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  1. Nicky! ( whom I don't know personally ) is at a friends house playing out of my friends Dumble using a vintage Gibson ES ....also owned by my friend .. The Dumble was gotten years after I left NYC so I never got to play out of this amp. The Audio and video was captured using only an iPhone ...no DAW involved . Sounds pretty good to me considering ..... My friends u tube channel has a lot of videos from national amp shows featuring name boutique amps and builders πŸ˜‰ Kenny
  2. Yes they have done well for sure πŸ˜€ Kenny
  3. I'm back to using my headphones for now . They are ATH-M30 's . I'm OK with it for now ... all the best, SPARKY πŸ€ͺ
  4. I'm still figuring out what to do over here when it comes to finding a set of monitors . . I don't dare plug in my amp or play my acoustic guitar since Apt living has really cramped my style when it comes to my music in general After years of trying , I learned how to read lips. Now I'm able to watch TV Late at night and understand what the show is about .🀣 I'll be back to run some brands and specs here once I do a little more research and figure out a budget . all the best , Kenny
  5. That's what I thought tooπŸ€” Its a conspiracy I tell you πŸ˜„ Kenny
  6. Yeah ! I hear you . I ditched the virtual beer mug plugin that turns all the fugly people at the bar during Last Call into into Super Models ! I'm still looking to get a new filter over here myself .The Shamu's have been busting through the filters I had been formally been using . What did you do ? Show them your copy of The Kama Sutra and offer to demonstrate ? Hhhmmm πŸ€” 3 cute normal sized ladies in Vantucky ? Something sure sounds fishy about that one . Let me get back to you.... I'm going to have this capable NCIS L A agent investigate and uncover the truth about the 3 skinny women in Vancouver claim ! Kenny
  7. That was strange indeed ! I thought they gave me my walking papers and didn't tell me 🀣 Kenny
  8. Yeah ! Craig fancy's Whales .... That sub may be a lot better fit than the Hot Tub they just broke .... Kenny
  9. Hey ! what can I say ? I have been warned so I'm not looking for any Amore anytime soon . The Powers that be running The World have been trying to stop me from breeding a long time now . Releasing a whole bunch of Kenny Jr's into the fabric of society would interrupt The Balance of Idiocracy We can't have that now ..Can we ? Kenny
  10. My trouser trout took one look at the mouth of that fish and voluntary surrendered himself into the care of The United States Coast Guard for protective custody . Kenny
  11. I will never last as long as Keith at this rate because I can't seem to stop repeating the same old mistakes over and over again πŸ™ƒ Kenny
  12. Hi Sheens ! Right now I'm in the what am I gonna do phase trying to figure out what is out there in my price range that will fit my needs .Sweetwater carries that brand and model and I have it bookmarked ..As far as the girl goes πŸ‘I know exactly what I would like to do πŸ‘… but I known deep down in my bones it's never gonna happen Thank you for the recommendation . I got enough problems with my package and I don't need you bringing it up all the time .😜 How many Hail Mary's do I have to say to make this one happen ? You can try to kill Kenny but you can't extinguish his flame . So if this happens the artist formerly known as Kenny will be going under the new screen name of Sparky ! Kenny
  13. You should try to eat this ! It has just the right amount of becan ! We now return to our thread topic ..... Does any one here have suggestions as to what may be a good replacement set of budget monitors for my dining room table music work area ? Kenny
  14. I love a good dystopian conspiracy story! Now I'm wondering if I should still see this one . Even though it got bad some reviews ...... Kenny
  15. Good advice Dave ! for now I tucked them away in a spare kitchen shelf for now until I attempt to do a deep dive on finding out if I can troubleshoot and fix them on my own. In the mean time since they are broken I am put in a position where I can't trust anything I hear over here only because I was able to work around the limitations of my room acoustics and keep them out of my mix decisions by keeping my volumes low and focusing on my EQ and song stage placement .....I did know enough about the sound I expected out of my speakers. FWIW , I view myself more as a player and not so much as an engineer so I always took into account that my mixes were the best I could do working around my current living circumstances .... in my mind they were always considered placeholder mix's ... I worked in various music stores from the mid 70's until the late 80's. I'm with you and I hear you loud and clear on the view you hold about feeling a lot of gear made today expensive or cheap is utter cheap crap .... Last year for my birthday I bought myself a new guitar I had always wanted ...At the time of my purchase it was 43 years old ..... thank you for posting , Yep ! I know you know that one for sure !Bapu thanks all , Kenny
  16. I picked these up brand new close to 14 / 15 years ago . In all truth these guys were youngsters around here. Even the strings on my Bass guitar have been over the age of 21 for the past 2 years now .. Thank you for your comment 😊 Oh man ! I sure hope I'm not next! thanks ! Thanks Grem ! all the best, Kenny
  17. I went through all the typical trouble shooting approaches , checking the cables , ground loops , electrical outlets , speaker cables , power cables, usb cables ....ect ect ... the powered speaker section is simply toast .....I power it up and all I'm getting is super loud thuds...... it even has a burnt smell to it after I power it up and leave it on for a few moments . I'm embarrassed to post a thread about it since my home studio set up consists primarily of a small table in my dining room w a lap top ,a focusrite 2i4 , the formally working M Audio monitors and what ever assorted guitars, amps and pedals I may be using at the time .... it is too soon for me to even figure out what I am going to do next since I live in an apt and I had to learn how to read lips when I watch television after a certain time of night..... So let me keep it short and sweet! , .... R I P M Audio monitors ....you served me well and contributed to some rather educational cringe worthy mixes ..... . Good Riddance !!!! Kenny
  18. I saw him live in concert when he first came out with his song Dream Weaver . RIP. Kenny
  19. Poor guy ! He couldn't get drunk . Eat a whole Pizza by himself and then fall asleep ! Is it any wonder he took it out on his girlfriend and the rabbit died πŸ€” Kenny
  20. This is exactly what could happen to any couple when they practice the rhythm method with out a metronome Kenny
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