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  1. I wonder if, by any chance, S.L.I.P. is a heterosexual male.
  2. Very nice Krist - welcome to the dark side πŸ˜„ I absolutely love my Tele - I managed to pick up a brand spanking new three-colour sunburst/maple neck US Deluxe just as they were being phased out to be replaced by the 'Elite' range (now the 'Ultra') for less money than a US Standard 😊 This is the same as the model I got:
  3. I did not have relations with that honourable apology.
  4. I've discovered that answering the door stark naked really helps to deter trick or treaters. Oh, here we go again, here's two dressed as policemen.
  5. I wanted to try and contact my childhood hero deceased astronaut Neil Armstrong with the help of a clairvoyant and her ouija board. "I'm really sorry", she said after a wasted hour "But I'm getting nothing." "Come on", I retorted, "It's hardly rocket sΓ©ance".
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