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  1. I believe you are referring to BandLab's WEB Based music editor, not Cakewalk. Cakewalk is not a "WEB" application. You have to install Cakewalk into your computer. Syphus
  2. Note: I sent a note to support about this issue and asked them to reword the entry for "Snapshot" so that it made it a bit clear that this works on an existing "Automation envelope" For anyone looking to this thread for an answer here it is: IF you what to use "Snapshot", be aware that this works on an "existing" envelope. If you were not intending to automation on the entire track and just wanted to do say one or two measures of (for example volume), do this: Go to the start of the track after you have established you level for the track and do a "Snapshot" at that point. Set you "Now Time" to the point you want a change (for example - measure 10 [ 10:01:00 ]) Set your volume to what you want at this point with the track fader. Do another "Snapshot" at this "Now Time" and all will be done. Remember you can "Undo" all this if it does not fit your needs or work the way you envisioned it. I am marking this as "Solved" and hopefully we will see some kind of update in the documentation. Syphus
  3. It is clear that my method is the "way" to do it. I will search the documentation and see if there is a hint. If I was a total newbie, I would be searching for help because the instructions are somewhat misleading - at this point a minor irritation. I just wanted to see if I missed something . . . Hopefully, this will save someone a few minutes/hours of time by posting. Thanks for your response. Syphus
  4. I was looking in the manual about Snapshot and how it is used. The manual says the following: To create a snapshot of a track or bus parameter 1.Move the parameter control to where you want it. 2.Move the Now Time to the location where you want to create the snapshot. 3.Right-click the control and choose Automation Snapshot in the pop-up menu. You don’t have to write-enable the track or bus module.An indicator will appear on the control to show that automation has been added, and a node will be added to the control's envelope on the track. 4.Make sure the appropriate Automation Read button is enabled, play your project and listen to the results. You can undo the snapshot by using the Undo command, or by taking another snapshot at the same Now Time. So I go to a project, Select an Audio track, move the volume fader to 0 then right-click on the fader an select "Automation Snapshot". Now I have an automation envelope that is sitting at 0 at my selected "Now Time" for the entire select track (per the envelope). Now I RTZ and set my fader to it's correct level and hit play. The volume goes to zero immediately and stays there. This is what happens when I follow the directions above from the manual. In reality, I have to set a "snapshot" at Now Time set to the start (bar 1:0:0) with my selected volume level set for the track average (lets say 0 dbs for now) , then move to my new Now Time where I want to have the volume drop to zero and snapshot it there also. Now everything goes according to plan (sound until I hit second Now Time). Am I missing something or are the directions making an assumption that I was not aware of? Should the documentation explain this better or is it not working the way it is supposed to. Once I figured it out, it seems to be the right way. What do you think - am I doing something wrong per the instructions? Opinions please, or correct me if I'm wrong . . . Thanks for your time. Syphus
  5. Syphus

    Export to MP3 Problem

    Hello - Just a thought: I have exported MP3s with frozen tracks. I think that I only select the track that has the audio on it (not the synth/midi). Perhaps the hangup/failure is that the export is trying to refreeze the track and this causes a hangup in the process . . . IDK if this is true - like I said, just a thought . . . Syphus
  6. Heads up . . . Yes this is an April Fool's thing. I got this email from them and it was obvious what it was - but going to the page is priceless: https://www.presetsforall.com/so/98NYCXQi4/c?w=v84aST2WEa90Sh7HR88QyHqzm0Ucp9P7aUt9HABw7Rw.eyJ1IjoiaHR0cHM6Ly93d3cucHJlc2V0c2ZvcmFsbC5jb20iLCJyIjoiOGIzYTg4MGMtNzliOC00ZmJlLWU0NzEtNGNmMmFkZTljYTllIiwibSI6Im1haWwiLCJjIjoiNDY5YzA5NzctMTBjMC00M2UzLTk3M2EtNWMyOGRhYWIwYjVkIn0 Syphus
  7. I feel for you - the last thing I want to do is have my fav foods taken away . . . but at least you can look forward to lots of good things in the end . . . Enjoy! Syphus
  8. Once I knew what I was looking for, it was plain as day! Fixed! Thanks @John Vere Syphus
  9. I thought I was doing a "Marker" command but : CTRL+M = Create Melodyne Region FX clip This brought up a window - which I closed, but every time I open the project, I see it loading the Melodyne FX. I want to remove it, but I don't know what it is attached to. Is there a way to clear this? Thanks, Syphus
  10. Full Kontakt 5.8.1 required? (someone had to say it!) Syphus
  11. The MIDI Core The sound Library And EZBass software Syphus
  12. Syphus

    From IK Pete

    I just installed the presets. Unzipped then placed the presets: C:\Users\<USER_NAME>\Documents\IK Multimedia\AmpliTube 5\Presets\AmpliTube Collections\AmpliTube Joe Satriani\General Just open up AT5 and presets appeared at correct location in preset manager Syphus
  13. Use the Toontrack Product Manager Just did it - Syphus
  14. That's the way it always sounded to me since I was a child . . . Syphus . . .
  15. it would be (Window key + Shift + S) - all three. Just spent 5 minutes trying this and it was not working for me. Had to look it up. it also takes a few seconds to come up ( at least on my system). Just say'n . . . Syphus
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