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  1. Page 137 of the YLIP doc talks about my findings with respect to the viewport image. It isn't directly an answer to your issue, but it might help throw some light on why it suffers from funky rendering on occasion... Summary:
  2. First off, there IS a way to change the color of the fade line. See Page 47. I bet there's a way to change the color of the in-clip FX widget also. 50 Internet Points to the first person to find it!
  3. I can't agree with that. Runs like a sloth in comparison, and although I admit I'm used to switching tools in VV (V, S mostly), I still don't think Melodyne is any easier to use.
  4. In the past, this usually meant a big feature was being reworked or added and was taking longer to shake out. The results were always worth it. Let's post our guesses in The Coffee House...
  5. How did I miss this discussion? I would have contributed, but I see it has gone off the rails all by itself, without help. We're blessed to have the Theme Editor and "fix" things real good.
  6. I'm very curious as to which Reverb plugin was causing the problem.
  7. There's several lessons on this thread for all of us. Useful stuff.
  8. The most recent version I can download is 2.2.0. I suspect that is because I have "KORG Collection - Legacy Bundle" and didn't upgrade to the latest version (that included the Triton, I think?).
  9. Wow, 8.1? Brave choice. Whatever we might say in public about Windows 10, recent releases DEFINITELY improved app scaling and support, so I hate to say it but an upgrade in your case might be... an upgrade with respect to screen scaling.
  10. Another recommendation for Bandcamp, here. I've put my own music their, and also bought a ton of stuff from other artists. Excellent platform.
  11. This is tempting. But I have to ask myself, do I really need ALL the reverbs?
  12. Considering how simplistic my final mix was (even simpler than Stems, it was literally one clip per movement and some leveling, EQ, and multiband compression) I should totally try this. Or try it in Studio One, even.
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