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  1. So, just for the fun of it, I took a super small slice of a longer recording and tried pasting it in long after the project's audio ended and then zoomed in and out to watch for disappearing dots. And I do mean long -- 2, 3, 5 hours after the recorded track ended. Sometimes the clip showed up as a line** and there were dots in front of it (i.e., earlier), and sometimes the clip disappeared. I have no desire to try to pinpoint the cause of the apparent discrepancy. However, I can understand if others get different results wrt the dots becoming invisible. **On second thought, the line seems to be the tiny clip's rectangle.
  2. To me it seemed like John T knew what he was trying to get at, but due in part to the nature of internet forums (among other factors) it was not as clear as it later became. Before that, it was not clear to me. Further discussion of the issue itself: Do we (everyday users) know if Cakewalk's draw functions (including zoom) is inherited from somewhere or is original, designed from scratch code? I would think that only someone who has access to the code (or who is very familiar with it and knows what's "under the hood") can address this and can assess whether or not the code can be tweaked to have dots extend to an "invisible" [aka zoomed out too far to be seen] clip.
  3. Are you trying to say the leading dots should be shown on the track even if the end clip is too small to be displayed given the zoom setting (kind of as a clue that there is a clip that isn't visible)?
  4. RE: The VST Scan Issue "hijacked" thread. Just to let you know, I agree that most times new problems should be done in a new thread.  Yet, I have often felt that it is a royal PITA to have multiple threads where people post an issue that has already been addressed.

    So, my public reply is intended to respect your anti-hijacking suggestion and the same time commend what the new poster did right.

    Personally, if the OP had told us what it was that solved the issue (many do) and someone (scook, maybe) wanted to add tips on how to spot issues in the logs and follow-up steps,  as a SOLVED query, I think it would be more helpful than having multiple threads.


    VSTSCAN: ---- Loading VST plugin c:\program files\Cakewalk\vstplugins\UVIWorkstation.vst3 ----
    hPlugin is NULL, plugin failed to load with error 5, Access is denied.

    I will wait for someone else with more experience to chime in--either in a new thread or in the "highjacked" one, but I am wondering if that "failed to load" entry suggests something like a compressed file, AV software, a "protected" folder / lack of permission,   I'd like to lean more about how to read the log.

    Peace and respect!

  5. I generally agree when new posters have idiosyncratic issues that require unique debugging solutions. That being said, in this case the steps in the thread are relevant. So, if a new poster tries looking in the forum for a similar issue, I think that is to be commended, esp. when there are so many others who don't even bother to look for a solution. While it might be helpful if in a new thread the new poster started with a link to this thread, it is clear that the new poster read and followed specific suggestions and reported on the results. It would have helped if the OP had reported back and if successful had written SOLVED in the topic. I only have experience with reading my own vstscan logs and only to a very limited extent, so I defer to others with more experience. I have no idea if the following issues are problematic: "VSTSCAN: Finished analyzing VST plugins - 98 of 115 VST plugins were scanned in this run" VSTSCAN: ---- Loading VST plugin c:\program files\Cakewalk\vstplugins\UVIWorkstation.vst3 ---- hPlugin is NULL, plugin failed to load with error 5, Access is denied. I think it would help either this thread or a new problem-solving thread to have the list of debugging steps mentioned added to.
  6. TOPIC: Find control of track parameters possible? Is this topic about finding controls or fine controls? You should not be disappointed.
  7. The Chick Corea Elektric Band: Chick Corea - keyboards Eric Marienthal - sax Frank Gambale - electric guitar Michael Pope - bass Dave Weckl - drums (from the You Tube video) Underneath the name of the person/entity that posts videos, you need to click "Show More" to see all the players as well as the track list. Also: https://youtu.be/17Gxuft6v8A?t=744
  8. In my experience, Voltage Modular is not just for creating sounds and it works well with Cakewalk (and possibly other DAWS). Admittedly, for those who are not familiar with and/or experienced with connecting things together, there can be a modest (but not unnavigable) learning curve.
  9. I only have Z3ta+, not Z3ta+ 2, so I have some questions about it. (1) Can Z3ta+ 2 function as an FX unit (i.e., process audio passed into it like Z3ta+ can with the fx version)? (2) Does it have at least as much programmability as Z3ta+ (e.g., modulation routing/control)? (3) Less importantly, can it handle (load and play) Z3ta+ patches (original and the massive number of third party patches)? If so, or if these could be added to the CbB version, I agree that it would be great to have as part of CbB. Might also be nice if it had sampler functionality, was multi-channel/multi-timbral, and had the low CPU draw of E-Mu's Emulator X3.
  10. I thought he was telling the person 3 persons to his left not to pick his zits because they were about to snap the picture. Either that or the guy (who had his mouth open) was saying something to prompt the distraction. To me, it looks like the left-facer is angled in the direction of open-mouth guy. Maybe we are reading too much into the picture! 😜
  11. You Burn Me Up (I'm a Cigarette) = You Burn Me Up (I'm a Cigarette)
  12. You Spin Me Round || You Burn Me Up (parallel phraseology)
  13. What do you mean by real keyboard? The lowest note on my 88-key upright is A. 😉 My Cakewalk keyboard defaults to C as the lowest note: What does your look like? Hmmmm. I don't see a non-octave offset mentioned here: http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Views.50.html UPDATE: I tried different things (e.g., transpose) to get the Virtual Controller to start on A (like my upright), but I haven't been able to find a way to do that.
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