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  1. Syphus

    Instachord anyone?

    @LadyFuzztail - I agree with your last sentence, I for one am not the most experienced in chord progressions. Could explain what you meant by " I think the reason for this disconnect is " . . . What disconnect - I'm just curious what the reference is? Syphus
  2. Syphus

    Instachord anyone?

    No problem Starship Krupa , I did get it to half work via your instructions. I think eventually I would have figured out (maybe - LOL). I think I have a better understanding of the configuration (for synths) in cakewalk than when I started this endeavor. I have messed around with various synth type VSTs and never ran into this configuration . . . Now we all know . Syphus
  3. Syphus

    Instachord anyone?

    Ok Folks . . . I got it working ! Thanks to @scook and @Paul P for guiding through this and providing me the info I need. I believe I can say my problem is solved for now - great job guys! Syphus
  4. Syphus

    Instachord anyone?

    I will give a try later today - Thanks for info @scook. One question (lol - for now) Since the "instrument" only shows audio type outputs (from complete routing as an instrument track), when I go to connect the synth input should I be seeing something other than the "fake audio outs from my VST"? (i think I see "instachord-1 . . . ouch . . . more brain hurt) I can get the VST (instachord) to run with my controller, but once create the target instrument (i.e. synth), seem to lose the ability to drive the VST. For instance, as soon as the target track is create, my controller will latch on to it, moving things around (trying to get controller back to VST), the VST will no longer connect to the VST. Mull that over and I will get back to it later and verify whether your suggestion works out and report back. Sometimes thing can get a bit frustrating! Thanks for the help . . .
  5. Syphus

    Instachord anyone?

    I know it has been a while since anyone has posted here . . . but: I just recently got a copy of instachord and for the life of me, I can not get it to work correctly from a configuration point. I could get instachord to run the synth by triggering the keyboard display on the VST, but I can not get the virtual keyboard to trigger instachord . . . I have been at this for hours (I keep telling myself it can't be that hard . . . ) the last post explains a simplified version of the youtube video, but it does not work for me (and the youtube video was not that clear). Starship Krupa, Can you detail this out for me perhaps . . . I gotta go lay down due to brainlock - thanks Syphus
  6. Syphus

    Large Project Audio Folder - can I clean it

    Thanks guys for the answers - After reading these and looking at the file (project), there is probably a lot of stuff that could be cleaned out from the tracks. I have never had to clean out any of my projects due to the Audio Folder being too big so I wanted to be sure I was not missing anything If anyone else wants to chime-in, I open to any more suggestions but for now I think I just have to clean things up. . . . Syphus
  7. Here is the scenario: Got a cakewalk file and audio folder from a buddy. Unfortunately, it is rather large. I believe that some of the audio data that is in the folder may not be needed. There were several "versions" of the song created via doing a "save as" - I only took the "cwp" file that I wanted to work on. All these versions share the same audio folder. I tried: Loading the file version I wanted then saving as a bundle format file. Once pulled in to CW, I save as a regular project (with its own audio folder). Also - I did try running the "Audio Clean" utility, but it did not report anything Result: Project file on disk seemed to be as large as the original (around 2Gb) This seems a bit too large for this project and I was wondering if there was a clean way to purge the "extra" audio from the folder if it is not necessary (don't want to wreck the file). I'm just looking for a quick idea as to how I could do this . . . Has anyone dealt with this situation? Thanks . . . Syphus
  8. Syphus

    All times Cakewalk::.

    Here you go - the original manual: I bought version one (30 years ago) from a music store that sold it to me without a manual. I ended up talking to Greg Hendershot (spelling), as he called me on the phone to find out why I needed a manual . . . Long story short, he sent me a manual and this is from the original Cakewalk program. Part of history now . . . (BTW - This is a pic of my manual from today)