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  1. Chicago area here - just south of the lake : 20 " of snow fell this last week, we'll be finally getting out of single digit temps next week. It's a weird feeling when temps climb up to 30 deg and it feels like t-shirt and sandals weather.
  2. RBH

    PA Galeon Krueger 800RB

    I'm a little confused : are these subscription service only ? or are they standard EULA ? I checked the musician bundle pricing and that's what I came away with. I just serviced a 800 RB for my brother and it is a really good sounding amp. musician bundle add : Overview WHAT YOU GET 44 Plugins & 40 Modular Effects, and growing over time! All our Synths, Guitar & Bass Amps and Stomp-Boxes, and some Reverbs, Delays, Vocal Effects, and more. Plus Gig Performer and the original Focusrite TMT Console! 14 Top Brands incl. AMPEG, DIEZEL, ENGL, DS Audio, Focusrite, Unfiltered Audio, Brainworx and more. WHAT'S THE DEAL? Just $14.99 per month - perfect for any live & studio musician (charged automatically every month) NEW! Get a $149.99 voucher code back after 1 year! (after 12 continuous payments - can be spend on ANY plugins in our store) NO Annual Commitment | Pure Month-2-Month | Cancel Anytime! Out of the box - and at just $14.99/mo - the MUSICIAN Bundle contains everything you need to play keys, guitar or bass - and sing! Even a low-latency live-host for your PA plugins is included (Gig Performer PA Edition), so you can take your plugins on stage or rehearse and practice with them. Add to that a full-blown 72-channel Focusrite TMT console with a built-in De-Esser, and you can sound your best, live or in the studio!
  3. I try to use a max of around 106 % for time stretching as well as keeping the wave form selection short. I think most any type of re-sampling adds artifacts - so less is more in my way of thinking. Time stretching has been the most important update to Cake in my opinion.
  4. I found something similar to all these online a few years ago - in MP3 . Cool to have better descriptions on these y tubes.
  5. Not sure if linking audio clips performs similar editing to all clips - but there is a create selection groups - that allows splitting. cropping, stretching dragging etc between the grouped tracks. You must first select the tracks or clips - right mouse click and about 3/4 down the list you will see the create selection groups switch. I grab the selection by clicking in the header of one of these tracks to select all. - Great for editing multiple drum tracks - or basic song editing when not using a grid.
  6. Another standard bearer has exited.
  7. Walter Becker saw this coming : 'Cause the hat stays too flat My hat is way too flat My english she is much better now But my hat remains too flat The man smells a rat And that's the end of that My english it is more better now But my hat is still too flat Fair arcturus fashion forecast: Skirts will be shorter Legs stay long Virtual raincoats are coming back Hats as always continued flat
  8. Have you tried to just import a AIFF file into a CbB track ? I've never worked with them - but curious if you tried to just drag dropping one.
  9. Great story - ! I've been able to utilize recordings I made in Midi only Cakewalk and a Pro audio 9 recording I made in the early to mid 90's. It's one of things that makes Cake a standout. Backwards compatibility all those years ago.
  10. The song Money came on the radio on my drive home tonight. Still the sound and production absolutely kicks butt after 40 years. Not too many people get away a wha wha on a Rhodes like that. Amazing really.
  11. I believe by default the volume parameter from the MIDI track is sent when play is enabled. That Volume is usually set to something less than 127 by default ( 107 ) I think. Set the Midi track volume to 127. For good measure - check the event list to make sure there is no midi volume set at the beginning of the midi track.
  12. I find the most important thing to remember when working in offset mode is : remember to turn it back off immediately after working the fader or parameter you're offsetting. I've forgotten on a few occasions and ended up goofing up a bunch of other things unintentionally. To select the whole track - I dbl click the track number. Sometimes it's a good idea to zoom out to make sure the whole time line is selected. You will notice that all nodes in the automation lane changes to a highlight color, telling you that they're selected.
  13. I loved watching videos of their shows. The Stage gimmicks were hilarious, my favorite being the Chicken rotisseries. I saw them when I was a bit younger probably in 1977, they opened for Aerosmith on their Toys in the Attic tour. Probably one of rushes earlier tours I would think.
  14. Just for the sake of testing - have you de-selected all of the automation read buttons ? - and tried playback ? Does it happen at the same position in the time line? If it is all faders including the buss faders and the master. I would guess you might have a corrupt project.
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