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  1. Look at this - with the configuration file for Cakewalk this is how the layout is: https://store.birchwoodstudioandevents.com/Sonar-Overlay (click on the graphic for enlarged view) You can also find other info on the web. I think that answers you question (hopefully) . If you don't have the "Sonar" overlay, the "Buss" selection is in the "Utility" section (top left button- Utility>Save) and the track switch is next to it on the left (Automation>trim). I think that getting the overlay is the best solution so you don't have to memorize all the substitutions for Cakewalk. Hope that answers your question. Just realized you were talking about the X-touch One . . . In that case never mind - my mistake - info is for the X-Touch . . . Sorry. The One does not have a "Buss" button that I know of. One of the reasons I did not start with that model. Syphus
  2. Really weird! I tried looking on their site to see if it was mentioned as a normal news item (as in the blog) and not a peep about it. I looks as if there was underground element happening there. I almost appears that someone has lost their senses. Syphus
  3. I'm not familiar with this export process, but I did find this . . . Might mean something. http://forum.cakewalk.com/tm.aspx?m=1190244 I could not find anything meaningful about OMF . . . How big is your project - OMFI appears to have a size limitation . . . Won't hurt to check out the link., but note it is old (2007). Syphus
  4. Syphus

    Template images

    As I had said, I don't remember the exact process I used to get mine set. But go back and read the threads that discuss this (see my response above) and they might have your answer. I would have to do the research if I was to create another "template" for myself, I'd do a bit more research on this now , but I'm busy with a project that I need to finish. Syphus
  5. Syphus

    Template images

    I don't know the direct answer, but do a search for "Start Screen" (with the quotes) and a bunch of stuff shows up that you will have to sort through. But to get you started: I know I had the same question once and did solve my problem, but I don't recall what the answer was . . . Syphus
  6. With Noel's help we were able to track this down and provide a solution to get it fixed . . . the notes are: Precursor: I had a internet error a few weeks back and I believe that is what may have cause this to occur since I never had this problem before this. I don't know how I fixed my connection at that time. Also I am running Win 7 (Still!), although I don't think that was the problem since this has been working all along. Problem: When clicking on "Check for Updates" I received this message: The reason was because I was missing TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 as default secure protocols in WinHTTP. Per Noel, I could not run a "Secure Https" connection out of Cakewalk. Solution( in this case): Went to this page: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/update-to-enable-tls-1-1-and-tls-1-2-as-default-secure-protocols-in-winhttp-in-windows-c4bd73d2-31d7-761e-0178-11268bb10392#bkmk_easy and applied the "Easy Fix" This made my Cakewalk able to connect and check for updates: So Setting to Solved and big thanks to Noel for helping me out. Bakers are the best! Syphus
  7. The above is the error message. I took a project and uploaded it to my bandlab library from in Cakewalk without a problem and was able to browse the project. Also logged out and then logged back in from within Cakewalk to Bandlab (got the refreshed message). Thanks, Syphus
  8. No, not it . . . just shut it off - the message Thanks
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by the above? I normally stay logged in to BA, but I don't have it running. Also as part of this (process), I updated BA to the latest version and re-logged in. The "refresh" detection seems to be functioning. If it was a case of Cakewalk trying to login again, would it not let me know if that was a problem. I seem to recall at one point Cakewalk did tell me to login to BA for refresh checks . . . (I guess I do know what you mean). I don't know how this process works and if that was the case (clashing login) I would think someone would have already said something about having a problem. I just checked the "Help" drop down and CW does show me logged in to bandlab Thanks, Syphus
  10. @Noel Borthwick Sorry for the late reply . . . Everything seems good on my end. I'm not having any internet connectivity problems that I can detect. Just checked and the error is still occurring. I don't know if refreshing uses the the connection (I imagine it does), but that is functioning. Is there anything I can do to check the Cakewalk connectivity? I'm running 2021.04 build 175. Thanks, Syphus
  11. Did a search - could not find anything. I noticed that I did not get a message telling me that there was a "Early Access" available. So I ran the "Check for Update" in the Help drop down and I got a dialog box telling me that there was a "Connection Error" Check back later". I am using the latest version of cakewalk. Tried rebooting and that did not help. Just update the Bandlab Assistant and tried it again - no luck. Internet seems fine . . . Anyone else seeing this or is it just me? Thanks, Syphus
  12. @Creative Sauce: great video! As you said - a forever user and did not know about some of your tips . . . When I get back to my other computer, I will click on the "like" button. You have done excellent videos about Cakewalk . . . More Tips Please! Thanks, Syphus
  13. I looked and could swear I saw no other thread for Cakewalk 2021.04 Update 1 (build Not even a new release notification. I did think it a bit strange that there was no other notification . . . I will look a bit closer next time. Syphus
  14. Download From Cakewalk . . . Syphus
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