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  1. it would be (Window key + Shift + S) - all three. Just spent 5 minutes trying this and it was not working for me. Had to look it up. it also takes a few seconds to come up ( at least on my system). Just say'n . . . Syphus
  2. Yes it is supported . . . That would have been the first thing support would have informed me. I thank you for checking - you did try to change the "Tube Overdrive" parameters. The presets with the overdrive seem to work correctly. It appears that the exception I am seeing has to do with one of the graphics DLLs in my system. Also if you are checking this using Win 10, your check might be invalid for my purposes. Thanks, Syphus
  3. Pfft. You think you're old. It took me 4 days to hook up my compressor. 🙄 Then you realize you started out to pump up the tire . . .
  4. Could be a bad or dirty mouse . . . Check the mouse for excess dust & blow out the dirt . . . Syphus
  5. Tried already - no luck. IK support told me the new version was coming this week and see if that would change anything . It did not. Thanks Syphus
  6. Problem: Trying to access the Satriani "Tube Overdrive" in pedals causes a AT 5 Crash/exception in both standalone and VST3 What I'd like to find out is if anyone else is experiencing this. If I touch the pedal, try to edit the pedal or insert the pedal in to the FX chain, I get a crash. All the other pedals in the collection appear to be stable. Also any presets with the pedal in it appear to be stable until you try to access the edit parameters. I am using Windows 7 OS <--- If you are checking you version (of AT 5) I think this applies only to Win 7) Also, if I try to use the pedal in AT 4 there is no problem. If you are seeing this behavior, could you please let me know. Currently I do have a ticket into IK for this but they are not able to reproduce it - They had me wait for version 5.02 update to see if it "fixed" itself, but it did not. So now I am doing a survey to see if it is local to my system. Thanks for your time . . . Syphus
  7. Update to 5.02 - 1.02 makes it look like an old post . . . Correction: IK Product Manager is now version 1.03 Amplitube is 5.02 Syphus
  8. Hi, I just looked and there does appear to be a VST2 version installed, but it does not show up in my FX list (due to being a VST2 - I think), but does seem to be installed per "Plug-in Manager). Don't have time to mess with it right now . . . You could give it a shot . . . Edit: Sorry, I did not see that you already said that you loaded VST2 with the same problem. Perhaps the new version will help Syphus
  9. I don't have that same problem, but I do have a problem with AT5 (both stand alone and VST). I just bought the Joe Satriani add-on and when ever I touch the "TubeOverDrive" from the collection AT crashes. I am working with IKM support to get it resolved. In cakewalk, once I touch the pedal (click on it or try to insert it into another preset) it results in a "Not Responding" message. If I try to close the AT UI, windows shows a dialog box asking i want to close or wait for the program to respond. Have you tried the VST2 version (I don't know if there is a VST2 DLL yet). I'm going to try mine soon and see what happens (if VST2). You can also look at the event viewer and see if there is any info that will help. I thought this would be a good place to post this. Heads up - Support said that a 5.02 version is coming out next week. Perhaps that will resolve your problem (whenever it does come out) Syphus
  10. ok - just checked on the cakewalk definition: "The new material is merged with any existing material. This means that any existing clips on the track are left unchanged and all newly recorded material is stored in new clips. While recording, you will be able to hear material from existing clips." So I stand corrected as to how "sound-on-sound" works for Cakewalk. But that does not invalidate my previous statements . . . and as mentioned by @RBH, you can use take lanes . . . Syphus
  11. Firstly - you are using a "multi-track" recorder. So why are you not using the software as it is meant to be used? Record your extra notes on a separate track then you won't have this problem. "sound-on-sound" is a technique that was from the old tape era. Once you record over top of already recorded material the previous track and the new recording should be mixed into "one data stream" (or track). You may be lucky enough to be able to "undo" a sound-on-sound recording. I have never used it so perhaps I do not know. The other thing would be to copy the track before you overwrite it with sound on sound. Just my opinion . . . Syphus
  12. I got you beat by a bit. I have a floppy disk for windows version 1.03 and I have 5" floppy disk of version 1.0 I believe (dos version with manuals). Until Gibson bought Cakewalk, I had a user number of "104" . . . Syphus
  13. It would be nice to have an option of inserting negative bars (as -2 ,-1, 0, 1, 2 ect). I believe Qubase has this functionality. I don't know if anyone else would like to see this happen on Cakewalk. Normally I just start my song at bar 2 or 3, but that does not reflect reality (bar 1 actually being bar 1). This has been brought up before in the old Sonar forums - don't know whatever became of it. Thanks, Syphus
  14. I turn 50 many-a-moon ago (almost like a dream), and I experienced the same thing as people are describing . . . The torture never stops . . . I tell people that are approaching 50 that they are entering the "AARP Food Zone". They will ask what does that mean? I tell them that as you approach 50 you become AARP food and they start feeding on you . . . It just cracks me up how feeble they think you get at 50 by offering dumb things like "carrying bags" or "portable radios" just to get you to sign up. LOL Most of it I would not accept for free . . . Oh Well! "I can't help about the shape I'm in . . . Ain't pretty, Can't sing and my legs are thin . . . Don't ask me if AARP's for you, I might not answer what you want me to . . . " I still get mailings every two or three weeks . . . Syphus
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