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  1. I feel like I'm missing something here. I want to see the drum notes when editing the other tracks, but they keep vanishing: Does anyone have any insight? I can't think of any reason why - from a user experience point of view - this should be the case.
  2. From @Pete Brown's article: This gives me some hope I can upgrade from 1803 at some point.
  3. I think @GreenLight meant to reply to this thread:
  4. Never. No worries. Maybe the Bakers will figure out a way to meet your needs in future versions. A valid request, even if I personally haven't felt the need for it 🙂
  5. @Max Arwood, not meaning to toot my own horn but see the bonus tip at the end of this blog post.
  6. Well, it's an individual preference, and mine may actually be default: Hoz: 1.5, Vert: 1.0; and "At Cursor" for everything
  7. @Will_Kaydo, it seems fine to me. But I'm using Ctrl-ScrollWheel. OK stupid question but how do you horizontal scroll without using Ctrl?
  8. Alt-MouseWheel works great for me in the PRV and the Track View, but I guess your experience may vary depending on how you've set the Mouse Wheel Zoom Options.
  9. Hi @Will_Kaydo, I can't say that I've noticed a scrolling problem. I zoom in to Track View so that 1 bar takes up most of the width of the view, and Ctrl-Scroll on the mouse wheel moves the window, not smoothly, no, but in small enough increments that it really doesn't seem to be a problem. How are you zooming? To what degree? How are you scrolling?
  10. This theme was created by Brian Murphree (brconflict) of Soundporter.com. It is still one of the best themes, in my opinion, and I've taken a lot of inspiration from it. Seeing as Brian doesn't seem to be maintaining it at present,I've updated it for 2021.01. Blue Aston (ver1.03).zip
  11. Colin Nicholls


    This might help you, @Yury Exclusive Solo "By default, Cakewalk allows you to solo multiple tracks and buses simultaneously. With Exclusive Solo mode, you can only solo one track and one bus at a time.When you solo a track or bus in Exclusive Solo mode, all other soloed tracks or buses are automatically unsoloed. This allows you to quickly listen to individual tracks and buses in isolation without having to manually unsolo other tracks or buses."
  12. I am, but I've seen this in a default theme as well. The issue definitely only shows up after a period of time or sequence of actions. Possibly relating to moving Arranger sections or merging them. Or inserting measures; or changing tempo. I've done a lot of that kind of thing over the last few days.
  13. Kudos. I'll switch to this instead of my current "Procrastinite" theme, maybe I'll get some work done. Later: There's a lot to like here. Well done.
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