another crash even though Chromaphone had been loaded to a different project! I'm assuming there's some memory mishandling here, but I don't know if it's a Chromaphone or a Cakewalk issue. The fact that I experienced this issue with something occuring in one project affecting another led me to believe it was a Cakewalk issue. Cant add minidump for now as it exceeds the max attachment size but can provide if needed.
  21. Bouncing multiple tracks to a created mono track sometimes gives you all the tracks mixed to a single mono track, sometimes gives you a number of tracks mixed into the single mono track selected and a new mono track that contains the rest. There's no way to turn this behavior off. Changing interleave or setting the destination track to stereo or mono doesn't change anything. Even if you set that bounce to stereo, it will do the same thing, except the tracks will be stereo. The only way to make the feature do what it's supposed to do is sending all the audio to a bus and bouncing that bus to a track. Then it respects what you have set on the settings. Aux tracks exhibit the same bug.
  22. I have a particular use case and I'll do my best to explain it. I'm working on synthestration and my track structure looks as such: a Track folder with a bunch of instrument tracks in it Track folders labeled with a "version" of the score I'm working on. within these version folders are MIDI tracks that correspond to the available instrument tracks in the "instruments" folder. I make big changes to the score periodically and I essentially just duplicate the "version folder" which contains the midi tracks and continue from there. Yes, I could keep these version iterations in their own project files, but I like to have quick access to the previous versions. Loading in a ton of sample libraries in/out just to hear previous version, is not ideal. Also, I like being able to compare notes and harmonic structures, all in the same project. And midi data is small. This shouldn't be a big deal at all. The Challenge I'm constantly soloing out different groups of midi tracks in order to hear how they're playing with each other. When I solo a midi track(s), it works exactly as you'd expect. But when I unsolo the midi tracks, I get no sound, because the source Instrument track remains solo'd, but there are no corresponding midi tracks to feed the instrument track. I have to go to the console bar and click the solo button to un-solo everything and now I'm back to normal. This is unideal. What I'd like is that if you solo a midi track or group of midi tracks that feed an instrument track, upon un-soloing the last midi track that feeds the instrument track, both the last midi track AND the instrument are no longer solo'd. This would have a much more pleasant work flow. Here is a clip to show the issue directly: clip.MP4
  23. Trying to score a short video. Created a video track, thumbnails are visible when I choose them. However like others on this forum before, 'Open Video View' does nothing. I've been through Workspaces - Video View is not available anywhere. The 'Advanced' Workspace setting, where Video View at least used to be an option, (and others have solved this problem), does not appear anywhere. In no Workspace setting does a video option appear, including Custom and the 'Track Control Manager'. No video option in the views tab either. It used to be under the Lyrics view. I've also changed around all of my monitor/display settings, in case the Video View was docked somewhere I couldn't see. That's not the problem either. Maybe there's a master UI panel that I'm missing, where I choose the view options that are available overall? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  24. I've been using Cakewalk for decades and I've lost count the number of times I copy a group of clips, tell the DAW to paste to a certain time/point, yet the group never pastes properly! Say I want them to start at 6:00, most of the time the paste puts them starting at some seemingly random point after 6:00. Please fix this once and for all.
  25. Anybody experiencing problems with the magic tool when comping? (version It's always worked flawlessly but now clip resizing seems to have acquired a bug. It happens when I have "cut" a clip with the magic tool in comping mode (which works fine). But then when I move the borders of the clip in the track lane (by floating on the crossfade and moving the mouse vertically until it becomes the "comped clip border moving" tool) and resize the clip with click and drag, CW often shrinks the clip on the right side, leaving a hole between the right side of the clip and the next clip. It doesn't happen all the time. but quite often. I have no special settings different than what I've always used (auto crossfade, haven't touched anything related to the arranger etc), nor touching any key modifier when dragging to move the clip border. If I use the "comp" tool (as opposite to the magic tool in comp mode) all seems to be fine. Anyone else seeing this?
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