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  1. My thoughts may be an amateur idea... I guess the Windows boot image on cloned SSD from HDD does not have NVMe driver so can't boot from it.
  2. If test on standalone TH3, needs set your controller as active at "Active MIDI inputs" in Audio settings on Settings. If test on VST plugin, check "Enable MIDI input" in clicking menu the part enclosed in red on the pic below.
  3. or buy "Pumper + Helper Series Bundle" at PluginBoutique and get EXPOSE for free?
  4. I compared SS window width both yours and mine. It's same size. (inner size is 1023 pixels)
  5. In short, SS is shifting to the right in the window at first so the scroll bar is sticking out of window?
  6. Can you hear test tone when clicking "Test" button in that Setup window?
  7. Just a thought... You might get focus to project/template name you want with hitting tab key and then hit the enter key to open it.
  8. The problem is what most people who ask questions do not know that the uploaded images will be reduced and using outer image upload site. So must be squinting at the reduced images...
  9. Can't get detail in this reduced full-screen image. (Uploaded over 500 pixels wide images are automatically reduced to width of 500 pixels by this forum.) Make sure input channel setting on track 3. Output channel of your audio device may be set as input.
  10. Click a part of "E" in the image below on the Synth Rack to get back "Insert Soft Synth Options dialog" and then check the box "Ask This Every Time". Is this works?
  11. As one possibility... USB cable problem? As a test, try to connect to another USB port?
  12. I did look into this forum system on Invision Community site and found Guide page "General Posting Control". There is a description about upload images at "General - Maximum Image Size". So I can't understand why this Cakewalk forum does not show images with original size even if clicking thumbnails...
  13. I didn't know that so tried it but seems max width is 500px.
  14. "vst Arpeggiator plugin" what you say is name of plugin? Is it really VST plugin, not MIDI FX plugin? or Maybe VST instrument, not FX?
  15. HIBI

    Membership renewal?

    Exit Cakewalk by BandLab Log Out of BandLab Assistant by clicking the gear at the top left and choosing Log Out Log back into BandLab Assistant, and run any updates if prompted Go to Apps, find the Cakewalk by BandLab logo, and click Open. (If there is Cakewalk update, update it.) If it's still not work, try again with running BandLab Assistant as administrator. If that doesn't work, contact support.
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