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  1. My opinion is that - I don't need some periodical or any other persons or associations opinion to determine that Cake walk is and has been a professional product for over 30 years. It's MY opinion that matters . I've used most of the majors, and most are ok. MAC based anything is mostly a joke to me personally. - but whatever.
  2. Mike B. - Sounds like a good idea. Adding a beginners forum to each might also help new patrons find answers to the basic start-up pains that we all have gone through ( great place to link to the tutorials section) The Cakewalk users in these forum groups are enormously helpful generally speaking and having the CTO of the company regularly chime in on what's real and what's perceived in the software is an exception to the rule.
  3. Thanks for the warning - but for many of us using Cakewalk products for 25 years : it's been pretty good.
  4. I did a number of searches related to number of installs allowed and couldn't find anything. So- is it allowed and or customary to use an install on a lap top just for themes related work ? I don't wish to power up my DAW to do this kind of thing.
  5. I took a stab at theme editing a couple of years back, I spent so much time trying to learn the basics - it was taking more time than music making. I will give it another go. Thanks for the tip.
  6. The update was the fastest, smoothest install experience yet. It was my first in-app install and less than 2 minutes to update and get working. the CA-2 in the Pro modules is perfect. Very nice work folks.
  7. RBH

    FREE S-Gear Preset Pack

    I'd like to check these out - but I'm stuck at 2.71. ( win 7 still ). Are these availed in 2.9 only ?
  8. There was a free VST synth available a few years back that somewhat decently paid tribute to the pad sounds used on this song called " Crazy Diamonds" . I ended up doing a cake project of the song just based on the opening synth pads. Fun project actually.
  9. Please post these types of questions in " production techniques" . We all get to learn from them that way.
  10. RBH

    Unapply Neutron Preset

    If there is a threshold - you can turn it low enough to not trigger the " circuit " so to speak from activating and make sure there is no added make up gain. Save as the default is good idea.
  11. RBH

    No puedo instalar Cakewalk .

    It's possible that your problem might be occuring because you're trying to install to G: drive ? Try to install on the C drive.
  12. I think current real estate would allow plenty of room for improvement. If we could choose to locate the track Icons above the gain " pot " . I personally don't have a need for track icons in the console view. I think using icons generally looks a little amateurish - But I realize it's important to many users. Higher res meters with select-able RMS / K Scale would be great.
  13. If you don't mind - can you post your opinion of the De-verb ? I've been thinking about it for awhile. I would likely use it on a couple of pre-existing tracks, and my system is already a bit too plug heavy.
  14. I just bought the ADA Flanger for 9.99. It's a bonus 20.00 voucher for plugs that are already on sale.
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