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  1. Hi t , thanks for commenting I always try to keep my solo`s pretty simple and straight to the point , I did double track on the solo to give it more pressence I´m not a fast player so I try to rely on melody ...and not try and play a million notes per second..cheers P
  2. Hi chaps . thanks for the comments ,and yes of course I used my nans hearing aid , and my grandads ear trumpet as well , I´m sort of pleased with the outcome i think that the drum break wasnt too good though , I pulled out all the stops on this one productionwise everything ive learned from Mikes creative sauce tutorials, I´m looking forward to the next project cheers paul
  3. Hi guy`s .. well I`ve gone as far as I can with this one using three types of headphones, auto speakers , and my nans hearing aid , and every time i still couldnt decide Ive added the lyrics just so you can make sense of it all Ive also left the rough demo on sound cloud until i need more space for new songs... have fun cheers paul Guns of Navarone paul bush Well we`v sat three times through ``four funerals and a wedding´´ and we`v ate all the cookies from the jar, We`r sitting miles apart on our secondhand couch could this be our.... ``bridge too far´´ ? ... Well every Wednesday night is scrabble and a pint, with our new friends we met in Corfu...well he´s so funny and she`s so smart...do they feel just as lost, Like we do ? Oh for pitys sake, We dont need a break Is it time we tried something new Stop being meek and mild, I say lets go wild Break out the vodka and our dancing shoes Maybe We´ll try a new postion do it in the rough It all depends on my condition Once is not enough I´m made of sterner stuff it just cant be a sin doing it behind Tesco`s wheely bins on a saturday or a rainy day in the park …..solo...... Well I´ll arm wrestle , any man in the bar Fight off the man who wants to tear us apart Draw pistols at dawn If that`s what it takes ( or you can burn me at the stake yeah) I´ll play a walk-on part in a period piece , Swe-ep you up in my arms on the edge of a cliff r riding horses on on an empty beach …..We can be just who we want...... I´ll wear a ruff just like ``shakespeare in love´´ Fight Mr D àrcy in a freezing cold tub.....climb a office block ten stories high , jump off the top and write your name in the sky I`ll even drink my beer shaken not stirred, Wear a bunny outfit just like in Bridget Jones , Wear a mask just like in eyes wide shut ..….Untill you just cant get enough..... Join a club, for swingers with loose ends, Just like the couple from the flat downstairs Rent a black tuxedo just for one day you walk around in red lingerie Oh for pitys sake, We dont need a break There´s time to start something new Lets dance into the dark unknown, till we have grown …..We can be just who we want.....
  4. Paul Bush

    One Touch Away

    Right off the bat I´m fan of you songs but i find myself going back to youre country acoustic guitar slide guitar format of which you really excell so I understand that you want to expand your song pallet , i just want you to go back to your roots , this is no critque just my personel taste , I really missed the acoustric guitar and simplicty cheers all the same great song
  5. Paul Bush

    Coming Home

    Beautiful vocals , just soo good, great production high street kensington Loons rule ... just keep em comming ! great song
  6. Well many many thanks for the encouraging comments guy`s ,Nick Lowe, Elvis costello wow all the names you mentioned are really hero´s of mine I think because i´m a 70`s - 80`s kind -a guy thats the way i write , after all these years I´m still thrashing about, I played in my first a band at 18 and wrote all the songs untill it disolved , then i had a maybe 14 years where i was too busy traveling working around Europe, I then started up again about 10 years ago hobbying but since downloading cakewalk about three yeras ago i seem to be having more fun than ever mainly due to the encouragement from this forum ..so its all your fault ! cheers everyone the master mix will soon be finished. Paul B
  7. Well what can I say great vocals , well recorded, loved the melody and harmonies all the stuff i like in a song , was in there ..super cheers P
  8. Paul Bush


    Yeah I like this very much loved the double guitars cheers p
  9. Thanks for the comments and encouragement guys , I´m at the fun point of just adding some guitar fills , bits of vocals, percussion I´m just trying to get everthing nice a sepereate and not too over complicated ...... i´ll not listen to it for a bit, so as to clear my head and my rose tinted headphones ..cheers P
  10. Straight off the bat its a great song Keith , I just didnt like the sound of the drums, its just my personal taste really sorry , the melody really draws one in, so its all there , I´d be really interested to see what you`re going to do with it ...I´ll shut up now before i get myself into more trouble ..cheers P.
  11. Hi Keith, really good intresting melody, one never knows where its going untill it gets there , I think the synth`s (sax as well)let it down and cheapens what is a great song and the midi drums are not very nice (I use EZdrums 2) this is well worth finishing , its got so much going for it .. I didnt hear any guitar (Iwould say that being a guitarist) good vocal range, lots to play around with cheers P
  12. Hi chaps here`s a new one for 2023 way not finished needs some filling out towards the end and a decent mixdown as it say rough demo , the drums will be seperated in the new mix ,,have fun ...its about relationships as usual ..
  13. Loved the chord changes great song tight production ..
  14. Paul Bush

    What We've Got

    I look forward to your songs...... .just lovely ..great vocals liked the subtle double vocals , harmonies worked really well great song ..cheers P
  15. Nothing ``shamless´´ about this song as long as you dont dance around in yer underpants like kylie , loved the break , backing vocals hit the spot . nice one..
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