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  1. Only in the development versions - Stable release does not have clap support that I could find.
  2. Got it - thanks for the link (meaning I found the info - lol) Syphus
  3. So where did you hear about this . . . Nothing on their site that I could find? Syphus
  4. Release notes for EZdrummer 3.0.4 2022-08-23 EZdrummer 3.0.4 is now available to download using the Product Manager or from the ‘My Products’ area in your Toontrack account. Please note that version 3.0.4 is required for the support of EZX expansion packs released from this point forward (Q3 2022). CHANGES General A print function has been added to the MIDI Mapping Layout window. BUG FIXES General Loading a Drums and Mixer Preset from the EZdrummer 3 core libraries or Big Stage EZX did not properly set the values of the mixer effect knobs. Loading cymbals or toms from the other side of the stereo field did not automatically flip their stereo position like EZdrummer 2 did. Importing EZdrummer 2 projects or loading user presets could also have this issue. On Windows, loading an auto-save would incorrectly treat it as a normal project and it would be added to the Open Recent menu. Song Track In Steinberg hosts when host playback was started and the plug-in window had not yet been opened, MIDI on the song track would not always be played at the beginning, depending on the playhead position and where it had last been stopped. Performing an Audio Mixdown would also result in silence from the song track before the position was reached where playback had last been stopped. In Steinberg hosts, starting playback of the song track inside the plug-in (with the host still paused) not would not work properly if the SD3 playhead had been moved to an earlier position than the host playhead (with the Follow Host setting on). Exporting the track as audio having a sample rate other than 44100 Hz could in some cases lead to a crash. On Windows, it did not work to export as audio to a folder whose path contained non-ASCII characters. If instead the filenames (the chosen prefix) contained such characters, the export would work but some extra empty files would be created. The time signature editor would in some case contain the wrong Options menu – the one for the tempo editor. E-Drums/MIDI In When Add or Learn Note/CC was used, the new line in the mapping list was sometimes not immediately visible. Editing the hi-hat CC control did not enable/disable the hi-hat calibration slider when needed.
  5. I wonder if it is just the site getting hit fairly hard . . .
  6. When I tried it gave me the popup, but then I got an error saying to try again or contact support . . . tried a second time - same error , but this time the popup went away and after a bunch of moves (re-auth, and refresh) it showed up as unlocked . . . I don't know what is going on with IK, I had to contact support to get the comprexxor to show up . . . Sometimes it seems like too much work to get freebies! LOL Syphus
  7. Syphus

    IK Comprexxor for free

    Or how about completing the survey and not getting any product. I have a support ticket in right now . . . Once completed I did get a message (on screen) that indicated I had the item (Comprexxor) but only have the option to buy (in T-Racks or Manager) Syphus
  8. ok - I was looking for prices for Fabfilter Pro-Q (using this search term - fabfilter pro-q) typed into the first box on the left. Clicked the box titled "Include Products Not on Sale" Three items showed up. The first was showing a title of "Not On Sale" - I clicked on that box. That took me to the website of "Thomann" and the page said "The product FabFilter Pro-Q 3 is regretfully no longer available." Your page just showed me the product at $125. So when I came back, I though would it not be appropriate to be able to mark this as "Not Available" through the "Alert" button. It could be a checkbox that says "Not Available" and now users could not waste their time going to the site . . . Not a big deal . . . but would be usable. Perhaps checking the box (or whatever) could possibly change the "Not on Sale" to "Not Available" (again just my suggestion). I guess the point is that people would be getting this website whenever they click the item . . . Thanks, Syphus
  9. Alerts! Just recently, I was looking for a price on a plugin and I turned on the "Not on Sale" box. It showed one instance of the plugin (site) that was not on sale. I went to the site and was greeted with "no longer available". Perhaps you could expand your "Alerts" function to include a "Not Available" marker or such. It would be a nice "alert". Just an idea . . . Thanks, Syphus
  10. Wrote the James bond theme - Passes at age 94 https://www.npr.org/2022/07/12/11109...eme-dies-at-94 Syphus
  11. Its on their site(AAS) now @ $19 Syphus
  12. I don't know if they have predicable sales pattern, but I do believe they do go on sale. I have got ADpaks for $53 dollars . . . The forth is coming up - they may be doing a sale for the holiday. Also, I believe the just had a sale for 30% off all ADpaks ($54.40) in the middle of May . . . Syphus
  13. I was doing a search for the word "Chord" (I was looking for chordpotion) and I got a LOT of hits from the STORE ADSR for the same deal, same price The item was "Chords" - Price $19.95 - Manufacturer was WA Productions I think this is a bug in your search - I believe there should only be one listed with the above parameters. Thanks, Syphus
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