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  1. Waves wants money for every small update of their already paid plugins, so they should pay us for having time consuming problems with their plugs. I never WUP again.
  2. The Buschband has been a band from Hamburg / Germany from 1978 -84. I love their music/ rythms. Buschband - Africa (1982) Buschband - Wasted Heads
  3. I don't need another eq, I don't need another eq, I don't need another eq. Isn' it a good mantra ? 😁
  4. Billy F Gibbons - She's On Fire
  5. Papa Roach - Swerve feat. FEVER 333 & Sueco Imho this is a good song but an example for a bad mastering.
  6. I can' t see this offer on IK Shop and elsewhere. Is ist for the US and GB only ?
  7. Probably AD 3 is arround the corner ?
  8. Jeff Beck - The Revolution Will Be Televised (feat. Rosie Bones) (Live At The Hollywood Bowl) HD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgnLYYiEdcg
  9. Miles Davis - Montreux Jazz Festival - 21 July 1989 Imho one of the best Miles Davis line ups and gigs (electric sound).
  10. Pragi

    Free One Knob Phatter

    You don't have an Avatar or photo 😃?
  11. In the gearnews message it' s confirmed,that the original Midas preamps are included. I'm curious about the converter and the rtl.
  12. Gearnews anounced that the price will be 249 US Dollar .
  13. Joe Walsh (James Gang) - "Turn To Stone"
  14. This sound has blown me away : Matthew Halsall- Together
  15. Tom Morello - Interstate 80 (Feat. Slash)
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