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  1. http://forum.cakewalk.com/LEGATOCAL-Bug-I-created-a-revised-version-m3780325.aspx
  2. You can all stop these questions by adopting my solution on the first post.
  3. You're right, sorry, I think I'm suffering from dyslexia... 🤔
  4. As the scook's solution wasn't working either, I ended up discovering what the whole problem was: I have to focus the video window first, in order to be able to advance and rewind one frame. Nothing worked because I was focused on Track View. 👈 With the focus on Video View, you don't even need to create new shortcut keys: left arrow and right arrow already do the work of advancing and rewinding a frame, respectively.
  5. Have you tested before? Nudge won't work on track view, won't move the navigation ruler.
  6. I'm trying to assign a key to advance and back 1 video frame, it's not working: I've tried other keys, but it seems CbC is ignoring all these keys... How to advance / step back one frame?
  7. Also, you can clean the duplicate midi notes by using my Undupe2.cal script: http://forum.cakewalk.com/Deprecated-quotUNDUPECALquot-Bug-I-created-a-revised-version-m3779958.aspx
  8. Thanks, but my question is exactly how to create a tempo by tapping it on the keyboard, as it is done currently in Fit Improvisation. This is because the tempo variation is more intuitive this way.
  9. I have a 100% quantized midi track. I want to create a tempo variation, based on a manual tap of my keyboard. Apparently Fit Improvisation does the opposite, that is, if I had a midi track that is NOT quantized and I wanted to make it quantized using a reference track with the beat. How can I do this?
  10. Nudge is removing Sustain (CC 64). Even with no controllers selected, if I use Nudge left or right for some notes in PRV, it will delete some CC 64: I attached a sample project to confirm that. Nudge-Sustain.cwp
  11. While the bakers does not implement new keyboard shortcuts, I created an alternative solution some functions that I use a lot and that are currently only accessible via mouse. Below are the functions and their respective keyboard shortcuts, which will work via Autohotkey: Unsolo All Tracks: Win+S Piano Roll View-> Transform Toll On/Off: Win+T Piano Roll View-> Transform Toll -> Autofocus (On/Off): Ctrl+Win+T Piano Roll View-> View -> Show Multiple Lanes (On/Off): Ctrl+Win+L To install and use, follow these steps: Install Autohotkey on your Windows. Download "Cakewalk_Alt_Keys.zip" (attached to this post) and unzip in to a folder you want (example, Desktop) Double click on the script "Cakewalk_alt_keys.ahk" to activate it. It will be resident on the Windows task bar. Now, inside CbB, you can use the additional keyboard shortcuts above. Cakewalk_Alt_Keys.zip
  12. You were right! Now I remember that I had been through this situation once and "Zap All" solved the problem. 👍 Thank you very much!
  13. I'm using the last EA. I'm trying to assign the key "A" in Piano Roll View, to switch on/off the "Auto Lock" function: But it's not working. It's still activating "Bypass audio effects": However "A" is currently assigned to "Arranger Track": How can I use the key "A" for PRV?
  14. The original request is for a keyboard shortcut.
  15. I understand that this is an internal technical justification, but it does not solve the problem. Nothing prevents CakewalkStartScreen.exe from capturing the keystrokes and sending them to Cakewalk.exe.
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