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  1. Paul Bush

    Robbie's Muse

    Yeah this is fine , not sure if you want to make it into a song with lyrics but it flowed nicely , sounded fine to me I liked the overall vibe conjured up all kinds of images for me .nice one cheers P
  2. Hi Alan, another great one, I always look forward to your songs I really loved the lyrics and the super chorus you have an ear for melody thats for sure , I feel it could do with tightening up( i should talk) with a bit of added punch , and a tad warmer sound but thats just my taste all in all a super demo cheers paul
  3. Oh yeah really liked this one , great production
  4. Once agian thanks t for a speedy reply , I noticed on your EZ internal Mixer you had rack and floor toms on seperate channels is that only on ezd 3 as my ezd 2 are only in stereo or mixed with the overhead in stereo ...regards p
  5. Hallo T , I must admit ive been a bit lazy as far as using the ez2 I have mixed them once with seperate tracks and using an ex buss worked really fine, on what setting do you use in the ez drummer internal mix section ? all faders in the middle ? .... I did have an echo problem using midi .untill I muted the ezd patterens cheers thanks for the reply paul
  6. Hi Guys , I think Ive been using toontrack wrongly for a very long time.... .so when I program all the patterns in EZ for a song I just leave them there add all instruments in cakewalk tracks and then mix and master ,once again leaving the drum track to play along .. I never copy the drums patterns into the midi track . is this the best way to record or should I always copy drums into midi ? all comments would be welcome thanks
  7. Hi tell me about it Ive taken to down tuning a whole step E to D for my part time live acoustic set for the last couple of years
  8. Hi Whoisp, Really well done , loved the all the vocals (maybe needed to be a tick louder ) and the slide guitar was geat , this is a song to bop around to with a glass of `` Red ´´ hits the spot for me cheers P
  9. Hi , well there´s a lot in there chords all over the place engaged the listener right till the end I mean the production and tone just brilliant , vocals and harmonies just great , ..like I said so much in there ...
  10. Paul Bush

    Funky Shoes

    Yeah i´m putting my sunglasses on and listening to this in my car, window open ,arm hanging out and driving real slow , super relaxing tune
  11. Paul Bush


    I can only concure with the above ..classy playing and vibe
  12. Paul Bush

    The Way I Feel

    Another super song ,love the subtle build-up to the drums always adding a just the right amount, super constructed song , well done cheers Paul
  13. Paul Bush


    Hi A.... I just love your melodies there´s always a surprise, chorus is super another great song ..i dont think you`ve ever posted a bad song on this forum and thas no mean feat ..respect P
  14. Really well constructed liked the way the vollums changed nothing was forced rally liked the finger clicking i the verses
  15. Yeah loved this really nice and tight great track
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