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  1. If you ever have a chance to buy NI's Battery. That is a very good program for processing drums / samples and utilizing independent samples. Plus , the library is huge and is very good.
  2. Essentially , you can load the Ivory VSTi synth in the Synth rack and point the MIDI output of track 1 to that VSTi. You do this by looking for the small widget labeled ( O ) - stands for output , (C ) stands for channel (B ) stands for bank. You right click on the ( O ) output and assign it to the instrument and you may may need to set ( C ) the midi channel of that midi track and correspondingly set the Ivory Yamaha to receive on that Midi channel. That might depend on what other tracks are assigned to, but generally if it's the only VSTi loaded and that track is assigned to it - you might be able to leave it assigned to omni by default. Look for some general Tutorials on VSTi instruments on Cakewalk. There are other methods - but I think this is a basic method. When you load a VST instrument - it will create " audio" tracks from the output of the VSTi. You may need to assign those tracks outputs appropriately to your audio interface.
  3. I used the Chorus Flanger in a track a few months ago - just to try it out. Sounded great. I didn't know there was a delay associated with the suite as well.
  4. Thanks Scook - I hadn't had time to look at this again, and likely won't until the weekend. I'll post back anything unusual. Great tip.
  5. Thank you Scook. I have double checked that the project has closed and program ended properly. On one investigation - I had closed the project and checked that it was listed in the recent files before exiting, which it was. Relaunching CbB after proper shut down - and it was not listed in the start menu. I recall the pin feature but haven't used it in a long time, I appreciate the reminder - if I can get it to list, then I will try to pin it. Thanks for the info on the registry path. I'll assume to delete the files list and hope it re-populates.
  6. I'm not clear if this is related - but after installing the early access release - then installing the public release of 2019 .11.54 - it appears that my projects recent files list does not tag the last working project on top of the recent files list. Is there a registry edit that will reset this list? This may not have anything to do with the EA release or the latest install - but it seems to not update any longer. Any clues ?
  7. I do have a few other unrelated graphics issues that crop up from time to time. I'm going to chock it up to a newerish graphics card on an old computer at this point. Thanks for confirming the appropriate behavior.
  8. Yes- I've tried a number of them, some have some excellent attributes, but I keep finding little things such as what I posted about the Mercury theme above. Mercury seems to have the least number of issues for me so I circled back to it. I have the theme editor and maybe I should have another go at tuning just this one little issue. My experience has been to fix one thing and create 3 new problems though.
  9. I'm running Win 7, Latest release of CbB (2019-build 54). { Melodyne ( ) Studio version } and I'm not noticing this issue. Maybe studio and essentials are operating a little differently? Just thought I'd try to add a bit to this. I know that in the Studio version - I have to select the "blobs" in the track view properties of Melodyne when instantiating multiple tracks. I'm not too familiar with essentials version differences though.
  10. There's a chop saw right there.... it would be pretty easy to turn that into a soprano.
  11. I'm from Indiana - You hosers are spelling hoosiers all wrong.
  12. I have an issue in the track view when editing clips fade. It's very difficult to re-grab a fade node because the angled line is dark against the dark waveform background. It becomes white when zoomed close - but at nominal zoom level it's pretty much invisible.
  13. Yes , There's a minor and expected drop of audio and it re-syncs very quickly under the new buffers setting. It's very well behaved with the Apollo. Really nice implementation of ASIO improvements Noel. You fellas really rocked it.
  14. Yes - I am able to get an active slider with the Apollo. I'm still on Win 7 and this is an older Firewire Apollo unit, I also am running a UAD quad accelerator with it.
  15. Installed EA without a hitch. I only ran it for a short while and tested the ASIO handling. Just great - I was able to switch on the fly with an Apollo Firewire Silverface from preferences. That is a major biggie improvement - really nice. Looking forward to testing out other items tomorrow. The lowest the Apollo can go is 16.
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