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  1. As if I had a vote - But this thread should be a sticky--or some edited version of one. Noels explanation for us " laymen " is gold. Thanks.
  2. Sorry just saw this response.... yes I'm talking about the Inspector panel. The slider widget there is not easy to guide to a specific number without over running. At times - I'm trying to adjust a key offset ( audibly ), to get an idea of how many keys to edit transpose. A Plus or minus 1 at the edges of the slider would be helpful as well as a numeric input. There seems to be a lot of screen real estate in the inspector window for midi generally. I can think of several ways to expand the current selections for better graphical layout. The transpose is just one that I use pretty regularly.
  3. Maybe a safe guard to reduce a chance of a feedback loop?
  4. I started with Roger Powells Texture before porting all that over to Cakewalk dos then Windows 3.1 version. Been with it ever since.
  5. Hopefully Novation will have a calibration routine or maybe just a hard reboot step that will re-calibrate the pitch wheel. Typically the wheel is just a manual potentiometer. How it measures that resistance is the key. You can also buy contact cleaner for that pot - but it may be tricky getting to it depending on how the unit is designed. The best shortcut is to dis able the pitch wheel from the midi stream through preferences as stated above.
  6. When I'm wrong--- I don't mess around.
  7. I thought that was Blue Oyster Cult.
  8. Can't catch me 'cause the Rabbit done died.
  9. yep, I know what you mean. Been using Cakewalk for many many years and only recently started using this move... especially handy when doing edits that require a little pre roll.
  10. The foremost use for studio for me is multi track editing. Works great for tuning background vocals. The blobs can stack on top of each other on unison parts for a really good visual view of tuning and timing. I don't think I've ever really used for any of it's effects outside of tuning.
  11. Maybe try de-selecting " zero Controllers on stop " to see if it's receiving a conflicting message? Goto : Edit - preferences - project - midi
  12. Like the title says. I find it difficult to precisely control the slider to change transpose number. I often use this to test transpose offsets in multiple track midi drums. Especially when converting from one library to another and I want to change the transpose on a track to track basis. The slider requires a too fine of touch to just slide single values - but typing in a value ( or more typically - just doing + 1 - + 2 etc ) would far easier.
  13. I've suggested this long in the past. - but here goes again. How about switching out the placements and functions between the pre - post switch and the effects on and off switch. It makes more contextual sense to have an immediate feedback about the on/off status of the effects sends and to have hidden the selection of pre and post because that function is usually a one and done kind of setting. It would also give a faster inkling when you have accidentally hit "E" and muted all effects.
  14. I thought she was always the strongest writer for that band. Had no clue she was 79 years old.
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