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  1. RBH

    Visual Clip Gain

    Would it be difficult to maximize the visual to the current track height scale by default ? This was talked about in another thread, it would at least keep the wave form relatively visible - the scaling would change ( and still be adjustable ) of course - but just changing the track height would keep the waveform relative.
  2. RBH


    I downloaded the trial version and never had a chance to try it....... Well today I bought it with out a test drive and I found my new goto Delay - it is amazingly good and covers more ground than I could ever imagine.
  3. RBH

    2019.05 CbB Release highlights

    Noel - The enhancements for audio editing are amazing. I've been doing a lot of very tight waveform editing the last few months and I thought I was getting some errors when rendering - particularly with stretching and slip editing - but I was doing this against an existing project where I had completely re-written the tempo map and was tasked to cut audio tracks in a thousand places and move and stretch them to fit the new tempo adjusted midi tracks. It was very tedious and I thought I was taxing the whole thing by rendering against a continuously varied tempo map. The fixes for wave editing are super tight . I feel really confident going in a cleaning up things now - Thanks again for all the pain staking work your team is doing.
  4. RBH

    Prochannel modules ever to be released again?

    It's a good place to add some real dollar value added support. I'd be glad to pay for new dynamics modules - maybe a dynamic EQ - modulation effects. delays. etc.
  5. RBH

    ARA Version 2

    The time is at hand.
  6. RBH

    2019.05 CbB Release highlights

    Thanks for the update CbB and crew ! Smoothest / easiest update to date. You guys are killing it. Great fixes, features and updates.
  7. In other words adobe is saying - ( careful - there's those bad guys out there ) but sign on and you're protected ( from us ! )
  8. RBH


    It would be a useful feature to have waveforms " automatically maximize " scale to current track height - but I imagine it might create a lot of graphics loading to impose it.
  9. RBH

    Transfer entire projet folder...

    I suggest transferring the physical drive to your new computer or to an external drive enclosure and continue to use it as your project drive. Just create the audio drive path under preferences. I did this with a ton of Sonar 5 projects from an older XP based computer - and just continued to use it. I've never had an issue with an older WRK file opening. I'm using Win7 though.... maybe Win 10 would give me headaches.
  10. Is there a reason you can't export the track again as mono? As far as your question - I don't think there will be difference converting to mono.
  11. Just a side note : your CbB saved files will open in Platinum - they are cross compatible. It's not a one way street.
  12. You can Save as a midi file - type 0 merges all midi data to a single track - Type 1 saves as separate midi channel information to 16 midi channel tracks. Sounds like you should edit the synth though.
  13. RBH

    Setting Loop Time

    I've always just selected a region in the time line and hit the loop button. If I need to fine tune the time selection - I just zoom in on the yellow loop start or end - hover with my mouse and drag it to position.
  14. RBH

    Legacy Sonar 2.2 program

    I recall there was a critical patch in Version 2 as well .
  15. RBH

    The Most Advanced Guitar

    Wow - I didn't realize it was Titanium - missed that little detail..... but stainless is relatively cheap.