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  1. HIBI

    Ozone 9 & Nectar 3 Issues

    Same result in standalone mode? If getting same result, graphics driver or its settings could be a cause.
  2. HIBI

    IK Gift...30 Jampoints

    In my case, after logging in, when I was browsing some pages such as "My Products", a notification box popped up.
  3. Sounds like, main output of audio interface is set as the input on a track to record. Make sure the input on a track to record is set to "Left QUAD-CAPTURE 1-2" or "Right QUAD-CAPTURE 1-2", not "Stereo (or Left, Right) QUAD-CAPTURE MAIN".
  4. HIBI

    HorNET SW34EQ MK2

    I am also guessing so and hope so, however, I am worried because I remember that Analog Obsession was hacked. 😅
  5. HIBI

    HorNET SW34EQ MK2

    HoRNet site is down?
  6. If you want to plug an electric guitar in, had better plug it in to UR22C's input 2 with Hi-Z switch is set to ON. and make sure you've installed latest driver and tools for UR22C. (Maybe requres firmware update too) Then set the ASIO buffer size properly.
  7. @simon I did download latest installer from the site and install it manually. Seems it works. @TheSteven Last month, the license manager did not start (it seemed hanging silently in background), so I tried to reinstall, but I could not find the uninstaller and also the overwrite installation did not work. I had to delete the installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\FXpansion\LicenseManager) to success installation.
  8. Yesterday, I did self update the FX Licence Manager to I got a lot of "Code 3" error dialog windows... It seemed endless popping up. 😨
  9. ^^^ This is very important! Thanks for mentioning @Robert Bone
  10. Already this issue has been fixed in the latest update (2020.01 build 28 hotfix).
  11. in Preferences > Audio - Configuration File > [RestartEngineAfterDropout] flag. Set to False to revert to the prior behavior of displaying a dropout toast notification.
  12. Currently CbB does not scan VST2 plugins.dll files located under the VST3 folder. So make sure install location of VST2 plugins.dll files are not under VST3.
  13. @User 905133 You can also quit it from the right-click menu of the BandLab Assistant icon in the task tray.
  14. It means clicking BandLab Assistant shortcut icon in the desktop but not open BandLab Assistant window? If so, make sure BandLab Assistant icon is in the notification area (Windows tasktray). If it is there, click that icon to open BandLab Assistant window. Note: Clicking 'x' button at right-top is not quit BandLab Assistant. To quit BandLab Assistant, click gear icon at left-top and then click Quit button.
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