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  1. RBH

    Magix Black Friday Sale

    I've been waiting 6 years for them to add content to Independence Pro. Any day now ..... Super deals have been offered on Samplitude upgrades. except - it ain't as good as CbB as far as I'm concerned. So it sits waiting for the occasional archived tune to play.
  2. I'd be willing to pay for it as well. I purchased Sonar Pro a few months before the " Gibsonian atrocity " and was not able to round up to full Splat in time. I understand that BandLab might not own this plug content as part of the purchase of certain Cakewalk IP. - but it would be nice to figure out a way to purchase additional Pro Channel modules.
  3. RBH

    How To Delete Markers?

    It would add to convenience and workflow to be able to delete from a right click. I never really understood why that option is not available -you're essentially in marker edit mode.
  4. I bought it about 6 months ago for I think 50.00. It worked ok on my old win 7 system.. which is not a power house by any stretch - but it is efficient. Something about having difficulty accessing some basic envelope control that put me off on it. Can't quite recall what that was - but maybe I should give it another test run.
  5. Is there any intention to start a sub- forum for Articulation Maps ? sort of along the lines of the Themes forum ?
  6. The 0db and -10db relates to a " pad " that is built into the mic. This allows you to lower the level of the mic's output to optimize the pre-amps input. It can also keep the mics internal amp from over loading and distorting. Basically- I leave it at 0 and listen to a test recording to see if the mics internal pre-amp or the console or interface preamp is over loading your recording input or distorting. If it is - engage the pad, or back the mic away from the source a little. The curve line / flat line refers to a " bass roll-off feature. This can minimize low frequency pick-up from a number of sources - such as the mic stand on a stage. or general low frequency noise in the room - ( air conditioning system , or from a truck passing by. etc. This you engage again by doing a short recording test and listening for excess low end build up. sometime you use it to anticipate that there will other low frequency instruments or sound sources and you just decide to cut it out of the signal up front. Low frequency energy It can also trigger compressors when you're not intending to. - As Bitflipper said - use the roll -off by default , and save some headaches later. Looking at the Sterling site. There is a pretty poorly written specification for that mic. it says ( attenuation - N/A and high pass filter - N/A . That is very likely not correct.
  7. Best of luck to her as well as family and friends.
  8. Yea- I thought they were a really great band too. My brother turned me onto them back when. The albums were great for their time. I think I'm lucky in that I'm old enough to have real time witnessed some of the greatest song - smiths in history - 60's 70's and etc etc.
  9. And this is why I'm an instrumentalist - and not a lyricist
  10. I have Samplitude - Mix Buss - Reaper. I haven't launched any of them in 2 years. Cake is still taking the Cake.
  11. There are short cut keys to open various views - but I don't recall that toggling those same keys will close the same views. That could be pretty handy though.
  12. I use Apollo Firewire. I can't understand a scenario to use that high of a buffer. Maybe I can't fathom that high of a track count or Plug load that would require it. I typically run UAD at 64 buffers with a decent plug load and maybe 25 tracks - I've needed to bump it to 128 - and up to 256 for processing heavy projects. I run it at 32 - or 64 when monitoring real time guitar tracks. This is a pretty slow computer with Win 7 too. I've run it once or twice 1024 for dense mix only scenarios - but usually lower when editing. If you're experiencing drop outs at 512 or 1024 -there is likely some other system issue that is affecting latency - or you're running an extreme VSTi heavy load.
  13. I'm an older fella - near 60. I've been involved with music production since before my adult hood. I came from a tape background and early home studio and pro studio work, I certainly pre-date MIDI and was a very early adopter. I operate Cakewalk like a full fledged tape studio with near unlimited tracks ( though I generally keep it close to a 24 track for band work ), unlimited racks of very high end processing, near unlimited racks of synths and drum machines / samplers. I write songs in nearly every genre and I product other musicians. I have tried all the other major DAWS - to me nothing comes close to Cakewalk to fully integrate VST instrumentation into linear style recording. I don't do "BEATS " and I don't do fake music - I emulate full band and or orchestral productions. I can imagine there might be other DAWS that fullfill other types of recording better - such as audio / Video sync integration or voice over and effects kinds of productions. Me - I just do band style music, nothing comes close. I've been using Cakewalk since before there was Audio harddisk recording. I can open projects I created since the mid 80's because of long standing backwards compatibility. I was majorly concerned when Gibson screwed the pooch with cakewalk - and thank you over and over again to the Noel and the Bakers and certainly BandLab for keeping this program hanging tough.
  14. I think this was intended. Maybe try duplicate track and select events as well - if you want events to be copied.
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