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  1. Although this sounds too obvious: If the song was supposed to be 3:10 in length, why don't you check to see what the extra time is from. What I mean is there is something possibly causing the file to be longer that you expected. Don't forget that sometime reverb/delay tails can cause the extra time (if that is what is causing the extra time. As scook was pointing put, setting your "Selection" parameters for export will also save you that extra step of chopping the end off your file. Syphus
  2. I had this type of experience but here is what I found out: 1) IF the last track in the track view is a folder AND that folder is collapsed. Grab your track (that you want to move) with the double up/down arrows and move it below your folder and place the double arrow as far LEFT as it will go, then release. Your track should drop to the bottom and not be in the folder. 2) IF the folder is the last item in the track view, and the folder is expanded. The track indicator (should be a colored line) will indicate where it will drop. If it aligns with the last track in the folder - it ends up in the track. IF the colored line is aligning to the extreme left (of the track view) then is should drop outside of the folder. Set a dummy project and try these moves and you will get a hang for it. The second method is the most accurate for doing this. I think that it would be nice if the "track line" showed up when the folder was collapsed. I would have included some screen shots, but I must in a bit. I just tried this several times to be sure that what I saying above works - At this time I thing it is just a technique you have to get used to. Once you get it working for it does not seem to be a big problem. Oh, and if your folder is in the middle of you track view - watch the "track line" - if it aligns with the folder, it goes into the folder. If it touches to the far left, it sits below the folder by its self. Hope this helps. Syphus
  3. I did not know if that was the original title, it just seemed to obscure to help anyone searching for the same problem. I was not trying to be critical about it. Thanks for adding the "Beep" bit. Have a good day and I'm glad that someone could help you with your problem. Syphus
  4. I don't know what the original "Problem" description was on the @Bristol_Jonesey primary thread, but now it does not help anyone with the same problem - if they are searching for something similar. If you changed your subject from whatever it was to what it is now, you should have left it as was but just put "Solved" in front of the title. I just opened this up to look due to the "Subject" line. That is my opinion. Without a proper subject line this could get buried . . . Syphus
  5. CPU 64K Intel i7-2760 QM @2.40 GH With 8 gb Ram
  6. Completely understood, but I just added the post for anyone that is still using win 7 so that they may have an answer as to why it may not be working correctly for them. I have installed other software that states that it only specs Win 8+ and find that most of the time there is no problem . . . Thanks, Syphus
  7. I am not finding this usable due to high CPU loading - It could be just my machine (laptop). But if I try to play a chord, CPU will go to 100%. Does sound nice when I can get it to play . . . Also - Still on Win 7. The specs say win 8.1 and up . . . I guess you can't use them all . . . . Syphus
  8. This is true, BUT IN THE OLD DAYS, I do not remember it happening so often . . . I'm just waiting for that change when it snows all summer and is hotter than Heck in the winter . . .
  9. I just fired it up to listen to it . . . It is from the film "Under a Cherry Moon". I live in Michigan and lately, It always snows in April. . . Syphus
  10. Ok. I personally would expect to use "Measure" coordinates (or what is reflected on the time line - you can reference H:M:S:F (SMPTE) or samples or milliseconds). SO I think that the deal would be what time reference you would choose between the corresponding parties (collaborators). Most time it would be "M:B:T" (measures) and that should be good enough in most situations. If you need finer granularity, you could use one of the others. But I digress . . . I would refer to the starting point as "Measure 1". The other way would be to just say "zero" if that is the target (01:01:00). The parties involved should agree that that is the terminology to use. Or say you were writing something as in directions for doing some procedure, just sate at the beginning what the reference point is. I know that this does not answer your question, but since there is not a real term (such as zero or wall), I would say Zero wins out as it is the most descriptive. Until Cakewalk changes (or offers as an option) a way of changing the starting point (measure 0 for instance) - zero is zero no matter what time standard you are using. That's my opinion - I hope that helps. If we were working together, I would expect "M:B:T" (Measures:Beats:Ticks) - That is the standard since the beginning of midi (Cakewalk). Syphus
  11. Or Measure 1. I would say it depends on the perspective or the reference. What do you want to accomplish? If you are trying to direct someone to return the "Now" Header - I would say Measure 1 (Or RTZ [return to zero]) If you are placing your "Now Header" to measure 1 - use Ctrl-Home or "W" If you are adjusting the "Track View" width, then you could say "Track View Splitter" What is it that you are asking about - I find the question a bit ambiguous because I'm not understanding what you are referencing. What I mean is are you saying where the pointer position is (as in measure 1.01.00) ? Or are referring to the layout of the track view windows (as in track, track controls or Track Inspector). I tried looking up your references to "The Wall" or "Zero". And I could only find "Zero" as in "Zero" would be Measure 1. Just curious . . . Syphus
  12. I'll give them a try and see what they say. - thanks
  13. I think that by having it available from the Web, it is a lot easier for them to keep the tool (sound, rhythms etc) up to date without the users having to reinstall all the time when changes are made. This also bypasses the need to worry what operating system the user has on their computer. Just a thought. Syphus
  14. Syphus

    A Tour of Sweetwater

    Me and a couple of friends went to Sweetwater a few months ago (we drove down from Michigan). It was great! My Sales Engineer met us and spent a couple of hours showing us around. We got to see all the sales areas and the studios, performance theater, warehouse area. We finished off by having lunch at the cafeteria. It was a really nice day. Unfortunately I did not pick up any toys while I was there (not that there wasn't a lot of temptation). My wife told me that if I brought anything home, I better have gotten free! LOL Syphus
  15. I did not try the Tonenet yet , but I did notice that once I update Amplitube 5, I lost all my "Favorites" I had set. Fortunately, there was not a lot, but still annoying. @Peter - IK Multimedia - is there a way to save/preserve my favorites? Syphus
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