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  1. The strangest thing happened to me last night in bed. I remember waking up and being aware of a strange presence in the room. Through the fog of sleepiness, I could make out a figure standing over me. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I could see the figure was dressed in a black, hooded cowl, and was holding what appeared to be a scythe. "Who .... who are you?" I muttered nervously. The figure leaned over toward me and said, "I am death". I gathered my thoughts and replied .... "WHO. ARE. YOU."
  2. I fed you the line mate .... "I've been there" 😄
  3. Then I shall accept your apology and amend your grade accordingly: B+
  4. ..."Big Leggy" Hmmm 🙄 Tenuous. In fact, there are 'theories' out there bandied about willy-nilly by Young Earth Creationists stating that the universe is less than 6,000 years old that are less tenuous than your so-called 'link' between those two songs. To say I'm disappointed would be to completely understate my feelings in this matter. You've let yourself down, you've let me down, you've let the forum down and, heaven forbid, you've even let Bapu down. You need to go away and rethink your whole attitude toward this fred, and not return until you're prepared to put in the effort expected of you. Must try harder. D-
  5. I'm led to believe that all the censored 'rude' words are kept in a....... er......... secret folder 😁 ... and now back to your regular programme
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