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  1. JL

    Multiple Vst Inputs Scrambled Track Templates

    I noticed this happens sometimes too, there are times when it certain templates are saved correctly. Other times it might not. I think it also happens when there's multiple soft synths in your track template, like its probably loading the audio tracks first before loading the right soft synth hence the routing gets routed to a different soft synth as the correct soft synth hasnt been loaded. its kinda frustrating to reroute everything esp if you're dealing with huge multi-out stuff. hope it get fixed
  2. JL

    Cakewalk Drum Editing Tutorial

    thanks guys! this is my first tutorial, hope i manage to get my point across well. My new year's resolution is to do more vids and definitely more cakewalk ones, so subscribe if you wanna see more!
  3. A few days ago someone asked about multi-track drum editing in cakewalk on the facebook user group, so i decided to record a short tutorial on how i usually proceed with non-destructive editing drums with the help of audiosnap! Check out the video here:
  4. JL

    Visual Clip Gain

    This was probably been mentioned in the old forums, but it will be really cool to have Visual Clip Gain, where the waveforms of the clip increases/decreases based on the amount of gain applied to the clips. This will really help with editing stuff like ghost notes for drums and stuff.