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  1. Thanks Chuckebaby and Scook. I didn't see your responses until after the fact. Very well explained and exactly the case (A or C).
  2. Hey Kenny, yes. Thanks so much. So the red fader channels have to do with one's soundcard outputs. Not busses. I'm just used to using Reaper which has a designated master track that is locked hard right or left on the console depending on how you set it up. After reading your response, I ended up creating a master bus and went to each track and redirected the outputs to it. Easy peasy. I think what I did when I created the project was just deleted the 3 busses with the intent of not wanting to mess with them on my first CbB project to keep things simple. So much clearer now. Thanks again. BTW, what's the purpose of the preview track?
  3. Can someone please explain to me what those two channels are on the right with the double red faders? I thought it was my master bus but I am unable to add any plugins to it and cannot figure out what to do with it!
  4. Thank you Scook for the explanation. Ok, I've updated CbB. Now I can hear all my samples! But on some of them there is a pulsing stutter. And when I drop in in the track, it plays somewhat normally but the sound drops out randomly. Any clue what is happening now?
  5. Thank you Chuckebaby and Scook. I will update CbB (Why not CW?). I never heard of acidized. Maybe that is the issue?
  6. In the media browser, I'm clicking on each sample. Some play, some don't. Doesn't matter length, sample rate, bit rate, or bit depth. Also, I was trying samples in another folder and the ones that played back all had a stutter, the same speed. Is there any view of the waveform of the sample to show a visual of the length and transients? UGH, I have a feeling I'm gonna have to go back to Reaper. I was really hoping this was going to work out but right out the gate I am having so much trouble.
  7. Thanks. I keep smashing Ctrl D and nothing. I didn't even notice that menu bar above the track. I was looking at the clips menu to the left of the track header. I'm in Version 24.04.01 Build 31. Is that an issue? What is VbB?
  8. I select a clip and hit Control D but it doesn't duplicate. I'm really new to this DAW coming from Reaper. I was really excited to start using this DAW but I'm off to a bad start. I can't believe I have to make a post about such a simple thing I should be able to figure out myself. I looked in the manual and couldn't find a Duplicate Clip option in the Clip Menu. And there's not even an option in the right click menu! Really? Is this a bug maybe?
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