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    M-Purple Satin Theme

    Perfect for that Prince remix! Kudos for all the work that goes into this.
  2. Colin Nicholls

    2019.07 Feature Overview

    ...and I use Ctrl-Z!
  3. Colin Nicholls

    2019.07 appears to be available

    At least, my installation just told me an update was available. Early days, but up and running on 2019.07 here. Thanks, Bakers!
  4. Colin Nicholls

    The box in the Take Lane header where you can take notes

    It's white (on charcoal) on mine, when using my current version of Polar Blue 2019. I then switched between Blue Aston, Mercury, and Tungsten and the text color was unchanged. For what it's worth, I'm using the Pref>Color>Preset of "Normal" but as soon as I save and close the Pref dialog, and then go back in, the preset name is "Normal*" (note the addition of the asterisk) so I suspect that there is an attempt to show that some colors are overridden by the theme? The priority of colors between a "theme" and a "color pref preset" is murky...
  5. Colin Nicholls

    Theme easy on eyes (update)

    Martins, are you creating a theme with no way to test it out? You can't load it in Cakewalk yourself and play back and observe?
  6. Colin Nicholls

    who asked these changes? SOLVED

    Perhaps you'd like to answer Noel's questions on the other thread you posted first.
  7. Here's a tutorial/walkthrough on controlling a VST parameter using external MIDI controller: http://www.prodigalsounds.com/blog/post/2019/08/05/Using-a-MIDI-controller-with-Guitar-Rig-VST-in-Cakewalk
  8. SOLUTION: Re-selecting the present under to Preferences -> Colors page to "Normal" resolved this issue. Cakewalk is now respecting the Clip Background colors of the selected theme. Leaving this here in case it helps others in the future. Sorry for the confusion. ORIGINAL POST: Theme Polar Blue (SteveC) in SONAR Platinum: Theme Polar Blue (SteveC) in Cakewalk 2019.07: In case it is not obvious, in 2019.07 the clip background color is not being respected from the theme, but is retaining the default dark colors from the underlying Mercury/Tungsten themes. I think this reverted with 2019.07. I am going to try and revert to an earlier release of Cakewalk to see if I can isolate this change. Themers, please let me know if I am being crazy here... Additional Info: I do believe that the base themes Mercury and Tungsten are also not respecting their previous colors. If you switch between Mercury and Tungsten in SONAR Platinum, you can see the Clip Background colors do change slightly. In 2019.07, however, this is not happening - the colors are the same in both themes. UPDATE: I reverted to 2019.01, then 2018.08, and they are behaving the same way. I could swear this is a relatively recent change but perhaps I'm crazy. Or, perhaps during the re-install, a later component (with the bug) is not changed but stays at the 2019.07 version?
  9. Colin Nicholls

    NotABug: 2019.07 ignoring theme Clip Background (Even/Odd)? [SOLVED]

    Oh for goodness' sake. I seem to be striking 0/2 recently. This is going to seriously damage my reputation. You are correct, Steve, it seems that somehow my environment changed such that, when I explicitly reselect the "Normal" preset under the Colors preference, the problem goes away. Arghh. I'll update my post above to reflect this.
  10. [2019.07] The latest update(*) appears to ignore any theme override of the Control Bar Performance Modules "Meter color": (image removed) [UPDATED] It's more complicated than that. I switched between several themes and ended up back with the Performance Module respecting the color override. So this must have been some kind of theme-loading glitch. I withdraw my bug report. Sorry about that. (*) Note that I have not applied the 2019.07 hotfix at this time
  11. @Canopus, yup I think you're right. This is the first time I've seen such an artifact. I'll be sure to thoroughly test a theme switch before claiming such a defect again. Lesson learned!
  12. Colin Nicholls

    Theme easy on eyes (update)

    Yeah, I replaced the image with the one that you supplied. So you should probably update your theme and ensure that the correct image is included with it. Glad to help...
  13. Colin Nicholls

    Theme easy on eyes (update)

    Here you go:
  14. Colin Nicholls

    Theme easy on eyes (update)

    They are pink in both locations. I think they are shared FX Bin attributes so I don't know why they would be different from each other.
  15. Colin Nicholls

