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  1. I also think this is a strange behaviour. When you solo the drum track, the piano gets muted, but when you solo the piano track, the drums are still sent to the drum bus. Why the drums aren't muted when you solo the piano track?
  2. Apeirofobia

    Midi Clip PRV

    Hi Folks is it possible to open only one midi clip in the Piano Roll View? Everytime I open a clip, it displays the whole track and sometimes it's very confusing when you want to edit only a small detail.
  3. I just tried the new build and it works great! Thank you so much for your effort!
  4. Thanks! would it be useful if I attach the same project I showed in the video? Because right now I'm not working in any project. I made this video only to help in this update showing this particular issue I've had in the past.
  5. Thank you so much for your response. In fact when I soloed the buses and the bass track that contains the compressor, the input worked fine. But sometimes you have a few of this sidechain processes in a project and it would be tedious to solo the buses and the aux tracks everytime you want to hear the effects in the context of some instruments. In my particular case the ideal situation would be to be able to hear the sidechain compression with the whole drumkit soloed, so if I worked only with the aux tracks I will have to solo every drum part individually. By the way I don't know how to attach a cakewalk project. How could you open it? I would have to attach the wav files too?
  6. Here's an example of my issue. I deleted all the other instruments, so it would be simpler to see the details.
  7. I thought this issue was solved too. But I'm still having troubles with sidechaining in a similar situation. Here I'll explain a signal flow I usually use, step by step: 1)I have two mics of the kick(in and out), then I send these two signals to a Kick Aux Track. 2)I also have 2 tracks for the bass (mic and DI) and I also send them to a Bass Aux Track. 3)I compress the bass aux track with the input from the kick aux track. 4)Then I create a bus for the whole drumkit, and I send this Kick Aux track to the Drum bus. 5)I create a Bass Buss, and I send the bass aux track to this bus so I can manage all the instruments only from the buses section. 6)And when I solo these buses(bass and drumkit) , the sidechain compression stops working. I would expect that when I solo a bus, all their respective signals should be soloed too.
  8. Wow, thank you so much. This fixed the problem!
  9. Yep, I've already tried that and it didn't solve the problem.
  10. Hi guys I just updated my softube plugins and all my plugins inserted in my projects have wrong names. And when I insert new plugins, I get the same name. Any idea what's going on? Here's a video of the behaviour. Every plugin has the same name(TSAR-1R) in all my projects.
  11. Thanks for your reply! That's exactly what I do, I solo both buses (the drum and bass buses in my case) but there's still no input in the compressor.
  12. Hi guys, I have one question about this topic : This behaviour should be valid for buses too, right? I was wondering this, because when I have 2 buses that contain sidechained tracks (ex: 1 bus with the drum tracks, and another bus with 2 bass tracks, mic and DI) and I solo these buses, the sidechain compression effect between the bass and the kick drum is lost (the input in the compressor dissapears). I don't know if this is a normal behaviour, and if it is, how could I listen to the sidechain compression when I solo buses? Thanks in advance
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