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  1. mm

    Audio Quality/Performance

    From what I understand now, Realtek ASIO Audio Drivers do not perform well because I have an onboard soundcard, and one way to try to solve this issue is by changing the driver settings. However, this did not help me (I still get drop-outs using WASAPI) and I want to use ASIO. My computer specifications seems to be good (i.e. CPU, RAM, and SSD storage). What do I need to upgrade, so that I can use ASIO with high quality drivers, get low latency, high sound quality, and no audio drop-outs? I'm not very familiar with the hardware aspect of this; hopefully, someone can clarify what I need to do. (Please keep in mind, I am not trying to make the current situation work, but I want to upgrade to get out of this issue.)
  2. mm

    Audio Quality/Performance

    I use Windows and have Realtek HD Audio Drivers. When I use Cakewalk by Bandlab, I have it set to ASIO. I mainly use Cakewalk by Bandlab to record audio from a midi keyboard connected via USB to the computer, or use midi within the DAW. I frequently get audio dropouts (usually code 0 or 1). I restart Cakewalk by Bandlab, and it resumes working, until I get another dropout (usually I get a dropout every 30 minutes of using the DAW, regardless of the driver setting I use). I want to know how to upgrade so I can eliminate dropouts, have great sound quality, and get best performance during DAW audio processing. I'm looking for advice to get me started (with respect to what I need to improve related to computer specifications and sound card). I am not very familiar with hardware/software aspect of things to get the best system for music production, and I am hoping someone can help me with this; while keeping in mind my goal is to eliminate audio drop-outs, get high sound quality, get high performance, for my use of recording via a midi keyboard and using midi/VSTs within DAW.
  3. mm

    Audio Devices

    I have tried configuring Windows to not touch the hardware drivers (as Promidi suggested) before doing the Windows Update. However, after doing the Windows Update, the problem still re-occurred; so I did a System Restore again to fix the problem. I think I can't always avoid doing a Windows Update. I now realize that re-installing Realtek audio drivers should not work, because the driver it is already working properly with other applications on my computer. I have checked that I am using the latest drivers. This issue relates only with the Windows Update and Cakewalk by Bandlab. I have installed the early access release of Cakewalk (as suggested by Noel Borthwick). I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this problem and knows the fix? Otherwise, is there a way to report this issue to Cakewalk by Bandlab?
  4. mm

    Audio Devices

    I solved the problem by doing a System Restore (which confirms the error was caused by the Windows Update). I noticed that Cakewalk by Bandlab recognizes the driver installed on my computer as Realtek ASIO HD Audio. When I go to the Control Panel and look at the installed programs, it says I have Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers. Is this the same driver as Realtek ASIO HD Audio? How can I check on my computer system that I have Realtek ASIO HD Audio installed? I am asking in case I need to uninstall and reinstall the audio drivers (as suggested by Promidi) due to another error from the next Windows Update, and I want to make sure I am installing an ASIO driver.
  5. mm

    Audio Devices

    I have been using Cakewalk by Bandlab for some time, and I never had a problem with it, until recently, after I did a Windows Update. When I started up Cakewalk, I now get a message saying, 'There are no audio devices for the current driver model on your system. Please do to Edit Preferences Audio Playback and Recording and choose a different driver model'. I have always had ASIO selected under Driver mode. Under Devices Input Drivers and Output Drivers, nothing is listed. The issue is that I get no sound. For other applications and programs, the sound is working fine. I tried changing the driver mode to something different under Audio Devices, but I still get no sound. My assumption is that after I did a Windows Update, something has changed where Cakewalk by Bandlab is no longer recognizing the audio driver. How do I solve this problem?
  6. mm

    USB Midi Driver

    I have a Cakewalk Music Connector USB Midi cable from an old version of Cakewalk. I used the cable to connect my piano keyboard to my PC. I cannot install the drivers because it cannot be installed on the new version of Windows, and an updated driver is not available because Cakewalk discontinued support. I want to use the cable on Cakewalk by Bandlab. Is there an universal USB MIDI-IF driver that I can install, or some other workaround?
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