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  1. What a nice poem your are posting , Kenny , thank you. It is enough to be , because then I`m not bound to be useless when accidentily being usefull.
  2. (t)=w0+w1∑j=1tγt−jCRj+w2∑j=1tγt−jEVj+w3∑j=1tγt−jRPEj
  3. Michael Majstorovic Rocks Out with AC/DC's Thunderstruck I'm impressed by how hard the good man is trying to make this instrument rock.✌️
  4. I know your situation very well. For me it is working that way: I'm keeping it simple, if I feel not in the mood, to play(yes, the word play) my Instruments I don't play and create music. While I'm very busy in earning money for daily life, I'm at least doing some technical exercises to stay halfway fit on my guitars and so. I'm happy that in handling it this way there is not much time when I don' t like to play, perhaps 4 weeks per year. I hope you 'll find a way to have fun playing music. Pete
  5. Are these next week's lottery numbers?
  6. Waveform free is also easy to use.
  8. The Magpie Salute "Omission"
  9. Echo away and in the Master-EQ, the basses out somewhat.
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