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    Missing project icon!

    When you say cwp icon, are you referring to the icon image of the project file or the project file (*.cwp) itself? If you cannot find the project file itself, try to search the entire drive by typing *.cwp in the Explorer search box. If there is no icon image in the project file, check the cwp file association.
  2. I have several Essential serial numbers, can I use only one at a time as a coupon? If I can use more than one at a time...
  3. This is good to know. I had a similar experience when I purchased Mixcraft after SONAR stopped development. Because I paid via Paypal, the Mixcraft credentials were tied to my Paypal email address, which I later had to have changed. (I have since changed my Paypal email address to my DAW-related email address.)
  4. Yeah, I have just run the latest installer to overwrite install and seems good. No duplicate found in the Control panel Programs and Features I was concerned about either.
  5. There is no prompt to update if I start IK Product Manager version 1.0.9. Should I just run the latest installer and do overwrite installation, or should I uninstall the old one before installing?
  6. Cakewalk Next beta installer can only be downloaded from the Discord server. It is a great mystery to me why you did not know about the Discord server. Where did you download the installer from?
  7. @Kevin Roberts Due to a change in Cakewalk specifications, the current version no longer uses Webview2 for activation. I apologize if my comment caused any confusion.
  8. ?? How about "Cakewalk Next"? "Cakewalk Next" is currently in public beta testing and the latest version is currently Bug reports, suggestions and discussions about Cakewalk Next should take place on dedicated Discord server.
  9. @msmcleod Has Cakewalk changed its use of Webview2 runtime? In the following thread, @Jesse Jost explains "For clarification, the WebView2 component is necessary for sign-in because it supports the modern web. (~omission~) Due to account authorization and product activation, not having this runtime is not an option."
  10. Seems you missed my comment, so I write it again. The Webview2 component is required for Cakewalk activation. Sorry, this was outdated information.
  11. The Edge WebView2 component is required for Cakewalk activation. (Sorry, this was outdated information.) If I remember correctly, it's a required component starting with Cakewalk version 2021.01
  12. Oops, seems we were writing at about the same time and looks like my comment wasn't necessary. Sorry, @David Baay
  13. This comment (and topic) below may give you a hint. (I thought @David Baay suggested based on this.)
  14. I suspect that your currently installed version of Cakewalk is too old for the update to work from the help menu. If I remember correctly, you can run the Cakewalk Installer to overwrite install the latest version without uninstalling. (Sorry if I'm misremembering...)
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