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  1. +1 to this feature (gonna bump this every month until its eventually implemented), its such a buzzkill to not have mono external inserts. Recently moved into a shared studio space with a few other engineers and we've rigged up quite a few outboard stuff. However the lack of mono external inserts really makes it hard to incorporate a hybrid mixing approach into a cakewalk session. Even though i have Cubase 10, i don't really want to switch over cause of 1 feature which seems like quite a "simple" fix...
  2. JL

    Modelling mic users

    i've had the Slate VMS one + ML1 and i have some ML2 for quite a while now, use it (ML1) main mic for a while before switching to a u87 atm. The mic itself is a pretty decent mic without the emulations, quite bright sounding (some people thinks is a bit too sibilant). The emulations are nice to play around/change in post after recording. using different mic emulations for different layers def gives a different texture without the hassle of swapping mics. The ML2 is a pretty good deal for the price, decent SDC but the buttons on the Mics break realllllly easily, brought 3 mics out twice and already 2 of the plastic buttons broke... you can still toggle with the switch with a pen or something. Does it sound 100% like the real deal? That is debatable but i would say the on axis emulation for the Slate can be quite accurate. Do note the Townsend sphere is a dual capsule while the Slate ones are all single only.
  3. woo hoo dynamic waveforms, another one off the bucket list
  4. JL

    Track Export File Name

    When cakewalk exports raw multitracks theres a number that corresponds to the order of which it appears in the project, does anyone know how can i move that number at the back to the start of the file name so i can import it back at with the same sequence as it was arranged in the project? i dont want to go through 100-200 tracks and manually type in the number, its kinda impractical as you may add 1 or two tracks in the middle and will need to retitle every subsequent track
  5. With the growing popularity of live-streaming due to everyone being stuck at home, many friends have been asking me how to livestream your DAW to discord and other platforms. This can be kind of tricky especially if you do not have internal loopback feature within your interface. The ghetto method would be to manually connect a pair of outputs back into your inputs but if you're looking for a software solution, look no further! There are many other methods that include using Voicemeter Banana etc and stuff but my method uses a kinda forgotten plugin called Voxengo Recorder and doesn't mess with your ASIO Drivers in your DAW so check it out here and feel free to subscribe and like if you find it useful! Don't hesitate to post your questions here as well, i'll try to reply as soon as possible!
  6. hey so far i found that Voxengo Recorder works pretty well, (its only a 32bit plugin though). ive used it to get my DAW signal into OBS, Discord etc
  7. i realised control + mouse wheel scroll now goes in the opposite direction?
  8. wow the arranger feature looks awesome!
  9. maybe double check if your autocross fade is switched on I've assigned a hotkey for the "fade clips" function then after editing all the drums i'll select all the clips and use that. You can find that under Clips> Fade Clips There are 2 main fade types: Fade and Fill Gaps. Fade just apply a fade to all the clips with a specific in and out time. Fill gaps helps you cross fade clips and join them together if the clips are not touching each other. This is my usual fade settings: sometimes the fill gap option doesnt really fade everything so ill do another pass of Fade without altering existing times/curve. i did a tutorial of my usual drum editing process here:
  10. drum maps are pretty cool but kinda a pain to navigate around, I use it mainly to combine all my midi triggering for Samples via different VSTi or Trigger 2 and also trigger gates (like Fab filter Pro C) to open. Really helpful to go into detail like triggering which specific sample or open which mics base on the velocity of the hits, amount of bleed in the drum mics.
  11. i have this issue for quite a while now and its pretty annoying, still cant figure out why it gets stuck!
  12. i cant seem to recreate the problem with consistency, but it only seems to happen in aggressive mode and occurs randomly. here are some audio samples of what im referring to (mainly happens in the later half of the song): https://app.box.com/s/q3oselcptgbyaaacu0oetgfn40lenu5x
  13. it has happened to me before, no idea why. recording vocals into a punched region with no count in enabled had some sync-ing issue, i think its gotta to do with the delay compensation. usually ill just need to restart cakewalk and it works normally again. this also always happens when im reamp-ing or recording my axe fx-3 via AES, the first take of that session is always off sync, seems like a clocking issue thing, but subsequent takes will be alright
  14. with Experimental aggressive task scheduling model turn on, my tracks dont appear to be in sync when its exported, but it sounds ok when its in the DAW
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