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  1. I have seen this feature in FL studio which could change the min&max in automation, I'll be very glad to see it in cakewalk. it gives music production more possibility.
  2. It didn't work, Did I do something wrong.
  3. No, I tried articulation, I only know how to add keyswitch, have no idea how to add CC.
  4. Instruments in Labs and BBC symphony orchestra It seems that they did not support pitch bend wheel and cc65, so I use the global tune in NRPN which is the Tune in these plugins. I think these two are very famous, I don't know if it's my problem.
  5. I wanna create Portamento effect, So I automated the Tune option of the Plugin(Some plugins does not support bend wheel), it show me -36 to 36st, I just wanna adjust 2 semitones, and when I drag the node it only show me the percentage instead of semitone, it's very inconvenient. Could it be possible to set a range to it. and sometimes I perfer to draw parameters in CC controller, but the cc values range from 0 to 16383, it is hard to tell where the semitones are.
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