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    SSL 2+?

    I just purchased an SSL 2+. Are there any special settings I should use with Cakewalk for this interface? I went into driver settings in Cakewalk and it showed latency of 10ms for 44k hz stereo. That seems quite slow. I am using a PC with an Intel i7 9700 3.6 ghz CPU which should be quite fast. Am I doing something wrong or is this what I should expect to see? --Charley
  2. Thanks for your replies. I would like to use 3 mics simultaneously , one of which is a condenser mic that needs phantom power. Midi is a nice to have, but not required. My midi keyboard has a usb connection. I also have a Mackie 12vlz mixer that I have been using for the mic preamp in front of the PCI board. If I use one of these newer interfaces, do I still need the mixer? I used the Echo Mia to record a CD and thought it did a terrific job. Will going to USB be a step back or can I get at least the same sound quality? Should I consider Thunderbolt? Thanks for any advice and recommendations.
  3. I am getting a new PC Win 10 i7 and will no longer be able to use my Echo Mia audio interface. Can you recommend alternatives under $500? Thanks.
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