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  1. Yep I could listen to this all night long , love the guitar with lots of surprises in there thanks super
  2. Paul Bush

    Kind of Irish

    Lots of atmosphere , I liked it
  3. Paul Bush


    Yeah Hi noynekker , you`re right there I think I may have overcooked the volume a tad , due to lack the expirience on my part , cheersPB
  4. Paul Bush


    ``watching you´´ Re-mix Once again thanks for the tips guys Ive done a remix which is way much better using the youlean and various mixing devices and added a bit of guitar , I think I´ve improved it now................................... I´ll let you be the judge of that..cheeers PB
  5. Paul Bush


    Thanks Emeraldsoul, I´m really pushing the boat out on this one, wookie just sent a link for a mastering tool which Ive downloaded Ive revisited the whole song and played around with it ready to master and now some good tips from your good self , so I´ll have another good look at it and see what I can do as far as the drums go I use EZDrums they have a built in mixer and thats it as far as i know I tend to turn all the ezd effects off and use only the bandlab so i´ll have to look into that cheers ES regards PB
  6. All I can say is that i concure with all the abov,e great recording so clear , how on earth did manage to program those drums so well , EZD is my stumbling block I really struggle with them well done you...
  7. Paul Bush


    Thanks t .......its funny really that the songs i like are the ones that come the quickest and the worst (many) where I toil for hours and hours over a hot interface and they end up being a stinker, once one get`s beyond the point of no return its hard to quit even though the gut feeling tells you differently thanks for the encouraging comments cheers PB
  8. Paul Bush


    Thanks wookie Ive just downloaded ``youlean ´´ and I´m looking forward to playing around with it , i didnt realisethe song it had too little volume your not the first to mention it chers pB
  9. Paul Bush


    Thanks Douglas, I´m allways a bit retisent to turn up the volumes up too far , I think just below 0 db is about right I tend not use too much compressor on my maybe i should on my next song , its all a bit trial and error, and hit and miss with me , cheers PB
  10. Thanks baloonhead , It does seem to be a longwinded way of dong things I cant understand why fantastic bandlab doesnt have a feature to export a seperate midi file ? once thansk for taking the time to answer vheers PB
  11. Oh thankyou 905133 : I asumed that it would be obvious that I´m using bandlab cakewalk ,and the person i´m sending it doesnt, but hey I thought it was a quick easy question with a quick easy answer maybe i could have explained it better ...its not a big deal , thanks for your constuctive input .
  12. Ive opened up a can of worms here ,,I wanted to send a friend who has another DAW (not bandlab) a midi Keybord track , logically I muted all the unwanted tracks and marked the keybord track that I wanted in the project , and it still didnt work, Ive taken the advice of copying and pasting onto the screen I´m still awaiting a reply from my freind in the U.K. to see if he can use it ,I have a sneaky feeling he`ll only be able to open it with bandlab ...watch this space ......
  13. Paul Bush


    ``Watching you´´ Here´s a new one straight off the press , this was a relativley quick song from riff to finished recording about three weeks . Lots a fun with this one cheers PB. STOP THAT PRESS :::: THERE´S A NEW MIX SCROLL DOWN
  14. hi marled , yes that was excactly my expirience I only wanted to send the keys and it saved the while project etc ect , Ive tried dragging and droping I´m just waiting a for a response from my friend in the U:K. with bated breath cheers PB
  15. Thanks Douglas , Its so hard to judge ones self after writing and recording and then hearing it so often I get a bit confused and doubtfull and I end up asking mayel if the song is worhy of posting , so getting so much positive feedback really motivates me to carry on .....cheers PB
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