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  1. I've always wanted to award you a massive titty Bill.
  2. Avatar? [explain] I meant I thought that was his passport photo [/explain] Come on Sir William of Bayou - keep up 😄
  3. Back on topic ... Saxon - Stand Up and Be Counted
  4. Reminds me very much of Vic and Bobs' 'In the style of the club singer' 😁
  5. The Cure - Friday I'm In Lurve T'riffic ... 😁 ..
  6. I have the word 'Lurve' (and its numerous and equally unfunny derivations) copyrighted and trademarked etc. I am happy to license the use of said word/s for a small annual pecuniary consideration. Lurvely jubbly 💲 💲💲
  7. Bill, to be absolutely certain, you'll need to do a Welsh Citizen test ✔️ Instructions: Stare at the image at the toward the bottom of this post for a minimum of ten seconds Complete the questionnaire underneath What was your initial reaction to viewing this image: MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ................................................ turn up the oven and pass the mint sauce How uninteresting, a sheep PWOOOARRRRRRRRRRR!!! Can I get your phone number darling? Results: Nothing wrong with you, you're obviously a perfectly healthy carnivore Nothing wrong with you, your observation skills are exemplary I'm sorry boyo, you are Welsh 🐑
  8. Could be just dumb luck though..... give a monkey a typewriter and all that.😀 Edward has a VST typewriter. And possibly a whole flock/herd/gaggle of VST monkeys. This might not end well. 'Three be or not three be' and all that.
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