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  1. Did the recent release and/or update change anything having to do with personal track control (widget) management? I ask because all of my personal track control presets seem to have disappeared. I have tried changing themes and workspaces, but the ones I had previously are nowhere to be found. Thanks.
  2. Using the Mix Workspace [supplied with Cakewalk], I assigned Ctrl+W to Show/Hide MultiDock. I usually use D. It worked to toggle (Show/Hide) the MultiDock. UPDATE: I am not sure how I did it, but I changed settings so the Show/Hide MultiDock does not work with a shortcut. Also, there are no dock/undock options on the MultiDock itself. Found how I did it. In the MultiDock, I closed all tabs using the little X on the tab. To get it back, I switched to a different Workspace. I am not sure if Console View = Mixer Mode, but if so, I hope this helps.
  3. Just a guess - Mixer Mode = Console View?
  4. withdrawn: reply was more of a workaround than an answer to a very specific question
  5. Glad to hear you got it working on your system. Others have mentioned that after problems, they had successes using the Synth Rack insertion method. I have used three methods: drop down menu, synth rack, right click from track pane. Maybe the advice is, if one insertion method doesn't work, try the others. Update: Make that four methods. I also use the Browser Insertion methods (usually via double-click, more than by dragging).
  6. I mentioned that because frequently I see posts where people use a lot of Audio FX plug-ins and sometimes solutions to problems seem to come from isolating a plug-in or two that are problematic. My comment was intended to mean TTS-1 works for me, but I don't send the TTS-1 audio to a lot of plug-ins; so, if someone uses a lot of plug-in with TTS-1, my success might not be relevant if another person has a project using TTS-1 that uses more plug-ins than I use. I could try to start a new project with just a single TTS-1 instance (no FX) and jot down my steps, but since it works on my PC, I am not sure having the steps will help. Maybe it would be quicker if I did a small project that I know works on my setup and you could try that? If it works, then I will outline the basic steps. If on the other hand it doesn't work, maybe the project can be used to try to isolate the problem with much more detailed steps. I have several TTS-1 plug-ins on my PC, but I have confirmed that I am using the one on the bottom: Basic TTS-1 project attached. Steps: (1) Open Cakewalk, (2) Open Barebones [Blank] Template, (3) Right Click in Track Pane, (4) Choose "Insert Instrument," (5) Click "Create" in Wizard [no special options, but at the bottom it should point to the main output you use], (6) Wait until TTS-1 comes up, (7) Press the channel buttons at the bottom to make sure TTS-1 is pointing to your sound card/audio output device. If not, problem-solve audio to make sure your audio output is selected as the midi output, etc. To test my recorded midi: (8) Press Play/Space Bar. If it plays, great. If not, problem-solve midi/audio. To play live (and record), I then (9) expanded the track, (10) selected my usb/midi keyboard as the input device (Omni for all midi channels), and recorded a short phrase. Hopefully it plays the midi/audio track. If that's OK, maybe it won't crash when you try playing from your keyboard. PS: I just downloaded it. It played when I hit the space bar. Then it played live from my usb keyboard. You might have to check preferences and make sure it is set up for your midi/audio I/O.
  7. I don't use this feature, so I haven't tested it. Just wondering if you use custom Workspaces? An easy test (if you want to try) would be to take your current Workspace and save it with Aim Assist labels on. My personal convention is to give Workspaces new/variant names. I will see if I can test it now. **See Updates! **Update: Hmmm. I am not sure. If Aim Assist is what gives me a floating/hovering current time box on the time line, I turned it on, didn't save my Workpace, and then switched existing Workspaces. In each different one, even with newly opened projects, I had the little floating/hovering time box that followed the current cursor. I will defer to others who make use of the Aim Assist. Sorry; I thought Workspaces might help. They might, but for me, if the time box is Aim Assist, it seems to persist without doing anything special with Workspaces. All I did was turn it on and it seemed to follow me though projects. UPDATE: For me, the little time box persisted when I had a Cakewalk session open and (a) switched Workspaces and/or (b) closed and opened different projects. However, it was gone when I opened a new Cakewalk session. More importantly (at least to me), when I tried to save the little-time-box-on state in a Workspace, either the state was not saved or it was not restored. I hope this additional feedback is useful.
