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  1. RBH

    New MidiFX Available

    The compander looks really useful, and efficient. So, would one use be to set the levels then bounce to clip to effect the track velocities? then remove? - or is the idea to keep this in an effects bin and treat it as a real time plug only?
  2. RBH

    Melodyne Expired? Download fix.

    Craig, I hate say this - but I'm so glad you had a Blue Screen.... only because I had one as well after one of the updates.... and I thought it was ALL MY FAULT. A restore point saved my butt as well. Today another update tug and I pretty much ignored it. I'm still on a win 7 system though. The new Celemony download for 4.2.3 and all is well.
  3. RBH

    When I Post In the CH

    There is a desperate need for Haiku treatment facilities round here.
  4. Christian, I have CoreBass pear as well, I never noticed the clicking you're talking about, but I will check into it again. It could be that my Spidey sences aren't as finely tuned. There may be a non default Kontakt pre read setting that needs to be tweaked - if I notice the same key switch issues, I'll look into that as well. Orange Tree seems to be pretty responsive to inquiries - so it might worth a mention and see if they have any recomendations.
  5. RBH

    MIDI Tracks "Maxxed" Out

    Could those be volume controller information? It looks like you are in clip mode in the track view. If I recall - the track view can show volume controller info.
  6. I think that previous thread mentioned it could be a modulation or delay with in a synth that is sending midi info. That midi output is controlled with in the plug -in.
  7. RBH

    Forum members /home country ?

    Chicago-ish area. or - the region.
  8. RBH

    JBL LSR305 Monitors

    I also have the LSR 308's and I like them even better as time goes by. I looked at the Amazon add -Is that price is for a single speaker - and not sold by the pair correct? Still a good deal for sure.
  9. RBH

    2019.07 Feature Overview

    Amazing Noel - These videos are an incredibly efficient way to show the updates. How about creating these as locked sticky at the top of the forum.
  10. I do inline piano roll editing quite a bit. I think it's one of the finer things in sonar and I believe it was implemented way back in Sonar 5, unfortunately you can't insert a note in the same way as in PRV into the inline view - you can however copy notes. This works ok for drum editing when inserting a few notes here and there - but for chord editing or insertion it doesn't pay to work on the inline view. The Piano Roll View editing is incredibly powerful in CbB - I think it really puts it in a class by itself - multy track viewing and quick jumping between tracks is amazing in Cake. Maybe I'm missing something when editing inline? Also - I never work with a grid - so I guess I don't take advantage of the efficiencies of some of the snap operations. I work strictly with real time midi. I can imagine that the graphics overhead might not make it practical.
  11. I wish I could buy these....... I attempted to do an update to V 9.9 about a month ago from v 8.6 and it killed my Apollo firewire. Killed it as in DEAD. My quad card still works great but the firewire is toast for the time being. I think the Firmware update with that version did something un -recoverable. I'd been working with CS on it and they've left me with the only option sending it in for diagnosis / reset /repair. It worked literally without a flaw for over 6 years. I'm about to pull the trigger on an RMA return, but I have no guarantee that it will work or won't just do the same again with an update attempt. Anyone ever just try to skip a firmware update and go straight to software update? I'm back to using a very old Edirol FA-66 until I find a fix.
  12. That's how I feel about Ukuleles. It could be just the spelling though. VERY scary.
  13. RBH

    Change pitch bend after recording

    I believe the midi spec only allows a specific range of control..... how that effects the specific sound is up to how it's interpreted by the sound module and designed by the developer. Certain samples for example can only be tranposed so much until it sounds completely un-natural. Synths on the other hand might easily be transposed by 5 octaves and sound perfectly fine. It's really up the developer. You might be able to extend a pitch range by other methods such as melodyne or v -vocal. That being said - you can edit the pitch bend in the piano roll view - controllers view window. Might be worth using the reference manual available at the top of the forum. Lots of you tubes for sonar out and about as well. PDF link here : https://bandlab.github.io/cakewalk/docs/Cakewalk Reference Guide.pdf
  14. RBH

    Got lucky and got the new Ryzen 3900X

    This thread makes me wish that Bandlab Forum would incorporate a dedicated Computers / Hardware forum.