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  1. T'aint that a Jazz-ish bass ? It's got 4 nodules, not just 3 like the commoners has.
  2. Those were the days - extremely efficient. ! I think the track inspector could use a much better UI. Particularly with transpose slider - it's nearly useless to me....there are many places you can key in numerical settings, but you can't key in a transposition value in the slider widget.
  3. Have you tried with a new project? Is there any chance you have a midi feedback loop occurring?
  4. This is my favorite style of VST synth. I'm more old school bent with a control per function. No tabs or drop down menu that I can see from the demo.
  5. Sounds like something may have gotten corrupted. Do you get any warning or toast messages ? You may be better off just re-installing. Also, Make sure you're not trying to run it from a drive other than the C drive. Hopefully a Baker will chime in in case there any considerations to clear the registry.
  6. "And ya - it's 2022. Maybe in 2005 you needed someone to help you build a system, because so many parts had compatibility issues. Literal children can build high end systems today. Shit, pcpartpicker will hold your hand and tell you exactly what you need and automatically flag problems in your build. Building a DAW system today is child's play. The only thing that might be a challenge for some is delidding or pasting the CPU. But you don't need to pay a $2000 premium on a $3000 machine for the service. People charging those premiums are just straight up assholes - I don't care how much charm and salesmanship they use to get people to overpay. That applies to Apple or small businesses." This very specifically defines the difference between an amateur and a professional. Some of us prefer the professional......... Because - you know IT'S PROFESSIONAL. I have the choice between a 129.00 interface and a 3000.00 interface. I choose the 3000.00 interface. It doesn't make it a rip off ! I chose it for my reasons. also - Hosing around the internet does not make a person smart, savey, on top of it ...or whatever. It might just mean you read about someone who is actually professional - and think you know better.
  7. $1.50 for a stinkin soda pop ?!!!! I'll fix those bast$>'~rds !
  8. Trouble shooting might be as simple as loading the project while holding the shift key and dismissing the particular effect from loading. Then reload that FX into the region or clip. At least this will get your project up and running. I personally try to render any clip or region effects to a new clip. I think region effects are more vulnerable to mishaps or track changes.
  9. I don't personally operate with simple instrument tracks. But - I would suggest that you ( bounce to clips) the non operating midi track, Control shift to copy just the midi to a new track and try to direct the new track to a new instance of your instrument. There maybe an assignment error you made and this will give you a fresh instrument instance to check against. You can always archive your initial track to have for learning purposes if you figure out what might have happened.
  10. I'd second that with the LSR 308's. I really like mine, I have a second pair of Tannoy reveal 8D's taking up storage space since i bought the Jbl's, they're very good sounding as well. The JBL wave guides give a discernibly wide sound field that just works great when doing whatever, great for a jam room arraignment. The funny thing about LSR's is that they just look and feel cheap with a thin metal back plate. But they have it well tuned with that design, and they just sound better than they look and feel.
  11. Other software may have a pre roll feature. Not sure though, I only use Cake.
  12. I'm a past life prog rocker : the last couple of years I've been helping some friends and family with a heavy rock, blues, country album - Just mixing editing and lead guitaring. Unfortunately the editing part was on the order of 2k edits per song. it was long excruciating album. - and no body bothered to practice any of it in the last year it took to finish........so practicing and gigging is a disaster. One of the guys is venturing into a screamy metal blasting your brains out kind of thing which combined with garage rock performances means it going to be 2.5k edits per song. I'm slowly squirring out of it. I did however re-visit some guitar re-tracking on my karaoke versions of Jose and PEG. so that's been sort of fun. Might re-visit some Donald Fagen Nightfly stuff. Just bought the Famous E piano from OTS - so the steely dan stuff might take on a new flavour.
  13. It's probably best to export to the Audio folder of the project by default - then to just copy to any back-up you wish. I often back-up to seperate directory on my audio drive - as well as portable drives. As far as wave or MP3? I do MP3 exports for communication or online stuff and do wave files for more permanent ( finished ) back-up. I think if you wanted to have the songs " mastered" by a professional, Wave is the more preferred file format.
  14. Hosa makes a low cost 12 channel XLR patchbay. I think you get a used or maybe even new one for around $50.00 . I think I bought one used for around 30.00 a few years ago. The tricky part might be remembering to switch off phantom power before switching things around ( if you're using Phantom ). I used it in a rack just so avoid the headache of tunneling behind my mixer.
  15. Sounds like you had a midi feedback loop. Glad you got it sorted. Former D4 owner here and even made my own triggers from some leftover piezo materials I used to manufacture. Tuning the D4 to different kinds of triggers is actually a lot of fun and can get pretty finely tuned too. Then translating the midi to a highly multy sampled set is when you get the best payoff for all the work. I think it's still a unique and relevant unit all these years later.
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