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  1. Hi Chaps after taking all you comments on board on my warts and all previous recording, this master could be a perfect lesson on less is more ..however I ignored that and crammed as much as i could into 3 minutes , If you heard the rough draft you `ll know what I´m talking about as always all comments are welcome ...cheers paul ..Oh I do however like the album cover on this rather apt I thought ..
  2. Hi Wookiee , thanks for having a gander young man, I get what you're saying i did in fact have a middle eight but due to the fact I don't really have a proper chorus it got to the rambling on and on stage rather quickly to the point where even i couldn't stand it ,so I went for dumbing it down and keeping it simple , speaking of keeping it simple I´m in the process of adding so much to it that its its .. I just dont know ......I´ll post maybe both together so that we all can make a comparison .......as far as less is more well that fell into the water long ago ..... Ive lost the plot ......again.......cheers paul
  3. Paul Bush


    Yeah i liked this very much takes me back , lovely vocals very clear production sounds great ..
  4. Always listen to you work , lots of chord changes makes for really interesting hearing , production top backing harmonies just sublime cheers P
  5. Hi M , lovely guitar tone
  6. Hi Nigel cheers , I feel i´m loosing all perspective as far as my songwriting is concerned, so all comments are a huge boost to my flagging moral, on one side I like the retro feel to this one on the other its lacking originality ,So thanks for commenting I´ll plough along with it... but hey sometimes more is too much . aagghh if only I had a producer ..then it would be his fault ..cheers paul
  7. Thanks Jesse, yeah absolutely it needs to be tightened up , (the bass-guitar solo) I´m really at the ``throw anything at it and see if it sticks stage ´´ it just seems to be lacking something , I tried adding some harmonies but they sounded awful , so I´m at a bit of a loss with this one , but that's the fun of the fair , thanks for commenting cheers P
  8. Paul Bush


    Hi chaps here s another warts and all unfinished project , drums have not been separated so its a pre master mix lots to change , but i feel its just loses momentum halfway through any tips or critique is always welcome cheers Paul https://www.bandlab.com/track/dad4f2f2-ad24-ef11-86d2-6045bd2cd6bc?revId=d9d4f2f2-ad24-ef11-86d2-6045bd2cd6bc See it in the tv, turn over to the other side, Hear it in the radio there´s no where else to hide, Sick of feeling guilty try to hide youre eyes.... …..Desensualised.... …....Oh yes we are.. The hippies in the sixties ban the bomb dont cut your hair, had Lennon (F)-(F6)-(Fmaj7)-(F6) in a bedroom, another socialist millionair, Sick of all this hypocrasy , Lay back in your rocking chair …...Desensualised.... .Oh yes we are.. We were having such a good time , Wheel`s kept a turning round and round... ....oh yes they did..... History repeats itself, just another manmade hell, fall guys get to play their part , and the Generals get another star ... Selling stories on the evening news, Picking the through the bones live on air... Again and agin ... We thought we had a saviour but he sold us down the Nile, The bare faced lies hidden behind a smile , Smoke and mirrors clouded all our eyes. ...…. we`r Mesmerized,........ Oh yes we were Looking at the right hand,while left seals our fate, Backroom deals with a dirty handshake …... now its way to late pushing the hate...... .way too late
  9. Thanks Guys you are all too kind and Kevin cheers that Tele sound is a kit guitar €100,00 , plus €100,00 Tonerider pick ups , I don't know why but its my go- to guitar for the last couple of years or so , I feel i´m running out of steam a bit ...that said I´m working on a new one slowly and its a bit different but definitely 60`s 70`s style its where i feel comfortable once again thanks for your support ..Paul B
  10. Paul Bush

    Midnight Show

    Love that guitar sound ,, and the song has a really wired vibe backing vox great main vocal but that guitar sound is really good .cheers P
  11. From the off great main vocal , just super , backing vocals spot on , in my opinion the song could have done with a key change somewhere , but all the same lovely production and a good song...... the sort of song one would hear in a T,V film ..cheers P
  12. Paul Bush


    I thought this was great , lovely voice but didn't understand one single word , the production was just great , , the singer was to involve in trying to sound to cool .. sorry
  13. Oh yeah loved this that fiddle was fantastic , the whole track had so much depth beautiful acoustic guitars bloody fantastic I had to listen to it three times and still wanted more , great stuff cheers P
  14. Paul Bush


    Hi Lynn , that change worked well , loved the chord changes , I´think I would like your voice with not so much chorus on it and your harmonies are always spot on I´d like to hear more of them ..cheers P
  15. Oh yes this was just fine loved the riffs and the drums were dam fine , look nothing to report on this piece of work except its bloody great , I could listen to this all day long ..cheers P
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