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  1. @John Vere, I'm glad you found a solution. I'm not sure where you got $CA 700 from. The command line tools are downloadable and free. But obviously you don't need them and that's cool - I wouldn't look forward to creating a CD Cue Sheet by hand either 🙂
  2. Please see the link in my first reply to the OP: http://ddp.andreasruge.de/
  3. I assume you've investigated Track Folders (Tip: They aren't busses)
  4. DDP. (Disc Description Protocol). Studio One has an export option for this from its Project page, which is what I use. I know that doesn't necessarily help you, but perhaps this will.
  5. Dumb question... you're not feeding your imported reference track through your own mastering chain are you?
  6. Hi @John Paul Anthony Dela Cruz, According to my PURPLETRATOR theme, that feature can't be re-coloured: You can, however, turn the separators off, which is how I usually roll:
  7. Whats the resolution of the new monitor? Can you try temporarily switching to a more common resolution (i.e. not monitor-native) to see if Cakewalk starts working again?
  8. I know it's incomplete, but feel free to suggest additions: http://prodigalsounds.com/sonar/themes/Young Lady's Illustrated Primer to Creating Cakewalk Themes.pdf
  9. Go for it! Pretty much everything except for some colors can be changed, provided you retain the dimensions of each graphic element.
  10. You're missing the fact that the key signature doesn't affect what notes of the scale you are allowed or encouraged to play. It won't disable notes that aren't in the key signature; it won't change existing notes to be on the scale of the key signature; etc. As @User 905133 says, it just shows up in the Staff View. If you want to see a specific PRV behavior based on Key Signature at a given time in the time line, I recommend you submit a feature request in the Feedback Loop .
  11. I think you are not understanding. What do you think should happen? Can you write out steps of what you are doing, and what you expect to see?
  12. Changing the key signature at any point in the timeline is not going to change any notes you have already recorded, MIDI or Audio. Read here
  13. @John Paul Anthony Dela Cruz, hold down CTRL while making the assignment on one of the selected tracks... the others will follow. Works in both Console View and Track view.
  14. @DocBob, I do it like this: Open the PRV with sketch + target tracks Place the NOW time at the start of the note(s) you want to move; Use right-click-drag to select select (hold down Ctrl for non-contiguous selections); Ctrl-X to cut the notes to clipboard; select target track in the track pane (on the right) ; Ctrl-V to paste the notes at the position of the Now time. As shown here, where I distribute notes from the sketch into three target instrument tracks: Caveats: You need to position the NOW time at the beginning of the first selected note, in order to ensure the notes are pasted at the correct location in the target track; You need to colour the target tracks appropriately (unfortunately I've used three shades of green, but they are different tracks!) (*) Hold down CTRL to select non-contiguous sets of notes, as shown in the first move of notes to WATERPHONE. I don't see how this could get easier. I mean, yes, OK you have to be careful and methodical but it is essentially doing what you're asking for, right?
  15. You can: duplicate the "sketch" track as many times as you need; assign to instruments; then solo and delete the notes from each track you don't want set the "sketch" track to a non-competing sound (e.g. piano when writing a string quartet) and then create a new track for each solo instrument, and re-perform the part for that instrument, playing along to the "sketch". I don't believe there is any other practical way to do this. MIDI filters on note ranges isn't going to cut it, for me.
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