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  1. Barry I love your vocals as always, you got so much character in your voice , great song...... too long ? I think a soaring guitar solo wouldnt go a miss not too busy .. but what do I know ..cheers
  2. Paul Bush

    Silver Bird

    Always good to hear your stuff very pleasing , good song great vocals
  3. Paul Bush


    Yep loved this , I can only concure all the above comments cheers P
  4. Got me reaching out for my 501`s.....lots in there ......super production
  5. Yeah i really liked this one , some great guitar playing , the drums did a great job must have taken a lot of programming , I really struggle with EZdrummer 2 never bothered to upgrade to 3 .. great stuff cheers P
  6. Great stuff reminds me a littel of the snow goose by Camel at first then ..a bit of alan Parsons all in a positive way lovely guitar tones that les paul came out so smooth with some great licks ..whats not to like .. loved this .cheers P
  7. Bloody loved this , sounded so fine , Oh so polished , loved the rythum changes within, kept me on my toes had to listen to it three times and still wanted more so sweet this was so special cheers paul
  8. Thanks Freddy , this one has certanly hit a nerve , I do sometimes try to write songs with some substance , there is so much inequality and suffering in our world , we can become so desensitized to it all thanks for commenting ..cheers paul
  9. Thanks Lynn, I posted the master mix of this one a few fdays after posting this , also a friend of mine made a video , this one seems to have hit a nerve so I´m pleased with the result , thanks for the nice comments Paul
  10. Thanks Steve If you scoll through you`ll find the Kensington Avenue master mixdown , Its certanly better than this mix , and yes Its a sorry state down there every city has its own Kenny town ....very difficult to manage ...lets face it these people dont vote .....so I dont see politicians doing a great deal .......cheers paul
  11. Yeah always a pleasure to hear your stuff, slick as usual always, well thought out and produced , loved the vocals,......great song ..
  12. Hi Tim , love that guitar riff , and all those fills ``rockin´´ vocals are great but I thought maybe a tick too quiet ...great song ....
  13. Thanks Mark and Tim, Yeah Ive got admit that on this one I took my time right from the beginning , I took all the reverb- room effects and played along with a dry drum so as to hear the beats`` in yer face and clearer´´ made recording all the instruments easyer , took the advice given and didnt over think the mix down thanks for commenting Paul
  14. Hi Chaps , well I took on all the good wishes and good tips and didnt mess with this song in mixdown i did add a few bits `n´pieces , and re sung some backing vocals in middle before the solo , Oh and re recorded a couple of barres of the hammond , didnt have to tighten up the drums on this one so I`m rather pleased......cheers P https://www.bandlab.com/user7005896328090268/kensington-avenue-master-01d72178?revId=f2f7a411-0569-ee11-9937-000d3a41ec2a
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