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  1. @greg54 - do tell us what the resolution was. This will server to help others that may have the problem in the future . . . Thanks, Syphus
  2. Now $79 @ Best Service . . . Bummer, I missed it! Syphus
  3. I could not log in after they came back up so I sent a message to support and they fixed it eventually . . . I can now log into my account, but my order data is still missing. They said they were in the process of restore orders . . . . Just checked: "There has been an error processing your request SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'jrrshop_mage_LS.orders' doesn't exist, query was: SELE . . . " Still not there (orders). It has been a week since they emailed me . . . So who knows when . . . Syphus
  4. I have been on and off the site for the last couple of weeks . . . Haven't noticed any problems with the site. I also was just bouncing around there and no problems. Syphus
  5. Now it is just the logo with "404 error: Page not found." Syphus
  6. "Don't forget to inflate shoes before crossing water" I got a new code in my account - that worked Syphus
  7. Site says coupon limit has been reached . . . No more free for the code in my user area . . . Syphus
  8. Thanks - I know it makes perfect sense - I just expected it to continue past that end note Syphus
  9. Ok - Interesting scenario - I was just messing around and I was just using MIDI notes to drive and instrument. No audio recorded When I played back the the midi, at the end of the last note, the transport jumps back to now time. Now I expect that behavior, at the end of an audio recording, but I never had just a plain midi track. This effect sounds funky and at first I though there was something wrong. It just sound like the note ends too abruptly. I got around this by recording some blank audio so my transport kept going and all sounded as I expected. I know that I can use "Ctrl-W" disable the "Return to Now Marker", but I did not expect that from a MIDI track. So My question is this - Is this normal behavior for just midi tracks (last note abruptly ends and then Return). Thanks, Syphus
  10. I had to disable my USB 3.0 Ports due to a USB error when disconnecting my Focusrite. Also came up randomly by it's self (BSOD) and traced down to the driver for USB. Since I was using the latest driver for USB (not Focusrite driver), I just disabled the 3.0 ports. After that, not more random or pulled cable BSOD. I was getting desperate due to the recovery from it was getting risky - once I had to spend four hours recovering . . . Since then I do weekly back ups of the C drive - just in case . . . Since this was a laptop - I don't believe I had any other choice (can't replace USB easily) Syphus
  11. Well I can verify that V5 will not work on Win 7. I did not think about it and just updated. No Go! Fortunately I always have the original install files backed up and I just reinstalled the last version. I was actually just searching to verify if anyone else would have run into a problem installing on win 7 . . . . I guess I got my answer . . . Win 10 . . . Hmm, one day. Syphus
  12. I think this should have been posted in the "Cakewalk Early Access for 2020.05" area. It might have gotten more attention. But I checked the VST on the developers page and found this to be interesting, That being said, do post back here if it still remains broken after the release (I might install it myself). if it is (still broken) - there will be the feedback on 2020.05 release. You should mention it there. Syphus
  13. It seems this has come up before: IMHO: I do not think that per the midi standard that "*.midi" is valid file extension for midi. I'm not saying that it is not used (because there are programs out there that will only output "midi" extension), but I believe that it was not a file type back in the day. Personally, I would not expect a MIDI file to have that extension. I saw the Reaper forums talking about the same issue and now Reaper recognizes that extension. Just some observations . . . Syphus
  14. Additionally I saw this: Cakewalk SFZ+ does not read .sfz files, it reads .sf2 (soundfont) files . . . Be sure that is not your problem See this link: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=532700 Syphus
  15. I'm assuming that you are referring to the player as being 32 vs 64 bit. I believe the soundfont file does not come in a 32 or 64 bit version . . . it is just a file to load into the player (which could be a 32 or 64 bit application). So as long as the player matches your installation (64 bit), the file should load. If the app (SFZ Player) is 32 bit, you may have to update the player (or to a player) that is 64 bit. If need to use a 32 bit version . . . then that could be problematic because you will need to use another program to run it (such as BitBridge) in CbB. Do note that the soundfont file can be *.sf2 or *.sfz. sfz is a compressed format and not all players can play them (decompress). Hope that helps . . . If you do a search on the forum . . . there are several threads about Soundfonts and players. If you still need help . . . It would be advisable to include specific info as to what you are trying to do and what your failure mode is . . . I'm sure some will be able to chime in and help What player ? What font file? What error if any? What is the failure mode . . . Syphus
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