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  1. That looks very usable. Well done.
  2. We will all be experiencing his aftertouch for many years to come
  3. Grok - to fully understand something completely, like drinking it in. Sounds like downing a full mug (grok grok grok....)
  4. I've been using this theme all weekend and I love it. Is it perfect? Well, that's subjective. It's really nice, and I like most of the aesthetic choices, very much. Recommended.
  5. What a mighty and influential legacy. We can only aspire. One of my personal favs:
  6. That won't keep them in sync, though, @John Vere
  7. And the drivers work perfectly with Windows 10 (I have the same unit, mine is green) Edit: Just saw Mark's comment - Mileage may differ, obvs
  8. The 2 month thing isn't a given. In the past it has varied by quite a bit. I would wait a few more months before getting legitimately nervous. 🙂
  9. This happens to me a lot. Two things can fix it: 1) Changing the ASIO buffer size. Sometimes just toggling it back and forth can resolve the issue. 2) Okay this is actually the same thing. If I am mixing/playback, then I increase the buffer size to something ridiculous (1024 or even higher) and see if the problem goes away. It almost always does.
  10. Ignore the crap articles, read the source https://symantec-enterprise-blogs.security.com/blogs/threat-intelligence/cicada-apt10-china-ngo-government-attacks
  11. I recommend having this discussion in the UI Themes forum. Are you sure the problem persists between fresh launches of the application? There are some visual theme characteristics that don't refresh perfectly unless you re-open Cakewalk.
  12. Well, here's a challenge. I haven't found it yet. The KNOB is obvious but the elongated oval background graphic remains elusive. Also interested in the value text - I suspect these can't be changed in the Theme Editor. Note that these don't appear unless the Synth Rack is un-docked. Thanks @sjoens for the challenge...
  13. Page 123 of this document may help you out. There are some colours that can't be altered, and it looks like you've encountered some of them. Oh - and, nice theme!
  14. I genuinely wish you all the best, @AxlBrutality. As a favor from one Cakewalk Veteran to another, could you check back in here a in a couple of months and let us know where you ended up and how you're getting on? So many of these stories don't get a satisfactory conclusion.
  15. I sell my music on BandCamp. I don't know enough to know if the Epic deal is good or bad news. Promotion has always been a problem, regardless of platform.
  16. Might I suggest "Orange Julius" as the theme name
  17. Switch to Tungsten and see if you see the same problem with the Archive button. The Archive button was recently extended from 5 impressions to 8 to handle nested folders, and what you are seeing is a 5-impression image being divided into 8 slices. Hence the cut-off image. Have you ever used any custom themes? Experiment with a few (see the Themes forum) and see if you still observe the problem (with Mercury RS for example) and then switch back. An application restart might help synchronize things also.
  18. struggles to un-knot coin purse Uh... does anyone have a knife?
  19. Hi @Sridhar Raghavan, this is not directly related to your request for tools to load Drum Maps from text files, but if you haven't already seen it, my article on drum maps in Cakewalk is here: https://prodigalsounds.com/blog/2021/05/04/drum-maps-in-cakewalk/
  20. @Sridhar Raghavan, Dimension Pro supports scala files but it may be difficult to find. It used to be bundled with SONAR Professional, and although I think BandLab have the I.P. for Dim Pro, its future is uncertain. This list might be useful to you: https://en.xen.wiki/w/List_of_microtonal_software_plugins I don't think Cakewalk itself has any specific support for non-western scales. SwarShala looks intriguing but I'm sure you're familiar with that. (Note: I'm not knowledgeable about it, just curious).
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