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  1. That needs a conversion to a 4 string.
  2. Seems the easiest work around might be to create a pre-set project file (set-up specifically for editing) and import the midi file. With the preferred instrument already loaded, then it's an instrument assignment task. There are a number of short cuts and bindings to make that more or less kind of quick. Are you opening saved midi files? - or are you launching them from a website ? link or something other?
  3. It would be great if a compromise on notation could be made to easily apply Chord Charts , Tab and lyrics in an easy to format template. This would be usable for lot of contemporary genres. A full notation program is a whole different and serious undertaking.
  4. The monitors are only half the story if you're checking for mix quality. The room you monitor in is equally important. I've recently changed to doing tracking and editing and majority of the mix through Sennheiser HD 650's. Just because they are a consistent reference. l check finished mixes on JBL LSR308's and Tannoy Reveal 8D for low volume checks. Then I take the Mix to a big and cranked live sound set-up to try and cover a few more basses. I moved recently from a decently treated home studio - to basically a dungeon basement room. The sennheisers have made it possible to keep working.
  5. Nice find msmcleod. ! that is going to be very handy.
  6. I'm 61... I can officially say that " My get-up and Go , must a got -up and went. But I enjoy producing band stuff and after many years of Jazz rock - Not so Knew Age - y kind of stuff... I'm actually getting into pretty heavy rock. It was always fun to toy with and play, but I never really got into listening to it. Now I really enjoy mind noodling about the skills it took to create a really great record on pretty limited analogue equipment. I treat CbB as close to an old tape machine as I can. Plus it's a great synth rack. I can polish the Cow Pies now that I couldn't in the past. I still mess with recordings I made in the early 90's on Cakewalk. No expectations - but just fixing little things that I couldn't in the days of tape. Back then, at best I had 1 reverb and 2 delays and a compressor or 2 to record a 5 piece band on a 1/2" 8 track. I like what Mark said, going back and dumbing it down to the basics. Too many options means too much wasted time for me.
  7. I re-coned a pair of those a couple of years back and gave them to a friend for cost. Couldn't find the correct tweeter foams anymore. It was worth giving them a new life though.
  8. This is awesome. I like the cat strolling on top of the tree line too.
  9. Thanks for sharing the pain ! I'm really not much of a keyboardist.... so -that was my main justification. Now I'm stuck with a load of Kurzweil, Yamaha and Roland modules. I have a feeling as soon as I get rid of them, they'll spike up in price too. As much as I've tried to replace and re deploy with VST's - nothing is quite as good sounding as the real tools.
  10. I had an original 4 voice with sequencer and sold it about 5 years ago. Selling prices have at least tripled since. They are amazingly fun to play and do wish I had kept it. About 20 years ago I was able to score : The Oberheim 4 voice - A hammond X-5 with Leslie 760 - a Roland Re501 - a set of Moog 1 Taurus pedals - and a Rhodes suitcase for $850.00 Still have the Roland though.
  11. I think the CAL routines just deals with the bulk midi information - This issue may have to do with what root channel the track was recorded with. The midi channel can be changed for whatever playback channel after recording - but it likely has retained it's original input channel information. It can be an important to assign the correct channel to record the original information. If this not done then an additional step should be taken to correct the base channel information before importing the midi into another DAW - or in this case to take a type 0 file and basically convert it to a type 1 file.
  12. You can see the markers better in "Markers view" if you need to do a clean-up before correcting the paste special dialogue. I've had a situation where Importing wave files from Logic would paste logics track name of the imported file into the markers view - it could get messy pretty quick when doing bulk imports - Markers view is very quick method to clean all that up.
  13. Cool to know - thanks, I've been using other meter displays ( such as span ) when I " pretend " to do mastering for K-system. It would be great to have a high res metering system as a flyout and pin-able on top. Kind of like how the Gliss EQ operates in pro-channel.
  14. RBH

    Laptop 2022 show

    I've been seriously thinking about laptop options for a new DAW. I'm getting on in age and sometimes think I should just ride my current very aged DAW out til the end of times. But, something about doing solo gigs with full productions into smallish dinner clubs appeals to me. GEEZER GIGS -rock !
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