  8. However, I have no idea with Melodyne player which after the trial expires. Maybe works? Thanks for digging out that link!! (I tend to try first and if the hands-on method doesn't work intuitively or as expected, then I check the online docs / reference guide.) So far I have only used variations of this method: "Drag an audio file from the Browser and drop it on a MIDI or Instrument track" although I have also dragged *.mp3, *.wav, and *.other files from a third-party file browser. I have too many things to do at the present, but that page you cited makes me wonder (1) what I can do with the other methods and (2) if the results will be different from the transparent method I have been using. So, thanks for leading me to the other options; I will put them on my to-do list to try.
  9. My musical boats often float on crisscrossing/overlapping waves of ping-pong (and other) delay echoes. So, this could be used with any instruments hard-panned left or right. Just wanted to mention that because it really does depend on the sonic tapestry you as composer want. This is just one of millions of options to choose from.
  10. Maybe its a feature of Cakewalk that uses Melodyne and not something that is available in other DAWs that only have Melodyne Essential? Just a guess. I raise this possibility because I had used the feature in Cakewalk several times before someone in the forum mentioned it uses Melodyne. When I drag an audio file (mp3, wav, etc.) to a midi track there is no sign that it is using Melodyne. So, to me, I just thought it was functionality built into Cakewalk.
  11. For what its worth, I have been missing the old style set of tools--pre X Sonars--where we had the editing tools in the Staff View pane itself (as opposed to the Tools Module on the Control Bar). Maybe if the devs put that back it could also have the functionality you describe above. That way, maybe they could leave the functionality of the Tools Module the way it currently exists in order not to affect the workflows when not using the Staff View. Just a thought.
  12. I never used this feature, so thanks for mentioning it. I just tried it several times with four different synths by right clicking in the track header area (both midi and instrument tracks). It worked for me with the recent synths I had listed. Not sure if there is a behavior preference setting somewhere that controls this. I looked but couldn't find any.
  13. Also, I couldn't find them as choices for the Custom Module.
  14. Thanks for the heads up; I will have to look; I didn't realize issues with this new feature were included in the Hot Fix.
  15. Based on the screen shot, it looks to me like pause is off. If so, the note below it about 3-19 is telling you that IF you turn it on, THEN the update will be paused until then. That would mean you are correct when you said you didn't do that--unless you turned it on and then off again. At least that's how I understand the screen shot you posted.
  16. I only tested the Bandlab export mechanism once. But maybe you can export it from Cakewalk and upload it to Bandlab (the Mix-Editor/App) and you or your friend can export it and then import it to Cakewalk on the other PC. I think it would be easier to just use a flash drive to transport it or if you are too far apart e-mail it. However, Bandlab (the Web-browser based app) seems to be set up for collaborations across distances and if you can get the CbB -> BL -> CbB process nailed, it might be useful in the long run. Just a thought. Another possibility is with-midi-over internet. A while ago (8-10 years ago) I used something I think was called MIDI Tangle to send midi to a synth in NL (I am in the US) and I recorded the midi output from a friend in NL into Cakewalk. I forget what the latency was--possibly 400 ms each way (800 ms round trip). That was approx. 10 years ago. I am sure there are newer tools for doing midi-over-internet. I assume they would be faster and easier to use, too.
  17. Out of curiosity, does pinning work anywhere? I never use it. Maybe the whole pinning mechanism is borked. I have no idea. Good luck with it; I know how frustrating having to change workflows can be.
  18. Yours looks different than mine. Maybe its because I am logged in? Does the app allow you to either log in or sign up for an account?
  19. OT content removed (It was a vain attempt to point out a difference between uploading a file to Bandlab's online/web-browser app and running Windows software.)
  20. Side by side (my screen shot on the right, w/o "Powered by Roland"):
  21. Thanks for the details. You saved me lots of time--not having to try to figure out which dll is being used!! Mine says "Cakewalk" (not Roland). 🙂
  22. FWIW, earlier today I looked at the file details for what seem to be 5 different TTS-1.dll files based on size. One says File Version 1.0.1; the others say 1.0.2; all are (c) 2004. I have not yet checked to see which one I am using, but am curious to try to find out which one I am using. Not sure if some of the variant dlls are problematic. The so-called "Date Modified" ranges from 9-11-2006 for 1.0.1 and from 8-27-2009 to 3-13-2018 for 1.0.2. Knock on wood, since I started with CbB (05-2019), TTS-1 has worked for me. However, I only send it through one or two audio FX plug-ins and one or two spectrum analysis plug-ins. Not sure any of this will help others DX [pun-intended] their TTS-1, but I was curious and figured as long as I did the research, why not share it.
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