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    まず、BandLab Assistant と Cakewalk by Bandlab が最新である事を確認して下さい。 (最新版でなければ、起動時に Update を知らせてくると思います) BandLab Assistant を起動し、Apps タブにある Cakewalk Open ボタン右の下向き矢印をクリックしてメニューを開き、Refresh Activation を実行してみて下さい。(それでも駄目な場合、BandLab Assistant を管理者として起動して同様の手順を行ってみて下さい)
  2. Go to your profile page. (Clicking right-top profile icon or your name) Click right-side "See my activity" and then click left-side "Posts".
  3. The notation name of SpeedStep differs depending on the BIOS, it's sometimes called EIST (Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology). Other things to try, also set C1E (Enhanced HALT State, C-STATE Tech, etc.) disabled.
  4. To split the clip, right-click the clip and choose Split on the context menu. (Ex. Make a selected portion with dragging the time line ruler and then right-click the clip and choose Split > "Split as selection") or... if smart tool using, holding Alt key and click the split point at the clip. (You see that mouse cursor changes to scissors if hovering over the clip) There are some method to split, so find the method that works for you. As RBH said, Reference Guide PDF and Online Documentation will be helps.
  5. I am not sure if I understand your question correctly. Split that MIDI clip at 5th measure and then delete an empty clip or just dragging left-edge of that MIDI clip to where you want (5th measure) or select measures what you need and then copy and paste to other MIDI track (delete original MIDI track). or... Turn on the Ripple edit at right-top on the track view and then make an area selection with dragging zero to five on the time line ruler and then hit Delete key. (Note: Please don't forget to turn off the Ripple edit if ripple editing is completed.)
  6. Set the slider to 100, not 48. I guess it's the cause. Seems playback routing of Windows sound is ok. My audio interface has channels (like 1-2, 3-4...) for playback settings on Windows sound but seems Focusrite does not have them.
  7. @Dusan Sustarsic Can't compare because it's only cwp file not contain audio file. Re-import the exported audio file to project (just drop that file to empty area of the project track view pane in Cakewalk) and then compare what you hear when playing the project on Cakewalk and when playing re-imported file with no effects. Should be the same. Just to be sure, make sure Windows player volume is full and output routing of Windows sounds it's sending to same channel of same audio interface as Cakewalk sends.
  8. It means sound levels what you hear when playing project on Cakewalk and when playing exported file on Windows player are not the same?
  9. What's version of BandLab Assistant running? Currently latest version is v5.1.2 (You can see it at the bottom with clicking gear icon on BandLab Assistant) If it's not v5.1.2, download latest BandLab Assistant installer directly from https://www.bandlab.com/products/cakewalk and then install it after completely quit BandLab Assistant. Finally, click "Update" at Apps tab on BandLab Assistant to update Cakewalk. FYI: If can't quit BandLab Assistant normally, quit with right clicking BandLab Assistant icon in the Notification Area (Task tray) or kill all instances of BandLab Assistant in the Task manager.
  10. Would that have been... https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.28.html Seems old "New features URL" will be changed when new update come out and be added newest "New features pages"...
  11. @Cahyo Baskoro Check the downloads folder while Downloading... (0/1) You can open the folder via BandLab Assistant | Gear icon | Clicking three dots at right side of System Folder section and then click "Open folder". If there is no file, have to check firewall or security apps settings etc. If there is a file being downloaded and that size is changing, just wait... (maybe need hitting F5 to see latest file size in Details mode on the view menu)
  12. First, try to install only Cakewalk without checking checkbox of Add-ons. If it works, install Add-ons after installing Cakewalk.
  13. IMO, I don't think that's good idea. You can make a fade on any tracks and buses, so... Make a bus for fading pattern 1 and draw volume automation on it. Make a bus for fading pattern 2 and draw volume automation on it. Route these buses to the Master bus.
  14. Yes, there is no tick box to install Cakewalk. It's a normal. You have to check those tick box only if there is necessary installing some Add-ons.
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