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  1. This is an old thread, and I also did a workaround some years ago (http://forum.cakewalk.com/Palliative-alternative-to-reorder-synths-in-the-synth-rack-m3588508.aspx), but I'd like to know if currently there is an option to easily reorder the synths in the synth rack?
  2. I tried several things, from a complete uninstallation, cleaning the windows registry and eliminating any trace of CbB on my disk, but it didn't solve it. Finally, I discovered that this is some corruption in the internal registry of the shortcut keys. To solve the problem, I had to follow these steps: Open Preferences-> Keyboard Shortcuts Export the current configuration to a file Zap All Apply Import the saved file Apply With these steps, both the shortcuts returned to work in the PRV, as well as the PRV's Dock in MultiDock as well. However, I realized that, for some reason, these settings are registered within the original .cwp file, that is, if I do not save the file after the above changes, and open the file again, the problem will return. This means that I have to redo these steps for all saved files. Anyway, I managed to solve it. I appreciate your support. Thanks.
  3. Since no one answers me about my previous question (https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/25244-some-keyboard-shortcuts-stopped-working-in-prv-not-docking/), I am obliged to open a new topic. Please, could anyone tell me how to roll back to a previous version? I just want a version that works,,,
  4. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall CbB, but the problem persists. Any clue? How to roll back to a previous version? 👈
  5. I have some custom shortcuts to forward and backward a measure, for example: PgDn and PgUp: They always work in Track View and Piano Roll View simultaneously. However, after this last update, these shortcuts have stopped working in PRV. Also, I can't dock PRV window in MultiDock anymore. What is wrong?
  6. Wow, now I'm puzzled. So I have, for example, a 24-bit VST Piano, I record a midi track with it, I export as 24bit WAV, but internally CbB is reducing it to 16 bits in the middle of this whole process? So all this time I've been generating fake 24-bit tracks (actually 16 bits internally)?
  7. Thanks @scook. Just to clarify, "Record Bit Depth" refers only to external audio recording, not recordings using VST, correct?
  8. My projects are always 48 Khz 24 bits and to be honest I never realized if there was a shortcut to setting this up. However, CbB is showing 16 bits instead. What's wrong?
  9. Hi, The realism you will get using virtual instruments will depend on many variables: Quality / Price of VST library. There are zillions of libraries, so you should research the best and which ones fit your budget. Ease of use vs. flexibility: Many VST libraries allow you to create realistic sounds with little work, however, they do not allow you flexibilities in different variations; there are other very flexible libraries that are more difficult to use at the same time. Practice: After experimenting with various options, everything will depend on your experience in creating musical works. Humanization is the most important factor after all. There are many tutorials on how to humanize works with VST.
  10. Thanks, Noel, but as you can see in the first post, if I have leave C:\Cakewalk Projects\Audio Data as default audio folder, I can't turn off the option "Search entire PC". My projects are in a second drive and I have more than 1 million files in the entire PC, so definitively it doesn't clean in seconds, but in a dozen minutes...
  11. That's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you again David!
  12. This will clean audio files inside the project, not inside the C:\Cakewalk Projects\Audio Data folder, which is currently the default...
  13. I have all my project on a single folder structure on a specific hard drive. The audio folder is set to the default (C:\Cakewalk Projects\Audio Data). When trying to clean the audio folden, I can't turn off the option "Search entire PC": In the documentation (http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=0x200E7) it says: "Note: If Project/Audio Folder is set to the global audio folder, Cakewalk will automatically enable Search Entire PC." How can I keep that current audio folder path and search just for my current Cakewalk project folder?
  14. Currently, the keyboard shortcut "S" splits the selected clip at the NOW time. Is there a way to split a clip at the time selected range? For example, as the image below, if I press "S", CbB will split the clip at bar 17. But I'd like it to create TWO splits between the time selected range, ie, bars 19 and 21.
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