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  1. Hi, I was reading your topic and I was wondering if this has to do with resolution of the automation nodes . . . So I did some digging and here is what I found: To draw automation shapes 1. Set the track’s Edit Filter control to the desired automation parameter (Track Automation or Clip Automation). 2. Select the desired pattern tool: Sine Pattern tool , Triangle Pattern tool , Square Pattern tool , Saw Pattern tool , or Random Pattern tool . 3. Set the Snap to Grid to the desired length of each cycle of the shape you want to draw. For example, if you want to draw sine curves, and you want each complete sine curve to last one beat, set the Snap to Grid to a value of Quarter. If the Snap to Grid is disabled, the default cycle is one measure. 4. Click and hold the mouse button in the Clips pane at the place where you want to draw the envelope shape. The place where you click also sets the vertical midpoint of the shape. 5. Drag up or down to set the vertical range of the envelope, then drag to the right or left to set the length of your edit. As you drag, the cursor’s vertical distance from the midpoint (the point where you originally clicked) determines the amplitude of the shape. To create a series of identical shapes, hold the SHIFT key down while you drag. To gradually increase or decrease the amplitude, gradually move the pointer farther from or closer to the midpoint. 6. Release the mouse button when done. The shape you selected appears, repeating according to the Snap to Grid setting. I have not try this, or claim to know what I am talking about (lol) but the above is what I came across (see number three). I don't know if it helps. I also saw some topics in the forum from long ago that also complained about the resolution of the "nodes". I don't know if that was addressed from then . . . Hopefully someone from this forum that does have automation experiences will reply . . . Syphus
  2. I see that there are no replies. I have not used Cake for that myself but here is a link for a thread about Cake and video - Maybe it will help:
  3. Sorry if it led You to "Agitated State" - LOL Syphus
  4. For me - Link goes to 404 page (forbidden), then redirected to agitatedstate.com Syphus
  5. @greg54 - do tell us what the resolution was. This will server to help others that may have the problem in the future . . . Thanks, Syphus
  6. Now $79 @ Best Service . . . Bummer, I missed it! Syphus
  7. I could not log in after they came back up so I sent a message to support and they fixed it eventually . . . I can now log into my account, but my order data is still missing. They said they were in the process of restore orders . . . . Just checked: "There has been an error processing your request SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'jrrshop_mage_LS.orders' doesn't exist, query was: SELE . . . " Still not there (orders). It has been a week since they emailed me . . . So who knows when . . . Syphus
  8. I have been on and off the site for the last couple of weeks . . . Haven't noticed any problems with the site. I also was just bouncing around there and no problems. Syphus
  9. Now it is just the logo with "404 error: Page not found." Syphus
  10. "Don't forget to inflate shoes before crossing water" I got a new code in my account - that worked Syphus
  11. Site says coupon limit has been reached . . . No more free for the code in my user area . . . Syphus
  12. Thanks - I know it makes perfect sense - I just expected it to continue past that end note Syphus
  13. Ok - Interesting scenario - I was just messing around and I was just using MIDI notes to drive and instrument. No audio recorded When I played back the the midi, at the end of the last note, the transport jumps back to now time. Now I expect that behavior, at the end of an audio recording, but I never had just a plain midi track. This effect sounds funky and at first I though there was something wrong. It just sound like the note ends too abruptly. I got around this by recording some blank audio so my transport kept going and all sounded as I expected. I know that I can use "Ctrl-W" disable the "Return to Now Marker", but I did not expect that from a MIDI track. So My question is this - Is this normal behavior for just midi tracks (last note abruptly ends and then Return). Thanks, Syphus
  14. I had to disable my USB 3.0 Ports due to a USB error when disconnecting my Focusrite. Also came up randomly by it's self (BSOD) and traced down to the driver for USB. Since I was using the latest driver for USB (not Focusrite driver), I just disabled the 3.0 ports. After that, not more random or pulled cable BSOD. I was getting desperate due to the recovery from it was getting risky - once I had to spend four hours recovering . . . Since then I do weekly back ups of the C drive - just in case . . . Since this was a laptop - I don't believe I had any other choice (can't replace USB easily) Syphus
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