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  1. @Noel Borthwick isn't actually human. He is in fact an AI hybrid - kinda like a deep fake with an adaptive fuzzy logic filter to make him seem more human. The question is, who maintains Noel's codebase?
  2. @James Argo can you sign in successfully regardless? Can you also provide your system specs? Thanks.
  3. We're just scratching the surface with BandLab integration features. Please let us know how they work for you and what improvements you'd like to see while the iron is hot! Not that it ever cools down much around here
  4. Not to worry, we’ll get you sorted. So don’t actually try sign in with Cakewalk at all. Instead, use BandLab Assistant, which you used to initially download Cakewalk. See the image pasted in my first response for guidance on activation. Of necessary, you can download Assistant again: https://www.bandlab.com/products/cakewalk Feel free to PM if you get stuck.
  5. @Screaming For Attention Sorry for the trouble. I take it you're on Windows 7? There is a known issue with sign-in at the moment, which will be fixed in our next release in April. For the time being, use this simple workaround to activate Cakewalk: Open BandLab Assistant, sign in and select "Refresh Activation" from the Cakewalk menu under "Apps":
  6. @Steven de Jong it appears that a firewall or security settings may be blocking sign-in requests. Feel free to PM me if you can't get it sorted.
  7. Hi there! Cakewalk requires activation through your BandLab account. The sign-in dialog should only appear if you haven't activated Cakewalk yet. Sign in once successfully and you shouldn't see it again. Read this topic for more info about activation. That said, it's possible you've encountered a bug or edge case scenario we need to investigate. If you're running Win 7, there are some known issues that will be addressed in the next release. Feel free to PM me and we'll get you sorted. Jesse
  8. We created this forum, and its sub-forums, to allow for more targeted discussions and help forum members more easily find specific groups of content. We hope you find it useful! We may fine-tune things here and there to better suit actual usage, our main objective being to preserve and highlight quality information. While The Coffee House has been home to off-topic music discussion to date, we hope having more targeted forums will help promote content and discussions that are more easily accessible to new and existing members alike. As always, feedback is welcome. Thanks!
  9. By all means please post at the top level! The top level is intended for general music discussion after all.
  10. Michael, try signing in with BandLab Assistant, then launch Cakewalk. That should also activate you. Once you've logged in once, future activation checks should occur automatically, without requiring sign-in intervention on your part. We'll get you sorted.
  11. Thanks for reporting. Cakewalk already attempts to refresh activation automatically, the idea being that you don’t ever need to be prompted. But there may be edge cases in which this doesn’t occur, or a regression was introduced... we’ll look into it. Jesse
  12. Great! BA version has no effect on which Cakewalk version gets installed, so you are good to go! In Cakewalk, you can ensure that you are on the latest version by going to Help > Check for Updates.
  13. Thanks Michael. For some reason, a vital web browser component has not been installed on your system (the Cakewalk installer should have done this). Please run this Microsoft installer then relaunch Cakewalk and attempt activation again. https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=2124703 Jesse
  14. @Michael Richards Can you please post a screenshot of the sign-in view? If that view has focus, it should definitely be consuming all keystrokes. Feel free to PM as well. Thanks, Jesse
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