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  1. Like you ( give or take a few hrs ) my order was placed Friday 11 AM. It is now 3 days later ...still no news .... I sent them my second e mail ...this one wasn't nice like the first one i sent ...That's it no more polite e mails from me , Ole JRR has no idea how far I'm willing to go for satisfaction .. I got my War Drum out & I will happily burn this bridge to the effing ground with pleasure . In case you are interested ....Yeah I heard you ...the only thing I can offer at this point is this . Hey Carlos ! it's time for us both to get off the Cross We need the Wood 🤣 Kenny
  2. So what If I'm Kenfused ... we still are having Fun ? aren't we Kenny
  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Do you think I just showed up here this morning fresh off the turnip truck ? ^^^^^^^^ My purchase was based on good faith . I do not choose nor want to do biznezz w anyone for any reason who can't state the terms of the transaction up front. were done ... Kenny
  4. Hind sight is 2020 . I should have went w Tracktion direct .. I have every version since T 5 ...all were paid versions for me starting from T7 all the way up to Waveform 10 ... thanks Carlos for the info ... Kenny
  5. WTF man ....at 11 am it will be 48 hours since I placed my order and paid ....still no word on my authorization number I'm not cool with this type of $hit ... I could have bought this from Tracktion and paid 5 dollars more than what I paid JRR this will never happen again to me w the same vendor ever again ......that is a promise .... Kenny
  6. Where are we even going ? We are going to Nepal to start a brand new chapter in life . Kenny
  7. Bill " the OP "happens to be a Vet ...IMO , that snarky comment happens to be in very poor form too a Vet . ..If you happen to feel so inclined to say something along those lines to vent your frustration why don't you say those type of comments to the greedy a hole's that are out there selling and hawking their wares ....their the ones mucking up the holiday.... not the people that served .... Kenny
  8. My phone sounds like your phone Dave ...when I want to move photo's off my phone I have to take it apart enough to be able to get to a storage mini card .. Once I do that I place the mini storage card into a full sized adapter and let my computers card reader show me the file's I'm looking to move over ... 1/8 of an inch hair length ...wow that is pretty short ...I have long white ear bush's and nose hairs that could use a trim down to 1/8 🤔 Kenny
  9. Yep , they do fight each other just to see who can get away the furthest and quickest ...Who want's to be caught in public stuck on a leash with that ? Kenny
  10. I jumped on this deal early this morning . The price was certainly right . I have been waiting for the code ....it is taking way to long ...6 hrs so far ...lol Kenny
  11. Hey Bro you see that ? Yeah , Let's show them how it's done . Kenny
  12. 🤪 funny stuff when you think about it ... Dave is one of the Smartest people here .... I'm still trying to figure out if he only got a short hair cut or if he went all out Vin Diesel ... Will we ever know ? Stay tuned more will be revealed some day 🧐 I thought about it ....Craig is safe .... I love the Ladies way too much . If I'm gonna do a picture w nice curves and a bra ..it has to be at least S.L.I.P. quality ..not Charlie the tuna type quality 🤪 Kenny
  13. Yeah I notice the above mentioned phenomenon .... I was doing pretty good before the quarantine . I hit the gym 4 or 5 times a week . Did machine weights and some cardio on a bike . Then I discovered the sauna ....Oh Yeah , Life was good .....I was starting to trim up and maintain a decent path to dropping the extra chub and Jabba jiggle ... My blood sugar was OK for an old fart & I thought I was on my way to getting there .... Now I'm all Jacked up ....2 months no gym , no hotties in yoga pants to look at any more ...I put on and extra 20 ....aaarrrrrggg . My blood sugar is all over the map...still close to range more often than not w occasional overs ... Yeah , w no daily strenuous exercise I find it much harder to keep it in the safe range ... Oh yeah before I forget I'm back to wearing sweat pants more often than anything else ... 🤣 I'm thinking about trying out a Kilt Kenny
  14. Wow ! very impressive rack gear for a personal home studio . Kenny
  15. A Real amp = real tone . An Amp sim = compromise ..... I finally figured that one out after beating my head up against the wall for the last 15 years + Kenny
  16. This is what I get for constantly posting pics of your head shots .. Kenny
  17. Nice pic. looks like you lost a few pounds ....something I need to do ... Say hows your retirement plan going ? I heard you had a run in with the Law over stealing that Bass couldn't resist ... Kenny
  18. The head shots you have out on the forum are so more versatile than what I have out ...in any event I may just have to get used to working w my mug ... It was nice to post a few pics w you in them ...nice change of pace ... Kenny
  19. Hey Dave ! You said you got cold ears plus the back of your neck is cold ? In addition to those symptoms your whole head feels cold in the middle of the month of May ? You Shaved Your Head 😎 You Shaved Your Head 😎 You Shaved Your Head 😎 Kenny
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