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  1. I just checked, and, to be completely accurate, in Preferences < Keyboard Shortcuts, I mapped the `-key (accent) to Edit | Select | None in Global Bindings. I mean, it is the ~ tilda key also, but in key bindings it shows up as `.
  2. I've since mapped it to the "~" key - which is just under ESC.
  3. The fact the horizontal white line overlaps the square slider outline.
  4. Pretty nice, @John Nelson. I was thinking of dabbling in a theme based on the appearance of Anubis & Music Mission, but I don't see the point - this is pretty close. BTW, Is this a glitch, or intentional? Regarding Transport buttons, I see what you're doing with the RECORD vs the other five, but visually I'd recommend committing to a square button rather than rounding the corners. Similar to the Select or Smart module buttons in shape. I think it would look better. Just my opinion.
  5. I've added some notes about @sjoens' research with respect to control values in Video Thumbnails and Take Lane description backgrounds, and uploaded the latest version of the document.
  6. Reminds me of the whole "Folder description background" anomaly. So, yeah, I agree that there are items that take their color from different sources depending on ... something... switching themes mid-session vs loading at start-up, etc. They are probably really low-priority bugs that never reproduce when you want them to. I guess we should document these anomalies as we find them.
  7. I tried to reproduce this and failed. Here's what I see: Track View / Disabled Control Text: Video Thumbnail Track Control Values Track Folder Statistics "0" values (!?!) Track View / Control Text and Values: Track Folder Description Text Track Take Lane Description Text Track View / Clips Pane / Track View Clips Pane Background: Video Thumbnail track background (no video loaded) (Yup, I'll update the YLIP with this, thanks) Track View Clip Pane background (empty space below tracks) So, you're either wrong, or Cakewalk is having fun with us. Could be either.
  8. Please, no. The Blue contrasts very nicely with the Tungsten Dark/Orange, which is as it should be for something you want to highlight visibility of.
  9. @sjoens, are you suggesting the YLIP needs changing? I thought I covered this pretty well. Unless the "Synth Name Bezel (undocked)" is actually visible under some circumstances, are we arguing about whether "invisible in practice" is the same or different than "no longer used" ?
  10. @Billy86, those are denoted "Track Header Icon Thawed" in the Theme Editor. I guess this means they were at one point frozen synth tracks but have been un-frozen. I'll be honest and say that I've never understood exactly when and why these track header icons appear, given that an unthawed track should look just like a pre-frozen track. Certainly when I do a simple test, my frozen tracks have blue header icons, but then when I un-freeze them, they revert to normal white, not the "blue with orange background". "Thawed" doesn't even show up in the reference manual that I can find. Maybe someone else knows the difference.
  11. The one time this happened to me, there was a difference between source clip and destination format. I can't recall if it was bit depth or off-by-one pixel width or something, but it was totally user error. Doesn't preclude there being a real problem in your experience, though.
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