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  1. HIBI

    Freeware Instruments Thread

    Yeah, these are really good SFZ instruments! I'm usually using them. Especially Guitars, Bass guitar too.
  2. I think that add "Rollback to previous version" option in BandLab Assistant would be nice because I guess BandLab has a policy what users can install Cakewalk only via BandLab Assistant.
  3. Maybe because lately Jesse Jost was working for fixing email notifications. That notification beep comes from browser.
  4. I'm just guessing that... may be getting beep sound from speakers, when load more than expected to Windows system. I have experiences getting that beeps few times but I don't know what caused it. Sorry... Oh, it's edited... so I have no idea.
  5. That sounds like this? windows_beep.mp3
  6. HIBI


    Oh yeah, now it's sorted. 👍
  7. HIBI


    Same here. I can watch it on YouTube site. It's beautiful song.
  8. HIBI

    I can't download Cakewalk

    What happens if you try to install only Cakewalk without Add-ons (or decrease Add-on)? If it works, try to install Add-on in addition.
  9. HIBI

    In The Ghetto Cover.

    What's happened at 0:22 ?
  10. HIBI

    VST3s Missing After iZotope Install

    Did you install SONAR 8 after installing CbB? If so, shared files are overwrote by old one, I think. (VstScan.exe, etc.) I believe old "VstScan.exe" that come with SONAR 8 can not scan VST3 plugins.
  11. HIBI

    No "Start Screen" On Start Up

    Oh, sorry about that. I have recycled an image in 'static.cakewalk.com' without noticing the difference...
  12. HIBI

    No "Start Screen" On Start Up

    You might want to do this procedure with "On Startup Load the Default Template" checkbox, too. (Enable > Close CbB and reboot> Open CbB > Disable > Close CbB and reboot and then open CbB) Please just try it. Good luck.
  13. HIBI

    No "Start Screen" On Start Up

    Make sure "On Startup Load the Default Template" at Advanced in the Preference is unchecked.
  14. HIBI

    PRV question

    Ah it's okay. BTW, I have tried to go with changing Assign Instrument in the preference settings but found no difference. So I have no idea... I'm wondering why it has become default in your Cakewalk. Good luck...
  15. HIBI

    PRV question

    It's a frozen midi track? The notes of frozen midi tracks are displayed as numbers by default. If you unfreeze it, the keyboards come back.