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  1. I've never used ACT (that I know of) and therefore I deliberately glossed over (well, ignored) how ACT is handled in the UI. I agree that it could be reviewed and expanded. Or at least, re-factor that section slightly to make it clear that ACT is not being covered.
  2. Wait, what? ...Huh. I have no memory of doing that. I mean, it was some time ago, and my memory isn't what it used to be. I certainly like what the QC flyout looks like. I may have stolen it from someone else's theme, I definitely can't take credit for it in its current form, although I think it is a simple color inversion, and if I were tweaking it I know exactly what I'd do.... *opens Paint.NET*
  3. Zip file now contains a .clr that, hopefully does what @Starship Krupa needs 😕
  4. It|Works|Great, @Noel Borthwick
  5. Release 2.10 Minor cosmetic changes to Console view module headings, and Time Ruler background and tick marks, all in the name of improved clarity.
  6. What's the snap resolution? Samples? Try changing it to smart grid, or experiment with changing the resolution.
  7. To be fair, the waveform preview also needs to show clipping using a different color so I'm not sure the outline would be a good thing.
  8. I use the Arrangement Track to add instrumentation notes along the timeline. That might be helpful for you to try that.
  9. I found the problem. It was the Swanky Amp Pro plugin. I will follow up with the developer. Not quite that simple. The same behavior also occurs with Voxengo Boogex. The same behavior occurs when instead of an AuxTrack, I use a stereo bus. If either of these plugins are used directly on the track, I can pan it hard R and the audio stays audible. So, something about using these VSTs in Aux Track or Bus makes them only pass signals on the LEFT channel. I guess they are mono FX ? I can't believe I haven't noticed this behavior before. If I use instead Blue Cat's Free Amp, it works fine, as an Aux Track or Bus FX. I guess that one's stereo-aware. So, I also tried putting all three clips into separate Take Lanes on one track, and using clip automation to pan two of the left and right. Same behavior. Voxengo Boogex and Swanky Amp Pro only "hear" the left channel and emit a mono output. Blue Cat Free Amp treats Left and Right as separate channels. Alright alright. I guess this is just how it works.
  10. Hi. This is driving me crazy. It must be something simple I've done. Any insights welcome. Situation: I had a mono track of guitar. Decided I'd like to split it out into Left, Right, Center, feeding a common Aux track with all the FX. I've done this before. It works. Well... I selected my track, changed its output from the GTR buss to "new aux track", named "ox:JazzGtr". Then I duplicated the track a couple of times, and panned each one L, R, C. Only clips on the L, C tracks are audible. The R track does not play, although I can see the audio meter active during playback. If I pan the R track so that it is anywhere left of hard R, I can hear it fade in as I move the pan position. Picture: As you can see, track 75 is panned hard R, marked with an arrow, and is inaudible (trust me) until I pan it back towards Center. More information: 1. Tracks 73,74,75 each take their input from 1 mono input on my I/O (Left 1|2) 2. I changed the interleave on tracks 73-75 from Mono to Stereo to see if this made a difference. It didn't. 3. Version: (I rolled back to check if this was something new) 4. I checked, and the Input of Aux Track 76 is stereo output of the underlying patch point: 5. I manually added a new audio track (instead of duplicating 73) and assigned its output to the patch point, panned it hard Right, moved the clip into the new track, and playback. No joy - still didn't hear the audio. 6. If I switch the panning, Track 74 hard Right and Track 75 hard Left and now I can't hear track 74, while 75 plays back fine. Help me, forumites! I must be missing something really obvious.... (Followed up below)
  11. Uh, thanks for "solely" 😄 Well, since you asked, It's all about usability, and preventing boredom. For me, it also needs to dissolve into the background. I don't want to be reminded of what theme I'm using, it needs to be invisible, whilst still providing a comfortable working environment. That means consistency, and for me, the best way to be consistent is to chose some constraints, and get creative within the constraints (works for music creation too). The constraints vary. STEAM PUNK was just me exploring theming for the first time, and deciding half-way along that I needed a goal, and it looked, well, steam-punky. POLAR BLUE 2020 is really SteveC's work, I just gave it a polish for my own entertainment. I learned some stuff. TUNGSTEN SLATE was a second attempt, this time starting from Tungsten but warming it up slightly, giving it a slate-blue flavor. I learned some more stuff. MIL-SPEC ALPHA was an attempt to make a mid-tone flat theme somewhat inspired by Ableton, avoiding "all grey and no play" and ending up in a khaki zone, hence the vibe. For FLAT WHITE it was, "how far can I go in taking MIL-SPEC ALPHA and making a really "light" theme?" For FLIGHT DECK I really wasn't planning on creating another theme. It was seeing a screen shot of an aircraft interior in MS Flight Sim 2020 and thinking, "that looks comfortable, like it would be hard to do the wrong thing". I have no plans for more themes. (I was considering 1960's NASA but it would just end up somewhere near MIL-SPEC ALPHA and FLIGHT DECK so I don't see the point) Honestly, I find myself switching between FLIGHT DECK and MIL-SPEC ALPHA every other week. Or FLAT WHITE (matcha).
  12. What's your windows display resolution? The minimum required is 1280x800.
  13. What type of audio file are you attempting to import? Could the filename extension be mis-asigned? What process are you using to import? Drag-drop from explorer into Track view? Or, select audio track and File > Import > Audio ?
  14. Is this AAS String Studio? VS-2 or VS-3? If you've reinstalled from scratch into a clean machine, you will need to enter a serial number supplied by AAS.
  15. This is definitely an area I prefer Cakewalk to take care of automatically, as opposed to offering up a dialog with a prompt along the lines of "Do you want to delete this object? Hint: Both answers are wrong"
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