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  1. @Starship Krupa I think this limitation is almost hidden and not very visible .. Like the bug that was in MP3 export for years and after exporting... a 1 second silence was added to first of the mp3 file and after many correspondences I had with cakewalk, finally they Fix this bug
  2. Unfortunately I can't do this in your way I should choose clip automation>gain>hold ctr and mouse(with smart tool) And imagine that it's difficult to do this way each time for changing gain Maybe there is some special setting in preference that I don't know it
  3. i mean the search bar should located under(or above) the plugins layout not in the fx bin
  4. its not easier than cubase in cakewalk we should choose clip automation(in track pane)- then choose gain and after that hold ctrl key and drag left mouse but in cubase its just left mouse!!!! cubase.wmv sonar.wmv
  5. Hi 1- cakewalk needs a good sampler I've seen many times users talk about this feature but nothing has changed yet --------------------------- 2- flexible audio clip gain You know what I mean... Increase and decrease audio clip gain(like Cubase..... Very easily) In cakewalk its really wasting time to do this hard mission : clip automation>gain>hold Ctrl key and Change (However, the result of this difficult process is not as smart as Cubase) -------------------------------- 3- locate cursor when clicked in empty space : this can be done when smart tool is active.. but in select tool or split tool... Nothing is happened to cursor after clicking in empty space ------------------------------- 4- repeat event's color after duplicate track : its not good when duplicate one or some tracks and after that see many tracks with same event's color Even if I just duplicate the track( without events) The new events that I record (midi or audio) has same color ---------------------------------- 5- I have to make this request at least once in a while : let we change our fade in and fade outs curve manually (slow-fast-linear) like in studio one In cakewalk we should right click on edges of fades and choose one curve ------------------------------------ 6- search in plugins : Its good feature that I recently see in feedback and loops For those who say Media Browser does this : most of the users open audio plugins in effect bin (with right click) and a search bar is good idea to find an effect quickly Media browser is just a Cumbersome space that many times I close it with B --------------------------------------------- 7- sidechain with one or two click Sidechain in cakwalk is so hard that I feel like I'm sitting in front of a modular system and having to go through a lot of patch cables to get results.
  6. Maybe he requested chord track (In Persian language we call it 'Accord' Not 'chord') Or maybe something like chord identifier that exist in logic pro( in transport panel)
  7. It's a bout specific moment that you play chord on midi keyboard... not during playback
  8. Yes it's the key signature But Logic Pro has this feature to show the name of the chord in the control bar, and I think it's good feature, but not vital
  9. The main problem is clip's background color.... Its black by defult In sonar 8.5 the clips was colorful And each clip has its default color But from sonar platinum they changed it.. And if i want change default color(for background) i should use theme editor That it takes much time for me to tweak with it
  10. Yeah.. Aux tracks is good idea But for example when i use reverb with aux track and stereo bus I hear a difference between their sound I mean stereo bus sounds like a send effect But with aux... Its like insert
  11. @solarlux 1-customize fades - no problem with it and if i need to make 10 fades simultanously i don't do it by hand. Re : But i have problem with it What I said has nothing to do with creating simultaneous fades... I mean one specefic fade.. In that case the shapes are limited.. I want customize it If you have worked with Studio One, you will realize how difficult it is to change the shape of the fades in cakewalk ________________________________________ 2) To removing all fades cntr +all select all clips and hold cntrl and drag triangle to front of one clip and in all clips fades will be removed. Eelegant way no problem Re : In this method i cant remove fade in and fade out simultaneously.. Once i should drag triangle for fade in and once for fade outs... It needs Shortcut or somthing else that remove ALL FADES at one time without dragging triangle( a process like remove dc offset) ________________________________________ 4.) I like seperated buses and i can see buses in playlist if i want and i can do wave preview if i need. Re : Unfortunately i dont like seperate buses ________________________________________ 5) I like to using patch points that is more flexible than folders for buses Re :When i have a project that has many tracks i like groups my instruments in track folder.. For example guitar folders... Now i want use same effect as insert for my guitars.. I should do it several times.. But if folder track has insert effect.. I do it once ---------------------------------------------- 6)clip gain envelope. For mixing input gain i better use it on track level not clip level. Re : i think in this case you like harder way Its annoying for me... I like the way in cubase and protools ____________________________________________
