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Found 3 results

  1. I am getting a new PC Win 10 i7 and will no longer be able to use my Echo Mia audio interface. Can you recommend alternatives under $500? Thanks.
  2. Well, the road can throw you some curves and I am navigating through one at the moment. These unplanned adventures can go in so many ways so I am hoping this one results in a good outcome. I normally travel with my PreSonus Studio 6|8 which is a built like a tank interface. On a recent trip, however, it looks as if the Main Output control was bent somehow during handling. There have been some unusual audio problems I am not absolutely sure to trace back to the Studio 6|8 but could not take any chances so I had to find some type of backup plan. I had been very interested in the new 3rd Gen Scarlett series from Focusrite and the Guitar Center closest to where I am staying had them in stock. I needed at least 2 additional audio inputs and MIDI support and the 4i4 seemed to be right for the job. I have not had a chance to go to the venue to troubleshoot the Presonus but I can tell you already that I am VERY impressed with the 4i4! It is BUS Powered using a USB C connector to standard USB 2.0/3 adapter and has MIDI In and Out on the rear panel which is great. The form factor is a little over 1/3 the size of the Studio 6|8 which is great to pack it into my carry on and not worry about things getting mishandled. My road computer is a mid-2013 MacBook Pro (sorry 🙈)I mainly use it to run HALionSonic 3, Omnisphere and Kontakt 6. I can't wait to see how it works not only on the MacBook but also when I have it working with my Windows setup at home. I will definitely follow up with more of my experiences. Please let me know if any of you have worked with the Scarlett 3rd Gens as well; I would love to hear your feedback.
  3. If you've encountered me in this forum you may know that I'm not somebody looking for the lowest possible latency in an audio inteface. For one thing, I'm always on a tight budget. I also seem to be comfortable using guitar amp sims at higher latency than many other CbB/SONAR users. So I'm just not into investing in a fancier interface than the one I already have. Except for one thing. I'm currently using a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6. It's a first generation model, and CbB reports round trip latency in the range of 10ms (I haven't looked lately). I like it -- the preamps and stuff. But I kind of hate the mixing software ("Mix Control") that comes with the Focusrite driver. I've never been comfortable using it to create headphone mixes. Mostly I work by myself as engineer, producer, player and singer, but I expect to be doing a few things with some other folks this year, and I'd like to be able to generate two or three different headphone mixes and I want something that's intuitive and easier to use. I've heard that the 2nd generation 6i6 comes with a vastly improved Mix Control, but I haven't seen it in action. So my two-part question is: Is 2nd gen Mix Control way better than 1st gen? And (part two) is there another interface in the 6i6 price range with significantly better (easier to use) mixing software? Thanks for reading!
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