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  1. This also happened to me. I was not sure if it was EZBass or Cakewalk. New projects were fine (adding EZBass in set up). But this one project it kept crashing. I ended up transferring my main tracks to a new project and there was no more problem (other than the time factor of rebuilding the project). For now I suggest that you create a new project, add EZBass (even if you are not ready for it yet) and start your work. I have not approached support for either app at this time. I can tell you that this started happening after the last update of EZBass along with the 2021-10 release of Cakewalk (this is why I do not know whom to suspect). Making a template with all your required elements (bass, drums, guitar app) might help avoid this situation for now . . . The dump file is from EZBass - I was too busy to try to analyze the dump to see what had happened. I did not see a dump from Cakewalk though. In my case, cakewalk did crash, but I think it was because of EZBass. Perhaps setting the debug level in Cakewalk could help gather more info . . . I'm just busy at the moment and don't feel like being sidetracked (if I have a solution that is working). Anyone experiencing this and finds the solution to the problem, please post it here for all to see . . . I have to believe at this point that other are having this problem also. Thanks, Syphus
  2. I was not clear from your post . . . The first part shows that the "Bandlab" app id looking for where the program should be installed (if you could have downloaded it. I would try what scook said . . . Look under "Early Access" in the forum for web installer info . . . Syphus
  3. Hi, First question is: Did you install cakewalk? If the answer is "Yes", the did you try starting cakewalk from the "Cakewalk" Icon on your desktop? I don't recall ever trying to start it from the "Bandlab" app . . . Syphus
  4. Did it just go-away or do you have a hollow dialog box? I just had an experience with it not updating correctly . . . had to contact support. Try installing the update again. Syphus
  5. It does . . . Thanks for the response. Syphus
  6. @Time+Space, Hi there . . . So what does "Full version only" mean? And I went to your link above for "EZDrummer and Free Expansion" - I did not see any mention of the expansion? Does it come with the free EZX? Thanks, Syphus
  7. Syphus

    XLN OLI Updated

    I believe I have the latest available for my machine . . . But it never hurts to check again . . . Thanks Syphus
  8. Syphus

    XLN OLI Updated

    I was being serious. A backup has, on many occasions, saved my caboose. Well thanks for the advice . . . Unfortunately I do not do incremental type backups - I usually clone my drive once a month . . . Syphus
  9. Syphus

    XLN OLI Updated

    Restore from backup. Yeah that would be nice . . . But no such luck (i.e. no recent backup) I don't know if you are being serious or not. But for those whom might be experiencing this problem, I contacted XLN support and the provided me with an override file that installs the previous version. Now I have a usable dialog box now. The unfortunate part is that with this file in place I can no longer update past this version. We will see what support will be doing about the problem. Syphus
  10. Syphus

    XLN OLI Updated

    Fuel to the Fire! Opened the Installer - it updated itself and when it finished, all I had was a transparent dialog box . . . AD2 still works (for now) Anyone know how to revert back to a previous version? Just wondering . . . Syphus
  11. IF the screen sets are to be abandoned, it would be nice if the bakers would let us know. I myself are aware of workspaces, but don't really use them. If I should be using them in my workflow (due to screens going away or no improvements) - I'd like to know sooner than later. I guess I will try to spend a little time looking at workspaces. . . Syphus
  12. @dave coomber look in Downloads\Cakewalk Syphus
  13. I think "removed" = "moved" I'm wondering what cakewalk folder . . . Definitely need a bit more information here Syphus
  14. Contacted Support and they said they were having some trouble. Try DL tomorrow . . . Seems to be working now Syphus
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