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  1. It says: As a platform committed to empowering creative expression without barriers and connecting creators around the world through music, all forms of violence and discrimination are against the very principles of what we built and continue to build BandLab for. To our community of Black musicians and creators who have been a huge part of making our platform what it is today, we want you to know we’re here for you – now and always. Not sure how that translates to "treating everyone with dignity & respect"? BandLab's message clearly does not use the words 'dignity' or 'respect', and more tellingly perhaps, the word 'everyone'. Go figure. Either I'm illiterate, or a racist I guess?
  2. My dear sir, I deliberately mentioned 'usage' of the word. I am well acquainted with all that other bollocks what you mentioned 😁
  3. I once wrote a song about sheep. Should I play you a couple of baas?
  4. 😊 Common sense is the same either side of the pond πŸ‘ Do you mean 'pants' as in 'trousers'? Or the correct English usage of 'pants' = 'undershreddies'? Either way, I do habitually adorn myself with either in the seated position. One leg at a time 😁
  5. Ah yes, the locally famous 'long-legged' Wibbleses 😁 It's pretty much phonetic as written mate, Fly Ford Flav - Ell. A mate of mine used to run the Flyford Arms, a proper village pub with some decent cask ales on draught. Also, let's not forget the wonderfully named Bell End - just up the road past Droitwich.
  6. That's where I am - on the 'Welsh' side of the river 😁
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