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  1. It's a small thing... but I would love to be able to customize the color of the cells in the color picker window that is displayed when the user presses the color marker against a track (or anywhere else the color palette is displayed). Ideally the choices should be persisted between projects (just like a user's choice of Theme or Colors from Edit->Preferences). A nice-to-have would be to be able to save and load palette selections from a file... but I'd be overjoyed with just being able to customize the default colors in cakewalk.ini or similar.
  2. Colin Nicholls

    Groove Clips in 7/8?

    It would be nice to be able to groove-clip enable a clip that is one 7/8 bar in length, instead of having to double its length (record it twice) so that you can give it a "beats in clip" value of a non-fractional number of quarter notes (7) . But I suppose that's life.
  3. Colin Nicholls

    M-Lux Orange and M-Lux Blue Themes

    Nice work! Obviously a lot of thought has been put into these themes. Well done!
  4. Colin Nicholls

    Boston Flowers Theme 1.2 [3-29-2019 update]::.

    1.2, Very nice
  5. Colin Nicholls

    Helpful Utility: USB Device Tree Viewer

    +1 I found the utility invaluable when identifying which ports were connected to which internal hub device so I could isolate my USB Audio interface to a dedicated hub, for max performance.
  6. Colin Nicholls

    Feature Request

    Try the "Feedback Loop" forum on this site.
  7. Colin Nicholls

    Where is my Now Time vertical bar?

    Is it just scrolling off-screen, or is it genuinely not visible even when "now" is in view?
  8. Colin Nicholls

    Move clips independently

    Sounds like Ripple Editing is engaged. Caveat: I don't use Ripple Editing so I could be wrong about this.
  9. Colin Nicholls

    New Update Legit? V.2019.3 - Build 15, 64bit?

    This changed a couple of versions ago - the download is now a "delta" from the currently installed previously version, and it doesn't download the full installer unless you are >2 versions out of date (I think?)
  10. Colin Nicholls

    AUX (patch point) tracks for MIDI

    I would love to send a MIDI track to multiple instruments (VST or external). I know you can duplicate a track easily enough but then you have an editing problem keeping them synchronized. I suspect this requires the concept of "patch points" or AUX tracks for MIDI - you'd create a new patch destination for your MIDI track, then select it as an input for two or more MIDI or Instrument tracks. I guess you'd need to prevent a MIDI track from both sending and receiving from the same PatchPoint/AUX track.
  11. Colin Nicholls

    Editing the color picker button

    If I recall correctly, this color picker button area was added when the "Tungsten" theme was added - and did not support color tinting in the Track View. So there needed to be an area that displayed the color. This is still a neat feature. For those of us that don't use tinted panels, having the color visible is still good to have - obviously useful. I'm not a fan of the gradient myself, but the visible region should not be removed without an option to display it. I agree about the right-click context menu option - at this point my brain is basically hard-wired to go to the context menu to look for actions such as color selection.
  12. Colin Nicholls

    Tuncury Light Green Theme Updated for CbB 2019.01

    Feel free to post a mock-up, Daryl. Perhaps one of the bakers will see it and be inspired.
  13. Colin Nicholls

    Bandlab Assistant Bug - Folder path names?

    Well, OK then. Thanks for clarifying :-)
  14. I think the folder locations in Bandlab Assistant > Settings might be reversed. The "System Folder" appears to be the download location, and the "Download Folder" seems to be pointing to the system folder, with a "Sounds" subdirectory. This is in Assistant 5.0.2
  15. Colin Nicholls

    Binaural Panning tutorials?

    Not to detract from what Craig has said, I'm going to say that Binaural recordings have a lot more to do with the "recording" than the "mixing" stage. The panning is just hard L-R if you've recorded a stereo track using binaural microphones.