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  1. You can all stop these questions by adopting my solution on the first post.
  2. You're right, sorry, I think I'm suffering from dyslexia... 🤔
  3. As the scook's solution wasn't working either, I ended up discovering what the whole problem was: I have to focus the video window first, in order to be able to advance and rewind one frame. Nothing worked because I was focused on Track View. 👈 With the focus on Video View, you don't even need to create new shortcut keys: left arrow and right arrow already do the work of advancing and rewinding a frame, respectively.
  4. Have you tested before? Nudge won't work on track view, won't move the navigation ruler.
  5. I'm trying to assign a key to advance and back 1 video frame, it's not working: I've tried other keys, but it seems CbC is ignoring all these keys... How to advance / step back one frame?
  6. Also, you can clean the duplicate midi notes by using my Undupe2.cal script: http://forum.cakewalk.com/Deprecated-quotUNDUPECALquot-Bug-I-created-a-revised-version-m3779958.aspx
  7. Thanks, but my question is exactly how to create a tempo by tapping it on the keyboard, as it is done currently in Fit Improvisation. This is because the tempo variation is more intuitive this way.
  8. I have a 100% quantized midi track. I want to create a tempo variation, based on a manual tap of my keyboard. Apparently Fit Improvisation does the opposite, that is, if I had a midi track that is NOT quantized and I wanted to make it quantized using a reference track with the beat. How can I do this?
  9. Nudge is removing Sustain (CC 64). Even with no controllers selected, if I use Nudge left or right for some notes in PRV, it will delete some CC 64: I attached a sample project to confirm that. Nudge-Sustain.cwp
  10. While the bakers does not implement new keyboard shortcuts, I created an alternative solution some functions that I use a lot and that are currently only accessible via mouse. Below are the functions and their respective keyboard shortcuts, which will work via Autohotkey: Unsolo All Tracks: Win+S Piano Roll View-> Transform Toll On/Off: Win+T Piano Roll View-> Transform Toll -> Autofocus (On/Off): Ctrl+Win+T Piano Roll View-> View -> Show Multiple Lanes (On/Off): Ctrl+Win+L To install and use, follow these steps: Install Autohotkey on your Windows. Download "Cakewalk_Alt_Keys.zip" (attached to this post) and unzip in to a folder you want (example, Desktop) Double click on the script "Cakewalk_alt_keys.ahk" to activate it. It will be resident on the Windows task bar. Now, inside CbB, you can use the additional keyboard shortcuts above. Cakewalk_Alt_Keys.zip
  11. You were right! Now I remember that I had been through this situation once and "Zap All" solved the problem. 👍 Thank you very much!
  12. I'm using the last EA. I'm trying to assign the key "A" in Piano Roll View, to switch on/off the "Auto Lock" function: But it's not working. It's still activating "Bypass audio effects": However "A" is currently assigned to "Arranger Track": How can I use the key "A" for PRV?
  13. The original request is for a keyboard shortcut.
  14. I understand that this is an internal technical justification, but it does not solve the problem. Nothing prevents CakewalkStartScreen.exe from capturing the keystrokes and sending them to Cakewalk.exe.
  15. This is an old request and I reiterate my suggestion for creating a keyboard shortcut that allows unsolo all tracks. Some years ago I created a workaround using Autohotkey: http://forum.cakewalk.com/FindPost/3482956 But this should be a native solution, since it is used a lot, but currently it can only be done via mouse.
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