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  1. @Jim Fogle Many thanks Jim - I guess that's another perspective on things! And thanks for signposting the Cakewalk by Bandlab guide. That's something I'll definitely be looking at. Have a great Christmas! Cheers
  2. Many thanks Starship and some good advice on playback. I'm off to find Musicbee ... after a quick dig about on Google it looks really good. Thanks again.
  3. Cheers Joe - I've already subscribed to CreativeSauce. And I'd agree, it's a fantastic 'sauce' of info, especially being the only YouTube channel I've found that focusses on Cakewalk 🙂 Thanks also for your comments on the DA issue. I'll keep saving my pennies for some future day ...
  4. Hi David, I really appreciate your comments and advice. I've done quite a bit of 'Googling' and 'YouTube-ing' recently and am learning a lot already, but great to get some good advice directly from people who know! Cheers
  5. Many thanks Justin. Really helpful to hear your experience ... and great analysis BTW. I've never tried drinking dishwater, but taking your advice I'll give that a pass! 😏
  6. Hi all, a newbie here! Apologies if this is the wrong forum to ask ... and this may be a daft question but as a new starter setting up my desktop for basic home producing on Cakewalk do I need an audio interface, or can I simply use my PC's soundcard? I don't record any instruments - just a midi controller connecting by USB with all VSTs. Forgive my naivety but I'm an ol' guy just getting into a new hobby! 😀 Thanks
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