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  1. m21

    my beats

    Tell me what do You think about that. I would really appreciate any feedback on this beat or any other that You can also listen on my YT channel or SoundCloud account. https://youtu.be/d9UqfFriRag https://soundcloud.com/user-359767509-962687047/sapg-minor-126bpm?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
  2. hi folks! tomorrow i am going to buy pendrive to keep there backup data for my projects and i got no idea what files should i exactly copy. i assume that i should copy the folder of the project that are in C/cakewalk projects and then choose a specific folder that i want to backup. but is that enough? i read that is better to export project as bundle. but all my project are cwp. not bun. and on other forum i read that i shouldn't export as bundle and now i'm confused lol.
  3. m21

    electric guitar

    hi guys. i am looking for some electric guitar around 150-250 $. i have never played electric guitar but got some experience with acoustic. i want to use it with my audio interface and cakewalk. i would love to play songs from linkin park, marylin manson, bmth, architects, slipknot, sleep token and also do some own stuff. so i want to play some soft ballads and some heavy stuff. there are some interesting guitars i found online: Schecter C-6 Deluxe Ibanez PGMM21 Epiphone Les Paul Special Satin E1 Epiphone Les Paul Special VE ESP LTD MH-10 Kit BLK ESP LTD EC-10 BLK Kit Ibanez PGMM31 if you know some of them and could say what would fit me the best or you know some other model then tell me for which i should go for. i listened these guitars on yt and i think what sounds the best for me is Epiphone Les Paul Special VE and ESP LTD EC-10 BLK Kit but epiphone is cheaper so it looks more interesting for me. also if you could add some advices about what cable i should look for it'd be cool.
  4. Hello guys. I've got big problem with audio interface that makes me really freaked out. Recently I bought KA2 and in the first two days everything was ok. I installed audio drivers etc. But now when I open my project the sound is distortioned and there's a lot of clicks and pops. The same project I used to work on few days ago with no AI was working very well but now with AI I can't do a thing. The CPU with this project is approximately 50%. I don't think that it might be caused by apps running in the background (although when I am doing something on cakewalk I only use cakewalk) because as I said, before I started to using audio interface everything was working fine. I tried to listen to music on yt with AI and it's sounds ok. But on cakewalk it's distortioned.. (but two times I got situation that the sound on cakewalk was distortioned and it also affected the sound on yt). I noticed that sometimes I need to plugin AI a few times to make it work (maybe some problems with usb ports?). Do you guys have some idea what is the problem? What I should do? Maybe something with headphones? Adapter? USB ports? I also tried to set 2048 samples, freeze some tracks but nothing changes. I am considering returning audio interface to the shop if it's gonna be like that. Please help me guys.
  5. Ok thank You so much. So can I delete ASIO4ALL from my computer if it's useless?
  6. Hello everyone. I bought recently Komplete Audio 2 and I am not sure if set it up correctly. In the FIRST PHOTO I've got checked ASIO4ALL KA2 input and output. Shouldn't it be the one below? This ,,Komplete Audio ASIO Driver''? I can't even choose it. Don't know why. Ok now take a look at SECOND PHOTO. Every audio track must be KA2 1 + KA2 2 as input and output to master, am I right? Also could you check if input and output in the THIRD PHOTO is ok? It's a MIDI track. And please tell me is everything okay on the FOURTH PHOTO. ps one last question for people who got maschine sampler. did you also had problem with maschine crashing the whole time? like cpu is suddenly rising up and the sound is just crashing
  7. hey everyone it's me again quick question which is better in YOUR opinion? and if you got some good or bad experience with both or one of them pls share it
  8. First of all thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate that. Next week I will be in the city and I'm gonna search for some music shop and see what they will offer me. If there won't be anything what would fit my preferences I will buy something online. I feel like i'm gonna choose this focusrite scarlett but I may go with solo because I won't be recording two things (like vocals and guitar) at once. And the only difference between 2i2 and solo is just inputs/outputs? Correct me if i'm wrong (i hope there is no difference in sound quality). I'm also considering interfaces from behringer, presonus, img stageline, steinberg and komplete audio from NI. If you got some experience with these then share with me please. I need to spend some time on internet and see some comparisions to find the best which won't be too expensive and will work for me. I dunno if it's important information but when I will be playing/recording guitar I will have to do it with headphones most of the times. And in the case of midi keyboard is there some kind of wire? that I could plug into audio interface and it would let me use my midi keyboard? I heard that if plug midi keyboard straight to the laptop it might have some problems with latency so I'm just asking in case.
  9. It's dell. 12 GB RAM. CPU AMD A12-9700P RADEON R7, 10 COMPUTE CORES 4C+6G 2.50 GHz. And one hardrive.
  10. Hey guys. I don't know anything about audio interfaces but I'm looking for some good one. I want to plug in electric guitar into it and play with some effects from my DAW (also record some stuff) because I dont have any guitar amplifier. And in the future I may buy a midi keyboard and mic so could you tell me what audio interface could be the best in my case. When I will go to the music shop what should I asked for and for what should I look for. Also I have a question is my laptop parametres important here? I mean is there a possibility that I will buy audio interface which won't be working cause of my weak laptop?
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