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  1. Chiming in on @user6808463577169165's post, the image he posted of the Studio One example may be too bright but I understand exactly what he's asking for because I've wanted the same thing for some time now. Below should be a better example/demonstration of what we're requesting. It's basically the same but much easier our precious retinas.
  2. Hi, This request is a pretty simple one (and possibly a nitpick-y one) — I would like to see a change to the current format of the clip colors which is, colored waveform/foreground and dark grey background. I admit, at first it looked good but after a while of actually working with the clips, I've came across situations where certain colors made it difficult to see what the waveform was showing. I'm hoping we can have the simple and consistent black/dark waveform again with actual colored clips instead of just the waveform.
  3. It helps a LOT compared to the VST3 version but the fix is not perfect for me. I still get pops. Lucky you! What sample rate do you run at?
  4. I've been using Antares' Auto-Tune products for a few years now and unfortunately, I haven't been having the best experience using EFX 3 in SONAR/Cakewalk. There is a 'popping' sound that pops up intermittently throughout playback and also in my renders. I'm aware that there is insufficient testing and support for SONAR/Cakewalk (based on Antares' DAW compatibility webpage) but if it's not too much to ask, is it possible for the developers to look into this for Cakewalk 2019?
  5. I've felt this way for years; left out - as a producer that has a heavy Rap/Hip-Hop/sampling influence, not having the basics to get a task done or get a decent workflow going without jumping across to another DAW or using ReWire could mess-up your creativity and your confidence in your DAW (SONAR/Cakewalk). I hope things change with BandLab. +1 @CosmicDolphin
  6. GUI update for EVERYTHING! Starting with the core interface... but, yes. I use the Sonitus series of plugins a lot and it would be nice if they got some attention.
  7. Yes! We need this! From Cyclone, to Beatscape, to Session Drummer... (sigh) we need at least one decent sampling/drum plugin that sticks around and improves overtime and is not neglected for years.
  8. Also, it would be nice to be able to add folders WITHIN folders. How about a +1 for that 😀
  9. I vote to hide it altogether and back it into the right-click menu of the track pane.
  10. Fingers crossed! Pro software needs pro features/capabilities! +1
  11. Yes, please! A huge benefit to a creators workflow especially when you have tons of sounds to scan through. Throw in thumbnails and the browser is complete! +1
  12. Yassssssss! Doing it the current way was a bad idea and should've been changed a long time ago. Reverse clip colours!
  13. Sure. I vote for AAF. +1
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