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  1. JL

    Forum members /home country ?

  2. thanks for the kind words! All the songs were recorded across a long period of time so there was quite a bit of sonic variations. yes the drummer is pretty sick, i've help filmed some of his live drum stuff too
  3. Any fans of heavy music here? A deathcore band ,No Rest for the Weary, i helped produce just dropped their album today. Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered fully in Cakewalk. Spotify
  4. JL


    Seems like your cakewalk project's master output is routed to only the 1/2 output hence you dont hear the midi drum track or the echo. Based on your observation that the echo only appears on 1/2, that means the latency is probably caused by having the input monitoring in the cakewalk turn on. Just turn input monitoring off (speaker icon becomes grey) and switch back your monitor button to 1/2 and you should be able to hear cakewalk, youtube etc. input monitoring button in cakewalk: if direct monitoring is too soft, you can probably turn down your backing music (or the drum track) and turn everything way up. if turning input monitoring off doesnt fix the echo, it could be the "listen to this device" from windows recording device: find your interface input under the recording device tab and make sure "listen to this device" is not checked if you really want to hear your vocals through certain plugins/effects you need to use low latency plugins and have a low buffer size/interface with good drivers. Let us know whats the latency number your interface is currently reporting. Press P (for preference)>driver settings and check the round trip latency value
  5. JL

    Isn't It About Time To Focus?

    +1 this is really irritating if you're dealing with multi-mic stuff like drums and after spending a number of minutes trying to get them all to show up nicely then accidentally hitting F which resets everything... *facepalm*
  6. JL

    Universal Audio with Cakewalk?

    Yup I'm using a x299 mobo with Asus ex 3 card. I've even went to buy both the startech and apple adapters. Could just be an isolated issue with my pc but I realized the dropouts were also due to using non vst3 plugins. Thunderbolt as a whole is really more of a Mac thing, way better drivers implemented in Mac than in windows. Hence u don't see a ton of thunderbolt interfaces with windows drivers right out of the box e.g. slate vrs8 (beta), Steinberg arx, antelope discrete (beta) The Apollo is a great interface and I wished that it would work well with my setup but eventually I have to go for a more stable option even if it meant spending the extra dough. Yup the extra buffer for their plugins' delay compensation adds quite a bit of latency. You can adjust this extra buffer but like what Jim said, if you intend to use a lot of vsti with midi controllers, the UA stuff are not the best.
  7. JL

    Tracks falling out of sync

    sometimes when you are playing back and you drag and drop a plugin to a track it might need a playback restart to probably recalibrate the delay compensation of that plugin. I also noticed that if your project has melodyne regions it is also prone to have playback issues when u jump between different parts of the track without stopping the transport first. one way is to check this option and see if your problem persists
  8. JL

    Is CPU usage affect result of Audio Snap?

    ive avoided elastique mode for a while now as i've realized that even though it might sound better, it has caused more glitches than any of the radius modes.
  9. JL

    Universal Audio with Cakewalk?

    ive used the blackface apollo 8p via thunderbolt 3 and faced many issues, mainly dropouts in cakewalk. I couldnt figure out why, ive tried all buffer sizes, windows optimization and bios changes to no avail. Email UAD support and they couldnt help much too. Could be an isolated issue with my PC but ive since sold that apollo and gotten an RME UFX+. Also WDM drivers are really bad that causes lots of crackling when playing audio from your browser etc. Also, the bad wdm drivers causes your recording source to be badly distorted when using the apollo with discord or skype etc. You can read several issues in their bug reporting forum Sources: UAD WDM Drivers issue (first reported in 2017 in the first link): https://uadforum.com/support-troubleshooting/30545-apollo-8-thunderbolt-recording-crackle-sound-non-daw-apps-problem-windows-10-a.html https://uadforum.com/support-troubleshooting/40666-apollo-thunderbolt-wdm-issue-ever-fixed.html https://uadforum.com/support-troubleshooting/42211-windows-audio-crackling-randomly-possible-solution.html#post290032 UAD Arrow WDM crackling (supposed fix): https://uadforum.com/support-troubleshooting/43635-amazing-solved-crackling-distortion-windows-44-1-48khz-100%-working2019.html
  10. Thanks so much for listening to our feedback! Cakewalk forever!
  11. JL

    2019.07 Feedback

    Ive been searching throughout the settings trying to revert this behaviour. Please let this be optional, i believe cubase has a setting that disables this feature. For one it's kinda hard to relearn the muscle memory and another reason is that also I use cakewalk as a daw for live playback and patch change, I don't want a have to deal with a random misclick on the touchpad to ruin our set.
  12. JL

    Multiple Vst Inputs Scrambled Track Templates

    I noticed this happens sometimes too, there are times when it certain templates are saved correctly. Other times it might not. I think it also happens when there's multiple soft synths in your track template, like its probably loading the audio tracks first before loading the right soft synth hence the routing gets routed to a different soft synth as the correct soft synth hasnt been loaded. its kinda frustrating to reroute everything esp if you're dealing with huge multi-out stuff. hope it get fixed
  13. JL

    Cakewalk Drum Editing Tutorial

    thanks guys! this is my first tutorial, hope i manage to get my point across well. My new year's resolution is to do more vids and definitely more cakewalk ones, so subscribe if you wanna see more!
  14. A few days ago someone asked about multi-track drum editing in cakewalk on the facebook user group, so i decided to record a short tutorial on how i usually proceed with non-destructive editing drums with the help of audiosnap! Check out the video here:
  15. JL

    Visual Clip Gain

    This was probably been mentioned in the old forums, but it will be really cool to have Visual Clip Gain, where the waveforms of the clip increases/decreases based on the amount of gain applied to the clips. This will really help with editing stuff like ghost notes for drums and stuff.