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  1. Fixed. Turned on full screen mode - controller appeared. Thanks for help anyway
  2. It is probably true that controller is behind View. But no ideas how get it. Toggling pages do them unfocused, it means that controller is there. Nothing helps. I`m like a fisherman who trying to catch a window, hidden deep inside project page
  3. Default cakewalk virtual controller, that opens on ALT+0. Nothing to show, it works in background. Can interact, cant see and close.
  4. In one moment virtual controller became invisible. After opening it by hotkey i can play, record, change height, but not see. In workspace, pressing K should mute part of audio, instead virtual controller plays notes. How to fix it?
  5. Suddenly recording of music became terrible. When i hold key more than 1 second appears sound of other note. Sometimes it changes after half second, sometimes after 10. Also can hear other notes during playing records. This `plugin` is on every instrument.
  6. after adding plugins to not "program files" folders, it finally perform sounds. thanks
  7. Some VST plugins dont work after adding. Everytime i get errors "Cant load module". The most plugins from this site https://www.dskmusic.com. Look on photo. Files with green icon dont work correctly.
  8. After opening Cakewalk i get troubles with audio system. Cant hear any sound and for solving that problem i need reboot. I am beginner in using cakewalk, dont know how to deal with it
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