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  1. Colin Nicholls

    Moving from Windows to Apple

    Cakewalk ain't gonna run on a Mac unless you jump through hoops. Not recommended. Cakewalk is Windows only.
  2. Colin Nicholls

    SONAR Professional will not start

    Damn, that Forum auto-complete feature is getting really good.
  3. I don't think such a setting exists. You're better off bouncing the MIDI Bass track to a new audio track and muting the original (just what we used to do before we had FREEZE) if you're going to move audio around.
  4. Colin Nicholls

    Mixing 101 - very basic questions

    Not a pro, but I'll give it a shot. 1a) "Supposed" and "creativity" are probably mutually exclusive. You could make interesting music either way! Experiment! 1a) That said, the real answer is, "it depends". Reverb can be an FX to colour a specific instrument track; or it could be used to place the final mix in a 3D space. 1a) That said, Warren speaks the truth when he says we over-use Reverb. A good experiment is to take a "final" mix and click on the "disable FX" button and gasp at how much better the project sounds. 1b) Not always but often, yes. Most likely the project sounds "muddy" and you don't know why because everything sounds good when you solo it. 1b) That said, I have often used individual track reverb instances with tailored settings... but see (1a) above. 1c) Invalid. You're asking about creating a mix , not listening to solo tracks. If you concentrate on "getting the sound you like" on solo'd tracks, by definition you're not creating a mix. But see (1b) above. 2a) Route the tracks to a submix and apply a single Reverb FX instance to that. 2b) Yes.
  5. Forgive me for linking to a blog post, but I've written up a little case study on using an Aux track to handle automating FX level for multiple tracks using a single envelope. I hope someone out there finds it useful. The Prodigal Sounds Blog - Another Way to skin an FX Send
  6. Colin Nicholls

    Polar Blue 2019 Cakewalk Theme

    Happy July 4th, folks. I'd been using a theme called "Polar Blue (SteveC)" originally created for SONAR Platinum and posted on the old forums by Steve Cocchi. I liked it very much, apart from one or two minor things that I have altered. It also needed one or two changes to bring it up to date for Cakewalk By Bandlab, mostly logos and performance meters. I reached out to Steve, and with his blessing I am making the 2019 version of "Polar Blue" available to the forum. Please note that everything that is good about this theme was put there by Steve Cocchi. There are quite a few subtle things in the theme that you might not notice at first, but I think are an improvement. Enjoy! Polar_Blue_2019.zip
  7. @scook to the rescue, as ever! Thanks, much better solution. Glad to help out in a small way.
  8. MIDI tracks have a "channel" attribute (dropdown) that you can set from the default "none" to a specific channel, after which all notes will be output on that channel regardless of the channel they were recorded from. See: Reference Manual Edit: Sorry, I didn't read your question thoroughly enough. This may not help you if you want to direct the MIDI notes to a VST that is already loaded on another track. I'll have to think about this. You can't "bounce" a MIDI track into a new track to get the channel change to be written out along with the data... A CAL script could probably do it but that is getting complicated.
  9. Colin Nicholls

    Cakewalk Theme Editor feature requests & improvements::.

    ooh, looking forward to that one...
  10. Colin Nicholls

    Sizing Tracks in Track View

    >> Do you know if there is a way to select a group of tracks to use this function with only the selected tracks? I normally select the tracks I want to resize, then grab the border of one of them and Shift-Drag. When I release the mouse button, all of the selected tracks resize to match.
  11. Colin Nicholls

    M-Stealth Cakewalk Theme

    I admire your artistic efforts, Matthew. Kudos! For me, however, having active but un-selected widgets merge with the background in an "icon only" form is not a good UI choice, and I won't be using this one.
  12. Colin Nicholls

    M-Titanium Cakewalk Theme

    Ooo, intriguing! I'm currently rocking Polar Blue which is a similar light theme, but I'll definitely give Titanium a whirl. Thanks, Matthew!
  13. Colin Nicholls

    Live Looping question

    Record Mode Sound on Sound? Refer to https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR&language=3&help=Recording.24.html
  14. It's a small thing... but I would love to be able to customize the color of the cells in the color picker window that is displayed when the user presses the color marker against a track (or anywhere else the color palette is displayed). Ideally the choices should be persisted between projects (just like a user's choice of Theme or Colors from Edit->Preferences). A nice-to-have would be to be able to save and load palette selections from a file... but I'd be overjoyed with just being able to customize the default colors in cakewalk.ini or similar.
  15. Colin Nicholls

    Groove Clips in 7/8?

    It would be nice to be able to groove-clip enable a clip that is one 7/8 bar in length, instead of having to double its length (record it twice) so that you can give it a "beats in clip" value of a non-fractional number of quarter notes (7) . But I suppose that's life.