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  1. RikF


    Hi Deeringamps, thanks for listening. Hi Andy, thanks for listening Rik
  2. RikF


    This is very disrespectful, you don't post your own tune in other peoples thread, see first post of the forum. You want a free guitar solo but can't be bothered to ask me directly, but put me on the spot on this forum, not nice. I made my project forkable on bandlab so if anyone wants to add something to it, be my guest. You didn't make yours forkable btw. Sorry about the rant. Rik
  3. RikF

    Cold Wind

    Hi Imu 2002, very nice , very professional sounds, all good. Rik
  4. Hi BB, nice one, great guitaring 😉 Rik
  5. Hi Treesha, nice one, the organ part clashes a bit with the vocal at the "miss understood "parts imho. Also a bit of reverb on the vocal would be nice imho. Rik
  6. RikF


    Hi Larry, thanks for listening. Rik
  7. RikF


    Hi Old Joad, thanks for listening. Hi Nigel, thanks, glad you like it,I've got the blues for 50 years now, no matter what style I'm playing 😉 Rik
  8. RikF


    Hi Mark, thanks for listening,variety is the spice of life 😉 Hi Kevin, thanks, it's fun to noodle 😄 Rik
  9. RikF


    Hi Freddy,thanks for listening, glad you like it, you're spot on with the BB King reference 😀 RIK
  10. RikF


    removed Rik
  11. RikF


    Hi Mark S.,thanks, glad you like the lute-like sound. HI Mark 999, thanks for listening,guitar chameleon eh, I like that 😉 Rik
  12. RikF

    Asha - video

    Hi Bjorn, nice one, certainly captures an indian mood, lovely sounds. Rik
  13. RikF


    Hi KSband, thanks for listening. Hi Bjorn, thanks,glad you like it. Rik
  14. RikF


    Hi John, thanks for listening, glad you like the style of playing . I like Fahey and Ackerman too, thanks for reminding, must do something in an open tuning 😉 Rik
  15. RikF


    Hi Larry, nice relaxing tune, would love to hear the harmonica again, after 2:30 imho. Rik
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