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  1. I remember MIDI being first introduced. I bought a very early version of the Prophet 600 that had an add on option for Midi output . I think that was around 86. My first major Midi recording program was Texture 2.5. Cake walk and Voyetra were the about the only other PC compatible softwares back then. This was probably pre windows.
  2. Thanks Willsa - though it's not working the way I would wish. It does work with " all " strips - and it works with a single strip as expected. I was hoping to select certain groups of strips and be able to narrow or widen just that selected group. Maybe in the future, it's certainly not a biggie.
  3. Wow - it seemed like it should work just as you describe - I think that's what I've been trying. I wasn't selecting all strips though, just certain groups. I'll try again tomorrow. It's seems too basic even for me to screw up.
  4. Would be useful to power / or ctrl select multiple strips in Console view to widen or narrow console strips. I can understand that these sorts of workflow conveniences might require some major code work - so none are trivial to ask for. But it's useful to add them to the conversation. Hopefully it act as a batch collapse for closing all selected Pro channels views.... etc.
  5. Another recommendation would Orange Tree guitars. Orange tree does very good samples and somewhat specializes in Guitar sampling.
  6. To Split the clip - First select the track by dbl clicking the block next to the Track number. *zoom out to make sure the whole length of the track is highlighted. Place the indicator line at the 5th measure - Hit the "S" key, that will split the clip. Simply select the clip ( to the right ) of the split point and hit delete. This link has a basic guide :
  7. The best bet is to just undo it immediately if possible. I would try to slip edit the clip to it's left to see if it contains original data before bouncing the whole track to clips.
  8. I saw them open for Aerosmith ( Toys in the attic tour ) . I think they were barely in their 20's. Best to friends and family of Neil Peart.
  9. Thanks much - I can't believe I didn't come across this. This also sets a loop point automatically to the selection. Would be nice to optionally not set a loop point, but this gets me there quickly.
  10. Those functions are all relevant and I use them regularly - But they also take visual focus from the track view to operate, it's that short interruption that I'm wishing I could solve. Typically, I'm focused on short specific regions for detailed waveform editing, setting loop points doesn't trigger playback from the loop start time and multiple repeats on short regions is really disruptive. It would be useful to make a selection and invoke a single key command to play the region a single time and allowing rapid resetting of regions for comparing similar sections. It seems so basic - that I think I'm just missing the command somehow and I've been messing with Cakewalk for about 30 years.
  11. Is there a way to simply and quickly playback a region defined by the time line selection ? With out needing to set a loop point or specifically set start and stop point ? I was looking to see of there was a way to Key bind such a thing - but I didn't find a way to actually just play ( one off ) from the time line selection. I'm looking for very quick, fast way to mouse swipe a section in the time line and trigger playback. Seems like an obvious capability. Or- maybe it's there and my old work habits are blinding me to it ?
  12. You might want to read up on the " echo " ( or monitor )feature in a midi track. This essentially forwards incoming midi commands to the midi hardware outputs and / or software VST midi inputs.
  13. I had the same issues with AVA as well. I think I just sort of gave up on it working in CbB. It seemed it worked for a short time ( I bought it originally a couple of years back ). It was a really effective plug too - sounded great. But wasn't worth chasing it any further. Though it's been a while, I'm going to look for the license file again just confirm that it's still in place.
  14. I'm curious if you remember using any particular guitar pedals - and what they'd be, I swear I hear some familiar distortion tones in there. Home recording in the early 80's was some of the best of times.
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