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  1. It might depend on if you're using the plug in an effects bin on a mono track ( it stays mono ) or using it via an aux send to a stereo buss where it wants to operate in stereo. That plug in's stereo out on the buss might feed other stereo busses via an Aux send as well.
  2. The only info I can find is that it's compatible with MAC OS Catalina. No other features updated I guess. I have Studio as well.
  3. I got to say - I logged online, updated and had a project open in less than 3 minutes. You folks are really rocking it.
  4. The bakers needs little black masks ....... The incredible s strike again.
  5. I've seen issues where the midi assignments can re-assign to other instruments if an instrument was deleted and then re-assigned. This has also happened if the VSTi was upgraded. Maybe the internal instrument ID has in someway changed and the " frozen " assignment gets uncorrelated.
  6. I believe UAD are having major problems with their console software across the board. I've just went through over 3 months of trouble shooting trying to upgrade software on an older win 7 system. I wasn't able to do it and finally settled with restoring the old software after major issues with a faulty firmware upgrades. There are multiple issues with the new integrated software and devices with Windows 10 from what I've seen on the UAD forum.
  7. I would recommend that in the context of first starting to learn guitar -play-ability is the most important factor. In that price range - you can get some amazingly fine sounding guitars. A cheaper and more modern manufactured ply guitar is nothing like the days of old. They can be fantastic, but the downside of modern manufacturing is in the lack of detail in the set-up. The frets are often just pressed and not fine tuned and the nut height is often very generically set and can add difficulty in playing which is definitely not what you want when first struggling to learn. If you find one, at least have it looked over by someone who knows what they're looking at and maybe it'll be ok out the box - but maybe factor in a low cost initial set-up. As far as brands go - Yamaha's and Takamines are pretty good IMO.
  8. I think you're in Transient markers mode ( audio snap ) possibly. I don't really use the mode but I've stumbled into it as well.
  9. RBH

    NI Restructure

    Unfortunately they have had a near literal lock on large scale sample library distribution for about 10 years. If they limit those options to a subscription services, It'll be slim pickings for awhile, and who knows if they will support legacy items. I'm not too confident they will.
  10. Indeed - good to hear. Mark has been very helpful to this forum. Congrats -
  11. You can use the bounce to tracks function. Select both tracks in the track view - open the " tracks tab and select bounce to tracks. The dialogue has selection switches that will allow a bounce with a variety of different types.
  12. I used that on a session a few weeks ago, I stumbled across it somehow - and tried it just to see what it brought, and it worked out really well. I used it for an exaggerated fake tape flange on a vocal chorus fade.
  13. I'm sure it isn't trivial and might be a lot of extra overhead, but maybe with faster systems it can happen in the future.
  14. Nice one folks - thanks for this reminder - I've been splitting and editing a very large session over the last few days and I've been doing all the splits with individual selection points - this will cut my time in half.
  15. Doesn't it currently retain the name of the source track and places a ( bounced ) tag on the track name ? That's how it appears to work when I'm bouncing tracks. But maybe the op has a different scenario at play. I can see it causing confusion if it's renamed with no reference to orignal track name - personally.
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