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  1. Um. I don't normally use Scrub, so I tried some tests and I can reliably "White-Screen" Cakewalk just by enabling the audio engine and attempting to scrub some audio. Or MIDI. Hmm.
  2. Is there a way to switch between Arranger, Track Properties, Clip Properties, etc in the Inspector using the keyboard? I haven't found any key bindings available for this. Justification: Since the Arranger view was shoehorned into the Inspector (personally I don't believe it belongs there, should be a seperate thing) I find myself switching between Arranger and Track Props, a lot. Hitting those small tabs with the mouse is getting to be tedious. A keypress would be much preferable.
  3. Does the track play when you engage the transport normally? Muted Clip? Muted Track? Muted Bus?
  4. Hi @Glen, you aren't GlennBo the drummer by any chance? Welcome back!
  5. I'm getting this all the time, now, when I activate the Cakewalk window after, say, closing a browser window. Tiresome. I guess I'll try reinstalling some drivers.
  6. Very nice. I'll be adding this to my "select choice" list of themes I alternative with. I do think you maybe went a little to far with the Performance Module, though.
  7. "Formant", not "Format". Yes. It alters the formant of the audio. Try it and see what results you get! Woweee!
  8. This happens to me ALL THE TIME and has for almost as long as the Start Screen has been a thing. I'm sorry it has started happening to you but I don't think it is related specifically to 2021.01...
  9. Yeah, we're going to need more detail in order to be able to comment, I think.
  10. This isn't really a Cakewalk problem. MDI applications in Windows pretty much have to deal the hand that Windows deals them with respect to non-client areas.
  11. Um... Does "F2" not work to rename a clip when it has articulations in it? It seems to be ignored for clips with articulations, unless I go to the Select Module and un-mark "When clips are selected, select articulation within tracks too". Steps to repro: Have two midi clips. One has articulation (MIDI key switch). Make sure that Select Clip + ff is enabled select each clip in turn, pressing "F2" to bring up the clip rename window Observe: The clip rename window only appears for the clip without articulation. If you clear the "Select Clip + ff" option, you can now rename the clip with the articulation UPDATE This issue is in 2020.11 as well. Please let me know if you would rather I create an official bug report instead of this post.
  12. @Teegarden, thanks! In some ways this could have made a good video tutorial, but personally I also like the animated GIF + text as a tutorial format. Yes, that's all my music. Thanks for the kind words. I play all instruments and vocals. I just released my second album last year. Cakewalk is a big part of making it possible.
  13. Or, you could spend time systematically debugging your setup. (Throw Time at the problem instead of Money)
  14. Bill, I remember seeing your post earlier, and nearly commented to the effect of, "I don't think so, but I also don't think you're imagining things. I feel that over the last couple of updates, it has been harder to drag-widen a track string from minimized; but I never was able to nail down exactly why. It was as though the mouse pointer would change to indicate we could resize the track, but it wouldn't "take"". So... no I don't think it is a theme glitch. I also don't think it is a 2021.01 issue. But I also don't think it isn't real.
  15. I deliberately side-stepped the question of "how else can we create envelopes" i.e. automation lanes precisely because it gets confusing fast, and, yes, I think it helps to think of them as separate things... and then sometimes an automation lane will turn into an envelope in the track... and it is very difficult to say "yeah well it's working as designed" 🙂 I like the way you describe them differently. Thanks.
  16. Here's a tutorial on automation envelopes, and the uses of Offset Mode, including tips and warnings. Cakewalk Automation: Envelopes and Offset Mode
  17. There are many VST plugins that do this for you, find one and stick it on the master bus and keep it open.
  18. Interesting... I just did something similar last week. Installed Superior Drummer 2.0 and I found that the mapping tool in SD was so easy to do, I just remapped it to match my Addictive Drums existing mapping. 5, 10 minute job, max. I wish there was an affordable upgrade path to SD3 *sigh*
  19. Your best course of action is probably to install the new Cakewalk By Bandlab, which is an actual supported product.
  20. To be fair, the NOW time line is a light tone with dark borders , so it's never going to be 100% invisible on any background.
  21. Now is as good a time as any to say that I am experiencing flawless performance with 2021.01. Caveat: I'm not really exercising the new features, it's more of a regression test.
  22. Nope... you're using a custom theme. See here.
  23. Here: The Young Lady's Illustrated Primer to Creating Cakewalk Themes, Chapter 3.8
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