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  1. Who said that " just in time delivery " was good idea ? It's one of those things that only works under idealized circumstances. I'm a big believer that many of those " wealthy, powerful, job creator business tycoon types - are really just the average smuck promoted to the perfect level of incompetence. Edit : well - maybe JIT is a good idea for bananas.
  2. You can set up a buss and route all other tracks to it pretty quickly. Then just lower this playback buss as needed. I've run into similar situations with very high end interfaces, it's typical that your reference level needs to change from existing tracks playback level to input record level, and keep the ganged playback level referenced to the input - happens with analogue console / tape systems as well.
  3. Audible clicks can sometimes comprise just a few samples, these can usually simply be cut and - or rendered at a significantly lower volume. These are generally not audible with -in the context of a track. If it's a solo instrument - or very upfront, there are a few other tricks to help mask them. Generally though - as Scook said - a short crossfade can save the day. Personally - I think CbB has excellent editing tools, the quick, splitting, moving, cross fading, time stretching alone is better implemented than most other DAWS. Once you learn a few easy key strokes.
  4. Correct - with no quantizing - the resolution of timing is greater.
  5. I think an essential trick to taming Piezo pick-ups is to use a transient designer to temper the initial transient a bit. Sound transmission in most solid materials is exponentially faster and more efficient than in air . The balance isn't natural sounding as it is acoustically. I've tried a few acoustic body IR''s - and essentially the ones I've tried capture a resonant honk of an acoustic body. Using the 2 together and tuning them carefully can give a pretty good mic'd sound.
  6. Craig Anderton has an excellent article on mastering in Cakewalk. His Tips and Tricks publications is a great resource. Here's a bit of a primer. https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/mastering-in-sonar
  7. Actually - I wasn't sure how to do a fan boy accolade for a particular plug - so this is my attempt. I have a lot of pretty high end plugs. I use Fab filter, Izotrope, UAD plus host of others. My plug register count is over 900 and I just want to speak up for what I think is the best multiband plug I've ever used with the Sonitus version. It just works and the interface - though it may look a little dated - gets the job done quicker and with better graphical feedback than anything else I've used. Curious about other opinions on multi band comps.
  8. I've seen issues long past where you might delete a synth and not delete it's associated audio tracks - then when re-inserting the same synth the tracks associations could get confused. I've seen issues - ( again in the past ) where deleting a synth could re-assign the deleted instrument audio tracks to a different synth . I haven't run into this in along while - so maybe one of the updates has made this more stable - or more likely I was just being stupid about something.
  9. Have you deleted then re-inserted the same synth ?
  10. I have 900 or so plugs show up : About 70% have been pulled up to see what they're about : about 15% have been somewhat actually tested out. About 5% actually get used regularly.
  11. I would second the method using the Piano roll view. Right click mouse drag from upper right to lower left across the notes in the chord will quickly select all notes then drag right to left to shorten them. - Or if you have a large selection of continuous chords to change then grab as many chords as you can and use the same method. If this needs to be done across the entire track then select all follow the process length method.
  12. RBH

    Windows 11?

    I wish they would steer the Gui back to using text instead of Icons.
  13. I got a small pixar like looking little lamp - it poses by itself sometimes.
  14. Panning is a standard control number for Midi. It should send the same message I would think. You could monitor the fader outputs in flip mode via the event list to see what specific controllers are sent. Just place it in record and move a fader at some useful interval such as every 4th measure so you can back track. - or get something like Midi-Ox to monitor.
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