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  1. Hi Kevin, listened to a few tracks and Back an alien stood out for me, like it. Rik
  2. HI Deering, thanks for listening, glad you like this bluesy groove. Rik
  3. RikF

    Lucille (a Cover)

    Hi Freddy, nice one, a real blast from the past. I like it, well done. Rik
  4. Hi nigel , thanks for listening. Glad you like the tone and playing. Hi whoips, thanks for listening, glad you like it. Rik
  5. Hi Bros, nice one, nice guitar break, very good vocals especially the harmonies at the end. RIK
  6. RikF


    Hi Mark, I didn' t know the original, so after I listened to your version I listened to the original. You captured this very well, good job. I was going to say that the drums were a tad annoying, but the original is the same so what do I know ; ) Rik
  7. Hi Michael, thanks for listening, glad you like it ! Hi Freddy , thanks for listening, glad you like the tone, I was pleasantly surprised by Th3. Hi Wookiee, thanks, glad you like my electrical noodling ; ) Rik
  8. RikF

    Secret Places

    Hi Michael, this is very nice, vocal could be a bit more up front imho. Rik
  9. Hi Mark thanks for listening, I' ll take Santananaish every day ; ) Rik
  10. RikF

    TD 1

    Hi Wookiee, nice and cinematic, like how it slowly keeps evolving. Rik
  11. RikF

    "Poppin' tight"

    HI BB, nice one, like it, funky and indeed poppin' tight. Bass stood out for me, very nice. Sounds all good ; ) Rik
  12. RikF

    Not Quite Sure

    Hi Pete, nice one, excellent guitar work. Rik
  13. Hi Hidden Symmetry, interesting tune, I like it. Nice guitar lead and sound. Rik
  14. Hi Jerrydf, fun stuff, especially Berendans. Rik
  15. RikF

    Sunday Afternoon

    Hi KSband, nice tune, nice sounds, all good : ) Rik
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