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  1. I wouldn't write something like this, which is hard to read. And changing the clef should solve it. but, if the notes you edit are too close to other tracks, there will be some bugs like gif 1, which will make it difficult to select and edit. not only the marks,even the notes will be affected.So I don't recommend using staff to edit notes. Why not edit notes like this:
  2. If just the keyswitch problem, why not create a midi track to store them, or to use articulation maps.
  3. You mean this bug? You can right-click to move them or ctrl+ right-click to copy them(Need to be put on the notes.). Or you can go to the event list, which has all the parameters you want to adjust. You can also press 8 on the keypad to move them, there are also bugs in Nudging it to left and right. Sometimes chords and expression can only be moved once.
  4. There are some bugs. When you double-click it, the mouse will move randomly. Sometimes the mouse is stuck and can only move within a certain range. You need to press the win key to solve them. But I found it really useful
  5. I think chord tracks can really be like arranger tracks. When changing the chords of the chord track, instead of applying it, those midi notes should snap to those chords, so that midi notes even arpeggio of the whole bar can be changed by editing the chord track, so that different chord arrangements for a song can be quickly made and switched by Arrangements that similar to the arranger track.
  6. You can already do this through my link. just open event list and only select articulation. You just need to click to know where the chord is.
  7. Maybe this link can help developers complete this function. I really want this function. reaper forum
  8. In fact, it is now possible to implement simple chord tracks. Just download and copy them and delete those unwanted chords. chord track However, compared with studio one, it is still too simple.studio one chord track just improve these points should be enough: 1 Easier to enter and edit more complex chords 2 Extract chords from midi tracks faster, Extract shortcut keys or automatic extraction. 3 It can also be displayed in the track view 4 Can be extracted without quantizing chords 5 Automatic Voice Leading like this: chord-player
  9. midi track press =+ audio track ctrl + left click
  10. I tried to separate it into different articulation groups. It didn’t work quite well but separating it into different articulation maps works fine for me now.
  11. Yeah there‘re some accuracy issues, those 4 notes chords are conflicting with triad chords make it work only sometimes, Maybe it would help to separate those 7th chords and triad chords to different articulation map, So I can extract the 7th chords first then the triad chords, which I think should make it feasible.
  12. it's still hard to use, when in the synth rack you can't move vst up and down, and when you select vst in the track view it won't be selected in the synth rack.
  13. There's a function can turn existing notes to Articulations called “Extract keyswitch articulations”, I think it will be more useful that articulation map contains literally every chord, So I can just play midi keyboard and let it analyzes the notes to turn it to chord track.
  14. I tried it didn't work on those assignable controls
  15. 1:please add more assignable controls in this view, then I don't need to open plugins to change it's parameters and close it,it will be very useful. 2: about group, sometimes I just want to change it separately, I have to remove from group to change it and add it again, I hope there is a shortcut to remove from group temporarily such as ctrl + right mouse. 3: multiselect at track filter. I found it very useful, but can not be multiselected, sometimes I want to see the combination of those two filters. and it can not make a preset, I have to create new filters every new project,
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