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  1. If you can select all of the notes you want to effect, You can use the Event Inspector to offset all selected notes. You can also utilize the transform tool - to raise velocities - compress velocities - expand velocities.
  2. Thanks for following up on the thread. We all learn that way.
  3. I still do quite a bit of humanizing by using Cal routines. By humanizing, I consider subtle changes by randomizing the time and velocity removes the static repeated alignment of instruments and sample transients . I run the random time cal and vary the ticks amount by 3-4 ticks. Vary Velocity - I might run the velocity ranges at +/- 10 near where the base values are and. Them I do a couple of passes and manually randomize the tempo by +/- 2-3 from the nominal. This gets me a start at adding some random variation. Then I do a couple of playback sequences and just start fine tuning things. I never use a grid in composition, and I ignore it completely when trying to humanize a track.
  4. It looks as though you do have FX assigned to the clip - ( this is likely prohibiting clip gain offsets or automation? Mark - Can you correct me if I'm wrong about this ) - Right click in the small upper right FX box in the clip and disable or remove the effect that is assigned. Sounds as if you did not intend to apply any FX there.
  5. I have an old system and an older silver face FW Apollo . What sells me on UA is the fidelity of the interface. The plugs are great - but there's nothing I couldn't go with-out and substitute other good quality plugs. If these newer ones can hang with the interface headroom and fidelity - I'd go for it.
  6. It sounds like you are just starting out using MIDI and cakewalk? I would suggest that you google tutorials for Cakewalk. It's a very deep program with a long history. It was built utilizing MIDI as it's ground floor and it's probably the best program for MIDI instrumentation. To answer your question - yes there is a way to play using a midi keyboard.
  7. Select track - Process audio > gain. - Or select Track hold ctrl and drag in the track space upwards and you can add - I think up to 6db gain. You can use Channel tools as well. If this a stereo track - then use process audio Gain or Channel tools to offset left or right channel from the other.
  8. I've gotten caught a couple of times - thinking it is a global switch, but it's project specific. I wouldn't mind if this switch was available in the controller pane.
  9. That whole performance is great - one of the best of Steely Live. Bodhisttva is amazing on that beacon theatre recording.
  10. This could this causing a lot of issues unless you are bulk importing all the same tracks. I import all kinds of tracks from other Daws that wouldn't have the same off-sets. Sounds like a lot of subtle ( hard to fix )phase issues could crop up when off-setting milliseconds.
  11. Make sure you have "Zero controllers when play stops " selected. EDIT > PREFERENCES> PROJECT> MIDI .
  12. Great thread for the " Production techniques " forum.
  13. There's typically a " handshake" which requires a midi in / midi out loop. Then the Ensoniq probably has a button sequence or dedicated sys-ex send mode and cake will record it for patch storage. Outside of that : cake will record patch changes and you can use simple text editing to create a patch list with names that will send patch changes. This has been basic a MIDI function for nearly 30 years. Sending banks is done via re-loading the sys-ex data back to the ensoniq. It's a reverse of the handshake where the Ensoniq needs to be in bank load mode. Cakewalk just records and sends sys-ex - plus the added function of being able to create corresponding names list that lives in cakewalk bank and patch change fields.
  14. There's a switch to record SYS EX in CbB -which is enabled by default, I believe. It'under < edit > <prefereces > < MID> < recording and playback >
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