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  1. Hi Jeff I had simular problems with my behringer 240 and I swopped out the ASIO setting to (I think it was called) WASSAP and it cured the problem , now I must add I know nothing about computers , I just gave it a try since then no problems although sometimes if my computer is downloading it could cause the pc to work slower so i turn off the internet .
  2. I´m just not qualified to comment on the technical side of this which basicaly means I´m a joe bloggs sort of guy so I just listen to the tune and i thought it was great espescally the chorus ..nice one
  3. yeah I like this one a lot great recording really in yer face ......dare i say your voice reminds me a little of the great Nils Lofgren and thats a compliment nice one
  4. I dont know really what to say i´m not an expert on clasical music although Ive listened to popular ones often , so all i can say is this piece took me by surprise and through many emotions happy, sad , and everything in bewteen , thanks david I liked it a lot, just makes one want to listen to it again to find out more ...
  5. Yeah thanks Kenny it really comes down to that , i´m quite new to this bandlab , I´m constanty surprised at the quality of the the tones cheers PB
  6. Hi alan, Yeah I thought so too , this new song of mine really needs some clean crisp sort of sound , almost biting tone thanks for replying
  7. Hi Nigel, yesssss thankyou very much kind sir there`s me waiting for that pop up , and well the rest is history once again thanks for replying PB
  8. Thanks guys couldnt either one to install downloaded , no pop up to install
  9. Hi chap,can anyone recomend a free bass amp vst Ive tried a ´ ronald -passion `´one which fitted the bill but wouldnt install any other offer`s cheers PB
  10. Thanks chaps , what I failed to mention was that I´m thinking ou using an old analogue Hughes and kettner tubeman ,before the interface , I guess i´ll just give it a go and see what happens ,I´m now looking for a free Bass amp vst , i found one called ``ronald -passion´´ but it wouldnt install ??? thanks for the info`s
  11. Hi chap`s Ive just recently finished another song using all the virtual amps , but found that to get a good tone I had to use a lot of treble, I´m thinking of putting the guitar firstly into a Pre-amp and rom the pre-amp into the audio interface ? any coments or what do you advise ? cheers PB
  12. Hi D Just a another super track , ``Transparent´´ that`s the word I´m often searching for to explanin a a track , you have so many layer`s and yet it never sounds muddled (like mine) the drum`s are just great , in fact its all rather great cheer`s
  13. Thanks Tom, I´ll look into that Ive sent a freezed track as a wave , I`ve done it before but i cant for the life of me remember how I did it ? someone on this forum explained it to me and I cant find the thread cheers Paul B
  14. Thanks Keith, ive had few problems with latency so Ive been keeping the instruments and effects to the minimum even though its only been occasionally . with evrey recording I´m learning more tricks of the trade once again thanks for commenting cheers r
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