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  1. hi does anyone know how i can update lame mp3 encoder? the version is used by cakewalk is 3.99 ( for 2017) but the latest version is 3.100.1 (for 2020) the main difference between these two version is padding bits in mp3 export in new version this feature can be disable it annoying .. because i should export my project in wav or wma format and again convert it to mp3 with another software i want export my project direct to mp3 in cakewalk please..dont say mp3 is not good format and.... i want good mp3 export with cakewalk thanks
  2. this method cannot solve the problem its good when i finish composing and just want to listen that not in the middle of composing...because as you see the new midi clips background is black and in the color section in the preference there is no default color changer for midi background (just foreground) and as i said in my previous post....we are musician and everything about daw appearance SHOULD BE very user friendly and colorful(like ableton-studio one-cubase-logic) i hope a revolution will happen in bandlab and they improved cakewalk
  3. the samples you've post are like sonar 8 how did you create that?? i change background clip( for example blue) but when i record a new clip ...the new clip color is black and when bounce them to one clip ...it gets black actually i want black track color ( not purple pr green or etc) but clips background should be colorful and easy to colorize( like studio one) we are musicians... not computer programmer to spend a lot of time to customize theme and colors in daw with theme editor( i hate that) everything should be simple to create complex music...not complex feature that causes headache
  4. yeah maybe the picture i post is not suitable...i just mean clips's background...not mixer 🙂
  5. 1- i want it more colorful and modern looks(like logic and studio one) clips background color is black and even in inspector i change the background clips...when i record new clip its background is black cakewalk should change default color of background of clips and put color changer near the name of track,,not in the inspector( like studio one) with many tracks and clips..everything is black and ugly 2-seperate automation control for multichannel vst like omnisphere and kontakt( logic has this feature) for these kind of vst ..if i want automate a feature of omnisphere channel B-C-D-E-F-G-H there is no omnisphere option in automation and i should do it with ominsphere channel A 3- locate the send track under the original track...not in the bottom of the daw( like cubase) 4- fix mp3 export bug( its bug because none of the daws doesnt have this problem) as you see in the picture ..after i export my music in mp3 in doesnt sync with metronome and its begin with some latancy
  6. So why Cubase mp3 codec doesn't have this padding bits? And can i change sonar mp3 codec? (remove lame and install another codec)
  7. @scook It's cakewalk bug Because I've export many mp3s in Cubase and logic and there isn't any problem with that daws. I use mp3 file for send to my bandsmate For example send backing track for drummer And wave file size is not suitable for sending with internet However it's a bug and cakewalk should solve it (of course if they claim to be professional)
  8. Hi when i export my project to mp3 it isnt sync with metronome in cakewalk and other daws..and when i zoom on it i see its waveform begin with latency with wave file everything is correct.,i upload a pic that shows my problem
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