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  1. " That said, there are already kill switches in them, they are just controlled by private corporations, not the federal fellas. " As if knowing - absolutely - that there is no credible accountability in the private corporate world makes that notion better.
  2. Learn how use transform function in the Piano roll view, it's essentially a box shaped graphic where you grab notes on a selection or a whole track and do a global style push and pull of velocities above or below a threshold that you create. Very powerful tool.
  3. I add all the drums to a selection group.. and cut and re- align them manually. Once that chore is complete - them I move on to the basic rhythm tracks. It can be tedious, but I've never found another method that gets it right without moving things around that I didn't want moved.
  4. I set a quick marker a measure before the general song region I'm punching in. I have a key binding to jump forward or back to marker ( as well as forward and back by measure from the current position.) I just drag the marker around as a place holder for a measure before the punch point. It's very fast , very simple, and it's quicker to set than it would be to have a time input step * (more efficient than the other daws at setting a pre-roll.)
  5. I think there is a whole lot of myth related to people thinking that modern ITB synths and samplers sound like and perform like the original Analogue synths. I've owned a number of them - and there really is no comparison. This can also cross over into early digital synths. There is definitely a difference in sound quality in hardware module compared to an ITB version. Convenience is an awesome selling point - but there is no apples to apples comparison in sound and resolution. Jim's point is right on the money regarding Tube amps and modelers. The original versions and designs set the standard.
  6. What can you say. He was great musician, and best to the family.
  7. Another standard bearer exits. But - he will be heard for a long long time. RIP.
  8. A good alternative to paper is Cratex rods. Cratex is a fine abrasive embedded in rubber and can be bought in 1/4" diameter rods. https://www.cratex.com/Products/Rubberized-Abrasives/Blocks-and-Sticks/Round-Sticks
  9. I'm surprised Sweet Water doesn't have a west coast distribution center. I expected they would about 20 years ago. Which is about the time I received my first Yamaha digital mixer - right around the turn of century. I'm still using the O1V at my brothers house for Jam night.
  10. A goodly portion are still pretty cutting edge to this day, composition wise. Remember chords and key changes? I kind of miss that stuff.
  11. If you choose to mix on headphones- I think it's important to get a truly good quality set. I've been using Hd 650's for a long time, they were the closest to A/B comparisons to my monitors in a " decently " treated room. I've since moved and lost the "studio " space I had built. I'm back to a dungeon of a basement space and I'm very glad for the headphones.
  12. IT lives..... ! at least I'm glad I got to hear it. Roger Nicholes' saves the day with a cassette copy.
  13. Happy Sky - at only 25 seconds in...... This man is a genius.
  14. So glad this thread got contorted back into shape. Cover Song hall of shame.!!
  15. Whoever actually produced that Donny & Marie segment is a full out .......... umm ok so to say something good about it.....they didn't use autotune. - the wacka wacka wha wha part during the synchronized ice skating is what really made it all worth while.
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