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  1. HIBI

    "What Days We Had" - new song

    Oh... so nice video. I may not have understood lyrics enough because English is not my native language. But this video definitely touched my heart.
  2. HIBI

    2019.5 CbB Relase available

    Melodyne freeze issue when drop an audio clip to the time ruler is fixed?
  3. HIBI

    vsti instrument problems after windows 1803 to 1809 update

    Please do not mind this my comment... Make sure [VST Plug-In Properties] of AD2 in "Cakewalk Plug-in Manager". 'Configure as synth' in Plugin options is checked? If no, check it on and then try to re-scan plugins. (or re-launch Cakewalk)
  4. HIBI

    Synth rack enhancement

    +1 (If repeated addition and deletion Synths, it brings me chaos...) IMO: Automatically sorted in the order of corresponded synth's output track is also OK.
  5. HIBI

    Transfer entire projet folder...

    And also can copy via LAN connection if those PCs belong to same network. BTW, I don't know "shortcut" is meaning what. Meaning easy way or saving copying time? I think it depends on that priority.
  6. Checking BIOS settings something like CPU power management, etc? If BIOS has these settings...
  7. @James Argo I don't use any control surfaces or any MIDI controllers. Thanks. @Chris Jones It might be nice. Thanks. Now, I'm thinking two approach because there is two possibilities that's caused by a track or a plugin. #1, delete one track at a time and save as and then reopen it. Repeat this deleting other track. #2, delete particular plugin from all tracks and save as and then reopen it. Repeat this deleting other plugin. @Noel Borthwick I sent DM to you in this Forum on Friday. Please check it out.
  8. Well... I did check some other projects. There is same problem... WTF!? I will DM to you and send a simple project. FYI: Cakewalk is latest version.
  9. I think I can find it easily if there is a plugin that's only used in the project which has this problem. But all plugins are also used in my other projects and they don't have this problem. I guess needs a lot of time and motivation to find it... but now... *sigh*
  10. HIBI

    How do I "fade out" the last note of a song?

    Ok... that note in the piano roll is MIDI note. So you are talking about MIDI clips, right? The Process menu is not for MIDI tracks (Clips). So you should add Automation lane for Volume Envelope on that instrument's output track (not MIDI track) or Master Bus (or Sub-mix Bus) to realize "fade out". You can expand and collapse Automation lanes for each track and bus with clicking the button "A" in below pic. If you expand Automation lane for the first time, there should be Volume Envelope in default. Anyway I think using Volume automation on Master Bus is easiest way to realize fade out at the end of song.
  11. All input echo is already disabled. I always do so. Thanks @Chuck E Baby
  12. Thanks @scook Bypassed all FX and saved as and then opened it but result was same. I will try archiving synth tracks and start checking with project which is all plugins are deleted then add per plugin, if I have a lot of time...
  13. Thanks for your input everyone. @msmcleod Yes, "Replace VST option" is checked. So I tried unchecked it and saved as and then opened it but result is same. @ExittheLemming Edit history is empty because it's greyed out. @scook Seems hard to find that plugin... So... Should I try re-insert to check all plugins?
  14. Lately, only one of my projects is weird. When I just open that project, it gets already edited status like "project_name.cwp*" for some reason. It seems there is no problem because I can play and edit the project and also can't find any changed parameters in plugins. But getting already edited status only by opening... Anything I’m missing? What happened to this project? I'm wondering it has any issues? If so, is there a way to find it?
  15. HIBI

    How do I "fade out" the last note of a song?

    Is that track Audio track? The Process menu is for Audio tracks. If "last note" which you are saying is MIDI note, add Volume Envelope on that synth output track or Master Bus. (or Sub-mix Bus)