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  1. I am unable to get Wavelab 6 working with the latest version of Cakewalk. I used cbB and get the message "cannot create process". Neither Wavelab nor Cakewalk are set to run with admin privileges'. Has anyone got this to work? It did work for me in Sonar X3. NM just fixed it. Bot hnot set to admin did not work. But, both set to Admin, did work...
  2. Charley Rich

    SSL 2+?

    I just purchased an SSL 2+. Are there any special settings I should use with Cakewalk for this interface? I went into driver settings in Cakewalk and it showed latency of 10ms for 44k hz stereo. That seems quite slow. I am using a PC with an Intel i7 9700 3.6 ghz CPU which should be quite fast. Am I doing something wrong or is this what I should expect to see? --Charley
  3. Thanks for your replies. I would like to use 3 mics simultaneously , one of which is a condenser mic that needs phantom power. Midi is a nice to have, but not required. My midi keyboard has a usb connection. I also have a Mackie 12vlz mixer that I have been using for the mic preamp in front of the PCI board. If I use one of these newer interfaces, do I still need the mixer? I used the Echo Mia to record a CD and thought it did a terrific job. Will going to USB be a step back or can I get at least the same sound quality? Should I consider Thunderbolt? Thanks for any advice and recommendations.
  4. I am getting a new PC Win 10 i7 and will no longer be able to use my Echo Mia audio interface. Can you recommend alternatives under $500? Thanks.
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