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  1. Thanks @scook I also thought same thing. I will try to do it and check that uninstalling cleans 5.0.6 versions entries in the registry, or not. @User 905133 Thanks for your report. Because it's the BandLab Assistant!
  2. I noticed there are BandLab Assistant 5.0.6 and 5.1.1 in the control panel > Programs and features. It's same in my both primary and secondary computers. Maybe after updating 5.0.6 to 5.1.0, I guess. Anyone has this? I don't think its only me... I don't know why... Just wondering. How should I do? Should I delete all corresponding entry to 5.0.6 in registry?
  3. You do not have clip header? If so, make sure unselecting "Maximize Waveform Height" in the Track view > View > Display. If Clip names are not displayed, select "Display Clip Names" in the same menu.
  4. Have you clicked BandLab icon in the task tray?
  5. Of course I know. Just wanted to mention about new function because there is no release notes for BA.
  6. Now, BandLab Assistant has "Refresh Activation". I hope it works perfectly for all users.
  7. You might want to open a support ticket if you did not yet.
  8. You might want to open a support ticket if you did not yet.
  9. Same here. Last time updating (v5.0.6 to v5.1.0), confirmation window of firewall also popped up.
  10. Yes, it's a normal workflow now, unfortunately... Even if make a success of self updating, seems there is no progress bar or like that. BandLab Assistant should be a more decent app.
  11. "can't open it" means TAL-Reverb-2 is not listed in Cakewalk? (It's not scanned?) or you can't insert it to tracks or buses? or you can't open UI of the plugin after insert it?
  12. You might want to open the project after doing save as, to other drive with "Copy all audio with project" option. There might be difference...
  13. Just guessing because I don't have AirTurn QUAD... Maybe you have to change the mode to send space bar signal on the AirTurn QUAD. Mode 2 or 6, seems these modes have "Space". See: Page 8~10 of BT 106 Manual (Note: Direct link)
  14. HIBI

    Export WAV is cut in db's

    Are there any effect plugins like a limiter which output is set to -5dB on Master bus or other bus? Screenshot of Console view might help.
  15. As far as I know, display language of Cakewalk is localized only a few times a year. So we have to wait until next localization if added new menus by updates.
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