    A Couple Of Windows 10 Questions

    This discussion (which includes a tip from Craig Anderton re: disabling HD Audio drivers) might help you. Also this would be the definitive Cakewalk Win 10 optimization reference...
  16. Resolution: I think this is more a case of the color attribute being mis-named. (The color I wanted to change is located elsewhere in three or four separate attributes for MIDI, Synth, Audio, Bus, Folder tracks). Rather than "Unfocused Track Text", this attribute should be named differently - and perhaps "Global Color #10" is appropriate 🙂 Original Post: [2019.07] The "Unfocused Track Text" color (IDR_CLR_GLOBAL_10) does not change the actual unfocused track text. Instead, it changes the Help Module Text, Track View Time display, and others: I've reported this as a bug.
  17. Colin Nicholls

    Theme easy on eyes (update)

    Yup, definitely pink:
  18. I would love to be able to bind "Rename Clip..." from the right-click clip context menu to, say, the F2 key. But it does not appear to be available in the list (or I can not recognize it). I suspect that there are a number of recently-added commands that have not been made available for Key Binding or Custom Module assignation. And while we are at it - the scrolling menu list of available commands under the Custom Module context "Commands >" option is almost un-managable given the size of the list and the sometimes cryptic naming of them. I hesitate to say "add new commands to this list" which will just add to the problem. But I'd rather have the new commands available than not at all.
  19. Colin Nicholls

    Feature request: fix tiny scroll windows

    So you're asking for dialog windows that are currently so small that their contents (i.e. lists) are constrained and therefore hard to use because of the scroll bars that that list has to show in order to navigate the contents? And you'd like either the dialogs to be larger by default or at least re-sizeable? I can get behind that request.
  20. Colin Nicholls

    Does anyone use win10 Version 1903 ?

    I just updated to 1903 this morning. Cakewalk seems to be running fine. LatencyMon doesn't report any worse figures than before (and they were quite acceptable). So far, the only thing I've needed to do is re-register XLN Addictive Drums due to the computer ID change. *sigh*.
  21. Colin Nicholls

    Sound on Sound Review

    Totally agree with everything @Craig Anderton said, but ironically the August 2019 issue just arrived here and doesn't appear to include his regular Cakewalk column. This is not unusual; I think each of the seven (7!) major DAWs take turns missing a "workshop" column each month.
  22. Colin Nicholls

    Theme easy on eyes (update)

    Is the yellow FX enabled or disabled?
  23. Release: 2019.05 Steps to reproduce: Open a project with at least one MIDI track Open the PRV Activate "scrub" mode by pressing "J" move the mouse cursor up to the Track View Timeline Ruler and click in the timeline Observe: "The audio engine has stopped unexpectedly" notification toast The mouse cursor is now "boxed in" to a horizontal screen area that overlays the timeline ruler - you can't move the mouse outside this band to click on menu or close or anything Workaround: Alt-TAB to another application (if you can). Now the mouse is "released from its cage" Click back into Cakewalk The mouse is still an "scrub" icon but if you click in the Smart Tool selector you can pop it out of this mode which returns regular mouse icon Click on File-Exit to exit the application safely (continuing to work is not advised; unexpected behavior or return to "scrub lockup" is possible Update Note: This can be reproduced with a brand new empty project: Create empty project Add MIDI track Record some notes (might not be required but seems advisable) Open the PRV Press J to enable scrub mode Click in PRV to audition the MIDI notes (yeah, no sound because no instrument but bear with me) Click in Track View Ruler to move NOW time - may required 2 or 3 clicks but eventually you get the Scrub Mouse Cage effect described above
  24. [2019.05] It appears that changing the Time Ruler background color will also change the background of the Event List column header. Themers, do you think this is a bug (or under-implementation) or am I missing something? (Note that the Mercury and Tungsten themes appear to use the same color for these two items.) FYI, the text of the Event List column header is Global > Menus > View Menu Text.
  25. Colin Nicholls

    Time Ruler and Event List Header background linked?

    Agreed, I see this as a documentation issue rather than a bug, per se. Rather than a Google Doc, I suggest that we define a tag that we can use against posts in this forum that include color mapping clarifications. Our post should include the version to which the discovery applies. How about "#ThemeColor"?