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  1. @scook I got the same error, but there seems to be presets and I can choose in BREVERB 2 Cakewalk UI. C:\ProgramData\Overloud\BREVERB 2 Cakewalk is empty. BREVERB 2 maybe loads presets from %AppData%\Roaming\Overloud\BREVERB 2 Cakewalk ???
  2. He is trying to export with the Export module instead of File > Export > Audio.
  3. @Starship Krupa Boost 11 Peak Limiter comes standard with Cakewalk. Actually, Cakewalk which is installed on my secondary PC (SONAR is not installed) also has it. Seems it comes standard since April 2018. So Kurre's claim in the old thread seems correct. Boost11 be listed as both "Enabled" and "Excluded" in the Plugin manager. (In short, there are two Boost11 in different locations and one of them is listed as "Excluded".)
  4. @Tyler Cline As scook said, MP3 Export Options dialog appears after clicking [Save] in your pic.
  5. [Track view] Options > Click Behavior > Double Click > Audio Clips >
  6. Change the bit rate in MP3 Export Options dialog box that appears when trying to export audio as mp3.
  7. The "S" means "(Area) Selection". It's respected in the case of Copy selected area and Split at selection, etc. If I remember correctly, you can not turn it off for now. You can clear it with keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+A (anytime anywhere) or Shift+Esc (only when track view is active) or Clicking empty area in the clips pane.
  8. If you have Melodyne 5 license, download latest installer (currently v5.0.2) from your Celemony account and install it. Melodyne 5 installer replaces Melodyne 4 to version 5 (If reactivating Melodyne is required, restart Cakewalk after reactivating). And if VST scan is set to manual, re-scan at the preference in Cakewalk. To make sure the version of Melodyne, make a Melodyne region FX clip (Anything is okay) and open it and then open "About..." from the Help menu on the Melodyne.
  9. So you can not open the synth UI from either the synth rack or the track header icon? Same result of all projects? or only that project? or only that track?
  10. Supposing that you have the piano roll view in the MultiDock. Click the [X] button of Piano Roll tab at the bottom to close the piano roll view.
  11. HIBI

    Instaling Cakewalk Error

    Check this similar thread:
  12. I couldn't get out of "Please wait..." but it was works when accessed to User Area (https://www.ikmultimedia.com/userarea/) directly, not My Products page etc.
  13. HIBI

    Deleting Measures/Bars

    @scook The link that on your comment takes you to "Selecting clips" page. Is that ok?
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