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  1. Did you add a CPU-intensive bus processor? (i.e. linear phase EQ, mastering, etc). Does the latency effect go away if you press the "bypass FX" button in the control bar mix module?
  2. Does this happen with every project? Even a clean, new, empty one? The reason I ask is that some VSTs can tell Cakewalk that settings have changed, even if you don't make any manual changes to the project. I had a virtual minimogue that used to do this - even after hitting save, I'd almost immediately see the asterisk come back in the project name in the title bar, indicating that Cakewalk thinks the project had changed. (internal LFO or something was emitting a "project changed" event...)
  3. Almost certainly. Some plugins might be missing, though, if you don't have them installed in your new computer. If you have used virtual instruments or effects in the project, and can't reinstall them (even temporarily) then you might be missing some information from the older session, and will need to recreate it using modern substitutions for the missing VSTs.
  4. Wow, 51 folks have downloaded this theme as of Dec 28. Nice. Latest version is attached to the original post above.
  5. While I admire that Cakewalk is extra careful to protect our project and audio files, I think you should disable or read-only the path controls if Cakewalk has no intention of respecting what we set them to.
  6. Yes, I can confirm this behaviour has been there for at least a couple of years. It bugs the heck out of me but I've learned to live with it, moving the files manually after exiting the application. At least Cakewalk isn't trashing our projects.
  7. Press ALt-Shift-6 and see if you have another key change event later in the time line, setting it back
  8. Installed; Working; Have noticed no issues. Thanks and Happy New Year.
  9. Sir, I respect your choice of wallpaper. I was envisioning something with cogs but hadn't found the perfect one. Your comments did cause me to have a fevered dream about glowing amber displays.. there may be some scope for improvements in my initial design. Please consider the schematics to be publicly available to approved applicants; apply at the office on the 2nd floor of the Royal Society building on Carlton House Terrace, London. Respectfully, etc etc
  10. I've updated the post to attach the .sth file directly. Sorry about that. I think if I zipped the .sth file it would have downloaded from the web site fine. I don't know why it worked for me when I tested it myself. Enjoy...
  11. I get the 404 error in another browser. I'll investigate. Sorry for the inconvenience, folks. Stand by...
  12. MoShuang, the link works for me. Could there be a setting in your browser that doesn't like downloading .sth files? Try a different browser? Alternatively I could attach the theme file directly, but then it is harder for me to keep updated.
  13. Krupa, my old friend. You have adroitly identified one of the constraints I set for myself with this theme - that is, to avoid the burden of having to update all those blue button images, and instead see how to work around them in a complementary way. The blue itself does fit in with the SteamPunk "leather, bronze, stone" palette if you consider it as the "water" or "glass" component. I realize they pop out visually but the effect is not altogether displeasing. Maybe some adjustment of the other custom colours might ameliorate this effect, somewhat. (My earlier attempt at this theme, called "SteamPink", I confess I abandoned due to eye strain)
  14. Yeah, the link in the top post should remain viable with the most recent version, even though the forum post itself doesn't change its updated time. Maybe this is confusing. I know there's nothing preventing me from just editing the top post directly with an update history or something. Perhaps I'll do that next time.
  15. Tungsten Slate Based on Mercury... psyche! Based on Tungsten, with perhaps a tip of the hat to Blue Aston (seriously, that blue grey is my favorite color) along with a touch of graph paper and the usual eight tweak points of improvement from the House of Colin (spot them all! No prize!) Here's a screen shot or two: Updated 1/16/2020: I've been using this theme for a while and really enjoy it, so I wanted to share the latest changes. Misc tweaks including NOW time position indicator; record arm button images; selected track color, and probably a few other minor things. Tungsten_Slate.sth
  16. Updated to 0.9.4, minor update but fixes a couple of things and updates a couple of images and adds a bit at the end about clip colors.
  17. I've updated the PDF document to the latest version, 0.9.3. It includes several changes including a new section at the end for Case Studies, in which I discuss customizing the Control Bar modules.
  18. I run a 4K monitor (3840 x 2160) at 125% and although Cakewalk is not as "crisp" and pixel perfect as it is at 100%, it is more than just "ok". It is very usable. You're asking the impossible for a non-vector based graphics application to look perfect at anything other than 100% or integer multiples of same.
  19. Steve - Thanks for your comments and observations. I'll respond in one reply Re: Logos - I don't think the ASIO Panel is furnished by the Cakewalk application. At least, my ASIO Panel shows an ECHO logo which isn't one of the ones in Global | About Box. But, good thinking... Re: Input(etc) control icons - Nice graphic! I'll just include your image verbatim in the doc if that's OK with you. Re: Control Bar Background (collapsed) - I just double-checked this. I'm not sure what I used when I tested earlier, but this time I replaced the graphic with an empty rectangle flood-filled with yellow with an alpha transparency value at ~50% and this is what I see: So the customized graphic is overlaying the original. There may be places in the UI where an alpha-channel is respected, or not, and I guess this is a place where it IS respected. I'm not planning on testing this everywhere! Re: "I should probably wait until you are done; would save me some time!" - Well, I had planned to stop working on the doc for a while. As long as I was working on a new custom theme, it seemed reasonable to log my findings, but I think I need to take a break. That said, I'll add your input control icon image as the first change to go into v.0.9.3. Any other updates - from you or anyone, either posted here or as a PM - I will integrate into the document to be included into the next release.
  20. The most recent version of the document is v.0.9.2 and it is available at the URL above. I have paused working on it as of a few days ago, so I expect this is a stable version if you want to download it for easy access.
  21. Thanks, guys. The title is a riff on Neal Stephenson's "The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer" which is a pretty cool SF book; recommended. It seemed to be a good time to prepare the document, as it is clear that the Theme Editor is pretty stable in the development cycle. The bugs and inconsistencies aren't going to be worth the time the skeleton dev group would need to spend, so documenting seems reasonable. I'm not expecting anyone to go through this line by line looking for errors; and there's definitely more useful stuff that could be added. All suggestions welcome! If you have any theme-ing tips or tricks that you know of, let me know and I'll add them in. I'd like to make this a community effort and of course I'll adjust the credits to suit.
  22. Though incomplete, I'm publishing this here now for a couple of reasons: I'm pretty high right now and this seems like a good idea; It is quite useful even in its current incomplete state; If you spot an error or important omission, you might let me know. Have at it! A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer to Themeable items in Cakewalk v0.9.pdf
  23. STEAMPUNK Slate. Bronze. Oiled Leather, amber, and hints of turquoise.... Clarity, consistency, medium-brightness. A smooth mouth-feel. You don't have to be a Victorian Gentleman of Learning to appreciate... SteamPunk. SteamPunk.sth
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