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  1. I'm noticing Audiosnap-ed clips with shifted notes are not playing back at the right timing sometimes. For example I edited 3 tracks of vocals to be in sync but playing back the clips (without bouncing) sounds totally off sync even though the waveforms matches up
  2. JL

    Melodyne Region FX Gain Drop

    I have this issue in some projects where there will be a reduction in gain after using Melodyne Region FX for a certain clip. Anyone knows what could be the cause? edit: i keep getting dropout error 12 too with this project whenever i do a melodyne region fx...
  3. I've had this problem too, it happens quite randomly to certain project esp ones with a ton of comps
  4. oh man you are spot on, I just tried changing the interleave to mono and it really fixed it, I've always thought exporting tracks bypasses all the channel setting except for gain
  5. Does anyone else has a problem when exporting-> tracks (not entire mix) always results in tracks that are a few db hotter the original? This results in some clipping for some of the tracks. I've tried it with the bounce to track feature inside of cakewalk and it also exhibits the same gain increase. I've attached a screenshot of how it looks like in cakewalk along with my usual settings, the top clip is the original recorded one whereas the bottom is the bounced clip using the settings on the right. Do let me know if you guys have ever experienced this. i do not have any gain increase in my gain knob, in fact i have to do around -3db to get around the same level as the original before bouncing the tracks.
  6. grateful for all the bug fixes but this is really a bummer i agree, this quirk alone is a huge buzzkill for most people who use outboard gear
  7. probably the case of too low of a buffer size for the amount of cpu/plugins you're using. Try increasing the buffer size via the slider if its possible. Are you using your internal PC soundcard if so an external interface with decent ASIO drivers like what John suggested might help
  8. what is the drop out error code that you're getting?
  9. haven try it but looks pretty cool! what other features are u planning or are able to add in the future?
  10. Using the "Remove DC Offset During Recording" causes serious audio digital distortion issues. It is triggered by any low frequency that's being recorded. It doesn't happen when a single track is being recorded but once I arm a full 16 track drum session, the signal distortion happens. System: Intel i7-7820 GPU: GTX 1080ti Interface: MOTU 16A, 24AI, 24AO routed into an AVB switch and my MOTU 16A is connected to my computer via Thunderbolt mainly (but problem also appears when using USB) I've attached an audio sample of the problem below: dc offset bug.wav
  11. Do you get this everytime it drops out? This usually means an external monitor is disconnected, so probably a loose hdmi cable or something. I get this whenever I switch my monitors screens to duplicate/extend and back.
  12. I used to have this problem with my apollo interface, but only happens with a select few plugins. Never figured why, but I changed interface and the problem went away. Anyway which dropout code are you getting?
  13. +1 to this feature (gonna bump this every month until its eventually implemented), its such a buzzkill to not have mono external inserts. Recently moved into a shared studio space with a few other engineers and we've rigged up quite a few outboard stuff. However the lack of mono external inserts really makes it hard to incorporate a hybrid mixing approach into a cakewalk session. Even though i have Cubase 10, i don't really want to switch over cause of 1 feature which seems like quite a "simple" fix...
  14. JL

    Modelling mic users

    i've had the Slate VMS one + ML1 and i have some ML2 for quite a while now, use it (ML1) main mic for a while before switching to a u87 atm. The mic itself is a pretty decent mic without the emulations, quite bright sounding (some people thinks is a bit too sibilant). The emulations are nice to play around/change in post after recording. using different mic emulations for different layers def gives a different texture without the hassle of swapping mics. The ML2 is a pretty good deal for the price, decent SDC but the buttons on the Mics break realllllly easily, brought 3 mics out twice and already 2 of the plastic buttons broke... you can still toggle with the switch with a pen or something. Does it sound 100% like the real deal? That is debatable but i would say the on axis emulation for the Slate can be quite accurate. Do note the Townsend sphere is a dual capsule while the Slate ones are all single only.
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