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  1. 20 years and 2 months since I last smoked a cigarette. I used patches and they worked for me, alongside a lot of willpower. I think what helped was that the patches I used were to be applied when I woke up, and discarded at bedtime. I think the 'hit' of applying a new patch each morning helped allay the worse of the early morning cravings ... ... even though even after all this time, I still miss the first cigarette of the day with a cup of coffee 😊
  2. Just wanted to point out a slight misspelling issue 🤣 He put an extra "A" in there Tim .......... spooky or what? Maybe he was trying to type noAmtes 😆
  3. Straumpu & The CHC - Posting From All Over The World
  4. Nearly got that one past me ..... nearly 😆
  5. Just for the Wibbley-One 😊 Edward Nug-Ent - We're Gonna Rock Tonight
  6. The Clash - I'm So Bored With The USA
  7. Very cool Tim 👍 I don't drink milk in any form - I have my coffee black and don't eat breakfast cereal so I've no real cause to. It does seem an odd thing to consume really - the lactation of another mammal. Mind you, I do make an exception for cheese 😊
  8. Fair point, but I guess the marketing folks figured that getting people to ask for coffee with a splash of nut juice might lead to some awkward situations Highly droll
  9. It's not milk. At best, it's juice.
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