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  1. Here you go . . . In Stock right now . . . (black,red and blue case) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1290027-REG/seagate_stdr5000100_5tb_backup_plus_portable.html/?ap=y&smp=y&lsft=BI%3A514&gclid=CjwKCAjw29vsBRAuEiwA9s-0B6SgkqHyGJIue4HQZN6azDIjFI2o9TuOffN9PuP6n-OqPWm9EH-OqBoCT_QQAvD_BwE Syphus
  2. Went to look at drive - now "Sold Out". I got a Toshiba 4T external for about $86 during "Prime Day" . . . Syphus
  3. I just recently (as in yesterday/today) spent backing up my computers/drives. I decided to go the "Clonezilla" route. Has anyone utilized this software and what is your satisfaction level with it. One of the reasons I went this route was due to cheapness (its free). Right now my DAW Laptop is backing up an image to a USB 4TB drive via Clonezilla. Unfortunately this method does not support incremental type backups but I want to do this once a month in the event of a drive failure. I also have a USB external drive that I backup my stuff to (such as CbB project files and installers using Clonezilla), I also back up that drive image image to another drive. The Clonezilla method requires the use of a bootable USB drive to run a Linux OS in ram (memory) and no install on my hard drive w/background tasks. Syphus
  4. Hi - I just test this out ( I think this is what you want): (even thought I'm a bit late) Open a new project (basic) Set your audio to none (it will change once you start recording) Turn you input fader down Go to the page for preferences (as shown by Noel above) Click the "playback box", "count in" to "0" measures set you tempo Arm your track for record, type "r" on keyboard. Recording should start. Let this record for about 4 and 1/2 measures. Then stop. Go to your track and select measure 1 thru 4, set your loop (for 4 measures) Once loop selected, hit play. Transport should loop through the 4 measures and the "Metronome" should be clicking If this is not what you are trying to accomplish - oops, sorry Syphus
  5. Let me say a quick thing here: This is not the most elegant solution to this problem, but support advised that one should update to Windows 10 (as a solution). It does not appear that support (I did contact them) will pursue this as a CbB problem . This could be true (not getting treated as a CbB problem), but following the procedure above you might be able to get around it somewhat and get back the functionality as it was designed (for Start Window). Syphus
  6. Syphus

    Loom II - 9.99 $US

    Interesting... I will do that next time . . . Although, now I'm curious as to why . . . I will search the old forums and see what I can find . . . Thanks for the info . . . Once again . . . Syphus
  7. Syphus

    Loom II - 9.99 $US

    I was just relating my story . . . If you have it installed and license set in your Ilok account. Just re-scan your plugins with the "Plugin Manager" (Utilities> Cakewalk Plug-in Manager). You should be good at that point. Syphus
  8. Syphus

    Loom II - 9.99 $US

    Here is my tale: Installed it without the license installed to Ilok. Ran cake and the scanner was stuck on Loom.dll. Closed cake to find that underneath was a dialog box asking for license info. So I got the license, installed into Ilok. Ran Cake and no scan, no loom detected. So I ran the full scan from the manager and Loom found. Loom was under "Instrument" tab listed under Uncategorized . Set it to synth and all is good. Syphus
  9. Alright folks - Last entry before we re-enter the atmosphere . . . The last test I wanted to do before concluding this thread was rebooting the computer and see if that last entry (by me) rang true. The scroll bar seems to be a bit thinner that I would expect, but the scroll bar is still there. All seems to be working as it is supposed to. Of course one can only expect 16 icons to be available do to the design of the "Start Screen", but now I can access them via the SS. To summarize, here is how I got this to work: I went to the setting in my control panel (for windows OS) and set the "Display" heading under "Appearance and Personalization" and changed the setting from "125%" to "100%". This will cause you to have to logout of your account and re-login. Do not pay attention to the way your desktop looks at this time. Open cakewalk and check your SS. It should be normal looking (with a visible scroll bar) and all other methods working ( arrow keys& pg up/dn keys). At this point go back and change your text setting back to "125%", logoff & re-login". Your desktop should be back to normal. Open cakewalk and see if you SS is working correctly. I just wanted to finish this up in case anybody out there encounter this - maybe this will help them. I'm going to set this as solved at this point. Thanks all who contributed to this thread . . . Syphus
  10. OK - Iied (LOL) . . . When back to old settings and all is right with my display . . . but, now I can grab my scroll tab and I have opened and closed cake several time and it seems consistent. Too weird for me They say: To err is human; to really mess up takes a computer Syphus
  11. Too late - Already tried it - mine was set for 125% and now 100% The bar became visible and usable. I can't say that I am enjoying this resolution though . . . It messed up my desk top arrangement (fixable) but the weird thing is now my browser (firefox - bookmarks) is a bit strange (also fixable). I have run to band practice for the rest of the day so it will be a bit before I get back to the investigation. Syphus
  12. Yes, normal theme - the OS is windows 7 I did check the drivers for the video card and they are up to date.
  13. Interesting. I don't know then what the deal is - all I know something funny is going on with this function
  14. Not exactly - I would say that the window is not large enough (wide enough) to show the scroll bar. I'm getting it to show by forcing the window to shift (as you can see in the image above. Note the letting is getting cutoff once the scroll bar pops out) Syphus
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