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  1. RikF

    Honky Tonk Tele

    Hey Kenny, nice one, that’s some pretty tasty licks/runs there😜 Makes me want to play! Rik
  2. Hey Old Joad, thanks for listening,glad you like it. Rik
  3. Hey Gary, thanks for listening, 8 tracks on a cassette , lucky this only needed one bounce 😉 Hey John,thanks, one bounce is nothing, I did some old Pink Floyd stuff that got pretty psychadelic after ten bounces😜 Rik
  4. Hey Andrew, thanks for listening, I did put some of those early cassette recordings on a cd-rom, talking about nostalgia 😜 Rik
  5. Hey Bjorn, thanks, soloing with two fingers isn’t that much of a problem, I’ve got used to it. Sometimes I still want to play some fingerpicking. An open tuning helps a lot. I can always play slide if it gets worse 😜 Fun tune, creole belle, it’s pretty simple to play with the left hand ,the right hand is just a pattern you have to practice over and over and over. 😜 Rik
  6. Hey grem, thanks for listening. Back then I recorded on two cassette decks, record a track on one deck, plug that deck in to a second one and record another part. Mic was probably the free mic that was included with the cassestte decks, can’t remember ‘twas forty years ago 😜 Rik
  7. Hey Grem, thanks for listening, it’s all in the tuning. Open c with a capo on the second fret, melody is almost entirely on the first string and a barre here and there plus one finger for the melody.😜 Rik
  8. Thanks for listening
  9. RikF

    An Old Old Recording

    Stereo,stereo, I started out in glorious mono on a Grundig portable reel to reel😜
  10. Hey Mark, thanks for listening. This guitar has a Fishman sonitone, with a battery box and output jack on the lower bout. The controls are hidden inside the soundport on the side of the guitar. The zoom ac-2 is a fantastic little box with lots of room for experimentation. There’s way to much bass drone on this due to the fact that I don’t have good nails anymore because of chemotherapy drugs. I should have played with a thumbpick and dampened the low D. This was just a one take deal to test out Bandlab, if there’s a next time I’ll do better 😋 Rik
  11. Hey bjorn, nice composition, I hear this as an oboe and harp tune😊 Rik
  12. Hey amiller, nice tune and playing, very legato with a bit of break up naar the end. excellent tune and (guitar)tone😉 Rik
  13. RikF

    An Old Old Recording

    Hey John, that’s great stuff, always fun when you find something you did a long time ago, and this is a real nice find.Nice bit of fingerpicking . What do you mean lofi, I used to use two cassette decks and bounced between them and they weren’r even running at the same speed😋 Rik
  14. Hey John, thanks for listening. I loved Windham Hill, that label got me to change from electric to acoustic guitar ! I’m a fully payed up member of the Michael Hedges fan club 😉. Huge loss ! If I had more working fingers I’d try to play more of those Windham Hill guys, I also liked Alex Degrassi ,a lot. Rik
  15. Hey amiller, thanks,glad you enjoyed it 😀 Rik
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