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  1. Back in the day during his era Roy Clark was certainly the total package . As an entertainer and sometimes funny musical performer , Roy had all the right moves, He sure had a way with the methods he used to tickle the strings and play his guitar ! Kenny
  2. When The Bass Is a Popping ! Don't bother Stopping ! You can always make your move ! Once you've played your groove 😉 Kenny
  3. I would spend the $ 25.000.00 willingly just to find out where Keith Richards stashed The Fountain Of Youth ! Kenny
  4. I get annoyed sometimes with a lot of the extra choices and learning curves many of the third party plugs I bought on sale seem to bring to the table . It is nice to have some of these things but in the heat of the moment when the Muse is holding my hand and sending me inspiration I have to resist the temptation to delve into the wonderful world of 3 rd party GUI's ...My Muse is a fickle bitch ...she will leave to room if I focus on anything other than her .😉 Kenny
  5. I don't know why I would need too . The government knows all they need to know about me because the government used me for a top secret experiment when I was a only teenager . Do you remember the ole if you stroke your own your gonna go bald and blind ? I'm here to tell you I can see pretty good and I'm sure as hell not bald . 😂 Kenny
  6. Now that you mention it, I wonder if any of these Iconic Musical Artists are rocking the sock plugins on the down low ðŸĪĢ Kenny
  7. + 1 . I'm also thinking about putting a motion detector in my Fruit of The Looms . It's been getting harder and harder for me to find my junk as I get older and chubbier.ðŸĪŠ Kenny
  8. Why don't I get to see any cute beach bunny's clad in bikinis dancing around where I live ? Anyway , I am super happy when I get to let this guy loose ... Kenny P S Craig that location is Eisenhower Elementary School
  9. Hey Rain ! congratulations on getting your new Fender Stratocaster . I see Bela Lugosi definitely approves of your choice to get the maple finger board 💊😀👍 Kenny
  10. Nice 7 string Rain ! I've seen those in real life . High quality guitar for sure 😃 Kenny
  11. Happy Birth Day Steve ! Congrats on your upcoming N G D ! Wows' er Wows' er that is one nicely specked guitar . I have one Schecter Guitar an 8 string I picked up a few years ago . Mine is a lower end guitar and it punches way heavier than it weight class .I can only Imagine how much quality your new guitar is gonna be oozing ....enjoy ! The Sustainiac Driver Pickup is something I have always wanted to check out in person ....let us know how you like that when you get a chance ... https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/C1FRSElhBFB--schecter-c-1-fr-s-sls-elite-left-handed-black-fade-burst If he don't get the lefty I mentioned he better hurry up and do something because the highest court of our land may soon make a rash decision to outlaw left handed guitars 😜 Kenny
  12. Keeping it music related I would probably spend the $25.000.00 doing music with the hopes of clearing $12.500.00 after expenses . Then I would hop on an airplane with my pooch Milo and search for a reliable low mileage motorcycle with a side car to buy . After we score the bike with a sidecar rig attached , we take the long way home with the wind in our faces . Kenny
  13. You two guys should be ashamed of your self's . Don't you know there's a few old people around here that enjoy reading this type of thread ? Now ! look at what you have made me do . Your posts have cleared a few decades worth of cobwebs only to have awakened the inner beast inside of me . OH my ! The air quality around here is not very good! ðŸĪĢ Kenny
  14. In truth what long hair does for a musician is either work for a favorable memorable image for an artist or in some cases work against the desired goals of the artists image . Image wise this fella in the picture is nothing more that a misunderstood musical icon from a bygone era . He has been left behind by an onslaught of the images of today's current cookie cutter style musical artists . Now he spends a good deal of his retirement hours sitting on the bank of the lake with only one desire. He hopes the lovely princess who takes her daily walks will choose to give him a magical kiss on the lips instead of the frogs ... When he gets tired of all that waiting around he goes to the supermarket and looks at all the pretty girls in yoga pants with the hope he may catch one of their eyes .... OH BTW , my hair is 7 inches longer than what shows in the pic . My playing didn't get any better as a result of the hair growth . My playing got better because I decided to take the cotton out of my ears and learn how to listen . Learning how to listen IMHO is the fastest way to improve your overall musicianship when you set the practice goals to coincide achieving the goals of learning how to play what you are listening too. all the best, Kenny
  15. Oh Man ! this is great news . Now I can grow my hair long and become famous . With all the money I'm gonna make I can finally buy a real guitar and learn how to play it . Kenny
  16. The current global supply chain issues became the main reason El Kabong switched over from his beloved guitar to bass . Due to the lager girth and weight of his new found instrument , he found a marked improvement in his accuracy . Kenny
  17. Oh My ! ! Whew ,,,, let me catch my breath .....ðŸĨ°...OK now take a deep one Ken 😍..... Thank you for posting that pic Oh Yeah ! Life is good . Kenny
  18. Yes I get what you are saying . I have a few guitars that have a light anemic looking fingerboard . The neck you have been asking me about has been on my guitar for 36 years and counting . Also there is a big difference between the quality of woods available on guitars from 36 years ago and what many folks consider the quality of woods available today 😉 While we are at it , I might as well tell you what happened to the neck I pulled of my MIJ Fender Esquire in 1986 ... I kept it stored in a box for 20 + years and then in the 2000's I placed it on my Samick Valley Arts Telecaster .. Ain't she pretty all the best , Kenny
  19. Yes ! July 4 TH is only two weeks away ðŸĶ… Kenny
  20. 😅 Good Ole Vantuckey has struck again when it comes to wearing us out with the non existing selection of hot wimenz around here ðŸĨš I can't help it Bro , but I got to ask . Your lusting after the female Bass Player in Dave's Video not this Bass Player Right ? ðŸĪĢ Kenny
  21. I see an upcoming Fathers Day Sale in your future . Don't be fooled by this one ! You have gotten much better deals before Kenny
  22. Why ? because all the manufacturers hold the deed to the gold mine and we got the shaft ? Kenny
  23. WOW! the playing on that tune with them girls sure got my heart rate up .😍 Kenny
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