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  1. You might want to open the "IK manager" and have it check your ampltube configuration . . . I have have update (win 7 ) cause Amplitube to need to be "Fixed". Syphus
  2. Could you mark this as solved (if it is indeed "solved) - helps other out when looking for answers - thanks [SOLVED] Why won't my files play after they are exported?
  3. I'm thinking of backing up (imaging current disk) and giving 10 a try but I need to understand what is meant by "Deactivating" licenses (as mentioned in previous posts). Are we talking just ILok or all registered (licensed) Vst's. I don't want to fight my system to get things back to normal - thanks for info . . . Syphus
  4. You can change the year, you can change the decade, but it seems you can't change BA. True - I think the first couple of times it worked for me (updated from BA) - Never works now - They should fix that . . . (He said, stating the obvious) Syphus
  5. @scook , Can you explain "what is not safe" about the rename/copy option? If it exist, point me to the thread that talks about or explain it here. I have been copying the "cakewalk core" and archiving it and I would like to know how this could muck things up . . . Thanks "ahead of time" Syphus
  6. Folks - I read this as a reference to the new update of CbB . . . @kday - please state what you actually requesting - Cakewalk upgrade OR an actual OS (operating system) update. It would let members advise you better . . . Thanks, Syphus
  7. Still not working . . . But you can manually download the installer . . . Have not run it as of yet . . .
  8. Syphus

    XLN updates

    Who knows, As long as it still works . . . Syphus
  9. Syphus

    XLN updates

    Here is is : Update to all Products (Except XO) - December 16, 2019 Updated products: Addictive Drums 2 Addictive Keys Addictive Trigger DS-10 Drum Shaper RC-20 Retro Color This is a maintenance update that fixes some rare issues resulting in flickering graphics on macOS. Run the XLN Online Installer to make sure you're up to date.
  10. Syphus

    XLN updates

    Is there any release notes - as in what is new? Syphus
  11. OK - They finally pulled the Trigger: Day 2: Nice Bundle: VocalSynth 2, Iris 2, DDLY Dynamic Delay. Day 2: Naughty Bundle: Includes: Trash 2, Mobius Filter, Excalibur Syphus
  12. Interestingly enough, earlier (this day) the page the link posted above, points to to a page where you can get the Imager V2 (which I picked up). The next present in the list for "Day 2" had title of "Open in 1 Day". Now it says "Two Days" and all the others are weird day lengths . . . Yesterday I was under the impression this was a sequential "Day" thing (like a count down) I wonder what they are up to?? Just curious... Anybody else see this? Syphus
  13. @Oscar Myer see this link for some info on using AD and dragging and dropping Audio and/or midi I know this is marked solved, but this might help you and someone else. I have not tried doing this outside of a DAW. But I think it should work. Syphus
  14. Syphus

    Custom toolbars

    See this thread . . . Hope this answers your question . . . Syphus
  15. Did not recognize my focusrite either . . . Worked in DAW . . . Still might find it useful somehow . . . You get what you pay for - LOL Syphus
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