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  1. Great changing rythum guitars , slide hits the spot , its all over the place makes you wanting more cheers
  2. Hi 53 ,The mic I use is the AT3525 it must be at least 10 -15 years old , I think on this recording I was concentrating on too many things at once and getting away from basic`s...... well just trying to be more clever than I am, Ive now done one more mixdown and I´ll post it later , I feel Ive opened up pandoras box and I´m just confusing the issue and using too many effects , and clouding my judgment , Ive taken all the comments above into account and hopefully ironed some of them out. thanks for your input guys cheers
  3. Well I´m using Audio Technica condenssor mike ane I turned down the vocals towards the end as they were a bit too lively I do concure as far as the drums amd bass are concerned , I should `ve once again taken a bit more time on mixdown . cheers for listening
  4. With all its boomyness its got its own character I imagine it as a backing track for a countryside scene or maybe a a boat sailing down a river at sunset .... cheers
  5. Great track would have liked to hear some backing vocals .. to fill out a bit
  6. Yes very Zapparish but in a great way `` but I`ve got the crystal ball´´ I like it a lot, really well done. great guitar tone
  7. Paul Bush

    Perpetual Motion

    Groovy tune, so clear , I can hear so many influences in there , nice one
  8. Hi chaps , I had a lot of response help and advice on the first outing of this song (cheers Gary) after much more work I did another (5) mixdowns and sort of deceided on this one , ..I´m still not sure ...the vocals are not too electric and the overall recording isnt soo edgy as the first , once again thanks to garybrun for sterling work and advice cheers all........ps I had to re-upload the track to soundcloud as the first didnt have the fade out ending for some reason...Oh happy days
  9. Paul Bush


    Just great clear tones super playing
  10. Paul Bush


    Well done that man , I could listen to that all day
  11. Yes Gary a fine recording there , just so transparent , I use that term quite often becuse its not what mine sound like ......cheers ,
  12. Yes thats good, open up a bottle of wine with this one, and not a cheap one either .
  13. It took me on a great journey , lots of confidence and self belief , well done
  14. Thanks for the offer Gary i´ll keep it in mind (I´m actually working on a song that is way out of my comfort zone slow, strings, and well not me ) I think what`s confusing the issue is that I used two strats L-R in the 2nd position pick ups (bridge and middle ) .....that could acount for the boxy bit maybe ??? I´m clutching at straws now arent I.... cheers .I´m off for some..... egg nog.....
  15. Hi chaps thanks for all your input and positive critique of course I´m not put out by it, I actually welcome all tips good or bad , I still cant hear it being boxy as Wookie pointed out, I use Sennheiser headphones HD 280 pro and another cheap pair, I only added a tick compressor in the (as I´ve now learned the default Buss) mixdown but you know how it is after listening to same song over and over again it all a gets bit too much.... I´ll do another mix with less comp and post it , to make a comparisson once again thanks for all the comments ..cheers ..........Oh and i´m off to have my ears syringed
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