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  1. Try this from an earlier post in this thread:
  2. Yes and no. 1. What is a "glow effect" ? 2. It's bitmaps, you can do anything within the limits of each bitmap 3. Therefore you can't make a button with a "glow effect" that affects surrounding UI outside the limits of the bitmap 4. You can make buttons look like they are glowing, kinda. Flight_Deck uses a pretty subtle glow on active controls, some of them.
  3. Without the vital information uncovered by you guys, the YLIP document could never be considered complete. I'll get to this at some point! Thanks
  4. Wait, where does that control show up in the UI?
  5. If I'd created that image I probably would have a hard time deleting it from the code base, too.
  6. If all my productions sounded as good as Fragile/Yes, I'd be very happy indeed.
  7. Colin Nicholls

    Line6 Helix

    So... I got a Line 6 Helix Floor a couple of days ago. So far my biggest worry is accidentally launching a missile or similar. It's a fully operation battle station, that's for sure. I just wanted to sing the Proud Song in public.
  8. Updated and Uploaded. Happy Holidays everyone. Thanks to @sjoens and @starshipkrupa for the updates.
  9. I hope it fixes the filter click I couldn't seem to shake out of the patches
  10. Cakewalk is an MDI application. Just like Office, although I blame Microsoft for evolving that into a travesty of an MDI application that jumps through hoops to present itself as an SDI application. Sorry about the confusion, OP.
  11. Good job! Welcome to the rabbit hole! there's plenty of room down here
  12. I am interested and would like to subscribe to your newsletter
  13. Ow, my wallet Edit: To be clear, I don't think $59 is a bad price, far from it. Just... Black Friday has already stolen my wallet and emptied it.
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