  12. 1-customize fades : To change the type of fades (for example, from linear to fast curve) if we can do it manually with Smart Tool (like Studio One) it will be much better than right-clicking on the edges of the fade and selecting its shape _________________________ 2- Remove all fades : Like cubase ... we need a shortcut or option that can delete all fades for a series of specified events ___________________________________ 3- better customize for automation : To change the shape of an automation, you have to right-click on it, or if you do it manually ... it will create a node in the middle of the shape ... if this node is not created, we will have better automation ______________________________________ 4- location of the send track(stereo bus) : Just as the aux track is created under the desired crack ... the stereo bus must be created under the desired crack (like cubase) ... not at the bottom of the page under the master track ___________________________________________ 5- smart track folder : I think there should be the ability to create an insert and a send for the track folder so that instead of spending time for each crack under it _________________________________________ 6-Having a separate gain for each event : In cubase and protools, if we want to change the gain of an event, we can easily increase or decrease it manually by selecting an event, but in cakewalk, we must select the event and then select the gain option through the process ___________________________________________ 7- a little change in bounce to track : Its a nice feature... But if the new track is automatically created under the original track, it is better than the last track of the project _________________________________________ 8- individual freezing for multioutput vst If we freeze one of the channels of a multi-output vst(like omnisphere) .. the other channels will also be frozen ... it will be much better if the freezing capability can be separated for each channel _____________________________________________ 9- individual automation for synths : In vsts like trilian and kontakt Their automation is controlled by the first MIDI track and if we want automate other midi tracks that routes to that synth We should do it with first midi track So I think if we have separate and independent automation for each midi track (for a specific Multichannel vst) It can save time for composers because if we have many tracks in project it is hard to find first midi track (Of course, I have already reported this to cakewalk, and it will be corrected in the future) _________________________________________ 10- huge change in color and apperance : I think cakewalk should make fundamental changes in appearance and color ... because its appearance is completely out of fashion and should be more modern .. Cakewalk is very dark by default and this factor can greatly affect the creativity of musicians. Look at software like Logic and ableton ... they are quite reminiscent of 2021, but cakewalk reminds me of the 90s ... Please do not tell me to use the theme editor because it is time consuming to work with and in The end result does not give us a very attractive ... even the type and quality of colors are not good compared to other daw and I hope this will be fine one day. ________________________________ With all that said, I have been working with cakewalk for 10 years and I love it very much .. and my goal is to see the useful features that exist in other daws in cakewalk because this daw has the potential for this Which is more widely used in the music industry
  13. Hi Multiout put plugins like omnisphere.. Trillian and kontakt.. Does not have independent automation for each channel's track For example if I want automate an element of omnisphere in channel 2-3-4 (like cutoff-amp-hardsync and... ) I should do it with channel 1's track...and I can't do it in each channel track I just see this feature in studio one And I think it's good because when we have many tracks in project It's hard to find channel 1'track of Multi output plugins I attach a picture for easy understanding Thanks
  14. hi does anyone know how i can update lame mp3 encoder? the version is used by cakewalk is 3.99 ( for 2017) but the latest version is 3.100.1 (for 2020) the main difference between these two version is padding bits in mp3 export in new version this feature can be disable it annoying .. because i should export my project in wav or wma format and again convert it to mp3 with another software i want export my project direct to mp3 in cakewalk please..dont say mp3 is not good format and.... i want good mp3 export with cakewalk thanks
  15. this method cannot solve the problem its good when i finish composing and just want to listen that not in the middle of composing...because as you see the new midi clips background is black and in the color section in the preference there is no default color changer for midi background (just foreground) and as i said in my previous post....we are musician and everything about daw appearance SHOULD BE very user friendly and colorful(like ableton-studio one-cubase-logic) i hope a revolution will happen in bandlab and they improved cakewalk
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