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  1. Michael, try signing in with BandLab Assistant, then launch Cakewalk. That should also activate you. Once you've logged in once, future activation checks should occur automatically, without requiring sign-in intervention on your part. We'll get you sorted.
  2. Thanks for reporting. Cakewalk already attempts to refresh activation automatically, the idea being that you don’t ever need to be prompted. But there may be edge cases in which this doesn’t occur, or a regression was introduced... we’ll look into it. Jesse
  3. Great! BA version has no effect on which Cakewalk version gets installed, so you are good to go! In Cakewalk, you can ensure that you are on the latest version by going to Help > Check for Updates.
  4. Thanks Michael. For some reason, a vital web browser component has not been installed on your system (the Cakewalk installer should have done this). Please run this Microsoft installer then relaunch Cakewalk and attempt activation again. https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=2124703 Jesse
  5. @Michael Richards Can you please post a screenshot of the sign-in view? If that view has focus, it should definitely be consuming all keystrokes. Feel free to PM as well. Thanks, Jesse
  6. Assistant sometimes fails to auto update when it’s still running in the background. Try killing task from the taskbar, then relaunch BA. If that fails, just run the latest installer manually. https://www.bandlab.com/download/assistant/windows
  7. Thanks for the feedback @Jeroen Maesen! I can see we're on the same page BandLab library integration improvements. -Jesse
  8. Apologies for the downtime - updates are working again across the board. Sign-in should be fine too. Thanks for reporting!
  9. @Jeroen Maesen Sorry for the issue, as mentioned, we're working on significant updates to the publishing workflow with BandLab, expected within the first half of this year. In the meantime, you can Save As... the project in CbB, select the region you want to export, then export to BandLab. Assitant should upload as a new project. Another way would be to save the selection to file (i.e. as tracks or mix), then drag-drop the file(s) into Assistant (Assistant will create a single, new project when you drop multiple files at once). PM me if you encounter any issues or need more assistance. Thanks, Jesse
  10. If you’re machine is connected to the Internet, this indeed happens transparently. The 99% use case is that you never need to take action here after you’ve signed in at once (I.e. upon your first install of CbB on a given machine).
  11. Thanks for the report @Will_Kaydo. Glad you’re up and running.
  12. For those of you having apparent installer hang issues, please try installing this Microsoft redist first: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=2124703 The CbB installer may be appear to be hanging while downloading this new dependency. Please let us know if installing the dependency first resolves the issue for you. EDIT: Another potential resolution, if applicable, would be to disable antivirus, in case it’s blocking the redist routine.
  13. HI @Milton Sica Thanks for your report. Can you please try running the installer without an Internet connection and let us know if that works? Thanks! Jesse
  14. @HIBI I'm not sure yet if there's a way to change this behavior - the default intent being to link your BL account to your forum account. Incidentally I experimented using different BandLab and forum names, and it seems you may be able to avoid having to re-enter your forum display name by keeping an instance of the forum active in your browser. That said, I have a different BandLab username than I do here, and forum username seems to stick regardless. 🤷‍♂️ Jesse
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