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  1. OK - They finally pulled the Trigger: Day 2: Nice Bundle: VocalSynth 2, Iris 2, DDLY Dynamic Delay. Day 2: Naughty Bundle: Includes: Trash 2, Mobius Filter, Excalibur Syphus
  2. Interestingly enough, earlier (this day) the page the link posted above, points to to a page where you can get the Imager V2 (which I picked up). The next present in the list for "Day 2" had title of "Open in 1 Day". Now it says "Two Days" and all the others are weird day lengths . . . Yesterday I was under the impression this was a sequential "Day" thing (like a count down) I wonder what they are up to?? Just curious... Anybody else see this? Syphus
  3. @Oscar Myer see this link for some info on using AD and dragging and dropping Audio and/or midi I know this is marked solved, but this might help you and someone else. I have not tried doing this outside of a DAW. But I think it should work. Syphus
  4. Syphus

    Custom toolbars

    See this thread . . . Hope this answers your question . . . Syphus
  5. Did not recognize my focusrite either . . . Worked in DAW . . . Still might find it useful somehow . . . You get what you pay for - LOL Syphus
  6. I'm glad you brought that up. Listening to the samples (or it could have been the video), I was thinking that I was hearing distortion and on some patches the "rice krispies" as you described ( I believe ). Maybe it was noise that they were adding to the patch. I'm going to give another listen We will see. I have downloaded it and will play with it later this week. Syphus
  7. I have tried this on a few sites and it been a non-valid code on all of them . . . on the other hand I did not expect this to really work. You know what they say about "Too Good to be True!" - LOL Syphus
  8. I saw somewhere in the forum others talking about the same issue using a Focusrite interface (driver update issues). I myself have experienced this "static" effect on playback. This has since stopped since I have updated my driver to the "next" to latest version and have not had this happen for a few months. Perhaps it is your driver? [additional info] After the coffee kicked in I seem to recall that updating the Focusrite drive did not go well the first time and I re-installed the driver and rebooted my laptop and then things worked better . . . Don't know if it applies, but thought I'd add it anyways. Syphus
  9. I found this very entertaining! Like antler said, Starts of kinda dry, but became very interesting as it went on . . . This reminds me a recent experience I had just this week. I was trying to contact customer service of a very large (profitable) corporation and "due to heavy calling" the wait times could be somewhat long. As I was waiting on the phone, they were playing the lamest background music. Only that wasn't enough, The music was so over-driven and distorted, that it was unbearable to listen to. Long story short, I had come to the conclusion that this effect was done on purpose (my speculation) so that a portion of people would rather hang up than continue to hear it - LOL. They had to aware of this . . . (even though this was probably a third party service) That is what this this reminded me about (except the music was much clearer). I certainly have had my share of "corporate videos" I had to watch in my lifetime. Syphus
  10. Don't forget - You can also claim your "Free Loopcloud Bundle" also . . . (offer end Oct 31st) https://www.pluginboutique.com/articles/1528 Just saying . . . Syphus
  11. OK - I'm back . . . Problem is solved due to several things: 1 - I created some midi (for bass track) using another program that I know the results of. had to adjust notes to bring them into VST range - this worked importing the file 2 - Grabbed the midi file from Guitar Pro and imported (using drag & drop method): Stripped out the extra data from midi using "Event Viewer" Set the VST to ignore NRPN data (per Scook) Had to adjust note register (how low can you go - not that low - LOL). So most of the data was out of range of the VST (my bad @mettelus thanks) Hit play and all is good Thanks everyone for your help/suggestions - Have a great day! Syphus
  12. I will try to answer all here: yes tried to look and edit the midi via "event viewer" there was a "NRPN" at the beginning of the file - I deleted it but the condition persisted. I do not believe it is my issue - the instrument worked until I imported the midi . . . I thought the same . . . unfortunately I do not see any export parameters with Guitar Pro I will look at this . . . and enable "Don Not Intercept NRPNs" and see what happens. I will also edit the midi first (before clicking play ) to remove the NRPNs to see what happens there. not likely in this case as I am using two different VSTs and both are acting badly with this data Thanks all for your suggestions . . . I will working on it later and report back . . . Syphus
  13. Hi All, I have encountered this problem . . . I would like some thoughts . . . Here is the Process: 1) Create/edit a bass guitar part using Guitar Pro 7 (GP7) and export the midi 2) open a CW session (project) and using the "Synth Rack" create a instance of SI bass with/source midi track. At this point I can click on the bass string or run the MIDI program snippets on the left side or use the virtual controller keyboard and get sound from the instrument. 3) import or drag & drop (D&D) the midi from GP7 4) When I hit play, the midi track shows activity (VU), but now no sound is produced. 5) Stop play & go back to the instrument GUI (interface) . . . Clicking on bass or running the programs on the left do not produce any sound. Interesting enough, if I do not import or D&D the midi everything is working as described (I kill the project before hand by closing CW). Notes: Sometimes when I try to open CW again, it will not open and is hanging (still active process). Killing process allows me to open CW again. I don't know if it will kill it's self at this point (process) but something is obviously running in the background of CW. If I manually enter midi data using the PRV (on the instrument's source track), all is good and I can play the midi notes with sound. I tried to use the event viewer to see if there was anything weird going on with the imported midi, but saw nothing. Tried using another VST (MODO Bass) and reacted the same as described above I'm assuming the the midi data from GP7 is the problem as this point. I'm going to go and generate some other midi data with another program and import it to see if it has any problems . . . Has anyone out there experienced this? Thanks, Syphus
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