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    Your song has a great feel and message going on with it . I can feel the love . Kenny
  2. I liked your tune man . It sounds like it would fit in perfectly w an Avengers ( 60's spy tv ) episode Kenny
  3. I've always wanted that synth . I could never seems to pull it together w the coin . I did enjoy your song and the way it sounded . Very nice Kenny
  4. 🥰 ØSkald , I'm glad you dug my guitar playing . It means a lot to me . I wished upon a Star when I was a little boy and here's where I ended up .. My gratitude extends to the fact that I'm in real good company w artists such as yourself here . Grem , I'm glad you can hear the fun in my playing . Sometimes my life can feel like a real ball and a chain . My guitar playing is like the key that unlocks that weight off my shoulders so I can be free to play and soar like a little birdie chirping with out a care in the world on top of the tree tops ... all the best, Kenny
  5. Hi Songs Forum , What we have here is me playing my Tele as a Guitar synth over The Twanger Central Week 211 Backing Track . This current mix was done Sept 21 1 AM I also played one of my Jazz Box's just to keep it interesting . All my keyboard sounds are played by me using my Guitar and The Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 Plugin . All synth sounds were done in real time as per each song section I recorded over ...I think Midi Guitar 2 tracks very good . The links for the backing track and the video of the backing track from the Artist that created it are in my soundcloud description I Hope you Enjoy , Kenny
  6. Very Good Questions . Let me think about it , maybe some one will chime in , in the mean time ... Kenny
  7. Hey Don't feel bad . Two weeks ago I was recording a guitar part through a mini amp that I have set up on top of my sound card . From where I sit I can't see the little amp because my 17 inch lap top screen hides my mini rig and my sound card ... I have to stand over my lap top to set my tone and dial in my gain staging I had shut the amp off when I decided to get a cup of coffee and take a little break . ... I had forgotten this relevant factor due to the enhancing quality's of a little Green Herbal and I ain't talking Tea . . After I had returned from my break all energized , I spent about 40 nerve-racking min's trying to figure out what had happened to my killer guitar tone . Yep, that's about how long it took before I realized I had shut the amp off 🤣 Hhmmmm, True Confessions....ain't they something ? 🤪 Kenny
  8. Hey Bill I just looked at your new avatar 🤣 Thanks a lot Pal ....now I'm hungry for becan and I want to take a trip down Mammary Lane Kenny
  9. Thanks Rik ! I Sure Did 🥰 thanks Hi Freddy ! thank you for the kind word . that was a nice thing to say . Thank You ! all the best, Kenny
  10. Cool video , Your porch looks Magical . Kenny
  11. That was nice . You sang like an Angel . I felt like a child comforted and safe during the first half of the song . Near the end when the strings and other sounds came in I got a glimmer of the awesome power of The Love that permeates and resonates throughout all of what is good in Creation . Kenny
  12. Hi Daryl , Loved your unique tones , the vocals , the use of space in the mix and the interjection of some choice world rhythms . Your new song Remember My Name happens to be one of the most interesting sounding songs I've heard anyplace in a real long time . all the best, Kenny
  13. Hello everybody , Last night I recorded myself playing one of my Tele's over this weeks Twanger Central backing track . Week 210 . My guitar playing on this song is one continuous take ( no comps or punch ins ) . My performance was my second recording attempt after a quick test run through to set levels and get a rough idea of what kind of chops I had on tap . I had a lot of fun playing over the track and I'm posting this for grins and giggles As always I hope some one enjoys and gets something out of my geetar playing ... Here's the B T for anyone who has an interest in playing over the tune . all the best, Kenny
  14. SUP Chilling at Home SUP Chilling at The Cat Club Kenny
  15. Honestly I don't see how your question could have a simple answer . MainStage is a Mac only application . Cakewalk by BandLab is a PC only application . I have both MainStage 2 on both of my older Mac's . I also have Cakewalk by BandLab on a couple of PC's . Yes MainStage is amazing . A lot of Bang for the buck .Those sounds combined w 3rd party and what comes w BandLab could really help go a long way as to creating some choice tones . The only thing I can tell you is when ever I want to incorporate MainStage sounds into a Cakewalk project I will treat my Mac as if it is a hardware synth and or as an external rack mount channel strip. I usually do it 2 different ways . Both Old School . #1 , Once I dial up a patch I want to bring over to Cakewalk I simply use MainStage as a combination . MainStage becomes my pre amp / midi tone module and I will run MainStage with my Macs sound card into my PC / Cakewalk project ... I have an Apogee and a Yamaha Sound Card for my Mac. I will run either sound card into my P C VIA a Focusrite 2i4 ...to capture my sounds . MainStage is a performance / synth and sound creation tool and application , I will play my performance in real time VIA my Mac and use my PC to capture my performance . As audio . This is not very different than what MainStage was designed for since most people that use MainStage on a regular basis end up gigging w it ..( Church P & W , Broadway , Clubs as a scaled down portable rig ...Home Project Studio ...ect ect...) #2, I have also used MainStage as an external midi synth / work station / tone module . The times I used MainStage that way I would use my Midi out from Cakewalk VIA a midi cable from my 2i4 into my Mac's midi input into MainStage . While my Cakewalk project played I would then set up and audition my sounds and patches in MainStage . Once I was Happy I would record in Cakewalk ( in real time ) the sounds I had dialed up in MainStage ... I guess I had gotten used to doing things this way because back in the day I used to run hardware stand alone midi sequencers into hardware synths ... Honestly , it's not much different doing it that way now and one could get a lot of mileage out of using this type of approach ... Kenny
  16. Big Dogs always know the truth when it comes to working with a Great DAW Kenny
  17. I have an Ovation just like the one in your avatar ...Say , what guitar did you play on this ? Your tune sounds pretty good playing wise ..a little to much Reverb IMHO ....other than that small crit nice . Kenny
  18. My Constellation had just gotten that bug from a recent update from only a few days ago .... Thank you for the newer fixed update . All seems fine now in my Orbit . Kenny
  19. I use the Blue Cat free plugs a lot . I think they are very good quality and they sound very good . I happen to like them better than most of the pedals I have on my pedal board . Kenny
  20. Hi Craig , That there is some Crazy stuff , I'm glad you liked it . Thank you Ed ! , I did this one as a joke ...in places it does have it's moments . The Studio Bear made me do it 🤣 I'm pretty much a Cakewalk guy at heart . Most of my music usually gets done VIA Cakewalk . When it comes to doing a score for video , I think Reapers ability to handle multiple Videos within a project as just another track gives it an edge over Cakewalk ... Your Honor ! I plead not guilty ...that's my story and I'm sticking to it ... Kenny
  21. 🤣 Studio Bear! is afraid of Mushrooms . He wound up using some good old fashion tried and true green herbal enhancements instead 🤪 Kenny
  22. I look forward to hearing from you ... P M sent all the best, Kenny
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