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  1. Jesse Jost

    Apeggiator Fix

    Low hanging fruit 😉 enjoy
  2. Jesse Jost

    Current Release: 2019.03

    Features & Enhancements Arpeggiator Rate Lock option to prevent the rate from changing when selecting arpeggiator presets Fast Bounce rendering has been optimized Bug Fixes Rename Clip command not available if clip automation is present Renaming a synth in the Synth Rack does not update the corresponding MultiDock tab Selection range does not refresh properly while dragging if Aim Assist is disabled Automated Mute not working correctly on MIDI Tracks MIDI Mute envelopes can’t be assigned to other MIDI envelope types German text is cut off in the Control Bar Export module Selecting a Lens that contains a screenset will not update the UI under certain circumstances (for instance, projects based on the ‘Empty Project’ template don’t show tracks in the Track view if a Lens is selected) VST2 plug-ins can fail to load from MRU list on systems with vast number of plug-ins Quick Group Freeze of tracks only works a single time in a project Freeze Tail Duration is ignored when ‘Track FX’ is deselected in the Freeze Options dialog box Rare crash when deleting envelopes Potential crash if closing project during Opening Project toast notifications Hang opening projects with Opening Project toast notifications when control surface is active Potential hang when opening project with UWP MIDI driver mode (can happen if Bluetooth MIDI devices are disconnected while opening Cakewalk) When disconnected there will be a delay of a few seconds while Cakewalk tries to connect before it times out. Projects containing certain plug-ins could crash when closing project if the Start Screen is enabled Loud pop at end of AudioSnap clip when 64-bit engine is off when using élastique stretching Control Bar Export module is not available in Lens Manager CWAF Tool reads CbB files as Future Version Latest release notes are here. See prior release notes. Check out all new features released to date.
  3. For anyone who was still seeing banner ads at the top of the forum, these should be gone now, too.
  4. @Doug Garceau lol we do what we can!
  5. Jesse Jost

    Cakewalk By BandLab Video Tutorials

    Moving this topic to our new Tutorials forum! 👍
  6. Jesse Jost

    Cakewalk By BandLab Video Tutorials

    @DeBro thank you!
  7. Jesse Jost

    Cakewalk By BandLab Video Tutorials

    @Scott R. Garrigus thank you - looking forward to it!
  8. Hi @kenschr36. Your account should still be intact in order to access any purchased software. Try signing into the Cakewalk account portal. PM me if you have trouble getting in, and we'll get you sorted.
  9. Hi all - sharing some live recordings of a few of the inspiring artists who performed at the BandLab booth during NAMM! ❤️ All tracks recorded w/ Cakewalk and posted to our BL account. Check 'em out in our NAMM 2019 collection! Artist links: Angie Swan David Becker DMD the Band JayLeonardJay Mark Lettieri and Pals Michael Humphries Sarah Lipstate
  10. Jesse Jost

    Cakewalk Update 25.010.27 now available

    Sorry to hear that - I assume you're using the same sign-in as you use for this forum, yes? If so, your best bet (as with BandLab-based auth issues in general) is to contact support@bandlab.com
  11. Jesse Jost

    Electric Guitar sound feedback

    @whpon The delay is due to latency, which is the roundtrip time it takes for your guitar signal to enter and return from your computer. Having decent audio drivers and proper buffer settings is critical to achieving acceptable latency. For some, that's <= 20 ms, for others 5-10 ms range. Your computer's stock sound card is unlikely to provide you satisfactory performance or sound quality, so don't expect too much. BTW your title may be a little misleading with your use of the term "feedback". I assume you mean "help" and not audio feedback?
  12. Jesse Jost

    BandLab Assistant updated to 5.0.3

    Thanks all. It's clear there's an issue with auto-update. I'm sure we'll have a fix before long.
  13. Jesse Jost

    [Answered] Why Has the Old SONAR Forum Been Reduced to Just Two Pages?

    I've removed the time filters from the legacy forums. Good suggestion @scook -this needed to be done or else poking around the legacy forums would become pretty tedious after 30 days
  14. Jesse Jost

    BandLab Assistant updated to 5.0.3

    @adrian.crossan Can you PM me you system stats and what version of BA you're attempting to update from? Then I recommend uninstalling and starting fresh with the manual installer: https://www.bandlab.com/products/desktop/assistant#download
  15. Jesse Jost

    Cakewalk Update 25.010.27 now available

    Direct method https://www.bandlab.com/products/desktop/assistant#download Theoretical method Clicking 'Update' should start the download/install process in the background: Memory method If you don't have direct link ready and BA doesn't work, just remember the word "download" and append it to the bandlab.com URL like so: https://www.bandlab.com/download ...then click the "Desktop Assistant" download button and follow any on-screen direction.