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  1. Paul Bush


    Hi t , I´m not very good at layering the instuments so I try to avoid too many instuments playing at once ..if that makes sense? I also wanted a bottleneck guitar in there but once again too many cooks etc Ive still got some tricks of the trade to learn , cheers Pb
  2. Great vocals , I just think the telecaster could have been better served with a litle less reverb, once again I loved the vocals, loved the song
  3. Paul Bush

    Another Chance

    So many influences in this song , bops about and kept me going great song .
  4. Loved the visuals, and the production was really very good ,you`ve put a lot of work in on this one and it shows well done excelent!
  5. Yeah I liked this one a lot great guitar solo , great tone , lots going on but never muddled if get what I mean, well done
  6. Definately has a retro feel to it, ...... yep I liked it
  7. Paul Bush


    Thanks Nigel, I´m constantly surprised with the bandlab vitual amp set-ups I usually delete the reverb and add it on later during mixdown to have more contol over the sound cheers
  8. Great track , Keys were really nice and warm, I though the guitar was a great except the chorus / flanger effect was abit too much
  9. Paul Bush


    Hi guys , thankyou all so much for taking the time to reply and comment , this was one of those songs I wasnt really sure about, its so hard keep everything in perspective when one writes so getting such a positive response spurs me on no end , I try and write intresting melodies without them sounding too complicated and over clever , which I´m not cheers
  10. ``shot in the back´´ is a like kick in the ***** for me I´ll have to up my game 1,000 fold to come anywhere near to that track , loved it, well done, I`m going back to listen to the rest cheers
  11. Paul Bush


    Hallo Chaps , I really am on a roll as they say , since I`ve had the pleasure to be on this bandlab forum Ive writen and recorded a so many songs , heres another ``blue for you ´´ written and recorded in about three weeks , I wasnt sure if this one was a keeper untill I added the short chorus harmonies and it then fell into place ,
  12. Paul Bush

    Home & Love

    Beautifully sung , meanders through the song nicely
  13. Hi Barry, your recordings are all so polished ,clear, great lyrics vocals another great song....... cheers
  14. Paul Bush


    Great recording nothing wrong with it my end , Listened to it on two paris of headphones amd monitors , maybe the bass a tick louder other than that great song
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