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  1. im getting a lot more random cakewalk crashes where theres no prompt or error message and it just closes
  2. Loving the new update so far. Not sure if this is a bug but the new splitting across all lanes thing doesnt seem to follow the setting: "Selection after single split:". and it only selects the left side despite what u choose in that setting (i have mine set to select the right portion).
  3. go to the Menu->Views-> Tempo or press alt shit 5 to bring up the tempo map pane you can adjust the tempo at any point by going to the specific point in the timeline and press the + sign at the top left. you can add a gradual tempo change by using the draw tool and drawing a line between the 2 points
  4. JL

    Touchscreen and Fader Moving Issue

    Just tried this, doesnt seem to work. even with a single tap which causes the meter to be in focus (rectangle appears around the fader) it still has the slight jump. seems like this is the issue, i realized i could move my finger sideways first to "activate it" then move downward. but its really not intuitive to do it this way esp if i want to be able do multiple faders at once. It also seems like its a cakewalk thing as knobs and faders in plugins doest have this threshold and immediately moves.
  5. So i bought an Acer T232HL touch screen a while back thinking i could use it as a mini Slate Raven 😂 as cakewalk has touch support. But one thing has always bugged me is how the fader always has an initial jump when u try to move it, so i never actually adopted the touch capabilities for automation and only used it as a secondary monitor. Is anyone else using a touchscreen monitor have this problem too or is this a problem with my specific monitor/touch setting? heres a short vid showing the issue, pardon my bad fader skills as i was trying to move it while seeing from the phone screen
  6. JL

    Audio drops since update

    What soft synth/vsti are u using in the project?
  7. for example sometimes u may get a small section of a clip with some crackling or clipping you can chop that clip up, drop in a declip or decrackle plugin and just bounce that section instead of having the plugin on the track running throughout the entire set.
  8. i usually mix it in one large project file mainly to be able to export as one continuous audio file to be sync to video. Like Ludwig said always make a backup first before starting. I would suggest to start by identifying the start and end of each songs with markers. There's gonna be a lot of automation of clip gain/volume to reduce the amount of bleed and stuff, reverb mix, delay tempo, panning etc etc Splitting of clips is also very useful for example if the guitarist changes patches between distorted and cleans, Vocalist doing screams and clean singing. Clip fx are also your friend, but it can really add up and get very heavy on your cpu . You may also lose track of your clip fx easily so i suggest bouncing to clip once you feel your clip fx has achieved your desired goal. Here's a screencap of my mix for a 30min metal/hardcore set of a 5-piece band
  9. @Noel Borthwick is there to bypass that new feature or has the key modifier for adjusting multiple clips at once been changed?
  10. i used to be able to hold shift and extend multiple clips by specific duration but i cant seem to do it in this version. Not sure if this is a feature that requires additional step to turn on in this release. here's a gif trying to show the issue. UPDATE: just realised its because of this new feature: Holding SHIFT on Comp track (lanes collapsed) now allows for adjusting split location across lanes is there a way to keep this feature, but still have the ability to extend the multiple clips by a specific duration?
  11. thanks for the kind words! All the songs were recorded across a long period of time so there was quite a bit of sonic variations. yes the drummer is pretty sick, i've help filmed some of his live drum stuff too
  12. Any fans of heavy music here? A deathcore band ,No Rest for the Weary, i helped produce just dropped their album today. Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered fully in Cakewalk. Spotify
  13. JL


    Seems like your cakewalk project's master output is routed to only the 1/2 output hence you dont hear the midi drum track or the echo. Based on your observation that the echo only appears on 1/2, that means the latency is probably caused by having the input monitoring in the cakewalk turn on. Just turn input monitoring off (speaker icon becomes grey) and switch back your monitor button to 1/2 and you should be able to hear cakewalk, youtube etc. input monitoring button in cakewalk: if direct monitoring is too soft, you can probably turn down your backing music (or the drum track) and turn everything way up. if turning input monitoring off doesnt fix the echo, it could be the "listen to this device" from windows recording device: find your interface input under the recording device tab and make sure "listen to this device" is not checked if you really want to hear your vocals through certain plugins/effects you need to use low latency plugins and have a low buffer size/interface with good drivers. Let us know whats the latency number your interface is currently reporting. Press P (for preference)>driver settings and check the round trip latency value
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