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  1. This is special very special just loved it great guitar work and composition .
  2. Absolutly nothing wrong with this marvelous song perfect in every way , vocals are just sublime thanks for making us all envious , cheers
  3. Thanks whoisp ,yeah that was the thing that attracted me to this unit was the midi conection , its a great unit and does what it says on the box , I may have installed it incorectly athough it worked perfectly for a while and then if I wanted to look on one screen for a tutorial and the other cakewalk the sound fell out and then more often even when cakewalk wasnt turned on , if i mixed a wave or mp3 from cakewalk to the libary i couldnt open the file unless i rebooted the whole system .. theres something wrong some where , I´ll carry on with it untill it explodes and then buy another one ..cheers
  4. Hi Steve the great thing about this forum is that I feel the members generally want to encourage and support each other and thats a rare thing nowdays with all the mobbing, hate posts on the net, so thanks for sharing , its always good to play out of ones comfort zone. cheers P
  5. Look this isnt really my thang , but i liked it and didnt turn it off, I liked the flute , and stayed with it till the end, for the first attempt you done really good job. well done cheers
  6. Great guitar tones and playing ,
  7. Good track although i found the intro way to long ,the suspense was killing me, all in all I´d condense the whole song down a tick some really great sounds in there cheers
  8. Paul Bush

    I Like You

    Yeah Douglas, I liked this one although if I may it was screaming out for vocal harmonies here and there other than that geat song cheers.
  9. Oh yeah really liked this , singer has it al,l so much emotion comes across, nylon string great, super production cheers
  10. Paul Bush


    Great vocals , and super tone, thanksfor sharing cheers
  11. Thanks chaps , i sent it back to thomann and they said there´s no faulty components , i sort of guessed that anyway , its possible I´ll have to pay the postage and thats fine, I dont mind spending a couple of hundred euros to get the right unit to fit my means the largest project untill now only has only had 16-18 tracks using sub busses for effects etc so no movie produtions can aynone recomend a good 150-200 euro interface ? cheers P.... I was looking at the 404 as an upgrade
  12. Hi chaps , I bought this audio interface over two years ago after almost after two- three months it was imposible switch between cakewalk and youtube channel without having to re-boot there were constant ``audio fall outs ´´ and it would function properly once again for months and then the same problems would re-surface, I was never really sure if it was the interface or my computer so I continude to use in the hope it would either explode ar stop altogether so that i cpuld send it back and get a replacement unit (three year waranty) .......so has anyone used one of these ? are they happy , or had simular problems , I´m now thinkng of buying a new interface any recomendations would help .... I`m not recording huge productions 12 - 14 tracks I mix to busses and i keep the effects to the minimum and sometimes even freeze tracks any comments help would be appriciated chers Paul B....
  13. It meanders along nicely ....good tune like the guitar a lot cheers
  14. I concure with all of the above great track and super vocals , not too keen on the strat tone though cheers
  15. Paul Bush


    Hi Bjorn , well for what its worth here´s my take on it , I thought the intro was a bit too long ,and then those tablas came in and were just great and it seemed to get busy from there on it ,rather than a slow introduction of the remaining instruments .vocals giving it a bit more atmosphere ..the sounds were great .. as i said just my take on it thanks for sharing ..cheers
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