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  1. It takes time to load VSTI's samples that might be required for real time play back. Loading audio regions ( i guess means just that - Time taken to read audio files from disk and get them aligned and ready for playback. I've noticed some projects take longer to load than others - it's usually a resource hungry VST instrument or 2 on my system. Some VST's take a long time to load on their own as well - I know that Scuffham amps S-gear can take awhile to load on my system. It has it's internal list and Ir's to load until it's ready/.
  2. NOTE * be cautious when deleting and removing associated tracks. You should use the " replace synth " dialogue when testing instruments. If those instruments are associated ( assigned ) from a midi track you wish to save or archive - you will lose those midi tracks. I have complained about this in the past, as I think there should never be an instance where you can accidentally erase raw data tracks ( at least without a redundant warning ). This can happen even with careful culling through track assignments. I think it can even hit hidden tracks. The first time I came across the " remove associated tracks " I assumed it would just remove the Audio tracks assigned to the instrument being removed. No - it also removes any MIDI track assigned to the instrument as well. Imagine having 15-20 or so separate midi drum tracks assigned to multiple drum instruments. It can be easy to over look where those tracks are assigned if deleting one of the instruments.
  3. I've stopped updates to all other DAWS except CbB. When I re-build and go for a clean new set-up. It will be a pure CbB daw. It still amazes me to open a 25 + year old project - and do a little updating to current plugs or VSTi - and bada bing..... 1989 ... I plug in a guitar and I'm playing new agey puke jazz all over again. wow - maybe that's not a good thing.
  4. It sounds like you're " merging " clips instead of tracks. Make sure you are in sound on sound mode. Do you see the notes in the piano roll view after the drag ? I would check that - in the sections you are not hearing - make sure there notes there. ....... .bounce to clip after the moves.
  5. I purchased Sonar Pro just a few months before the Gibson " thing " . That was an upgrade from Sonar 5 ! But - I made it a clean install at the time. I do wish I could at least upgrade to the original Splat version to get the added pro channels modules. I didn't want to take on all the added content at the time because I thought the loops and stuff were not worth it. I do wish CbB would make Cake updated to at least Splat version for plug-in content. That would put all new installations at a common starting point and we could then share pre-sets etc now that Pro Modules can save presets. What say Ye CbB ?
  6. That would be a great display option. I would similarly like to be able to accurately display a ghosted tempo map overlay in relation to the timeline . I think the capability to syncing horizontal zoom scaling between various windows would be a huge workflow improvement
  7. RBH


    That Rabbit is dynamite. Best movie ever.
  8. Thanks Scook - what I notice is when clicking on a help tab within the program- such as a tab in a preferences set-up page for example, it's directed to open the old chm. Is this a hold over from my Sonar Pro migration ?
  9. Currently my offline help file is referenced at build # 23.10.0 ( which is from the last paid version - I think. )Is there a way to get the current build # 26.5.0 to update for the ( in program ) or offline help file? I have the latest reference guide , and both of Craigs excellent tips.
  10. When I realized that I actually used about 10% of the 790 plugs I have installed - life becomes much simpler. My soon to be new DAW will be much much leaner. - and of course this will let comfortably repeat the same path of aquiring a whole new batch of 711 useless plugs in the future.
  11. I think the idea being posited is that the controls in a stereo pan do not need to be equal ratios as they change left to right. But you can define power levels independently between left and right. It gives a more realistic representation of a stereo field.
  12. RBH

    Meter Colouring

    I would add a different color scheme for MIDI meters. At a glance - it would be an improvement to discern midi from audio meters immediately , like making the MIDI display a selectable color.
  13. It wouldn't be an actual stereo track - but you can bounce to track and change the interleave in a couple of different ways. Your track inputs should allow you to choose left - right or stereo. You are likely selecting stereo input on the track input - and it's trying to record a stereo track. If you select either input 1 or input 2 related to which input you're actually using - it should record a mono track.
  14. RBH

    IK Half Off Sale

    Thanks for that info. I wasn't sure if the cross grade was based on IK products or a competitors.
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