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  1. Hi All, Hopefully I can explain this question in a way that makes sense. In the old Cakewalk Sonar, I could use just about any tool in the HUD, click on the timeline, and advance the Now Time Marker, which made comping very quick and intuitive. With Cakewalk Bandlab, unless I'm in the Smart or the Move tool, that feature no longer works, so I have to move the cursor up to the top, and move the Now Time Marker, and then return to the track I'm editing. Is there a way to enable using any tool in the HUD to advance the Now Time Marker once again? Thanks, Ed
  2. Thanks for listening. I agree with all of your comments, but especially the drums. I love the flexibility of Superior Drummer 3, but it seems like it takes quite a bit of work to give them some "oomph."
  3. Nevermind -- I just saw the thread that mentioned that the updater was temporarily disabled earlier today. Now that it's back, I'm up to 2020.05.
  4. This was a tune I wrote and recorded in late November and early December (on Sonar Platinum), and mixed down last weekend, built around a bunch of guitars: Electric on left channel is a 1983 Fender ’57 Strat reissue. Electric on right channel is the 2000 Les Paul R9 in my avatar. Acoustic on left channel is a 2006 Gibson Everly Brothers. Acoustic on right channel is a 2019 Taylor GS Mini in high-strung Nashville tuning. Bass is a 1983 Fender P-Bass. Lead Guitar is a 1983 Gibson Les Paul Custom. Way in the background is a synth pad played on a Roland-Ready Strat into the Roland VG-88 guitar modeling rig. All of electrics were run through the Eventide H9000 Crush Station fuzz effect into the Strymon Iridium amp and cab modeling pedal. Vocals were recorded through a Neumann U67 reissue mic, into a Chandler Ltd. Redd.47 preamp, into an Universal 1176 reissue FET compressor into a Warm Audio WA-2A tube compressor. Drums are Superior Drummer 3; and I overdubbed an assortment of hand percussion (cowbell, tambourine, and triangle) into a Shure KSM-313 ribbon mic into a Cloudlifter pre-amp. Incidentally, how do I embed a playable SoundCloud clip?
  5. Hi there, I only switched from Platinum to the Bandlab version of Cakewalk late last month, so I'm still getting up to speed with all the new features. When I opened up the program tonight, I got the announcement that version 2020.05 is available, but when I clicked on the Bandlab Assistant, it's showing my version of Cakewalk as being up to date, even though it's showing as 2020.04 when I clicked on the About Cakewalk button. So how do I download the update? Thanks, Ed
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