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Clip Colors/Colours

Daryl L. Samuel

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This request is a pretty simple one (and possibly a nitpick-y one) — I would like to see a change to the current format of the clip colors which is, colored waveform/foreground and dark grey background.

I admit, at first it looked good but after a while of actually working with the clips, I've came across situations where certain colors made it difficult to see what the waveform was showing.

I'm hoping we can have the simple and consistent black/dark waveform again with actual colored clips instead of just the waveform.

Cakewalk Clip Color - Before.jpg

Cakewalk Clip Color - After.jpg

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I saw this when @user6808463577169165 brought it up in the topic where good ideas went to die, and gave it a try on existing clips using Inspector.

I like the look of the bright background with the black waveform and would like to be able to use this.

I wasn't aware that I could set individual clip colors in the Inspector, and that's going to come in handy.

Seems like the issue is that right now, CbB can only apply this color scheme to existing clips. There's no way to set waveform color for new clips to black that I can find (aside from making the Track black), and clip background settings seem to be global.

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