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  1. Um... define "Waltz feel". The metronome should provide a "BAP bip bip BAP bip bip" without any difficulty.
  2. I just realized that I really don't cover how to set up clip foreground/background colors in any great detail in the YLIP. I guess I just assumed it was obvious. Yes, these colors are controlled by the current theme, and may be over-ridden by color prefs, or customized on a track-by-track or clip-by-clip basis.
  3. Andrew Byrne created this theme. Updated for 2021.04 (compatibility only) Soft tones highlighted buttons.sth
  4. @Jack Hawk, post your theme here and I'll fix it for you if you like
  5. I've written up my knowledge of how Drum Maps work, and adding the link here for future readers:
  6. Not hijacking the thread, just adding a link in case it is useful to future readers:
  7. Here's everything I know about using Drum Maps in Cakewalk. Blog Post: Drum Maps in Cakewalk Feel free to let me know about errors, or other posts I should link to, or indeed anything. EDIT: I've already added some additional notes, and fixed some errors.
  8. Please feel free to add your vote to this feature request:
  9. Feel free to add your vote to this enhancement request
  10. I have it installed on my laptop as well as my DAW. Even when it was a paid product, Cakewalk were quite permissive about users being able to install it on multiple machines.
  11. That's the "Go To Start (RTZ)" button and as far as I can recall, it has meant "set the now pointer to the beginning of the project". See the Transport Module Documentation
  12. During playback or record, if you press the "M" key, a marker is created but you don't get to enter a caption - instead, they are auto-labelled A1, A2, A3 etc. Could you have used a typing keyboard with a glitchy M key?
  13. Can you zoom in and post a detail screen shot of the ruler? I think they are markers of some kind.
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