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  1. 3 golden internet points to anyone who can find how much "BandLab Membership" costs on the Bandlab web site
  2. My Midisport 2x2 still works fine with Windows 10 and Cakewalk
  3. Recreating our themes using the forthcoming theming tools for New Sonar is a gonna be so fun... (engaging the power of positive thinking here). Oh, and Welcome, @Neon Laser 84
  4. Are you mistaking "Next" for the new "Sonar" ? They are two different products. Next looks quite different from Sonar, which is much more of a gentle evolution from Cakewalk By Bandlab.
  5. He pretty much explained why. Anyone trying to earn a living from Youtube needs to game the algorithm. It isn't about what makes sense to YOU, it's about what delivers browsers to his channels. Full stop. It's a sick, sick industry and it is not just Youtube. It is absolutely ANY business that relies on online ad revenue instead of, oh, actual people buying something. Look up 'enshitification' if you're curious, it contributes to that. Then you get folks here complaining about "subscriptions" when it is about the only thing that cuts the adware companies out of the equation of customer->creator. EDIT: Sorry @whoisp, this rant is not really directed at you
  6. Did you say this when X1, X2, and X3 were announced, as well?
  7. I like Mike, but, really, clickbait aside this could have been a completely positive announcement of a new Youtube channel. I understand, and despise, the pretzels that content creators have to contort themselves into, in order to stay relevant to the algorithm. Subscribed.
  8. Here is the good stuff: I used to say that it didn't really matter what DAW you chose; just learn it well. Support for vision-impaired folk is where I have to contradict myself and say, that is definitely a deciding factor for DAW choice.
  9. Time will tell, but you may be interested to know that the VX-64 vocal strip is available in Cakewalk now. See this video from Creative Sauce has he explains how to enable it. I'm sure it will also be available in the coming Sonar. RegionFX is also a feature of Cakewalk (CbB) now, and I would be astounded if it were omitted from the new Sonar.
  10. Neither is Reaper; never has been.
  11. Because you asked: the ability to theme CbB is a very strong reason why I am still using it today. I have two themes I use and neither of them are Tungsten or Mercury. I'll wait and see what the future holds for theming Sonar before giving a final answer, of course 🙂
  12. So? Is the information above out of date? Or would you prefer that everyone write out their replies again in the new thread?
  13. I just bought it, thanks for the tip. I feel like V-Vocal is back. Yay
  14. I tried to get out. But they dragged me back in... In all seriousness, very nice!
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