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  1. @treesha "Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Update_Setup_26.09.0.006.exe" file size is 58.0 MB (60,848,920 bytes)
  2. @Barry Seymour Probably you have an update file under "C:\Users\Your_User_Name\AppData\Roaming\bandlab-assistant\Downloads". You can run it manually.
  3. @cclarry Change your "Name" at Profile Settings on BandLab site because your "Display Name" of this forum comes from "Name" of your profile on BandLab site when you re-login to this forum (it connects to BandLab site).
  4. HIBI

    I miss celery

    I suspect it come from your screen name of the bandLab site profile if you logging in here with BadLab account.
  5. Ah I see. Thanks @Jonathan Sasor
  6. Mine looks different than yours; not sure why. I have an "Enable MIDI Output" checkbox. I have an "Enable MIDI Output" checkbox but mine is grayed out and it's checked. I don't know why...?
  7. Some solutions can be found on the thread below. Please check them out.
  8. Follow topics what you want and use "Manage Followed Content" page (can be found at right top user name down arrow).
  9. Probably a MIDI track is selected (has focused). Select an audio track and then open import menu. You can also import audio files with drag and dropping to the track view.
  10. Monthly giveaway on September FREE WITH ANY 1 x PURCHASE (Offer ends 30th September 2020) https://www.pluginboutique.com/articles/1652
  11. HIBI

    VST Scan giving errors

    I googled "QuickFontCache.DLL", seems it comes from Imageline - FL Studio. Are (were) you using FL Studio or any Imageline products? If so, check their installations are broken or not. FYI: https://support.image-line.com/action/knowledgebase/?ans=301
  12. It would be nice if there is a notify email before expire download. or limit the number of download times is better than 180 days limit, I think.
  13. @remyhardy Some solutions can be found on the thread below.
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