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  1. Paul Bush


    I know you`ll all think I´m wierd but I`d love to hear african singing -chanting in the background, after along day in the bush comming home under the setting sun tall grass in motion ..yes cant get those visions out of my head , very nice listened to it many a time cheers David great track
  2. Paul Bush

    Shaken, not stirred

    Bend over Moneypenny I think Ive got a message from pussygalore , O.k enough this......this should be in a Quentin Tarantino film just love those guitar tones cheers
  3. Paul Bush

    ;khpi 3

    And I´m still strugling with my three chords,and the (Barry Manilow school of songwriting) Oh bugger! puts me to shame great track JS cheers
  4. The whole thing is sort of I dont care, this is the song, take it or leave it type attitude, I just loved it , it could do with tightening up but then it would lose its ..I dont know ,.... yeah....... great lyrics by the way cheers .. I could say much more , but it wouldnt make any more sense ..cheers
  5. Paul Bush

    Video Fun

    Captivating , just great cheers , cant say more than that ..
  6. Paul Bush

    Warp 1

    It lifted the top of my head off ,........ great stuff wookie cheers .....
  7. What can i say ? hell of a lot of of work in there super production cheers ..
  8. Yeah Barry always a joy to hear your vocals , another good song , just lovely ..great production as always ..cheers
  9. Paul Bush

    Bayou Bill

    Well I´m up to my armpits in swamp on this one just waiting for some vocals lovely mix just as the e-guitar came in toward the end Ry Cooder style would have sealed the deal for me do some more please cheers
  10. Hi Lynn , great vocals as usual , its all happening ,great guitar work just waiting for that ...break ....! that didnt come .....
  11. Paul Bush

    Need to Forget

    Yeah this really a great song , I loved the bass it gave the whole thing such a good feel cheers
  12. Paul Bush


    Well I liked all of this song guitar solo was great cheers
  13. Paul Bush


    Great chord /melody changes, mix hits the spot too super bridge ......
  14. yes yes an original piece of work , sublime , thanks for sharing
  15. Paul Bush

    Oh So Beautiful

    Wow thanks for the encouraging words chaps , I struggled with this one towards the end ,and I´m so pleased that you all talked me into re.recording and doing another mix , polish? noooo way too busy cheers
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